Cosy knitwear from Femme Luxe {gifted}


Femme Luxe are always so kind letting me pick out some of their clothes, as its winter I decided to get some cosy knitwear to add to my wardrobe.

First up we have this really cute oversized grey polo neck, this is so cosy and comfy it makes the perfect addition to my wardrobe. I love that this is perfect for days at home, lounging around the house but it is also great for work.
I don’t own any polo neck jumpers but I really do love the look of this one.
You can find it here in white as the grey has sold out.

The next jumper is this statement one, it is very similar to the grey, but a little less oversized. I love the colour of this one, it’s unlike anything I own so it’s always great to go a little out of your comfort zone.

You can find it here.
And last but not least is this cute baby pink off the shoulder jumper, this jumper is more lightweight than the other two so I can see myself wearing this for a bit longer as the weather gets warmer.
I think the off the shoulder style gives it a really cute, girly look and the wide sleeves add a very casual effect.
You can find it here.

The cutest shop in Amsterdam


Before I go on holiday I always like to check out Instagram and find the “most instagramable” places to go to, to get the best photos. I came across Polaberry and thought it looked so cute and knew I had to visit it whilst I was in Amsterdam.

Inside the shop they had a hanging flower backdrop and a lovely wicker chair, the whole shop was set up so lovely!

This is pretty much Amsterdams answer to Peggy Porshens, however I much preferred it here, because it was less busy. There was no huge queue, no crowds of people trying to take photos which meant to battling for the angles.

I ordered a unicorn cakesickle and a hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was (I’m pretty sure) just melted chocolate so it tasted heavenly.

I cant get over how adorable and how perfect these cake pops are! Polaberry definitely lived up to expectations and beyond!

Pricing wise I thought it was fairly reasonable, the cake and the drink were €4 each which I don’t mind paying knowing I’m getting Instagram content.

I carried the cake around all day and still have not ate it because I am still wanting to get more photos with it, so fingers crossed it makes it home!

Walking in a winter wonderland | 2 snowy days | What I got up to & photos


When I went bed the night of the 9th I was wishing that there was snow when I woke up the next morning, and to my utter delight there was! And there was a lot! I was like a little kid on Christmas Day when I looked outside and saw the whole of the garden coated with magical white dust and thus began two days of playing in the snow…

Ofcourse as soon as I woke up I had to go out and take a photo because how could I miss an opportunity! The garden looked so much better covered in white, I braved the icy cold in just a dress and my Ugg boots!

On this day we were supposed to be going into to London to Harrods, but because of the snow we stayed home and this meant we could go out walking in the real winter wonderland!

We walked over to a little cosy pub through the countryside and had a bacon baguette and hot chocolate looking out onto the snow covered fields!

These photos turned out amazing and I am so obsessed with them, it looked and it felt so magical walking amongst the snow covered trees, it was literally like being in Narnia!

That night when I arrived home I received the best email any one could ever receive on a Sunday night, work was cancelled for the next day! That meant my snow adventures could continue for one day more!

The second snow day consisted of a lot more walking and a lot more hot drinks with my friend. We headed out for a walk in the opposite direction to the previous day and got a lot of different photos. The snow had started to melt a lot more and it was a lot harder to walk in. That being said, it didn’t stop me from doing a couple of hand stands and cartwheels which didn’t end up going very smoothly!

And the best thing happened again that evening, another email to say we were closed for another day! The benefits of working in a school!

How do you like to spend your snow days?

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My Winter Skincare Routine


Today I am sharing my current skincare routine and the products I have been loving keeping me hydrated this winter.

Night Routine

To remove the excess of my make up I like to go in with a Cleanser first, the Soap & Glory Cleanser is really soft on your skin but also great at removing face and eye make up. I then go in with a second cleaner to clean my skin and make sure all my the make up and dirt from the day of gone. My favourite at the minute is the Milky Jelly Cleanser by Glossier, I find this so soft on my skin also.

After cleansing (and masking) my go to toners are The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid toner and the Garnier rose toner. I love the Hyaluronic toner because it is a really gentle exfoliator and is great for getting rid of spots. The Garnier Skin Active Rose toner contains Salicylic Acid which is also great to battle spots, but what I love most about this one is that it is soothing.

A couple of times a week I like to use a mask, I like to use a variety of masks which do different things so my skin doesn’t get to overwhelmed and start to react badly. For moisture I love the Sukin Moisture Clay mask, this is applied on damp skin and add hydration without drying your skin out. Another moisture mask is by Garnier, I love their Moisture Bomb tissue mask, especially when my skin needs a boost!

I have also been loving the Aloe Pore Strips from Primark, for £1 you get 4 strips, I don’t always feel that the cheap strips are as effective but these ones truly are!

For when my skin needs an extra glow and a good scrub I pick the L’Oréal Pure Clay Mask Glow, this feels so lovely on my skin and when you wash it off it feels so great!

And finally is the AHA Peeling Solution from The Ordinary, this one is probably the scariest. It looks like blood when you apply it to your skin, and it tingles, you really need to be careful how long you need it on fr because it is quite intense.

As for serums and treatments I like to switch these up daily so they are not to harsh on my skin. Once a week I will use the Lactic Acid and Alpha Lipoic Acid from The Ordinary, these are quite strong so I tend to use these spread out. These are great at removing dead skin cells and renewing your skin making it glow from below. The other serum I use other 5 days is Hyaluronic Acid as this add lots of hydration and plumps the skin.

And finally for moisturiser, my current go to eye cream is the Revita Lift by L’Oréal followed my the Hyaluronic Acid Overnight Gel Mask by The Creme Shop.

Morning routine

In the mornings I like to keep it much more simpler by only using the basic products but still getting good results. I use the Philosophy Cleanser which has tiny scrubby beads to get rid of dead skin cells. I find this really handy in the mornings because it can rid of any treatments from the night before.

I then use the Botanical All Bright Brightening Toner which helps tighten pores and brighten skin so this is perfect for day time when you are not going to be wearing any make up buy want glowy skin.

A serum I like to use in the mornings is from Generation Skincare and it is a vitamin c serum but also contains Hyaluronic Acid which is really good for hydrating skin. It also smells of oranges which is really nice!

Lastly I finish with the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel. These has really helped my skin and is the perfect base for make up.

What are you favourite skincare products for the winter months?

Victoria xx

11 things to do this autumn 


I love autumn, and I love winter, and I’m pretty sure I said I loved summer and spring at some point. But realistically I think I am more of an autumn winter kinda girl, summer was great when I used to spend it in California, but being in the UK kinda sucks so I’ve come to conclusion I cannot say I love summer the best. So here are 19 wonderful ideas to do this autumn, this is pretty much my to do list aswell so I can actually accomplish something and be productive and not just sit around doing nothing watching the leaves drop of the trees. 

1. Go on autumnal walks There is nothing better than getting a bit of fresh air, so why not head out of your cosy warm house into the brisk autumnal air trapping though piles of leaves and enjoying the fall colours. 

2. Get Baking Whether or not your a GBO fantatic baking doesn’t have to be hard, I recently came across pre made cookie dough in my local Asda. It’s so easy to use, just slice it and place it on a tray in the oven to get delicious smelling cookies (and house). 

3. Go shopping I love seeing a new season in with a few new items in my wardrobe, it’s just makes planning outfits that little bit more fun. This year I have been loving Primark for all their knitwear and bobble hats! 

4. Have (many) cosy nights in watching movies This one kind of explains itself. I will be doing a blogpost about my favourite shows to watch on a cosy day in next week. 

5. Have a full on pamper session I have just put up a post earlier this week about my autumnal pamper picks so be sure to head over and check that out. 

6. Drink a pumpkin spice latte (obvious I know) I was so late to the game this year, I didn’t get my PSL until the 30th September so I feel like I’ve missed out on it loads! But I’m sure I will be buying lots more before they go! 

7. Add some cosyness to your room Fairy lights and candles add a real cosy feeling to your room, even having them on and burning on a full autumn day makes it feel so much nicer. 

8. Buy a pumpkin and carve it (or just take photos with it) My dream is to go to a pumpkin patch and actually pick my own pumpkin but I can’t find anywhere near me, so buying one from a shop is the next closest thing! 

9. Switch up your make up for autumn Nothing says autumn like a berry or dark lip! 

10. Decorate your room for fall I am stocking up on pumpkins, they just make the cutest decoration to sit on top of dresses and they look really cute in photos! 

11. Start a new show Autumn & winter are great times to get interested in a new tv show and binge watch on cold miserable days!  

What’s in your to do list this autumn? Give me some ideas 🙂

Victoria xx

A Weekend In Berlin, Germany 


Back in January my Mum and I went to Berlin for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. We flew out early on the Saturday morning and flew back late Sunday night. We were expecting it to be very cold, but on the scale of coldness I don’t think it was that cold even though it was snowing. 

Day 1

When we arrived we made our way to the hotel to leave our suitcases and set out on a long walk down a long street to find Check Point Charlie. 

Near Checkpoint Charlie is where we found two parts of the Berlin Wall which are still in tact.

After walking little bit own that miserable looking road in the sleety snow it started to clear up so we embarked on another long walk to the Jewish Museum. 

After spending an hour or two in the museum we then started the longest walk of the day to the Berlin Tower. This looked so much closer than it was, but we did eventually make it there. 

Day 2 

On the Sunday we woke up to everything covered in a light dusting of snow which was lovely because we havnt really seen much snow in the U.K. this winter. Our first point of call was the Parliament Building known as The Reichstag building. We walked all the way along the river and crossed over into the park opposite to get some nice photos. 

From here we walked through a snow covered park to be Brandenburg Gate. 

The next stop was the East Gallery which is probally the most famous part of the Berlin Wall as it is covered in art. 

And finally we went to the Berlin Dome and then walked back through to the centre of Berlin for one final look before getting a taxi to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. 

So there you have a quick little stop in Berlin and we covered the majority of all the major places! 

My next travel blog post will be about Madrid which took place the day after I got back from Berlin so stay tuned. 



A Day In Reykjavik, Iceland 


In October my best friend and I visited Iceland as this had been on our bucket list for quite a while now, I will be doing another blog post on my critical review and how I felt about as a trip. Lets just say I wasn’t as impressed as I should of been but some of it was good.We began our journey at 7:35 departing from our local airport and arrived in Iceland 3 hours later. When we arrived we had the hard part of finding our transfer, as we had booked through Groupon we really needed to make sure we read the small print otherwise we would have had loads of things go wrong. We eventually found our transfer and began our journey to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we had to wait in a little area while our room was being cleaned ready for us. The view from the hotel was pretty nice, views of mountains and typical Iceland. The hotel room was pretty basic, but we managed. After layering up we set out to find the town centre.
We had been given directions to the bus stop, however we did not find any busses so we ended up walking the entire way which took around 40 minutes. On the way we did stop for lunch as we had not eaten since breakfast at the airport. We stopped at a pizza place and ate there. Thank God for iPhones and GPS or we would not have gotten anywhere! We then navigated our way to the big church called Hallgrimskirkja which is the tallest church in Iceland. Before going up the top to look out over the city we decided to go on the city site seeing bus which was a huge mistake. Not only did we wait over 40 minutes for it because it didn’t show up on time, but we were only allowed to stay on for an hour because it finished early so we couldn’t get of at any stops.
Once we arrived back at the bus stop opposite the Hallsgrimkirkja we quickly made our way up to the lookout point which once again we only had half an hour before it closed. But to be honest that was way longer than we needed because as you can imagine it was so cold up there!
As we were on a day trip the next day which had an early pick up we needed to get some breakfast and lunch for it, so we went to a shop called Bonus which is a local supermarket. The best thing that I bought from there was by far jaffa cakes! Luckily we chose to do our food shopping before we ate dinner as the shops also shut early.
For dinner that night we went to what seemed like an American style diner and then got a taxi back to the hotel.

Barcelona Day 1 // Strolling around the city 


Our day started at 3:30am which is beyond early, so we had to ofcourse do the Starbucks run. 

We had landed in Barcelona by 9:30am local time so it was a very quick flight, but there was loads of turbulence which wasn’t fun. When we arrived we got a taxi from the airport which was only € 30 straight to our hotel. This was my second time in Barcelona so I had already picked out the hotel I wanted to stay in this time. Hotel Lloret Ramblas is right on the Ramblas and is the prime location for everything! There are so many taxis and shops and eating places. We dropped our bags and headed out for the day to get our bearings and have a wander around. 

  We went to a litre restaurant next to our hotel which was empty, the man told us he had no breakfast menus but recommend the pancakes. We were so shocked when they arrived, this is without a doubt the best pancakes I have ever had!  


   Walking down the Ramblas we found the Bouqeria Market and I picked up some macaroons. Everything in this marker is pretty cool, from fish to marzipan to sweets to smoothies.  

  We walked down the Ramlas and ended up at the Port and the Shopping centre and had a look around there. By this time my feet were killing (wearing heeled boots was not a good idea). 


  Then we strolled down the palm tree avenue which was so lovely and took loads of photo. On the way back to the hotel we stopped of at the market again to get some chocolate covered strawberries for €2.  

   We then took a little detour into Hard Rock Cafe and had a drink. I had the blue drink which is my favourite drink of all time. We then went back to the hotel and got showered and dressed for dinner. We went back to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, and had a lovely dinner!  

  We did the typical tourist thing and didn’t check whether the Magic Fountain was working, so when we got there we found out it wasn’t. But as we walked up to the top where the beautiful building is a lot of people were hanging around. So we waited around until the supposed start time of the fountain show but it never came on. Even when we walked down pass the fountain there were crowds of people, but no water in the fountain.  

  Our final stop of the night was this shopping centre down the road from the Fountain where we got ice cream and found a Lush so I could have a bath.