The cutest shop in Amsterdam


Before I go on holiday I always like to check out Instagram and find the “most instagramable” places to go to, to get the best photos. I came across Polaberry and thought it looked so cute and knew I had to visit it whilst I was in Amsterdam.

Inside the shop they had a hanging flower backdrop and a lovely wicker chair, the whole shop was set up so lovely!

This is pretty much Amsterdams answer to Peggy Porshens, however I much preferred it here, because it was less busy. There was no huge queue, no crowds of people trying to take photos which meant to battling for the angles.

I ordered a unicorn cakesickle and a hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was (I’m pretty sure) just melted chocolate so it tasted heavenly.

I cant get over how adorable and how perfect these cake pops are! Polaberry definitely lived up to expectations and beyond!

Pricing wise I thought it was fairly reasonable, the cake and the drink were €4 each which I don’t mind paying knowing I’m getting Instagram content.

I carried the cake around all day and still have not ate it because I am still wanting to get more photos with it, so fingers crossed it makes it home!

Make Up Revolution Unicorns Unite // New Make Up Monday 


How beautiful is this palette?! This is the Make Up Revolution Unicorns Unite palette bought from Suoerdrug for about £6. I love the cardboard packaging as it always makes the product stand out, and to be honest I would probably buy it purely because of the packaging even without seeing the colours. 

The colours look so pretty and you can see from the swatches below how pigmented they are. 

There is a mixture of matte and shimmer which is perfect to create any eye look. Even though the shimmers are super bright the mattes (bottom row) balance them out so you can do a less bright option. I have not had a chance to use this palette yet but one day I will find an excuse.