Trying out Natural Collection Makeup


I think we can all fall into the hype of only using certain brands, or brands which we see all over the internet, but recently I’ve started lowering the price point of my makeup, and seeing if the cheaper versions are as good as the more expensive. So today I will be sharing my opinions on Natural Collection which can be bought at Boots, everything in their line is super affordable and everything is under £3. I decided to try out a waterproof mascara, and two highlighters.

I picked up this mascara as it was waterproof and I needed a new waterproof one for work, I think the packaging is super cute and I love the design. I wasn’t expecting a lot from it as it’s really cheap and I initially was not very impressed with the brush, I like a more rounder fluffy brush. But I am happy to say that this brush applied the mascara so well, it was really easy to build up and create volume and length without it going clumpy! 

Next up, I saw these highlighter sticks, I LOVE the Glossier Haloscope, so I was hoping I would be able to find a cheap dupe and be happy. This is in the shade Coral Glow, the colour instantly reminds me of Nars Orgasm which is great! I feel like this is much more of a blush shade, rather than a highlighter, but I will experiment more with it as a highlighter in the summer once I have more of a tan. 
The product blends really easy and it’s really easy to build up to create a more vibrant shade. As a highlighter, not really my thing, but as a blush, it’s perfect. 

The second highlighter I picked up was in the shade Rose Glow, this is much more a icy cooler tone, which does remind me of Haloscope! It is much more like a highlighter than the pinky shade, it blends really well and has an amazing sheen to it!

I would say Natural Collection Makeup is worth the money, it’s worth trying to see what products you can switch out and how to save a little bit of money! 

My fave brunch spot in Manchester | Infamous Diner


Hey guys, today’s blog post is all about a cute little diner which I found last year when I was in Manchester for the day. I recently visited Manchester again and our first food spot was this incredible diner again because we just could not resist it!

The diner is called Infamous Diner, for anybody who is missing hanging out in America and all its diners then you should go and check it out for yourself. The decor is to die for, the bar area especially is beyond cute! It is all shiny and pretty and perfect for the Instagram snap! There is also a pretty awesome back wall which is covered in American License Plates which makes for a great backdrop for photos which you will see in a minute.

Even the menu is super cute! When I find something I like I tend to only have that and I don’t try anything new. So for the second time I had pancakes and candy bacon, these are proper American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup! They taste heavenly of course, but I always struggle to eat them all! There is even a challenge, order 21 pancakes and if you eat them all in 30 minutes their on the house! I could never imagine eating that many as three is definitely plenty!

My best fiend and I opted for a mocktail, a non alcoholic cocktail. I’ve really taken a fancy to these because they look just as cute as a cocktail but they taste better and are half the price! As you can see the cute wall is the perfect background, when taking this photo I though “people are going to stare, their going to judge” but you know what, they didn’t, how great is that! Being able to get a photo for the gram without being worried what you look like!

So if your ever in Manchester and feel like adventuring to a cool little hangout the I would definitely recommend this little hangout!

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Basil Chambers, 3-5 Basil Chambers Nicolas Croft, Manchester, M4 1EY

My Favourite Nudes 


Finally enough I am not a huge nude lipstick girl which is why I don’t have a lot of them. I much prefer a red lip, but for work these lipsticks are perfect. 

(Left to right) 

Clinique Nude Pop Loreal JLos Nude Make Up Revolution The One Kiko 602

Mac Velvet Teddy MUA Totally Nude 

The swatches are also done in the same order as above. As you can see they all have different finishes and apply so differently. 

Today for work I worse Totally Nude by MUA and I was so shocked at how creamy it was, it’s Matte but not drying.  

However, I think my favourite one from the above is the Kiko one. When I apply it to my lips it comes out quite pinky red which I love and it’s also so long wearing! 

What’s your favourite nude lipstick? 

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Instagramable Places in London // Travel Tuesday 



If you follow some of the really successful bloggers you will have probably heard of this place, it is the the place with the really cool pod toilets and pink restaurant. But as we were going there for breakfast we are in the parlour, which was also really cute and had a real vintage vibe to it as you can see from the photos. 

But I have To admit my favourite part was the toilets! How embarrassing, but these toilets were pretty cool! They were all glass and lit up and then when you walk in there was glass beads hanging and inside the actual toilet stalls they were black with deads creating a spider outline. Sketch is definelty worth a check out just for the toilets, but also the pan o’chocolat was also good. 


I had seen tons of people post this photo on Instagram and this is of the shop front of Fenwicks Of Bond Street.

The Attendant 

Not many people may know about this place, and I didn’t until my mum told me so ofcourse we had to go and check it out. Some really old toilets have been turned into a little cafe under the streets of London and they have kept the urinals to make it really unique. We didn’t really stop here long as you can see if was quite small and very busy. 

Neil’s Yard 

I have been to London hundreds of times and to Covent Garden but had never heard of Neils Yard. Somehow I found a photo on Pinterest and then decided I needed to go and take my own photos. It’s quite small, and really busy but worth checking out for the pretty buildings and colours. 

Portebello Road 

And in all my tears of going to London I had never been to Portebello road! I can’t believe it! It’s so pretty there but also so busy. I really wanted to get a cute photo infront of a house but there was loads of cars which did not look cute. But now I know where it is I will be going back for sure! 

Sky Garden 

And the final place is the Sky Garden up the top of the Walkie Talkie. It’s free to go up, you just need to book in advance. From the top you see across the top of London and have a drink or some food from the restaurant. And I can confirm I will be going back there because it is an experience worth doing! 

An Afternoon in Morecombe 


This was my second time visiting Morecombe although my first time was around 5 years ago so it had been a while. But as I was so close I figured I would go and have a walk along a sand beach. Even though it’s still not quite warm enough for shorts and top I still wore a playsuit to pretend it was summer. I’m really enjoying my trip up here as I feel like I haven’t really taken avantage of the scenery and capturing it but now I have.