The Lazy Girls Guide To Skincare


Today’s post is a lazy girls guide to skincare, this is a quick and simple routine and you don’t even need to be lazy to do it, maybe if your constantly on the go or you’ve had a late night and all you want to do is get into bed. 


Cleansing is the most important part! If you don’t take your make up off before you sleep, your skin cant breathe or repair itself so this is a very important step. To make sure all my make up is removed on a normal day when I have plenty of time and motivation to do my skincare routine, I would do a 2 step cleanse. But on a day where I want to be quick I would use a make up remover, such as The Body Shop Cleansing butter which you work into dry skin and massage all over your face and neck and it actually removes the majority of your makeup. A new cleanser in my collection is he Milky Jelly Cleanser from Glossier, this works great at removing make up when applied to a dry face so you don’t need to double cleanse if you don’t want too!


Now if your feeling lazy then you could skip toning, but I love toner as I think its a great way of just making sure your skin is clean and balancing it, to make it look and feel healthy. My go to toner at the moment for good looking skin is the Glycolic Acid Toner from The Ordinary.  This also exfoliates your skin, so its taking of any dead skin cells so your skin can regenerate and keep looking plump.


And finally, the next most important step after cleansing, moisturising. No matter what skin type you have, your skin needs moisture, even if your skin is oily! For a treat for my skin I would use a leave on moisture mask, this way you know your skin is still reaping the benefits of your routine even though you only spent a couple of minutes on it. My favourite leave on mask is the Vitamin E mask by Superdrug along with The Creme Shop Hyaluronic Acid Gel mask.

What does your skincare routine consist of? Do you spend hours doing it, or a couple of minutes? Let me know in the comments.

Victoria xx

Skin Care I’m Loving Right Now 


I have been wanting to write this post for ages but I wanted to wait until I had found my favourites and knew they were working for me. My skin at the moment is just all over the place, it’s uneven, I have bumpy little spots and then I have the occasional big red spot that needs popping. But after using these products for a while I have ingredients and serums especially which are really helping improve my over skin texture and look. 

To begin with, my newest addition is a charcoal Konjac Sponge. You can find these online and they are pretty cheap, they reccomend you replace them every 3 months. My one is from Grace & Stella. I use this in the mornings after I have used a cleanser to stimutate my skin and get the blood flowing around my face. It’s an exfoliating but it’s not over powering or harsh like some face exfoliators would be. 

Next up I have 2 toners which I have been loving, the first is a Glycolic Acid Toner from The Ordinary. This helps even our skin tone and gentle exfoliate to allow new skin cells to form creating a healthier glow. The second one is a Tea Tree Toner from The Body Shop, I tend to use this when I’m having break outs as it helps prevent the spread of bacteria from the spots and helps drawer out the impurities to create a matte completion. 

This next little section turns into an appreciation post for The Ordinary, I recently been loving their products but they have become really hard to get a hold off as everyone seems to buy everything that I want and need. First up is a serum called Argireline, I use this on my forehead and under my eyes to help reduce the appearance of lines as it helps limit muscle movement some how, but it seems to be working. Next is the Lactic Acid which has a peeling formulation, I use this once a week or every other week depending on how my skin is looking and feeling. This helps give you more of a natural glow. And lastly, if you struggle with spots or little bumps like I said at the beginning then you will want to get your hands on their Salicylic Acid, I use this over big areas on my face, not just on one spot in particular. This helps drawer out the impurities and target large areas. 

And finally the last product I have been loving is a day cream from Clinique, I love how fresh and revitalised my skin feels after applying this in the mornings. It is also pretty light weight so applying make up over the top is ok to do. 

What are you favourite skincare products? Are there any I should try? 

Victoria xx 

Summer Lip Picks 


So today is all about that perfect summer lip, I love a red lip no matter what time of the year and ofcourse Christmas time is when most people would wear a red lip but I love my red lips in the summer too! So here are my go to red/orange summer lip picks! 

Tanya Burr Cosmetics This YSL lookalike is in the shade Wild Safari. I love this because it’s so bright and colourful and really adds impact to your make up instantly making it look summer ready. This is more of an orange shade compared to the others which are much more red. 

MAC The liquid lipstick in Fashion Legacy is my my most worn lipstick for sure! If you have tried the formulas of these then you will no why. It is the perfect shade all year round for me and lasts such a long time. I tend to just top it up after earring on the inner parts of the my lips. 

The Body Shop The Matte lip liquid in the shade Sydney Amaryllis has more coral shades to it and is probally the most light weight formula of the ones I have chosen. It has a similar formula to the NYX Soft Matte lip creams and tend to be really hydrating.
MAC My second MAC pick is from the Viva Glam collection by Miley Cryus in the shade 2. This is very similar to Tanya Burr one above. I love a Matte lip in the summer because I need to know that my lipstick is not going to end up smeared all over my face! 

YSL Rouge Couture 201 is my little baby, my most expensive lipsticks and perfect for specialty occasions in the summer. It is super hydrating and long lasting and the colour is perfect! 

What are you go to summer lipsticks? Are you a red lip or pink lip kinda girl? 

Victoria xx 

Pamper Skincare Routine 


I feel like normal people would only do a pamper routine like this maybe once a month, yet here I am doing this pretty much weekly. I really like to look after my skin and try and treat it as much as I can. So here are my favourite products for a pamper night. My pamper night tends to always fall on a Saturday night which is perfect because I can really relax and take my time on my skincare allowing everything to sink in and work it’s magic.

My first step is to cleanse my face, and I am that boring person who tends to stay in on a Saturday as I’m normally so tired from work all week I need to wind down. I use a Garnier SkinActive  cleanser, I really love the Skin Active range as it’s pretty much all natural products apart from a little salicylic acid which is great for preventing spots. After cleansing I like to do a scrub to get rid of any dead skin and this one from Boots Botanics is great because it is a brightening one. 

And then onto the best part, a face mask. I’m obsessed with fave mask and love trying out new ones, however this Loreal Clay mask is one of my favourites. The red clay one is a glow mask and I love how when it dries you can splash some water on and then massage it into your face like a scrub. This mask leave my skin feeling so soft and amazing. 

Next up is toners, I will use a glycolic Acid Toner which is an exfoliating brightening toner and the one I have chosen is from The Ordinary. I will then follow with the Seaweed Toner from The Body Shop which helps balance your skin and stop the build up of oil. 

I will then use any treatments and serums. My chosen ones for today are from The Ordinary. I am using the Zinc serum which helps with spots and the Hylaronic Acid which helps add moisture. 

I then use a second face mask, but this time it is a sheet mask which is for adding extra hydration. The Garnier Moisture Bomb masks are my all time favourites so I love to buy all the different varieties they have. I leave this on for 15 minutes and then massage the excess into my skin and down my neck. 

My final two steps are an oil and leave on moisture mask. As you can see I love to make sure that my skin has enough moisture and hydration. The oil I like to use is from the Vitamin E range at Superdrug, I love this because it is an antioxidant and you really feel like it’s doing good. And finally before I go to sleep I apply a generous amount of the Superdrug Vitamin E moisture mask which I leave on all night so it sinks in. 

So there you have it, the most intense Skincare Routine in the world! 

What are you favourite pamper products? 

Victoria xx 

Spring Skincare Routine 


Hello and welcome back to a blog post 3 days in a row! I’m hopefully getting back into the swing of things and getting some motivation to start writing again so there should be plenty more. Today I am going to be sharing my current skincare routine. Recently (last month) I decided to invest in my skincare and get products which I have always wanted to try but the price put me off. I have stepped up my skincare and I can 100% say my skin is looking so much better than before, I have less breakouts and my make up looks good when I apply it and lasts so much longer. 

To begin with I always like to remove the majority of my make up using a wipe, I find this gets rid of the main layer and breaks it down for the cleanser. For face wash I have been loving the new Clay range from Loreal, I opted to try the Detox one first as I thought it would be the perfect match for my skin. It’s a gel to foam consistency and I can really feel it cleaning my skin deep down and drawing out the impurities. 

Every other day I like to use a scrub to get rid of any dead skin cells and to really feel like my skin has had a good refresh. My two favourites at the moment are of course Lush Ocean Salt which is full of fresh ingredients and goodness. Next I have discovered a scrub from the Botanics range at Boots, this has much finer beads and feels great on the skin. 

Just like with the scrub, I like to use a face mask every other day. I have found that by doing this my skin stays clear and heals much quicker. My two favourite masks at the moment are new purchases aswell one being a more affordable one and the other a little more expensive. This is my second tub of the Lorel Pure Clay mask and as I loved it the first time I thought I would purchase it again. This mask smells great and comes of really easily just my rinsing your face with water and scrubbing the mask into your skin for some extra exfoliation. The next mask is the Himalayan Charcoal mask from The Body Shop, this had been on my list for ages and I never could bring myself to splurge £15 on a mask! But I did, and I’m really glad I did. Just like the Loreal mask it smells amazing, really fresh and spa like. However I find this mask so much harder to remove as the little bits stay stuck to my skin. 

More Body Body products! When I bought the fave mask I couldn’t resist trying the toners as they were only £7.50 which personally for a brand like this I think is great. I use these on alternate days and dependant on how my skin is. If my skin if clear I will use the Seaweed one as this mattifies my skin. But if I have breakouts I will use the Tea Tree one to help combat the spots. 

I have a bit of a toner obsession and like to use a ridiculous amount every night! After The Body Shop toner I like to use the Pixi Glow Tonic. I am just about to start my second bottle, I don’t know if it’s working wonders on my skin but the toners is supposed to do great things so I just figure it’s working. This is a little more on the pricey side at £18 for the bottle, however my lay bottle did last me 4 months so I guess I’m the long run it isn’t bad. And hen finally to ca my skin and brighten it I use another Boots Botanic product, the All Bright Toner. 

After all the toners I like to spritz my face with some Thermal Water from Avene, this has lots of minerals and good things in it to help your skin calm down. Once that is dry I go in with a serum from Boots Botanics range again to brighten my skin and add some hydration. 

And lastly moisturiser, a couple of times a week I like to use a Vitamin E mask from Superdrug. This tube is only £2.99 and it is a leave on mask, I find it really nourishing and hydrating. On the other days I like to use yet another product from the Boots Botanics range to moisturise. 

Let me know your favourite skincare products in the comments and what your loving right now!