Summer Morning RoutineĀ 


Waking Up In the summer I am way more motivated to get up and out of bed as I want to catch some rays in the garden. On this day I had set my alarm for half 9 but woke naturally at 9, I always find thy if I wake up naturally I am lesstired than if I have a alarm going off in my ear. So ofcourse it’s a little to early to go and sit in the garden so I still like to lounge around in bed for a while to enjoy my summers morning. Also now that it’s the summer holidays one of my jobs has now ended till September so I am only work in the late afternoon/evening which is perfect! 

Social Media 

While I am lying in bed the first thing I do is pull my blind up a bit so add some extra light into my room so it stops me from going back to sleep. Next I grab my phone and IPad. My first social media stop is Instagram (@juliettetalks) to catch up on everything I’ve missed while I was asleep. I then check on snapchat and then my watsapp messages from my friends and work. Once I have done this I started watching my YouTube subscriptions so I can catch up on them. By this time I’m getting a little hungry so I make myself a big glass of water to hydrate myself. 


Once I have finsihed up with YouTube I then venture downstairs and make my breakfast. My breakfast changes all the time, depending on what I am doing that day depends on what I have. So today I just had some jam toast as I didn’t need a big breakfast as I would be having lunch before I went to work. After I have had my breakfast I go back upstairs and make my bed. 

Getting Ready 

Getting ready in the mornings now is super easy as it requires no make up as I am not going anywhere. I put on a playsuit so I can go and sit in the sun. I then apply my face sunscreen and let that sit for about half an hour before I actually go outside. I then collect up everything I need to sit in the garden and keep myself entertained. This means sunglasses, lip balm, a bottle, sunscreen, magazine and my notebook to plan some blogposts. 

Catching some rays 

Finally it is about 11am and the sun is just getting warm and is right over my garden so I can enjoy the rest of my relaxing morning. 

My Fake Tan RoutineĀ 


I love the sun, but sometimes in England it just isn’t that sunny so you have to fake the bronzed goddess look. This is my go to routine and fake tan that I like to use for a natural looking tan. 

The first thing I do is lather my skin in the Soap & Glory shower gel and shave my legs making sure they are soft. I then like to use a body scrub and at the minute the only one I have is also by Soap & Glory, but I’m not complaining because it smells amazing! 

Once I have scrubbed my whole body making sure to get rid of any dead skin cells I hop out the shower and dry off. 

I then like to use a rich moisturiser especially on my knees and elbows so that the tan doesn’t sink into them and go orange. 

Once my body is moisturised I then go into tanning. I like to use a gradual tanner as I find it easier to build up to the colour you want and also it looks more natural when it’s building up rather than using instant tan. 

When I apply the tan I like to apply it to the places I tan naturally, so the tops of my arms (not the underneath bit) and blend it up my neck and chest. 

I like to wait a few minutes before I get dressed to make sure it has sunk into my skin and then I go and scrub my hands so they don’t start turning orange the next day. 

I do this routine every other night as I find its more natural that way. 

What’s your favourite way of tanning?