Testing the Leighton Denny Tanning range {gifted}


I recently just got sent the brand new tanning range from Leighton Denny, I get sent so may tans, and I never really get around to reviewing them, so I have made a conscious effort this month to review these.

My initial impressions are that the products have a really cool and sleek feel to them, they are not overly bulky or huge bottles that you are never going to finish, instead they are the perfect size. I also like the fact that the bottles are black, meaning that no matter how many fake tan accidents you have it wont show and the bottle wont start to look manky and brown. 

I really like that Leighton has bought out a face tan along with body tans. There is a gradual tanner, which is normally my go to keep my tan topped up during the summer months and then an tanning mousse which develops in a few hours. 

My experience

Last night I tested out the mousse and the face tan, this morning when I woke up I looked like I had just nipped over to the Caribbean over night.

Applying the mousse was a really nice experience, the tanning mit that comes with the products had more of a silk feel to it, so the product glided on really smoothly. It did have a guide colour so it was easy to see where you had applied it.

When I woke up in the morning I was very very dark, bordering on the lines of too dark. I panicked and jumped in the shower with a body scrub hoping to undo the bits which had turned really bad. the worse bits, were my hands and feet, which I feel always are the hardest part of your body to tan. But once I was out of the shower and the guide colour had washed away I was looking a lot more bronzed than umpa lompa. I definitely look more brown than orange, but I would say it’s just a little bit outside my comfort zone for the moment, come the summer months when I have a natural tan I think it will look amazing.

The facial tan seems to have a very similar concept to the mousse, it seems to have developed over night and is not a gradual face tan which is what I’ve previously tried from other brands. Once again, I think this will be better suited for me in the summer months with a natural tan. I also like that the moisturiser contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin e so its also a pretty good night cream!

The three tans I’m loving this summer


This summer I have really been enjoying faking my tan, I have been sent so many fake tans I figured I would test them all out over the summer and I have found my top 3.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Mousse

I really like this self tanner because it is really easy and really quick to use, much like the other 3. To apply this one you do need a tanning mit, it’s so easy to apply all over your body and you can see an instant change in colour. I wore this one whilst I was still at work and I got so many compliments about it, about how natural it looked!

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

The Isle of Paradise drops are super handy for tanning your face, just apply a few drops to your night moisturiser and you’ll wake up to a tanned face. It doesn’t look orange and it doesn’t look fake, it gives you a really natural glow and when I use them I feel like I can get away with no foundation that day. I don’t find that the colour last that long, probably because I exfoliate everyday. You can also mix these into your body moisturisers also.

Norvell Ultra Vivid Gradual Tan

I think out of all the tans I prefer this one, I love that you don’t need to wear a tanning kit to apply it, I love that you can see the colour and you instantly looked tanned and I love that it’s such a big bottle! The colour which develops is also super natural and doesn’t look orange, it looks much more like a natural sun tan, brown rather than umpa lumpa. This one looks a little scary at first when you apply it as it look really dark, but that blends out. Also, I feel like this is the only tan out of the three that does not smell! Even though the others say they don’t smell like self tan, they do!

What are you favourite tans? Xx

Summer Morning Routine 


Waking Up In the summer I am way more motivated to get up and out of bed as I want to catch some rays in the garden. On this day I had set my alarm for half 9 but woke naturally at 9, I always find thy if I wake up naturally I am lesstired than if I have a alarm going off in my ear. So ofcourse it’s a little to early to go and sit in the garden so I still like to lounge around in bed for a while to enjoy my summers morning. Also now that it’s the summer holidays one of my jobs has now ended till September so I am only work in the late afternoon/evening which is perfect! 

Social Media 

While I am lying in bed the first thing I do is pull my blind up a bit so add some extra light into my room so it stops me from going back to sleep. Next I grab my phone and IPad. My first social media stop is Instagram (@juliettetalks) to catch up on everything I’ve missed while I was asleep. I then check on snapchat and then my watsapp messages from my friends and work. Once I have done this I started watching my YouTube subscriptions so I can catch up on them. By this time I’m getting a little hungry so I make myself a big glass of water to hydrate myself. 


Once I have finsihed up with YouTube I then venture downstairs and make my breakfast. My breakfast changes all the time, depending on what I am doing that day depends on what I have. So today I just had some jam toast as I didn’t need a big breakfast as I would be having lunch before I went to work. After I have had my breakfast I go back upstairs and make my bed. 

Getting Ready 

Getting ready in the mornings now is super easy as it requires no make up as I am not going anywhere. I put on a playsuit so I can go and sit in the sun. I then apply my face sunscreen and let that sit for about half an hour before I actually go outside. I then collect up everything I need to sit in the garden and keep myself entertained. This means sunglasses, lip balm, a bottle, sunscreen, magazine and my notebook to plan some blogposts. 

Catching some rays 

Finally it is about 11am and the sun is just getting warm and is right over my garden so I can enjoy the rest of my relaxing morning. 

My Fake Tan Routine 


I love the sun, but sometimes in England it just isn’t that sunny so you have to fake the bronzed goddess look. This is my go to routine and fake tan that I like to use for a natural looking tan. 

The first thing I do is lather my skin in the Soap & Glory shower gel and shave my legs making sure they are soft. I then like to use a body scrub and at the minute the only one I have is also by Soap & Glory, but I’m not complaining because it smells amazing! 

Once I have scrubbed my whole body making sure to get rid of any dead skin cells I hop out the shower and dry off. 

I then like to use a rich moisturiser especially on my knees and elbows so that the tan doesn’t sink into them and go orange. 

Once my body is moisturised I then go into tanning. I like to use a gradual tanner as I find it easier to build up to the colour you want and also it looks more natural when it’s building up rather than using instant tan. 

When I apply the tan I like to apply it to the places I tan naturally, so the tops of my arms (not the underneath bit) and blend it up my neck and chest. 

I like to wait a few minutes before I get dressed to make sure it has sunk into my skin and then I go and scrub my hands so they don’t start turning orange the next day. 

I do this routine every other night as I find its more natural that way. 

What’s your favourite way of tanning? 

April favourites 🙌🏼


Its May already! How crazy! That means four months till my summer holiday which is so exciting! So here are some of the things I have been loving in April… 

So my actual first thing I am loving is this background, and it’s only a sheet of paper. I bought a few patterned pieces of paper online so I could use them as backgrounds and this is my favorite one by far. Now onto the beauty faves, Loreal True Match foundation. I have been wearing this for the past month and love it so much. I have had it tucked away in my drawer for ages, like since Christmas and I never used it because I always go through phases of being obsessed with one particular foundation, and no I am obsessed with this one. I even had to buy a new one because I have used up one already. Mac Velvet Teddy lipstick has also been my most worn lipstick in April as I have been wearing it for work. And to line my lips I use the Makeup Revolution lip liner in The One. Next is a my all time favourite nail varnish, this is from Kiko in the shade 389. This will most definelty be my most worn colour for the next 5 months no doubt. And ofcourse I can’t forget about my favourite bronzer Nars Laguna which is my go to for my every day make up look. And lastly is this brush type thing, this was a couple of pounds of Amazon and I thought it looked interesting and wanted to try it out as I looks like the really expensive ones I’ve seen all over Instagram. I really like this for applying my foundation, I had never used a brush until this and it’s really good to apply foundation evenly and it looks natural and blended. 

Next I have some skin care favourites, with the summer slowly approaching I have been loving to use a bit of fake tan to add some colour. My favourite is the Dove Summer Glow this is a gradual tanner so I like to but this on before bed and when I wake up I have a bit more colour to my skin. I have been loving putting this Elemis hand cream on every night before bed as it smells amazing. And recently I have stopped epilating my legs and have gone back to shaving so I have been using the EOS shave cream which smells amazing and leaves my legs super soft! 

My most worn perfume is Bombshell from Victoria’s Secret, when I wear this I get so many compliment from people because it truly does smell amazing. And for my face wash this month I have gone back to a really old favourite of mine, Simple Triple Action face wash. When I used to have really bad spots I struggled for ages to try and get rid of them, but then I found this face wash and it worked a treat. I think because it was full of more natural ingredients and nothing to harsh it really helped my skin combat my problem areas and now I only have the occasional spot. And my final favourite is my iPod, I have recently updated my music as I am going on a little road trip this month and thought I needed good music for it. 


Spring Essentials 


 With the first week of spring a go I decided I would pick out my favourite spring essentials to share with you all. Hope you enjoy, let me know what your essentials are!   
Spring is the transition from the dark berry shades to the bright colours, so I have picked some of my favourite pinks for the spring. Rimmel Apocalips Out Of This World, Clinique Chubby Stick Whoopin’ Watermelon, Rinmel Provocalips Little Minx, Milani Rose Hip, New Look Candy Pink, Rimmel Kate Moss 28 and Mac Saint Germain. 

 For nails I have seem to have picked out a lot of purples, but I find these pastel light colours are perfect for spring.China Glaze in That’s Shore Bright, Ciate Sugar Plum, Barry M Prickly Pear, New Look Purple, Barry M Sugar Apple. 


For skin care I have a scrub for Soap & Glory and the body lotion that goes with it, these of course smell amazing and make your skin so soft. And as we are getting I into the warmer months I like to start tanning, my favourite way to tan is using a gradual moisturiser from Dove which gives a natural glow.  

 I also picked out some candles and a wax as I still love to burn these even in the summer and spring as they make everything smell really good. 

Finally in Spring you can start adding a bit of colour to your eyes, so I have picked out my two favourite palettes for this. The stunning colourful one is Mermaids Forever by Make Up Revolution, this is perfect for adding a fun pop of colour to your lash line or all over your lid. I then also picked Urban Decay Naked 3 as this has lots of pinks and purples for the spring and so many looks can be created from this palette.