Buying shell jewellery from EBay


This year the shell seems to be the hot accessory, so I have gone through the whole of Ebay and picked up some of the best things. I have linked everything down below with the prices. I can already tell some of this will be a one wonder wear, like the gold chocker as I reckon it will tarnish, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get a bit more wear out of the other more hard wearing pieces.

Real Sea Shell Dangle Hook Earrings  £3.49


Makeup I’m loving right now | featuring Flat Lay Co makeup bag


Lets talk about the makeup which I am loving right now, and the handiest makeup bag which was kindly sent to me my a brand called Flat Lay Co. The bag itself is really unique, when opened up you can display all your products and see exactly what you’ve got in the bag which is so much easier than having to rummage though. I also realised another reason why I love this bag is because I’m hoping it is going to make me less of a messier person when it comes to covering my bed in foundation and anything else which could transfer. In theory, by having all the products laid out on the bag, I’m hoping my bed will stay clean, also this will come in handy on holiday as hotels always have WHITE bed sheets and they terrify me! When your finished doing your make up all you do is pull the drawstring and the bag sucks itself in an voila its a bag!

Now onto make up, my go to eye shadow palette, pretty much all the time Urban Decay Naked Heat, I just love the warm shades and to be honest I have worn this all year round. I just don’t think there is going to be a time when it’s not my favourite!

As for my brows, I have switched it up a little and changed from the blonde version of Loreal Brow Plumper to the darker version, I really like the look of darker more defined brows and I’m pretty glad I’m getting around to using it as I bought it by mistake ages ago!

My go to lip choice, especially when I want to to look that little bit ‘cooler’ is YSL 201, not only is this the perfect red, but it lasts such a long time (and doesn’t dry your lips). 

On my cheeks I have been using the  Urban Decay Naked Flushed cheek palette, I pretty much just stick to using the bronzer out of this palette although I do need to start using the highlight and blush as their equally as nice! Another bronzer I have been going crazy for is from Sephora in the shade Caledonia, this is a really orangey shade so I can only use this when I have a tan.

I recently dug out my old Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette and have been using the pink highlighter in there, it creates a really natural glow rather than a full on glitter glow.  

My go to base year round is Mac Studio Fix, this is especially good for the warmer months because it doesn’t budge in the heat, therefore lasting a long time making your skin look amazing even though you feel like a sweaty mess! To set my face I have been using the Arkana i-Tech powder, this is a really light weight loose powder, which also protects your skin from the environment as well as setting your face in place. 

My cream contour obsession never changes, its the Tanya Burr one in the medium dark shade, although I feel like these are getting harder to find now so I need to find a replacement once I’ve finished my last two, recommendations please (not to pricey).

Before I went on holiday I decided to dig though my drawer full of mascaras and take a brand new unopened one and hope that it was a good one that would make my lashes look long and luscious. Loreal Volume Million Lashes did exactly what it says on the packaging, my lashes have never looked so good!

And lastly, a bit of Glossier appreciation, Balm Dot Com in the flavour coconut has to be the perfect lip balm for the summer!

Here are some photos of the bag;

Thanks for reading xx

Summer hair & skin must haves


Today I am going to be sharing my summer essentials for my hair & body…


First up in the Evoluderm Monoi a la Follie body lotion, this was sent to me last week as a gift from the company and I have been using it every day since as my evening body moisturiser. It smells amazing and it feels so hydrating on my skin especially after a day (or 2 weeks) in the sun. What I love about this moisturiser is that it glides on like an oil, blends into your skin and doesn’t leave a tacky residue. 

I really wish I had photographed these products in some kind of order, but now were going to the pre moisturising stage, body scrub, My go to scrub which was sent to me by the amazing Zoella Beauty is the Pretty Polished scrub. This has loads of little ‘scrubby bits’ and it is in more of a balm which means it is way more effective that most scrubs. 

A new addition to my mornings (when I remember) is the skinny coffee from Skinny Palm Tree, this was sent to me to try out as I love my morning coffees on the weekends. I do tend to only use it at the weekends when I remember to be all cool and drink coffee (and get up earlier enough). So far I have not noticed results and I doubt I will as I still eat pretty unhealthy the rest of the time, but it’s still the thought that counts, right? 

My newest obsession for taking a shower is the Nivea Love Sunshine shower gel, this is literally your childhood summer in a bottle. It smells divine! It really does take me back to beach in the 90’s!

And now to show my hands a bit of tlc I have been using ‘sweet orange, lemongrass and lime’ solid hand cream bar from The Edinburgh Natural Skincare co. This was really kind sent to me to try and review, however before I had the chance to take photos of the bar it had melted! It arrived during the heatwave we have just had but here is the link to it so you can see what it is meant to look like. The bar smells so fresh and the scents really stand out, I have been using mine every night before bed to moisturise my hands and nails and I have been enjoying being able to smell it as I fall asleep. 

As for my hair care this summer I have been using prescriptive shampoo and conditioner from My Hair Doctor who kindly gifted me their range for dehydrated hair. My initial thoughts were “omg, this smells amazing”! When these products arrived I made everyone sniff them, I even rubbed some on my hand so I could smell it without having to keep opening up the bottles! 

For my summer scents I have been loving the typical summer fragrance, the dupe of Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, Next Summer Sun. This smells identical but is a fraction of the price so I don’t have to use it sparingly. And the second perfume I have been loving is Wanderlust by Michael Kors along with the matching body lotion. I have got into the habit of smothering myself in the lotion every morning before I go to work, it adds loads of moisture, makes my tan stand out and smells great!

What are your summer essentials?

Victoria xx

Summer Skin Essentials 


We may have already have had our little slice of summer in the Uk but I’m hoping for a little more! Here are my summer skincare essentials to keep my skin look great throughout the summer months. 

A body scrub is a great place to start, especially before you tan (either naturally or if your faking it), I love the French Connection scrub as it smells amazing and works great to soften and smooth my skin. I tend to use scrubs on dry skin as I find your get better results and then rinse it off in the shower. 

You don’t just want to add moisture after a shower, you want to add it during the shower, so finding a shower gel that has moisturising properties will go a long way. My pick is from the new Zoella Beauty range, Shower Shake.  

After showering it’s very important to add he moisture back into your skin, so go and pick your favourite ones. My top two at the moment are the Zoella Beauty Body Puddin which has little beads that burtst and the Soap & Glory Riteous Butter. 

And then off course sunscreen! 

Ok, now onto adding that bit of golden glow we all need to look and feel great in the summer. First up in fake tan, I like to use a gradual tan from Dove on my body aswell as getting a natural tan. Fake tan is a great way of gradually building up the colour and maintaining a semi natural tan without looking fake. I also purchased the Bondi Sands face tanned for my holiday so my face would match my body. This is great for people who don’t want to tan their face and want to wear a high factor spf. 

To create an extra glow on top of your tan and add some shimmer the body oil from Boots No7 is great for that. As it’s an oil it’s super hydrating and makes your skin look and feel amazing! Another glowy product is the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Body Illuminator, this is very similar to the Body oil but is a moisturise texture and smells of cupcakes! 

Now onto face products, my favourite part! 

So I guess we should start with toners, in the summer if your like me you want your skin to look 10x better than in the winter as you have it out more with no make up on. For toners I love a toner which is going to enhance my natural glow and add hydration back in, for this is use the Boots Botanics All Bright Toner. Secondly I want to make sure that my face is not oily, so in order to control that I use the Seaweed Toner from The Body Shop. 

If I’ve caught the sun at all (body or face) I like to spray some thermal water on as this has lots of good properties such as minerals and naturally protects your skin.

I have recently started using The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% as this contains lots of vitamins and is anti blemish so it tackles any spots that may appear and helps heal any scars. 

I also love to use a Vitamin E oil as this contains lots of antioxidants and defends the skin against the environment. 

And finally, you will want a good moisturiser. My top 3 are the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturing Gel as this is super hydrating, Boots Botanics All Bright Night cream and lastly a leave on Vitamin E mask from Superdrug. 

Let me know what your favourite summer skincare products are.

Victoria xx