A postcard from Fuerteventura


Hello from sunny Fuerteventura, I’m currently half way through my holiday and thought I would get a blogpost up featuring some of my photos from my beach walk to other day.

I am actually obsessed with all the photos I have taken whilst being here, the scenery is just amazing, and around the hotel there is loads of instagramable hot spots perfect for capturing some outfit shots.

I am staying at the TUI Sensimar Royal Palm & Spa hotel, the hotel it’s self is beautiful like I said, the perfect Instagram hotel, palm trees everywhere, grey and white walls and amazing food!

The wind how ever is a little bit too strong, this means that even though it is really sunny it doesn’t feel hot. For me me this is the perfect weather because it means I never get too hot that I have to go inside, instead I can sit outside all day and work on my tan.

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See you soon xx

Birthday Outfit 




  When I was in Barcelona it was my birthday and we spent the whole day out exploring the city so in the evening we dressed up a little and went and had a lovely meal. 

   The skirt I wore is from Boohoo and I love the colour of it, I felt like it was the perfect time to wear it. It had two splits, one up each side which actually made walking a little difficult because it kept flying away. I did however wear some thick black tights underneath so I didn’t flash the whole of Barcelona. 

The top I chose to wear is my go to off the sholder lace top which I literally wear all the time. I love the look of it and the style and it can be worn dressed up or dressed down. 

I decided to wear my black heeled boots were the perfect high so my skirt didn’t touch the floor.  


Barcelona Day 3 // Sagrada Familia 


  Our final day in Barcelona was spent doing the final touristy bits. Once we had packed up all the bags and checked out of the hotel we got the metro to the Sagrada Familia which was actually really easy to get to. The metro was so much easier than the underground and it was in Spanish!  






  We bought our tickets for the Sagrada Familia on the day and paid $ 18 for the general ticket which is just to go inside and walk around. When I went the first time I paid a lot more and went up in the towers and could see over Barcelona. We wondered around the inside and took lots of photos. It’s a beautiful building, and the windows are just amazing! 



 After that we found a Starbucks and sat on a bench in a little park opposite the Sagrada Familia.



 We then decided to go and find the Barcelona Outlet which didn’t actually exist so we had a nice walk around and luckily I had been in that area before so I had a rough idea where we were going. We made our way down to the sea front and found some shops and restaurants. We went to a chicken place and sat outside in the sun. The food there was awful, made me really appreciate Hard Rock Cafe even though it is a little more expensive. 

  After lunch we went for a walk on the beach and it looked so pretty because the sun was already starting to set. We had about an hours walk back to the hotel and on the way we stopped and got ice cream.  

We then picked up a Subway to take to the airport and went and got our bags from the hotel and headed to the airport in a taxi.  


Barcelona Day 2 // My Birthday 


Day 2 in Barcelona was my Birthday, and it was a little weird spending it somewhere where it was sunny and hot! Back at home it was snowing! I bought the majority of my cards with me to open here as they had some euros in for spending here. I also picked up this Mac Lipstick from the airport on the way out using some money my Nan gave me.  

The first place we went to today was Parc Guell which is my favourite place here as I had been a few years ago. It was such lovely weather and clear skies making photos look amazing! 

We payed €8 to go into the Park and go to the famous wall and take some photos. We then walked down and took some more photos from the bottom. 

Our next stop of the day was Montjuic and the Cable Cars, we payed €12 for a round trip. We could see for miles over the city and out to sea. 

From the cable cars we walked down the the Magic Fountain where we were the day before and walked back down to the shopping centre to grab some lunch.  


We went to a place called Boka, I had a bacon pizza which was really nice and then tried my first crepe which was pretty good too. The only downside is that on a Sunday about 90% of the shops were shut. 

We got a train back to the Ramblas and walked up and down looking in all the touristy shops. Nicola and I both got matching I Love Barcelona tops and I picked up a cup as well. We also had to do the typical Starbucks stop as well.   



We then went back to the hotel and for ready dinner. Once again we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and had food and a cocktail.   


  After dinner we went to Amornino which makes flower ice creams, there a a few of these all of the place (even on in London). We are these back in the hotel room as it was a little chilly outside.  

For my bath tonight I used the Unicorn Horn bubble bar from Lush. It made so many bubbles and I will definitely miss having a bath when I go home! 


Barcelona Day 1 // Strolling around the city 


Our day started at 3:30am which is beyond early, so we had to ofcourse do the Starbucks run. 

We had landed in Barcelona by 9:30am local time so it was a very quick flight, but there was loads of turbulence which wasn’t fun. When we arrived we got a taxi from the airport which was only € 30 straight to our hotel. This was my second time in Barcelona so I had already picked out the hotel I wanted to stay in this time. Hotel Lloret Ramblas is right on the Ramblas and is the prime location for everything! There are so many taxis and shops and eating places. We dropped our bags and headed out for the day to get our bearings and have a wander around. 

  We went to a litre restaurant next to our hotel which was empty, the man told us he had no breakfast menus but recommend the pancakes. We were so shocked when they arrived, this is without a doubt the best pancakes I have ever had!  


   Walking down the Ramblas we found the Bouqeria Market and I picked up some macaroons. Everything in this marker is pretty cool, from fish to marzipan to sweets to smoothies.  

  We walked down the Ramlas and ended up at the Port and the Shopping centre and had a look around there. By this time my feet were killing (wearing heeled boots was not a good idea). 


  Then we strolled down the palm tree avenue which was so lovely and took loads of photo. On the way back to the hotel we stopped of at the market again to get some chocolate covered strawberries for €2.  

   We then took a little detour into Hard Rock Cafe and had a drink. I had the blue drink which is my favourite drink of all time. We then went back to the hotel and got showered and dressed for dinner. We went back to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, and had a lovely dinner!  

  We did the typical tourist thing and didn’t check whether the Magic Fountain was working, so when we got there we found out it wasn’t. But as we walked up to the top where the beautiful building is a lot of people were hanging around. So we waited around until the supposed start time of the fountain show but it never came on. Even when we walked down pass the fountain there were crowds of people, but no water in the fountain.  

  Our final stop of the night was this shopping centre down the road from the Fountain where we got ice cream and found a Lush so I could have a bath.