A Spa Break with Bannatynes {gifted}


At the beginning of the week I had pleasure of venturing down to Hastings, East Sussex for an overnight spa break which was very kindly gifted by Bannatynes.
I decided to take one of my best friends as we had not been on holiday together in a really long time.

When we arrived at the hotel, it was pretty much everything I was expecting. A big country style house set in the middle huge green grounds, it truly felt like we were on holiday.

The spa is located a short 2 minute walk down the driveway, which we headed to straight away after we had checked in and seen our room. The room was extremely spacious and clean and had really quirky features. The highlight for me was the big bath room and bath tub!

In the spa we were given a little tour of the facilities and were made to feel really welcome. We headed straight to the Jacuzzi as it was empty as I wanted to get some photos in there before it got busy, so we timed it perfectly.

After being outside for a while we decided to try out the steam room and the indoor Jacuzzi before heading back to the room to get ready for dinner that evening.

Before dinner we headed back down to the gardens out the back of the hotel to take some photos, and ordered a cocktail from the bar for some more photos.

The gifted experience included a two course meal, as a really fussy eater I was a little bit concerned about not liking enough of the food, but I can safely say I liked it all. For started I had the watercress soup, followed by chicken in gravy with potatoes and cabbage.

On the second day we woke up nice and early to the sun streaming into our room making it feel like a sauna. We headed down to breakfast, it was buffet style with everything you could of wanted along with made to order specials.

Before driving to Hastings beach we had our treatments in the spa, we both chose to have facials. This was my first facial so I was a little bit anxious about having it as I was just thinking of all the horrible things the person would say about my skin. However, this was not the case. The lady who did the facial was really nice, and I just laid back and relaxed.

Thank you to Bannatynes for giving us this amazing opportunity and allowing us to come and stay!

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A day in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland 


I actually cannot believe I am about to write a blog post about the fact I’ve been to the Blue Lagoon. I have seen hundreds of photos, videos and blog posts all about this and finally I can write one myself so it’s kind of surreal. 

I still don’t really understand the concept of the Blue Lagoon apart from that it is geo thermal and that is why it is so hot. Initially you think that it is not going to be that hot, but because of the outside air temperature it is so hot! 

So, my best friend and I booked the trip before we left for Iceland, we paid €50 for the spa and another €30 for a transfer to and from the lagoon. If you are going then I would definelty recommend paying for the transfer as it is really well planned and organised. We arrived an hour before our time slot which gave us time to wonder around the outside and take some photos and eat our Subway for lunch. 

Once it was time to go in we went and got our wristbands from reception which work as a credit card type thing. You can open and close your locker with them and buy drinks at the bar along with an extra face mask. 

So once we had got changed we went down and took an abundance of photos before getting in completely. Before we got in completely we went and applied a mass amount of conditioner which was supplied by the lagoon in the shower area which was perfect because I read that the water makes your hair really difficult to manage once it was wet because of the build up silica. 

There are two bar areas, one that sells drinks and one that sells face masks. Within the standard package you get a free silica face mask, I ended up applying this 3 times as I really wanted to give my skin a good cleanse. The mask is in a huge container where you can help yourself to it. If you want to do the algae mask it’s an extra €3 which is fairly cheap! 

For drinks I had heard it was expensive, so I was a bit reluctant to get one. But as we had been in the lagoon for a few hours I felt I needed something so I had a slush which was so refreshing. 

As I had my phone in a waterproof case we were able to take hundreds of photos and really capture our whole experience before taking my phone back to the locker so we could enjoy it a bit more without worrying about my phone. 

With the standard package you have to provide your own towel and flip flops, which when you are only allowed to take handluggage it does become difficult to say the least. I would say one disadvantage is your towel gets wet so easily because you want to wrap yourself up to stay warm whilst you walk back up to the changing area so by the time your ready to get changed it’s soaked and no longer any use. 

The shuttle bus back to Reykjavik leaves every hour on quarter past. It takes about 50 minutes to get to and from. 

Lush Haul 


This month I decided I should pick up some of the Halloween products and a couple of face masks. 

I picked up Catastrophe Cosmetic which is designed to help your skin when it breaking out. It contains blueberries and camomile to help your skin recover. I then picked up Cosmetic Warrior which is also to tackle spots, but this one doesn’t smell as nice as contains garlic. I love Lush face masks! 

I have been wanting to try a massage bar for ages and this seemed to be the most popular one so I chose this. The smell is really unusual but I love it, it smells really relaxing and spa like. 

Omg! How adorable is he! This little ghost is a bath melt and I couldn’t help but buy him! 

This is my second sparkly pumpkin and I can’t wait to use it closer to Halloween! It is covered in glitter and you get covered in glitter every time you touch it. But it’s so pretty! 

Summer Skin Care Routine 


Today I am going to share my skincare routine for the summer. 

To begin with I like to use the Soap & Glory Micellar water to remove the excess bulk of my make up. I then use the Boots Botanics eye make up remover to remove my eye make up, this even removes waterproof mascara! To give my skin a good cleanse I like to apply my face wash, this months is the Nivea Refreshing Face Wash Gel which actually smells really good. I apply this to my Clarisonic and clean my face. I love using my Clarisonic as I know it is giving my skin a deep clean. I don’t use my Clarisonic every day as it is very harsh on your skin, so on the other days I like to the little pink silicone brush which gives a soft clean but still as effective. This was £1 from Primark!

After washing my face I like to use a scrub a couple of times a week. My go to scrubs are from Lush, however I am running really low and need to go and buy some more. I love Dark Angels as its a black charchoal cleanser scrub and removes excess oil and dirt from your skin and leaves your face feeling so soft! I also love Ocean Salt as this just reminds me of being on a beach every time I use it. This one is a bit more harsher on your skin as it has the sea salt in it, but it also has avocado oil so it leaves your skin really soft. 

Ofcourse my skincare routine would not be complete with a face mask or pamper session a couple of times a week. I love using face masks, they are my weakness. My favourites at he minute are the one from Superdrug. I like to use a detoxifying one and also a vitamin e mask. I also love to use the 7th Heaven masks once in a while or while I am travelling as I love these. Once a month I will also use a pore strip on my nose to unclog and pores. 

I then like to switch between using the Antibacterial cleanser and the Simple purifying cleanser to refresh my skin. I then spritz some Vitamim E toning most from Superdrug to hydrate my skin. 

My moisturising routine switches every night. Some night so will use the vitamin e leave on moisture mask from Superdrug which is amazing and is only £2.99 and lasts for ages! Other days I like to use the Vitamim e serum followed by an eye cream and moisturiser. Before I got bed I like to use some rose hip oil which is the newest addiction to my skin care routine. This is supposed to help heal spots, scars, dark spots and so far I think it is working. 

So there you have it my very long skin care routine, I love doing this routine as much as I love doing my make up everyday. Nothing is better than having a little pamper. 

Look Fantastic Beauty Box 


I have signed up for 3 months of the Look Fantastic Beauty Box purely because I love the design on this box! The box is what drew me in, I have already tried Glossy Box, Birchbox and another one I can’t remember. But I have a feeling this is going to be my favourite. 

I love these boxes, I love the surprise of what your getting. And as I travel a fair bit the contents of these boxes are perfect!  

 This box is around £10 and you get 6 travel sized products, but they are quite luxurious brands. The one that steels my attention is the Rituals hand scrub, it just looks so pretty, and I can’t wait to use this as it smells so good! The next one I am drawn to is the Elemis hand cream, I have never tried anything from Elemis but I have always wanted to. Once again this smells amazing, it’s like being at a spa. 

There is also a hair mask from Briogeo which are always handy to take on holiday after being in the pool and sea. I swear everything in this box smells amazing! 

Next there is a body wash from Bloom and Blossom and a body polish from Balance Me. And now  I am going to take back the fact that everything smells amazing because the body wash does not smell as its fragrance free which is a bit disappointing. The body polish however does smell pretty good, like a spa again. 

And the final product is a tan maximiser, I’m not to sure if this is fake tan or you apply it after you are tanned. I will have to google this to find out before I do use it. But you’ll be glad to know this does smell good. 

So overall 5 out of the 6 products smell amazing and I am so pleased with everything I received. They are perfect sizes to take on holiday with me and they are all so luxurious. 

Make The Most Of Lazy Days 


I love lazy days, days when you have no plans, you don’t need to put on make up or get dressed. But sometimes they do get a little boring, so here are some ideas to have a productive lazy day. 

  1. Morning Routine Ofcourse this is a lazy day so you don’t want to be up super early, but you also don’t want to waste your whole day in bed. Set your alarm for a decent time, for me on a Sunday I like to set my alarm at 10am. This way I can have a lay but also not miss loads of the day. Just because your awake doesn’t mean you have to get out of bed straight away. I like to go through social media and watch YouTube Videos before I even open my blinds. I feel this sets me up for the day, and a lot o the time watching videos gives me motivation to get and do stuff!     
  2. Make Your Bed & Tidy Even though you do want a lazy day, you don’t want your room to be a mess and have an unmade bed. Making your bed will put you in the right frame of mind so get up and start your day.   
  3. Make Food If you have the whole day to do nothing then why not make some food that you normally wouldn’t make because of time limits. Find a nice recipe and get cooking!    
  4. Take a walk With spring on its way it’s started to get nice outside, blue sky’s and a bit of sun (even though it’s still cold). This is a good at to get in some easy exercise without even realising it and get some fresh air.     
  5. Make A List Make a list of what you want to get done, do this the night before so when you wake up its ready and you know what you have to do before even thinking. I make a ton of lists and hey really help get things done!   
  6. Drink Water Spending the day at home is a great way to work out how hydrated you are, you could see how much water you drink and set goals for the week to drink more. Being more hydrated will give you more motivation, make you feel better and make your skin look good.   
  7. Sort Out Ourfits for the Week Ahead If you have a job where you have to wear nice clothes everyday and look presentable then you can plan out your outfits and hang them them up ready in your wardrobe so you don’t have to worry about picking an outfit in the morning. I don’t have a job where I can my normal clothes so my clothes are so neglected all the time.  
  8. Have a Pamper Ofcourse a lazy day would not be complete with out a little pamper. This could include running a bath, painting your nails, doing a hair and face mask and just relaxing. 

Product Empties # 3 


Boots Botanics Cleansing Cream This has lasted such a long time, I bought this after I saw an American beauty guru raving about it and obviously it’s an easy brand to get a hold of in the UK. I would defiantly purchase this again as I felt it really helped my skin. 

Mac Factor 3 in 1 Foundation I got through this bottle so quickly as I absolutely loved it! It worked so well on my skin and make it look flawless. It’s a primer, concelor and foundation all in the one product so it’s perfect for travelling and very long lasting. 

Neutrogena Visablu Clear 2 in 1 wash and mask I bought this mainly to use as a face mask as it’s hard to find affordable face masks for problem skin. I really enjoyed using this product especially as it doubles up as a face mask. I wouldn’t actually buy it again though as I’ve fallen in love with Lush face masks now. 

Lush Prince Charming I was  bought this as a gift and I’m not a fan of the smell. I’m a huge Snow Fairy fan and so this didn’t really do it for me. 

NSpa Skim Renewel Gel I really like this product, it’s a unique face wash gel. You have to massage it into your face and wait for it to turn into an oil. It is very time consuming though as it takes a while to turn to the oil from the gel. I did feel like it was a good deep cleaning product so I would probably buy this again. 

Yesto I received these wipes in a subscription box a while ago and took these on two holidays. They were the prefect size to take away and do a great job at removing make up before I washed my face. 

Loreal Revitalift I like to use an eye cream every night before bed to hydrate my under eye area and this stuff does a great job. I am a huge fan or Loreal face creams as I feel they are very moisturising and help heel my skin. 

Balance Youth Serum I started using this because I wanted to make sure my skin was getting the right nutrients especially over night to help my skin repair. I can’t really tell if it has helped my skin but it does make it feel soft and makes me feel better as though I’m really looking after it.