Walking in a winter wonderland | 2 snowy days | What I got up to & photos


When I went bed the night of the 9th I was wishing that there was snow when I woke up the next morning, and to my utter delight there was! And there was a lot! I was like a little kid on Christmas Day when I looked outside and saw the whole of the garden coated with magical white dust and thus began two days of playing in the snow…

Ofcourse as soon as I woke up I had to go out and take a photo because how could I miss an opportunity! The garden looked so much better covered in white, I braved the icy cold in just a dress and my Ugg boots!

On this day we were supposed to be going into to London to Harrods, but because of the snow we stayed home and this meant we could go out walking in the real winter wonderland!

We walked over to a little cosy pub through the countryside and had a bacon baguette and hot chocolate looking out onto the snow covered fields!

These photos turned out amazing and I am so obsessed with them, it looked and it felt so magical walking amongst the snow covered trees, it was literally like being in Narnia!

That night when I arrived home I received the best email any one could ever receive on a Sunday night, work was cancelled for the next day! That meant my snow adventures could continue for one day more!

The second snow day consisted of a lot more walking and a lot more hot drinks with my friend. We headed out for a walk in the opposite direction to the previous day and got a lot of different photos. The snow had started to melt a lot more and it was a lot harder to walk in. That being said, it didn’t stop me from doing a couple of hand stands and cartwheels which didn’t end up going very smoothly!

And the best thing happened again that evening, another email to say we were closed for another day! The benefits of working in a school!

How do you like to spend your snow days?

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A Weekend In Berlin, Germany 


Back in January my Mum and I went to Berlin for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. We flew out early on the Saturday morning and flew back late Sunday night. We were expecting it to be very cold, but on the scale of coldness I don’t think it was that cold even though it was snowing. 

Day 1

When we arrived we made our way to the hotel to leave our suitcases and set out on a long walk down a long street to find Check Point Charlie. 

Near Checkpoint Charlie is where we found two parts of the Berlin Wall which are still in tact.

After walking little bit own that miserable looking road in the sleety snow it started to clear up so we embarked on another long walk to the Jewish Museum. 

After spending an hour or two in the museum we then started the longest walk of the day to the Berlin Tower. This looked so much closer than it was, but we did eventually make it there. 

Day 2 

On the Sunday we woke up to everything covered in a light dusting of snow which was lovely because we havnt really seen much snow in the U.K. this winter. Our first point of call was the Parliament Building known as The Reichstag building. We walked all the way along the river and crossed over into the park opposite to get some nice photos. 

From here we walked through a snow covered park to be Brandenburg Gate. 

The next stop was the East Gallery which is probally the most famous part of the Berlin Wall as it is covered in art. 

And finally we went to the Berlin Dome and then walked back through to the centre of Berlin for one final look before getting a taxi to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. 

So there you have a quick little stop in Berlin and we covered the majority of all the major places! 

My next travel blog post will be about Madrid which took place the day after I got back from Berlin so stay tuned. 



Throw Back | My trip to Prague

Flash Back Friday, Travel

Over the Easter holidays I went to Prague. Prague wasn’t on my list of places to go, but my Mum had been told it was a lovely place and now she wanted to go.
We arrived in Prague late at night and was initially worried about getting a taxi to hotel but that was no problem. We stayed in the Grand Majestic Hotel Plaza not far from any attraction which made it a prime location.

The first day in Prague we explored the grounds of the castle.



The second day we booked onto a walking tour which was possibly not the best your as it ended up snowing a lot that day.

After walking round the castle we found the John Lennon Memorial which had some pretty cool grafiti.


Then we headed over to the famous Charles Bridge which is where part of Mission Impossible was filmed.

We also had a trip on the river, on a steam boat.

Our tour guide was giving a huge explanation on how the astronomical clock (above) works but both my mum and I did not have a clue. This was the last stop of the the tour so we had a quick look round the easter market and then headed back to the hotel.

On the final day before we headed back to the airport we decided to go up Petrin Tower which is the highest part of Prague.


After getting caught in another snow storm we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe to warm up and have a hot chocolate.