How I get ready for summer…


Today I am flying to Crete for my summer holiday, and here is everything I have down to get myself ready for a week in the sun. 


I like to scrub everything, my body especially so I get a even tan. I love this Soap & Glory body scrub as it smells amazing! I then also like to use a hand scrub, the one I have is from Rituals and smells just like a spa! I then like o Apple a good hand dean to add the moisture back in and this one is by Cowshed, this doesn’t smell that good to be honest but I’m still using it. I then like to scrub my lips using my Jeffrey Star lipscrub and then coat my lips in Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. 

DIY Pedicure

To start my pedicure I like to use the battery operated pedi by Scholl as this gets rid of dry skin and smoothed it down. I then used a food scrub from Superdrug followed by a cream from Soap & Glory. And the hardest part is picking which colour to paint your nails! 


I shave my legs in summer, but on the tops of my legs (above my knees) I like to epilate as I find this lasts longer so I only have to shave the bottoms part of my legs. Although this is pretty painful it is worth it as it keeps my skin smoothe for a few weeks so it will last while I’m on holiday. I then apply my favourite moisture me as the minute from Victoria’s Secret. 


My favourite thing to do every weekend is a face mask, so this is no different to any other weekend. I love the packet masks from 7th Heaven and I chose this one as it is deep cleansing. I then applied a nose pore strip to get rid of some blackheads on my nose as I won’t be wearing make up during the day and want my skin to look as good as I can be. I recently started using these lip masks which I got from Amazon. They feel really moisturising and hydrating. I then tried out this Sephora sleep mask to help brighten my skin. 

Eye brows

As I won’t be wearing make up during the day I still want my brows to look out together so I tinted them using a dark brown dye from Colorsport.


As for nails I like to do them myself, I tend to use just stick on nails as I find them so handy and easy to use. I then paint them any colour I want, and can change them when ever I want. Plus this is so much easier than paying for acrylics, and I get so many compliments all the time. 

Teeth Whitening 

And finally 3 days before I fly I like to use some whitening strips to just make my teeth sparkle that little bit more. Ofcourse having a tan makes them look whiter anyway but this just gives them that little bit extra. 

Pay Day Shopping Haul 


Everyday payday I like to a bit of online shopping, OK, a lot of online shopping. I just find shopping online so much easier than walking around a shop and it gives you the time you need to decided weather or not you really need the item. I only went on 2 sites, Amazon and Boots and I am actually proud of my myself as I didn’t buy that much! 

Rapid Lash I purchased this from Amazon for about £18 which is on the pricey side, but I am hoping it is going to be worth it! I had short lashes and i want long lashes so in theory this should work! I will be doing a blog post after I have used it for a month to see the results. 

Rose Hip Oil I decided to buy this as Shaaanxo uses it for her skin care routine and as it was only £10 from Amazon I thought why not. Oils are supposed to be really good for your skin and help it in so many ways. Once again I will do a blog post on this and my impressions of it. 

No 7 Shimmer Body Oil I have had my eye on one of these body oils for a while now and really wanted to try out the Body Shop one but that is a little bit more expensive. This is a 100ml bottle and was £12 so I am hoping it was worth it. I am mainly waiting to use this when I am on holiday at night on top of my tan. Once again I will do a blog post on this, most probably not till August though. 

Seventeen Instant Glow I have been really into cream bronzers and I found this one for £5 from Boots. I have yet to use it, but so far it looks really nice. One day I will buy the Chanel one, but until then I will make do with drugstore ones! 

Scholl Velvet Smooth As summer is approaching and I want to wear flip flops and sandals more I thought I would invest in them. I picked this up from Amazon for about £20, which so far I am so happy with it! I have only used it for a few days now and it has made such a difference! Can’t wait to see what my feet will be like in a months time!