Rapid Lash Review 


I have never had long lashes, just short stumpy ones, so when I found Rapid Lash on Amazon for £19 I thought I would try it out. I was a bit sceptical about whether or not it would work as I have tried other eye lash serums from Rimmel and they have not worked as well. 

I stupidly did not take a photo at the beginning, but the first weeks photo is close enough as there isn’t much growth there. 
Taking photos of your eye lashes is very hard and trying to the angles which show the length is hard aswell. So I have tried my best. 

Week 1

Week 3

Week 5 

Week 7

So above you can see the results, I noticed a different after a couple of weeks. Mainly I noticed a difference when apply my mascara, normally it would take me ages to build up volume and length but after using Rapid Lash for only a couple of weeks it made it so much easier. 

I definelty think it is easier to see a difference when mascara is applied and once again I wish I had taken a before picture with mascara on and after. My lashes look so much fuller and thinker aswell and really hold a curl much longer than when I started using Rapid Lash. 

I applied the lash serum every evening just before I got into bed. I found that not much product actually came out on the brush so I would always apply more that one coat to ensure I was coating the base of my lashes good. 

Overall I really loved this product and it definelty worked, but I wouldn’t buy it again because of the price. I am currently trying out a cheaper brand to see if their serum can keep my lashes long and full. But I am definelty glad that I tried this out! 

Have any of you tried it before? 

June Favourites 


July is just around the corner, even though it may feel like October! We havnt seen a whole day of sun in weeks! What is going on here! The next month I will just be dreaming about going on holiday and being on a hot sunny island… 

This month I have quite a lot of favourites which is really good as I have been trying out products which have been sat in my drawers collecting dust. 

Benefit Browzings With all the hype about all the new products Benefit have just launched I decided I would dig out my old Browzings which I bought 3 years ago when I was in LA. And after using for the past week I realised how good it was! I have been using brow mascaras for a while now and not so much a wax. So I am definelty thinking of purchasing a newly packaged Browzings this month! 

Kiko 389 Nail Polish This nail colour has most probably been in my favorities for the past few months. I just love this colour for summer, I love how bright and vibrant it is!

Elf Contour Kit in Fiji This is a little gem from ELF and is definelty my go to when I need a really natural look as it doesn’t have any shimmer. I love the colours of both the blush and contour shade. And for £4 it really is worth it! 

Maybelline Brow Drama Another brow product I have been loving for the beginning of June was this brow pomade pencil. It is so easy to use and glides on and gives a really natural finish.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse This is another old product of mine which was sat in my drawer. I pulled it out the other night ready to do my make up in the morning for a change. This applied so nicely and flawlessly! I will be going out to by another one of these as it was really nice on my skin. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer Yet another product collecting dust, I have never been a huge primer person but this has changed my mind completely. When I applied this is made my skin so smooth and it looked airbrushed! I would consider wearing this alone in the summer for a more natural make up look. But even after I had applied my makeup, gone to work and came home, my face was still matte! 

Estee Laudee Bronze Godess This is my go to scent for the summer as it just reminds me of being on holiday! 

Victoria’s Secret Desire Body Lotion When I was cleaning my room last weekend I found this on my wardrobe as I was going to give it a a present. But I decided I would smell it, because it was yellow it had never appealed to be before. But I was curious! And it smelt amazing, just like summer as it was coconut scented! 

Rapid Lash For the past few weeks I have been using Rapid Lash to help my eye lashes grow, I always struggled with mascara and only stuck with using one that I knew worked for me. But now after using Rapid Lash my lashes look great, they look so much longer when I wear mascara and have so much more volume! 

Katy Perry Meow Perfume I have quite a big perfume collection and I am now starting to use a lot of them up. So this month I have been using Meow by Katy Perry for work everyday. 

BH Cosmetics Last month I was lucky enough to get my hands on these two palettes from BH Cosmetics! I picked up he Shaaanxo palette and the Carli Bybel palette. They are both amazing palettes  and I use them every time I go out! 

Pay Day Shopping Haul 


Everyday payday I like to a bit of online shopping, OK, a lot of online shopping. I just find shopping online so much easier than walking around a shop and it gives you the time you need to decided weather or not you really need the item. I only went on 2 sites, Amazon and Boots and I am actually proud of my myself as I didn’t buy that much! 

Rapid Lash I purchased this from Amazon for about £18 which is on the pricey side, but I am hoping it is going to be worth it! I had short lashes and i want long lashes so in theory this should work! I will be doing a blog post after I have used it for a month to see the results. 

Rose Hip Oil I decided to buy this as Shaaanxo uses it for her skin care routine and as it was only £10 from Amazon I thought why not. Oils are supposed to be really good for your skin and help it in so many ways. Once again I will do a blog post on this and my impressions of it. 

No 7 Shimmer Body Oil I have had my eye on one of these body oils for a while now and really wanted to try out the Body Shop one but that is a little bit more expensive. This is a 100ml bottle and was £12 so I am hoping it was worth it. I am mainly waiting to use this when I am on holiday at night on top of my tan. Once again I will do a blog post on this, most probably not till August though. 

Seventeen Instant Glow I have been really into cream bronzers and I found this one for £5 from Boots. I have yet to use it, but so far it looks really nice. One day I will buy the Chanel one, but until then I will make do with drugstore ones! 

Scholl Velvet Smooth As summer is approaching and I want to wear flip flops and sandals more I thought I would invest in them. I picked this up from Amazon for about £20, which so far I am so happy with it! I have only used it for a few days now and it has made such a difference! Can’t wait to see what my feet will be like in a months time!