Productive things to do on a rainy day at home


There is nothing better than staying home on a rainy day, as much as I love just sitting and doing nothing, watching Netflix and just eating, most the time I actually like to keep myself busy.
If I know I’m going to be staying in the whole day I like to make a list of everything I want to achieve, this way I can physically see what I have accomplished and feel 10x better about the day.

Some things I like to add onto my list are:

  • Tidying my room, I love letting my room get messy over the week so when it comes to tidying it up, it’s a greater achievement. I also love being able to rearrange my room, or add in some new home decor bits especially this time of year.
  • Cleaning make up brushes seems like a bit of funny thing to want to do but once you’ve done it you’ll feet great, I tend to do my brushes every 2 weeks on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Treat your skin, every week I like to do a full on pamper evening after eating dinner. This way I can take my time to do my skincare and give it a proper clean and mask it up.
  • Every so often I find it really useful to go through and tidy all my drawers, whether it be my make up drawers or clothes drawers. You might discover something which you had forgotten about.
  • I like to switch the make up thats in my everyday makeup bag, I go through my make up drawers and pick out products I want to try out or I’d forgotten about.
  • Pick out some products which you want to use over the weeks, these could be new ones, or ones your want to try and use up.
  • Reading blog posts and researching ideas for your own is a great way to gather some inspiration and help develop your blog.
  • I tend to leave all my photography to the weekends because of the lighting, so I spend about an hour to two hours working on photos and creating new content.
  • Plan your next week, decide what you want to do, whether it’s going out and about, or writing a blog post.
  • Spend an hour or two watching your favourite movie or show

How to have a productive morning / working from home


Being productive in the morning may not come easier to the majority of us, some days I really struggle and can’t get out of bed, some days I’m up early and ready for the day ahead. Here are some ideas of how to make the most out your morning and get your day going…

No Snoozing

If I’m getting up, I have to get up, I feel like snoozing makes me 10x more tired and sets me up for a bad day ahead, so when my alarm goes off I’m up! There’s nothing worse than having to rush around in the morning, so allowing yourself an extra 10 minutes in bed snoozing your alarm creates a lot more stress for you. If you really are struggling ton get up in the mornings then going to bed earlier would be more beneficial.

Get Dressed

This may seem like an obvious one, I do this every week day to go to work, however if I have Instagram and Blog stuff to do at the weekend then I also like to get myself ready for the day and feel ready to tackle the work load.

Skin Prep

A vital part of making me feel human and ready to start work is making sure mt morning skincare routine is done and out the way. My morning routine is a lot more simpler than my evening one so it takes a lot less time anyway.

Lists, lists and lists

I love lists, they are my best friends, I find it so satisfying being able to work my way through a list and tick everything off! I tend to make all my lists the night before, that way I can go to bed with a clear head and not worry about forgetting about something I need to do.

Feed your creativity

Food is pretty the main essential in the mornings and if I want to be productive, my go to breakfast on a day when I need to blog and take photos is poached egg on toast (purely so I can take a photo of it and Instagram it with the caption ‘Good Morning@). Along with food it is really important to make sure your hydrated, I always like to drink a big glass of water before having any other type of drink (coffee).  


In my opinion, waking up and having a tidy room/house is a great feeling, going to bed and knowing everything is in its rightful place, how tranquil. I like to make sure everything is in its home before I get into bed, this makes getting ready in the morning so much easier!

How do you make sure yourself productive in the mornings?

Victoria xx

Make The Most Of Lazy Days 


I love lazy days, days when you have no plans, you don’t need to put on make up or get dressed. But sometimes they do get a little boring, so here are some ideas to have a productive lazy day. 

  1. Morning Routine Ofcourse this is a lazy day so you don’t want to be up super early, but you also don’t want to waste your whole day in bed. Set your alarm for a decent time, for me on a Sunday I like to set my alarm at 10am. This way I can have a lay but also not miss loads of the day. Just because your awake doesn’t mean you have to get out of bed straight away. I like to go through social media and watch YouTube Videos before I even open my blinds. I feel this sets me up for the day, and a lot o the time watching videos gives me motivation to get and do stuff!     
  2. Make Your Bed & Tidy Even though you do want a lazy day, you don’t want your room to be a mess and have an unmade bed. Making your bed will put you in the right frame of mind so get up and start your day.   
  3. Make Food If you have the whole day to do nothing then why not make some food that you normally wouldn’t make because of time limits. Find a nice recipe and get cooking!    
  4. Take a walk With spring on its way it’s started to get nice outside, blue sky’s and a bit of sun (even though it’s still cold). This is a good at to get in some easy exercise without even realising it and get some fresh air.     
  5. Make A List Make a list of what you want to get done, do this the night before so when you wake up its ready and you know what you have to do before even thinking. I make a ton of lists and hey really help get things done!   
  6. Drink Water Spending the day at home is a great way to work out how hydrated you are, you could see how much water you drink and set goals for the week to drink more. Being more hydrated will give you more motivation, make you feel better and make your skin look good.   
  7. Sort Out Ourfits for the Week Ahead If you have a job where you have to wear nice clothes everyday and look presentable then you can plan out your outfits and hang them them up ready in your wardrobe so you don’t have to worry about picking an outfit in the morning. I don’t have a job where I can my normal clothes so my clothes are so neglected all the time.  
  8. Have a Pamper Ofcourse a lazy day would not be complete with out a little pamper. This could include running a bath, painting your nails, doing a hair and face mask and just relaxing.