The £10 midi dress from Primark you all need


This dress is the perfect autumnal piece of clothing, its a midi dress with a slide split from Primark. Not only was it super affordable at £10, it’s super soft! When I initially saw this dress, I liked it, but not enough to get it. So, I ended up going into Primark for the second time in a day to pick it up because I knew I needed it.

The dress is super flattering and I loved the idea of pairing it with a cropped knit over the top to give it the look of a midi skirt.

October favourites


My first proper blogpost in months, so I’m back with some of my current favourites.

First up, I have been loving the Freshly Cosmetics Red Velvet Oil Serum, this is a serum which you put on over your moisturiser just before you go to bed. It helps clear up your skin, get rid of blackheads and hydrate you over night. As you can see I only have enough left for one night as I have really been living for this stuff! You can check it out here. *

For my primer I have been using the Erborian Matte Cream, this is such a great primer which I am also nearly out off. It creates a flawless base for your foundation by blurring your pores. *

Another skincare product which I use nightly is the Pixi Beauty Rose Glow mist, this is an oil spray which I spritz on my face as I’m about to get into bed. Not only does it give an extra boost of hydration, it smells great. *

Another thing I have been doing before going to sleep is applying the Forchic lash serum which has actually helped my lashes grow. When wearing mascara I notice the growth a lot more, it also makes applying mascara so much easier as I don’t have to build the length up as much. *

On my lips my favourite lip product is one of the latest Pixi Beauty launches in the shade Coral Bang. Its such a nice transitional shade as its not a dark red. The formulation is also really good too as it lasts a while and its easy to wipe off. *

The mascara which has been my go to for a couple of months now is from Primark, I saw online that it was a dupe for Too Faced Better Than Sex, and I can confirm it is. For only £3, the packaging is gorgeous, it applies great and lasts.

And lastly, the fixing powder from MUA Cosmetics which is the only powder I own, it leaves your skin look matte but your can still see a bit of a glow coming through, it lasts all day and doesn’t look cakey.

*contains gifted products*

The £13 midi skirt we all need for summer


Hello lovelies,

Today I am talking about the £13 Primark skirt which I fell instantly in love with last week!

This is the first and only midi skirt I own, but I was especially drawn to the style of it, I love the fact that the button only go halfway down the middle.

Another great feature of this skirt are the colours, they are so perfect for summer! There’s just something about bright pastel colours which screams SUMMER and we sure have had a great summer this year!

I styled it with my off the shoulder crochet Primark top which was only £10, I really have got a lot of wear out of this.

Thanks for reading xx

The £10 Primark Dress I’m obsessed with…


Hello lovlies, 

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to spot this beautiful dress in Primark for only £10, I instantly fell in love with it and had to buy it!

I have always wanted a wrap dress but never found one which fitted me well, I always find sizing in Primark hit or miss, I ended up getting this dress 3 sizes bigger than the swim suit I also bought from there!

I think what also drew me to this dress was the colour, I could tell straight away that it would look stunning in photos, whether it be in a garden on a beach, lets just say I’m really looking forward to wearing it on holiday!

So, the downside is, my first dress actually broke, just before I was due to be picked up for a night out! Not cool! I had to make the best of a bad situation and safety pin myself into it,it worked, no one knew any different. The next week I returned the dress and re bought it, so far so good, but I am going to sew the inside button on so it’s a tad bit stronger whilst I’m on holiday.

Some clothes in Primark are definitely worth the money, others are not, I always find myself saying “its not worth that from Primark”, when somethings over priced, but this dress for £10 was a bargain. They also have the dress in a gorgeous pink, not gonna lie, wish I had found it in my size because I can only imagine how cute it would have been with a tan. 

Thanks for reading xx

How I look after my skin on holiday | 1 night away with hand luggage only 


Good morning!

Today’s blogpost is going to be all about how I still look after my skin on holiday and still use 90% of the same products abroad as I would t home. This post is specifically for 1 night away with hand luggage on a flight, so as your aware everything has to fit into one of those small clear plastic bags. I am huge skincare addict so it’s very important to me that I still take care of my skin on holiday!

To begin with I like to make sure I’ve packed something which is going to be able to remove all my make up so my skin is 100% clean before doing anything else. I’ve heard great things about the Eve Lom cleanser so I’ve packed that to remove everything. Next I have an old Sephora face wash tube, this is refillable, at the moment it contains a small amount of the Loreal Clay Detox wash which was left over from my last trip. After washing I like to go in with a scrub to really freshen my skin up and give it a boost. I have chosen the Lancer Face Polish as it is a really good size and the product seems to be really good aswell. This one came in my #lfbeautybox this month. And finally for the cleansing part is a face mask from The Body Shop. This is the rose plumping mask so I thought this would be ideal for tired skin, as I normally end up waking up ridiculously early and not going to bed till really late on holiday I figured it would be perfect.

Next we’re on to toners, now ofcourse I can take the big bottles I use at home, so I transfer enough for one night into a little bottle. I picked these little bottles up which I was stuck in Tenerife in the summer and they are the perfect size for liquids! I have chosen to take the Tea Tree Toner from The Body Shop just incase I have any breakouts and the Glycolic Acid Toner from The Ordinary as I use this every night anyway so I don’t want to detour away from it.

Ofcourse it’s not a real good skincare routine unless I’m suing multiple masks. So I have decided to pack one of the new Soap and Glory sheet masks, this one is to add moisture back in your skin which is perfect after a flight as your skin gets really dehydrated. And to finish of the masks I have packed the Sunflower Under Eye Patches to just add a bit more hydration there. 

And now onto the final leg of the skincare, I like to use an oil almost every night so I have packed a firming face oil from Monu Skin which also came in the #lfbeautybox this month followed my an eye cream from Superdrug. And to finish up moisturiser, to save even more space on one night trips I like to use sample sized moisturisers. I have packed theee just incase one isn’t enough, but I will be using the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream initially and then I will decide if I need more moisture. The samples are the perfect size for sliding in between everything else and take up barely any room! 

What are your staples in your skincare routine when your on holiday? Let me know in the comments.

Victoria xx 

Primark Summer Accessory Haul 


I went to Primark (in January) and went a little crazy for their summer stuff! I did manage to restrain myself from buying sandals but I couldn’t help myself when it came to these little bits. Plus on this day I had just book my summer holiday to Greece so it was very appropriate. 

I love Primark earrings, they are so cheap and pretty. They don’t last that long before they start going funny in my ears but I like to switch out my earrings all the time any way. I picked up these for my piercings in my cartilage which I always loose. 

 I love slippers like this as they are so comfy and these ones have a really thick sole. Plus the colour is just amazing for the summer especially if you have a tan. 

I picked up these sunglasses for £2 and they are a rose gold/coppery colour which I love. I have a pair like this already by the frames are wonky so they don’t fit properly. 

 These are my go to hair ties as they don’t damage your hair or leave any kinks. I chose to go for more neutral colours for the summer so they are more subtle.   
I am obsessed with shoes like these! I already ha done pair but I couldn’t resist buying another pair as they were only £8. I really wish I also picked up the tan pair as well because they are so cute!   

I also picked up a boho style head band which is elasticated at the back. I think this will look really cute in the evenings with a maxi skirt and lace top. I then picked up a rose gold ring which I thought was very Greek, as I am going to a Greek island. 

Ofcourse I can’t go into Primark without buying some candles as they are so cheap! These were only £2 each and they burn for 30 hours. They have so many scents out for the summer which smell really good. 

 I decided I would like to try and wear a chicken this year, as o think they look pretty cute and are a less dressy option for the day time. 

Product Empties #6


Skin Care

In my empties this month are a lot of my favourite items, first of all my favorite face mask from Lush, Don’t Look At Me. I recieved this face mask free when I took back 5 empty pots. And it’s bright blue and amazing! I mainly like it because of the colour, but it also smells really fresh and a really exfoliating when you take it off. Really need to purchase another one of these! Another face mask is Brazened Honey, this was a less popular one for me. I wasn’t a fan of it but I used it anyway. So I wouldn’t buy this one again. No7 Over Night Eye Serum, this was in a box of other No7 products from my best friend for Christmas and I’ve finally used it up. I found this really hydrating and cooling on my under eyes. Superdrug Vitamin E Mask is my favorite skin care product at the moment and I’m about to finding up my second run of it. It’s £2.99 and it’s wonderful, it leaves my skin feeling great and full of moisture. Superdrug Vitamin E Toner is another great product from Superdrug and it’s so cheap! I like to spray this on before the mask so I get loads of Vitamim e. Clean and Clear Balckhead Cleanser, I used this every night to get rid of the black heads on my nose and it worked great. And it lasts a really long time as a little goes a long way. 

I am never allowed a bath at home but on the rare occasions I am I like to use bubble bath which smells amazing, and the Sanctuary one does! I also tried this dry shampoo from Insette, I have never been one to buy Batiste dry shampoo as I find ones for £1 work just as good. If my hair is feeling a little brittle and dry I like to use a conditioner treatment, and this one from Andrew Barton worked wonders! I really need to go and buy more of this as my hairs needs some love. If my hair is feeling dry after washing then I add a bit of Aragon oil to help add moisture. To protect my hair I have been using the Treseme Heat Defence for what seems like forever as it’s such a big bottle. 

And lastly I have finished 2 candles from Primark, any candle lovers out there must give Primark a go. Their candles are so inexpensive and smells amazing! 

Shopping Haul 


How cute is this bag! Primark has some great stuff at the moment and I really had to limit myself because I could of bought so much more. I needed a new bag to take with me to Amsterdam next month as I am only taking hand luggage and needed a bag which could be folded up. So I found this one for £10 and it is so lovely! 

I then also found this cute toiletry bag from Primarok for only £5. I love the way it has the different compartments which makes organising your products so much easier! 

 I am going to be brave one day soon and try out this brow dye. I picked up dark brown, no idea if this will be too dark for me but I guess I can scrub it off hopefully if it is! I will do a blog post when I try this so you can find out how it worked on me! 

I then picked up my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte powder in translucent for only £2.99 from Bodycare.   

  I also picked up this nude lipstick from Makeup Revolution for £1 which is a bargain!  



This palette is gorgeous and will be getting a full review very soon! I have to admit the only reason I really picked it up was because it was mermaid and ocean themed! This was £8 from Makeup Revolution. 

First Impressions: Primark Beauty 

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I hadn’t ever bothered looking at the make up section in Primark but I had seen some blog posts on it and people said it was better than you would have expected.  

First up are the tweezers, as soon as I saw these I knew they were just perfect for me, I love the design and colours. They are a perfect addiction to my make up bag for only £1.

Recently I have been buying a lot of lipsticks, so I thought why not try one from Primark. As it was only £1.50 I figured it was worth a try. The colour is really nice and creamy and the packaging reminds me of Maxfactor a bit. 
I don’t always do my eyebrows as I like them to look natural and sparse so I didnt wasn’t to spend a lot of brow products as I already have benefit Brownings. So this one is great for only £1 and the colour is really light which I always struggle to find as they always come out really dark on my brows.  

I love an eyeshadow pallette. I would much rather have a pallette rather than individual shadows. This one is £2.50, so far after swatching the colours they don’t have great colour pay off but that is kind of a good thing. I always struggle with blending and end up with too much colour on my brush and end up to dark, so I’m hoping this is a pallette which I can use to build up the eyeshadow.  
80p for nail varnish, so of course I got two. They are the shades Marshmallow and Tropic Sunset. These colours are perfect for summer with a tan so I will most probally be taking these on holiday with me.  

First Impression: Facial Cleansing Pad

First Impressions

I use my Clarisonic daily to wash my face but I’ve always wanted to try the Foreo Luna Cleansing Brush but the price has put me off. 

So when I was in Primark in Manchester and saw this little item I knew I had to buy it and give it a go. I finally got around to trying it out today and it was actually really good. 

It’s not as harsh as the Clarisonic but it still gets off all my make up and leaves my skin feeling fresh. 

So for £1.50 it’s worth a try!