Skylar Scent Club | gifted


Over the past few months I have been receiving an amazing little subscription of perfume! Perfume is something which I wear every day and I especially like to take it when I go on holiday. Skylar Scent Club is an amazing little club which send out a travel sized roller ball each month. Each month is such a unique scent and perfect for the month, I have been loving the summer scents especially!

What I also love about the scents is the packaging, every bottle just looks so cute and perfect making it a wonderful accessory to keep in your handbag. As you can see I took all three of my bottles on holiday with me because, why not?

I also find that because they are roller balls and not sprays they last so much longer which is great.

You can use my discount code VICTORIAS10 for 10% off your order!

You can check out their website here for yourself

March Favourites


My first favourite is the Pixi Glow Tonic* which was kindly sent to me, and is personalised! I have been using this every night since the beginning of the year and love it, I feel this has really helped my skin, preventing breakouts and even the texture. 

As for my favourite scent, I am obsessed with the new fragrance from Ariana Grande, Cloud*. I was sent this back in January and have worn it pretty much everyday, I get so many compliments about it and everyone seems shocked when I tell them what it is. 

On my eyes I have been loving the Colourpop x Zoella liquid shadow in the shade OG. It is a so so pigmented and it looks so pretty all over your lid. I have also been loving the liquid matte lipstick in the shade @me, this is a really nice pinky nude. I also really love the formula of this and wish I got it in the red. 

Face make up I have been loving is the Thin Lizzy foundation*, this is one of the best foundations I have ever used and it has so sadly ran out now, but it made my skin look great and was really long lasting. I recently ran out of my go-to primer so I decided to pick up a more affordable one from Makeup Revolution, considering it was only £6 I would say its very similar to Benefit Porefessional. 

Getting ready in the morning has been made so much nicer with my LUNA London mirror* which was kindly gifted to me, I love that it is a larger compact size, perfect for travelling and has a super zoomed mirror to get those close up images. 

Another scent I have been loving is from Superdrug, I picked this up in the January sales and I couldn’t recommend it enough. For such a cheap scent it smells amazing and it really reminds me of the Jo Malone scents.

I have also been using a face peel from Ecooking*, the first time I used it I got a little (very) worried a my whole face went bright red which looked like a sunburn, but it settled down, and I tried it again a few days later. I love using this a few times a week to help resurface my face and help with the tone of my skin.

And lastly, my go to skincare product which has made a huge impact on my skincare is the Radiance Oil from Freshly Cosmetics*. I use this everynight on my face and it has helped my skin so much, I have visibly less scars now!

Summer Ready Bodycare


Happy Summer!

Im sure were all at the point now where we just want a constant bit of sunshine in our lives and I’m getting pretty fed up with trying really hard to get a natural tan and then it fading from the lack of sun!

Today I am sharing my summer body care essentials which I am currently using to keep my body feeling good and sun kissed even in the cloudy British weather.

First up in the shower I have been loving the Nivea Love Sunshine shower gel, this was gifted to me as part of an ad I did for Nivea over on my Instagram, but I loved the smell of it so much I went and bought myself a back up and one for my mum. This really does smell just like summer and suncream and brings back so many memories from summer holidays. 

I have also been fake tanning quite a lot recently so I don’t look like an unhealthy ghost whilst I’m at work in shorts, so in order to get a nice even I have been loving using two scrubs. The first is a Zoella scrub which is really bitty and so exfoliating, I love the fact that this is really solid as it feels like it is getting rid of any dead skin and freshening my skin right up. And the second is a new scrub from What’s in it for me, this literally smells amazing! This one is the opposite of the Zoella one though, it is much more liquidy which makes it more of a wash than an actually scrub in my eyes.

When I get out the shower before I tan I like to add some moisturiser to dry bits like my knees and ankles so I don’t get any dodgy bits when the tan dries. The moisturiser I have been using lately is the Wondrous Whip by Zoella.

Finally for my body, the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Tan, this leaves instant colour but develops to a darker colour over a few hours. I do find that with this one I do need to shower the next day I order to get rid of the excess tan. I made the mistake of not shower the day after applying this and going to a trampoline park and my sweat was orange, luckily no one else noticed!

And finally in order to smell like summer I spritz myself in Summer Sun from Next which smells like summer in a bottle!

What are your go to summer bits?

Thanks for reading xx

The perfect summer perfume & a dupe


I think we can all safely say that when we think of a perfume fit for summer we think of Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, hands down it is summer in a bottle. As soon as it is spritzed onto your bare skin your transported back to sun, summer and all things holiday related. The smell of coconut and the sheer look of summer in a bottle. However, if your anything like me I have to use it sparingly, I can’t afford to keep buying a new bottle of it every month after dowsing myself in it daily as soon as a the sun rolls around. So I found a dupe for it…

A few weeks back I was in Next and noticed a bottle of perfume called Summer Sun, whenever I see anything which looks like it might smell similar to Bronze Goddess I have to sniff it to find out. To my absolute surprise it smelt identical! For a fraction of the price, at only £14 you can smell like summer all year round. 

So next time your out shopping head into your local Next and have a sniff for yourself, they sell it in so many different sized bottles including a tiny spray for your handbag making it perfect to pack for your holiday. 

You can buy yours here online. 

Thanks for reading xx


June Favourites


June has flown by and it’s now July which means only a few more weeks of work for me and then I get 6 weeks off! So here is everything I have been loving for the month of June, I am sure there is more but I cannot think of anything at moment apart from these. 

First up is a new mascara, I have never really tried out Maybelline mascaras before but I had a voucher so I picked up this one. I was pleasantly surprised and I’ve fallen in love with it and use it on a daily basis now! 

Next is a lipstick from Tanya Burr Cosmetics, Bear Hug which is from her new collection which I was kindly gifted. It is a lovely nude shade (see below for swatch). I apply this every morning before work. 

And my biggest obsession this month has to be Benefit Watts Up highlighter, this has been sat in my collection for quite a while now as it’s travel sized. I use this as a base for a powder highlighter and I highlight everywhere! I am obsessed! I am really thinking about buying the full sized version because it truely is that good! 

Off course the Nivea Post Shave Balm has to make it into my favourites as I have been wearing this everyday for the past month. It is the only thing that keeps my make up looking good all day long even in the heat! 

I have then been switching up my brow routine and going for a softer look by using a powder. This little palette is from Makeup Revolution and was only about £3 and once again I love it! 

And lastly for make up is a cream bronzer from Seventeen UK. This creates such a beautiful sunkissed look, I mainly apply this to my forehead so my powder products last all day. 

My pefume/body spray obsession has been Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Shimmer. This has such a lovely fruity scent plus glitter! Unfortunately I am nearly at the end off it so I will defienlty have to pick up another bottle very soon! 

And lastly, the Treseme Split end Remedy has been my go to after washing my hair! This is currently in Body Care for 99p so I stocked up with a few bottles! 

What are your favourites for June? 

Victoria xx 

Five Summer Staples


Today I am sharing my five summer staples that I cannot live without in the summer! 

1. Nivea Post Shave Balm 

This is my go to primer, so far it’s the only primer I’ve found which makes my make up last all day! 

2. Seventeen Cream Bronzer 

This is the perfect bronzer for creating a really natural sunkissed look!

3. Nars Laguna Bronzer 

As you can see mine is looking a little worse for wear as I use it all the time. It’s a really lovely Bronzer shade with the tiniest amount of shimmer it it creating a naturally tanned look. 

4. YSL 201 Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick 

A red lip is always my go to, especially when it looks a pretty as this one! It is the most expensive lip product I own so it’s definetley for special occasions only! 

5. Estée Lauder Bronze Godess Perfume 

If you want to smell like summer and coconuts and everything wonderful about summer then this is the perfume for you! I have barley any left so I use it sparingly! 

What are you staples for the summer? 

Victoria xx 

My Current Favourite Perfumes


Today I thought I would share my favourite scents at the minute, to be honest I feel like these are my favourite scents all year long. I went through a stage of buying loads of perfume but I didn’t really find the ones I truely loved until I found these 3. 

Ester Lauder Bronze Godess 

This is my pick me up perfume, when I feel like I need a little bit of summer in my life I spritz this on and instantly I smell like a summer. For years I hated the smell of coconut (because I didn’t like the taste) but now I cant get enough of it. If anything smells like coconut and summer then I have to buy it. This is a really light weight perfume and it’s not too over powering, it’s a really fresh scent with fruitiness. I only have a quarter of the bottle left now so I am waiting for the true summer days to start covering myself in it. 

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

This is actually my 3rd VS perfume, the other two have quite a musky smell where as this is much more fruity and fresh. This is a bit more stronger than Bronze Godess but I love to wear these together as they compliment each other so well. 

Elie Saab 

This is my most recent perfume, I had bene eyeing it up for ages and had smelt a sample of it in a magazine and knew I wanted it. My mum bought it for me for Christmas (finally) knowing it had been on my wish list for ages! This is much stronger than the other two and I wear this on more special occasions when I want a more intense scent. 

Let me know what your favourite perfumes are because I’m definitely in need of trying out a few more! 

Vic xx 

Favourite Perfumes for Fall 🍁 


Perfumes used to be my weakness but recently I have not bought one! Infact I have no bought one this year! Wow! Instead I have been trying to use up loads of them to free up some space. Each season I pick out my favourite scents and wear them none stop. Summer is easy, anything coconuty like Estée Lauder Bronze Godess but for Autumn it’s kind of tricky. 

I have managed to pick 5 scents out of my Collection which all smell completely different but all really good! 

Juicy Couture Peace Love & Juicy Couture Victoria’s Secret Noir 

Juicy Couture is a memory perfume, I bought my first bottle of this when I was in California so whenever I smell this it reminds me of that time. I am no good at explaining smells at all but I know it’s good. And that is the same with Noir Tease by Victoria’s Secret. These are kind of warm scents and really strong. 

Jimmy Choo Origional Georgio Armani Si Ralph Lauren Number 2 

And now on to the final 3, once again I can describe the smell. But interestingly I did not smell any of these before I bought them, I purely bought them because of what the bottle looked like. Jimmy Choo is another meme key scent as I have got through 3 bottles of this already as I wear it all the time in Autumn and winter months when I go out for Christmas parties. 

Basically what I am saying is you need to go and smell these yourself and make up your mind about them. But I am sure you will all love them as they are some of my favourites. 

Everyday Perfumes


Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

Georgia Armani Si

Pink Sugar 

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess

Here are my favourite every day perfumes to wear, they are all very different and unique. I actually got all these for Christmas and they have quickly become my favourites. Bombshell is more of a floral smell, Si is a more sophisticated evening smell but I wear it during the day for work and it still is nice and subtle. Pink Sugar is sweet sugary smell and is so strong, and Brinze Goddess is the typical coconut smelling perfume perfect for summer.