Everyday Jewellery



My everyday jewellery consists of my more pricier pieces and things which I don’t necessarily wear everyday but I do if I’m going somewhere nice and I know their not going to get broken or lost. 


First up is my Michael Kors watch, I got this for my birthday 2 years ago and am still in love with it. I love rose gold jewellery and need to buy a bit more to match with my watch. 


I love Pandora rings, I think they are so cute and girly. My all time favourite is the tiara one which my best friend got me for my birthday this year! 


Lastly are the bracelets I wear. My mum bought me the Tiffany and Co bracelet as a graduation gift so it’s 3 years old and still going strong. And finally my bracelet from Pandora, I have been collecting charms for about 4 years and originally had a brown leather bracelet but recently swapped to the metal bracelet.