A Spa Break with Bannatynes {gifted}


At the beginning of the week I had pleasure of venturing down to Hastings, East Sussex for an overnight spa break which was very kindly gifted by Bannatynes.
I decided to take one of my best friends as we had not been on holiday together in a really long time.

When we arrived at the hotel, it was pretty much everything I was expecting. A big country style house set in the middle huge green grounds, it truly felt like we were on holiday.

The spa is located a short 2 minute walk down the driveway, which we headed to straight away after we had checked in and seen our room. The room was extremely spacious and clean and had really quirky features. The highlight for me was the big bath room and bath tub!

In the spa we were given a little tour of the facilities and were made to feel really welcome. We headed straight to the Jacuzzi as it was empty as I wanted to get some photos in there before it got busy, so we timed it perfectly.

After being outside for a while we decided to try out the steam room and the indoor Jacuzzi before heading back to the room to get ready for dinner that evening.

Before dinner we headed back down to the gardens out the back of the hotel to take some photos, and ordered a cocktail from the bar for some more photos.

The gifted experience included a two course meal, as a really fussy eater I was a little bit concerned about not liking enough of the food, but I can safely say I liked it all. For started I had the watercress soup, followed by chicken in gravy with potatoes and cabbage.

On the second day we woke up nice and early to the sun streaming into our room making it feel like a sauna. We headed down to breakfast, it was buffet style with everything you could of wanted along with made to order specials.

Before driving to Hastings beach we had our treatments in the spa, we both chose to have facials. This was my first facial so I was a little bit anxious about having it as I was just thinking of all the horrible things the person would say about my skin. However, this was not the case. The lady who did the facial was really nice, and I just laid back and relaxed.

Thank you to Bannatynes for giving us this amazing opportunity and allowing us to come and stay!

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Ditching fake nails and embracing my natural nails | Featuring Laguna Moon Gel Polish


I have been wearing fake nails for well over a year, I got into the habit of having my nails look good, always wanting to look put together, but whilst I was on holiday a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to go back to natural nails. I am (was) a nail biter, I can still be, but it’s been about 3 months without any biting so I’m going strong! I am also a picker, if there is nail polish to pick off I will pick it, that generally the reason why I wore false nails. 

I was contacted my a new brand called Laguna Moon who asked if I wanted to try out one of their gel nail kits. I chose ‘The Bridesmaids” set as it had pinks and greys and I thought they looked the prettiest colours for me. They arrived really quickly and in such cute packaging! 

The packaging makes it really easy for storing and I think it is a really unique way of sending them. 

The set comes with three shades of grey, one pastel pink, one pink glitter and one pink shimmer. I can’t wait to have a proper play around with these colours, you’ll have to keep an eye on my instagram @toriiitoriii for when I switch them up!

Over all doing gel nails is a really fun satisfying little job,  a treat for yourself, time to relax and pamper and take the well deserved time you need!

Thanks for reading xx

Here is a list of everything I bought from Ebay & Amazon:

Gel top & base coats

Finishing Wipes

UV Lamp

Mini Christmas Lush Haul


Welcome back again! I’m on a roll with blogging and am loving it again! I finally got around to paying Lush a visit and picking up two Christmas goodies!

Lush is always one of my favourite shops to visit, shopping online just doesn’t to it justice! I love that you can smell it before you see it and that instantly drawers you in and makes you spend spend spend.

Going into Lush can be quite over whelming so it’s best to do your research and figure out what you want before you go. I had been going onto their website weekly trying to make my mind up about what I needed.

I ended up buying the very traditional Snow Fairy shower gel which I get every year, this is the best smelling shower gel in the world! It’s a really mouthwatering smell, and it makes you want to actually just lick the bottle when your using it.

As I love the smell of Snow Fairy so much I knew that I had to buy the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb, this smells exactly the same! My room also now smells amazing because the smell is so strong it travels! I have never had this bomb before so I’m really looking forward to using on my Christmas Eve pamper night!

What are your favourite things to pick up from Lush?


What’s in my make up bag | week 1


Starting this week I have decided to do a blogpost dedicated to my make up that I’ve worn the week before hand and share my thoughts on the products.


My go to primer for many weeks has been from The Ordinary. I love The Ordinary products so I was intrigued to see how this Primer works compared to my other go to’s. As you can see I am nearly at the end of this tube, but have no fear, I have two more back ups! I love the way this Primer feels, it really reminds me of the Benefit Porefessional but way cheaper! 

I have not switched up my foundation in ages, and to be honest I don’t really want to! I’ve found a good primer and foundation and they work well for me, so why change? I use the shade NC15 in Mac Studio Fix Fluid during the winter months when I’m not tanned and it’s the perfect match! 

As for under eye concealer my go to the past week has been Rimmel Wake Me Up. This is really hydrating and brightening and I need waking up as we still have another week to go until October half term! 

Cream Contour has been my go to favourite thing to do, I just love adding extra colour and shoe back into my face. My go to the past week has been from Seventeen, you can see it’s well loved (I have a back up, don’t worry!). 


I always set my face using Rimmel Stay Matte but I never include that in my routines as it’s not very interesting. For my bronzer and blush I have been using the Steven Klein Palette from Nars. The bronzer is in the shade Laguna and the blush is in the shade Dolce Vita. These are really warm shades and perfect for fall. And for highlight I’ve been using Champagne Sorbet by Tanya Burr Cosmetics as it gives a really natural golden glow. 

Eyes & Brows

For mascara I have been using the one and only Loreal Paradise Exatic Mascara which is the best mascara I own! It is so easy to use and build up volume and length without going clumpy! 

And finally for my brows I really love using powders as I find them much easier to work with and they create a more natural look. My chosen one for last week was from the ELF Brow kit in the shade medium. I then set my brows with Loreal Brow Plumper, I’ve used a few brows over the past few weeks but this is the only one which actually keeps my brows groomed!

Come back next week for the second part of what’s I my make up bag! 

Victoria xx  

Full body pamper routine 


Today I am sharing my favourite pamper products and what I like to do to treat myself. I tend to only do a full on pamper routine like this before a special occasion like a holiday so this doesn’t happen every week! 


For my face I have just picked out 3 essentials, I do a pretty intense skincare routine daily and there will be a post on that shortly. But for now here are the products I’ve picked for anpamper rouitne. The Philosophy Microdelivery exfoliating face wash is such a pamper product in my eyes, it’s so soft and gentle and leaves my skin feeling great! 

Of course a pamper routine isn’t a really a pamper routine unless there is a face mask involved. I have picked the Soap and Glory De-Clog mask out of my collection as it is really fun to use and really does feel like it’s pulling all the dirt out of your skin! 

And then add loads of hydration back into my skin I like to do a hydrating sheet mask, my favourites are the Garnier masks as I know I can always rely on them! 


No pamper routine is complete without a shower (or a bath), I love using the Whats in it for me Body cleanser which was kindly gifted to me. This smells so fresh and invigorating and adds a pop of summer into my autumnal routine. It also contains so many good ingredients that keep your skin in tip top condition.

Next up, a body scrub! I have been wanting to try out a coffee scrub for the longest time so when this one from Bean Body arrived in the #lfbeautybox I was so happy! As of yet I have not used it, but I will Post a mini review over on my Instagram when I use it! @toriiitoriii

And to finish up treating my body I have been loving using the Zoella Beauty Body Pudding. What I love most about this moisturiser is the little little beads which pop and add even more goodness into your skin! 


Carbon Coco is the newest addition to my pamper routine as I was kindly gifted this! I still have yet to use it, but I’m sure it will be great as I’ve seen so many good reviews on it! Let me know if you want me to document my results! 

Hands & Hair 

For en extra little treat, especially in the colder months it’s good to take care of your hands as they are normally the body part which is out in the horrible weather. I have picked out the Skimono hand mask to use followed by Soap and Glory Hand Food to make my hands extra soft. 

And to finish, a hair oil from Forest & Shore! A hair oil has been a staple for me since the summer and so I use this one from Forest & Shore after every wash. It smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling so soft and managable! 

What products do you use for your pamper routine? 

Victoria xx 

What’s in the box? Look Fantastic Indulge Me Box 


A new Look Fantastic Beauty Box arrived this week and this weeks theme of indulgence couldn’t be any more perfect for me! 

This months box is super sleek and beautiful with the hint of rose gold edges making it perfect for everyone that is obsessed with rose gold. I always find beauty boxes a little hot or miss, you can never really love everything they put in them, can you? Well, this month I think is pretty near perfect for me as it’s pamper products.

Box Contents

  • Bean Body Body Scrub
  • Model Co Concealer
  • Monu Skin Toning Facial Oil 
  • Skimono Hand Mask
  • Ciate Mascara 
  • Lancer Face Polish 


I am really intrigued to try out the coffee scrub from Bean Body, however I feel like it’s a bit of a waste using it in winter when I don’t really have any skin out. But we will see, maybe on a pamper night it will be a staple for me. 

The Lancer Face Polish will be coming with me on my next trip as it is the perfect size for hang luggage so I’m sure we’ll be seeing a bit of that soon! 

Also, the Monu Skin toning facial oil will be coming on my next trip as it’s the smallest oil I have so it will be great for squeezing in my little plastic bag for he air plane! 

Did you get a #lfbeautybox as well? What did you think to the products inside? 

Victoria xx 

Pamper Skincare Routine 


I feel like normal people would only do a pamper routine like this maybe once a month, yet here I am doing this pretty much weekly. I really like to look after my skin and try and treat it as much as I can. So here are my favourite products for a pamper night. My pamper night tends to always fall on a Saturday night which is perfect because I can really relax and take my time on my skincare allowing everything to sink in and work it’s magic.

My first step is to cleanse my face, and I am that boring person who tends to stay in on a Saturday as I’m normally so tired from work all week I need to wind down. I use a Garnier SkinActive  cleanser, I really love the Skin Active range as it’s pretty much all natural products apart from a little salicylic acid which is great for preventing spots. After cleansing I like to do a scrub to get rid of any dead skin and this one from Boots Botanics is great because it is a brightening one. 

And then onto the best part, a face mask. I’m obsessed with fave mask and love trying out new ones, however this Loreal Clay mask is one of my favourites. The red clay one is a glow mask and I love how when it dries you can splash some water on and then massage it into your face like a scrub. This mask leave my skin feeling so soft and amazing. 

Next up is toners, I will use a glycolic Acid Toner which is an exfoliating brightening toner and the one I have chosen is from The Ordinary. I will then follow with the Seaweed Toner from The Body Shop which helps balance your skin and stop the build up of oil. 

I will then use any treatments and serums. My chosen ones for today are from The Ordinary. I am using the Zinc serum which helps with spots and the Hylaronic Acid which helps add moisture. 

I then use a second face mask, but this time it is a sheet mask which is for adding extra hydration. The Garnier Moisture Bomb masks are my all time favourites so I love to buy all the different varieties they have. I leave this on for 15 minutes and then massage the excess into my skin and down my neck. 

My final two steps are an oil and leave on moisture mask. As you can see I love to make sure that my skin has enough moisture and hydration. The oil I like to use is from the Vitamin E range at Superdrug, I love this because it is an antioxidant and you really feel like it’s doing good. And finally before I go to sleep I apply a generous amount of the Superdrug Vitamin E moisture mask which I leave on all night so it sinks in. 

So there you have it, the most intense Skincare Routine in the world! 

What are you favourite pamper products? 

Victoria xx 

Summer Essentials 


Pamper Products In the summer it’s great to still have a pamper, a good face mask, hair mask and foot scrub! This will get you ready for your holiday! Also a couple of whitening strips to make your teeth stand out! 

Shower Essentials A good smelling and cute shower gel is a must! This one is by Korres and is the scent Santorini, which I think is very fitting as I am going to a Greek Island. 

Travel Sized Skincare This is when all those beauty boxes I had been receiving start to pay off as they are perfect sizes for taking away with you! 

After Sun Skincare After a day of tanning in the sun you need a good moisturiser so I have picked the Soap & Glory one, and also a after sun from Malibu. To enhance your tan you can use a shimmer body oil, this one from Boots is perfect as its in a plastic bottle and is fairly light compared to some glass bottles out there. 

Cute Phone Cases These are a must all year round but in the summer I like to have summer themed ones! The left pineapple one is from EBay and the cute sea shell one is from Skinny Dip. 

The Essentials Sunscreen is obviously a must, no doubt about that so I make sure I have medium protection. Then ofcourse you need a. Decent deodorant, one that will last a long time and one that won’t get all over your cute summer clothes and leave marks! Next is a lip balm with spf as you don’t want to burn your lips. Mine is from Malibu. And then to add beachhead my waves to your hair a sea salt spray, once again this is a travel sized one from Parlour so it’s perfect for chucking in your beach bag and spraying on your hair. 

Flash Tattoos These are the perfect cute summer accessory especially when it’s to hot to wear actual jewellery! 

Polaroid My Polaroid gets one trio a year and that is on my summer holiday as I love to capture pretty picture on it and hang them in my room when I get home. There’s just something so nice about having a actual photo print out instantly.

Summer Skin Care Routine 


Today I am going to share my skincare routine for the summer. 

To begin with I like to use the Soap & Glory Micellar water to remove the excess bulk of my make up. I then use the Boots Botanics eye make up remover to remove my eye make up, this even removes waterproof mascara! To give my skin a good cleanse I like to apply my face wash, this months is the Nivea Refreshing Face Wash Gel which actually smells really good. I apply this to my Clarisonic and clean my face. I love using my Clarisonic as I know it is giving my skin a deep clean. I don’t use my Clarisonic every day as it is very harsh on your skin, so on the other days I like to the little pink silicone brush which gives a soft clean but still as effective. This was £1 from Primark!

After washing my face I like to use a scrub a couple of times a week. My go to scrubs are from Lush, however I am running really low and need to go and buy some more. I love Dark Angels as its a black charchoal cleanser scrub and removes excess oil and dirt from your skin and leaves your face feeling so soft! I also love Ocean Salt as this just reminds me of being on a beach every time I use it. This one is a bit more harsher on your skin as it has the sea salt in it, but it also has avocado oil so it leaves your skin really soft. 

Ofcourse my skincare routine would not be complete with a face mask or pamper session a couple of times a week. I love using face masks, they are my weakness. My favourites at he minute are the one from Superdrug. I like to use a detoxifying one and also a vitamin e mask. I also love to use the 7th Heaven masks once in a while or while I am travelling as I love these. Once a month I will also use a pore strip on my nose to unclog and pores. 

I then like to switch between using the Antibacterial cleanser and the Simple purifying cleanser to refresh my skin. I then spritz some Vitamim E toning most from Superdrug to hydrate my skin. 

My moisturising routine switches every night. Some night so will use the vitamin e leave on moisture mask from Superdrug which is amazing and is only £2.99 and lasts for ages! Other days I like to use the Vitamim e serum followed by an eye cream and moisturiser. Before I got bed I like to use some rose hip oil which is the newest addiction to my skin care routine. This is supposed to help heal spots, scars, dark spots and so far I think it is working. 

So there you have it my very long skin care routine, I love doing this routine as much as I love doing my make up everyday. Nothing is better than having a little pamper. 

How To Get Clear Skin 


At the moment I don’t struggle with spots, I get the occasional one every month but other than that I’m doing pretty good. I remember when I was younger at school and college I would have a lot, but some how I managed to clear them up. I wear make up every day and that does not affect my skin at all, I believe as long as you take care of your skin and look after it, it will start to clear up itself. So here are some tips and tricks to help clear up your skin and getting it looking healthy for summer. 

Drink Water 

Drinking water is so important for having healthy skin, if you are dehydrated then more than likely your skin will be dehydrated too.  This also means of your are wearing make up it will look dull and won’t apply properly. I drink so much water a day, as soon as I wake up in the morning I drink a huge cup of water. And along with every meal I have a huge cup of water too. Water is pretty much 95% of the time the only liquid I drink because I love it so much! 

Removing Make Up 

Removing make up is so important, if any make up is left on your skin over night than more than likely expect a spot. As your skin repairs over night it’s important to make sure it is clean. Using a make up wipe with most likely not get rid of all your make up, once you’ve used a wipe then use a liquid face wash to double make sure. Miscellar water is also great for removing make up, but I find that I end up using so many cotton pads that I get fed up. So I like to take of most my make up with micellar water than wash it properly. When I had quite bad spots I decided to invest in a Clarisonic which is a vibrating brush which cleans 10x times deeper than just using your hands. Originally I found it broke me out more but this is because it’s bringing all the dirt and oil to the surface, so in the long run its great. 2 years later I still like to use my Clarisonic once or twice a week to just give a deep clean. 


On the days I don’t use my Clarisonic I like to use a good exfoliant once a week to help get rid of dead skin cells so new ones can regenerate. My favourites at the minute are Lush Sea Salt Scrub and Lush Dark Angels. Both of these are really good for your skin as they contains lots of natural ingredients which help fight spots and clean your skin. 

Spot Fighting Ingredients 

You will see dozens of face wash brands with different ingredients to fight spots and I tried all of them. And none of them worked, I found they made my skin worse. I did how ever make a great discovery by using Simple Triple Action Face Wash. This face wash worked wonders for my skin as it wasn’t harsh and full of chemicals. It contained lots of natural ones which help soothe your skin. I still use this face wash now to keep spots at bay and love it! 


A lot of people may think that because they have spots and oily skin that they don’t need to moisturise but in fact you do. Your skin needs moisture to help it heal and restore. When I was suffering with bad spots I actually found Loreal Triple Active moisturiser helped my skin so much. It is a really thick consistency with loads of food ingredients to help repair skin so it also helps get rid of scars. I have also been loving the vitamin e mask from Superdrug, I use this a couple of times a week and it really helps add a lot of moisture and repair my skin. 

Face Mask 

Face masks are my weakness, I love them! There is nothing better than coming home after work and sticking one of these on. I like to use a variety on my skin do my skin doesn’t get used to just one. I also pick which one I am going to use depending on my skin that day. If I am in a hurry then I tend to use the Simple one as this one is only left on for one minute where as the others stay on for up to 20 minutes. I think they are great at refreshing your skin and helping it repair. 

Look Fantastic Beauty Box 


I have signed up for 3 months of the Look Fantastic Beauty Box purely because I love the design on this box! The box is what drew me in, I have already tried Glossy Box, Birchbox and another one I can’t remember. But I have a feeling this is going to be my favourite. 

I love these boxes, I love the surprise of what your getting. And as I travel a fair bit the contents of these boxes are perfect!  

 This box is around £10 and you get 6 travel sized products, but they are quite luxurious brands. The one that steels my attention is the Rituals hand scrub, it just looks so pretty, and I can’t wait to use this as it smells so good! The next one I am drawn to is the Elemis hand cream, I have never tried anything from Elemis but I have always wanted to. Once again this smells amazing, it’s like being at a spa. 

There is also a hair mask from Briogeo which are always handy to take on holiday after being in the pool and sea. I swear everything in this box smells amazing! 

Next there is a body wash from Bloom and Blossom and a body polish from Balance Me. And now  I am going to take back the fact that everything smells amazing because the body wash does not smell as its fragrance free which is a bit disappointing. The body polish however does smell pretty good, like a spa again. 

And the final product is a tan maximiser, I’m not to sure if this is fake tan or you apply it after you are tanned. I will have to google this to find out before I do use it. But you’ll be glad to know this does smell good. 

So overall 5 out of the 6 products smell amazing and I am so pleased with everything I received. They are perfect sizes to take on holiday with me and they are all so luxurious.