What’s in my travel makeup bag | ft The Flat Lay Co {gifted}


Todays post is all about the make up I am taking with me to Genoa, featuring the beautiful Flat Lay Co makeup bag*. This was sent to me a little while ago and I have been waiting patiently to be able to use it, and I figured this short trip would be perfect. I was a bit sceptical about whether all my make up would fit, but it actually did. This is my second Flat Lay Co bag, they are so handy when it comes to travelling as it’s so easy to lay all your make up out and not worry about getting it on the white hotel bed sheets. 

You can check out their website here or on Asos.

I decided for this trip that I would try and pack light and only take what I am going to use, so I think I have in the main part done so. 

I have picked the Dermalogica Primer* as this is my favourite primer that own right now, it is very similar to Benefit Porefessional, but contains SPF making it perfect for holidays. 

As for foundation I decided to stick with Mac Studio Fix as I know this lasts a long time and also contains SPF making it ideal for sunny weather. A newer concealer I am taking is from Thin Lizzy*, this was sent to me a while back and I was obsessed with thier foudnation, so I’m hoping I will feel the same about the concealer. This concealer is also good for under the eyes and on areas which need more coverage. 

The cream bronzer I am packing is from Primark, it was only £2.50 and I needed a new one as I had run out of my favourite one. Although this one is a little bit too dark for me on a daily basis, I’m hoping that once I’ve tanned it will match my body pretty well. 

To set my face I will be using the MUA Cosmetics loose powder in translucent, I use this on a daily basis and keeps my face looking pretty matte all day long. To bronze I will be using Hoola Bronzer from Benefit as this is my go to holiday bronzer as it’s on the more intense darker side. 

To add some colour to my cheeks I have packed the Zoella x Colourpop brush as this is a really pretty pink shade. And then to finish off my face make up I have chosen Glossier Haloscope in Quartz as my highlighter as this gives a lovely dewy finish. 

For mascara I have chosen to take the Natural Collection waterproof mascara, I chose to go with a waterproof one just so it will last longer in the heat and not sweat off. For my eye shadow I have opted for the Urban Decay Aphrodisiac palette and a Zoella x Colourpop liquid shadow in OG.

To define my brows I have packed my new eye brow hd pencil from Sainsbury’s which I am pretty obsessed with, and Loreal Brow Plumper to set them in place.

Finally, for my lips I have packed YSL 201, MAC Viva Glam 2 and MAC Fashion Legacy as I like to go for a very bold bright lip on holiday.

What’s in my travel skincare bag


When going on holiday I always find skincare the hardest thing to pack, I want to take products for every eventuality just to be prepared. This is everything I am taking away with me for 7 nights… 

First up, how adorable is this toiletry bag that Bella and Bear gifted me, it’s the perfect size I think for just enough products. Because it divides into 2 big compartments on the inside it is perfect to keep products separate. The way I have packed is by dividing my day and night products, the top compartment has my day products and the bottom has my evening products. I find this is a really good organisational tactic as it is then so easier to find what your looking for. 

Day Time Skincare

I’m not going to go into depth about specifically what I’m taking because this will take me forever to write, but I have packed a cleanser and a konjac sponge for the mornings to refresh my skin. I have also packed a gentle toner along with cotton rounds, I also have a day detox spray from Arkana which is travel sized so I have packed that although I’m not sure it will last the week.

As for moisturiser I have packed loads of minis, I figured this would be the perfect time to test them all out and use them up. One particular brand you will notice stands out in the photo above is Doris Wagner Navi, the gorgeous pink and orange packaging is a holiday must have! There is a wash, pore balm and day moisturiser which I will be testing out.
Of course I have packed a face and lip spf because we all gotta use protection against the sun!

I then went through a bit of a panic stage “what if I don’t have enough moisturisers!”, so I decided to pack these little samples, I then figured that these would actually be really hand to keep in my beach/pool bag incase my skin needs a retouch. These are also great for flights to apply half way if your on a long flight. 

Night Time Skincare

For my evening skincare I have packed wipes as my initial remover, then I will follow with a cleanser. The toner I will be using in the evening is the Glycolic Pads from Superdrug, these are really hand for travel as they are so much lighter than carrying liquid. 

I have packed hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate my skin whilst I sleep along with another serum which I’m sure wont last more than a couple of days. I have then packed sample sizes of night creams along with an eye cream. 


Masking is my favourite part of my skincare routine so I decided to pack a few.
I chose to pack Alya Skin Pink Clay mask as my skin is loving it right now, I decanted some of the product into a old small Lush pot and it fits perfectly in the bag (but it didn’t look pretty, that’s why there is not photo of it).
I then had to pack two Garnier tissue masks, because, why not! They really are my favourite masks and I was lucky enough to be sent these.
I have also been sent the Kokostar masks to try out and I figured what better place to try them than on holiday. The cherry blossom mask looks pretty cool so keep an eye out on my Instagram for photos and a review of them!
And lastly I thought I would pack the Nivea Moisture Mask just incase I run out of my other evening moisturisers. 

The question is, will I use everything I’ve packed? How much do you take with you on holiday?

Victoria xx

What’s in my travel makeup/ toiletry bag for Iceland 


When you are reading this I should be in Iceland! If you want to see what I am up to there go and check out my Instagram @toritalks and @toriiitravels for hopefully some amazing photos!

As we are only going to Iceland for 3 nights we only have hand luggage allowance, which when your a make up addict like me it’s hard! I have managed to make everything fit perfectly and have no room left for any extras. 

I have managed to pack everything apart from my liquids in my toiletry bag from Primark. My liquids are in clear plastic bag in a accessible place to get to when going through security. 

I have chosen to pack two primers, I love the MAC one as I know this really helps my make up last. But I also wanted to try out the Benefit Porefessional primer as I thought this may make my skin look smoother. For foundation I have chosen one by Barry M, I chose this because helps repair and moisten your skin while wearing it and I thought being out in the cold, wind and rain it would help a lot. I have picked one concealor, as we are probably going to be really busy I thought a really thick heavy duty concealor would be best to make my skin more awake. 

For powders I have stuck to my typical two which I know work well and keep me shine free all day. 

I have picked to favourites for my brows, the MUA LUXE Brow power creates more put together brows where as the Maybelline Brow Drama creates a messier look. To set both of these I am bringing Benefit Gimme Brow. 

My sample sizes are finally coming in handy! I have picked my Nars Audascious mascara which is a great mascara and creates really black defined lashes. And for more volume lashes I have picked a mascara from Clinique. 

I have picked the Collection highlight and sculpt duo, I love the contour shade! I have then also packed an ELF duo in the shade Fiji as it’s a great bronze shade and finally a mini Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer.

For highlight I have packed a variety of colours, MAC Soft and Gentle which is more of a pinky shimmer shade. And then I also picked two mini highlighters from Benefit, I used Watts Up for the first time the other day and fell in love! Definelty need to get a full size version soon! 

I’m not a huge blush person so I’ve managed to save loads of space my adding these little ones from Too Faced and Benefit. Once again these are different shades so I can pick which one I want to wear each day. 

By saving room on blush have meant I have more room for lipsticks! Of course lipsticks are my weakness so I have to pick one in every shade. (Left to right) Milani Fearless, Kiko, Nars No Shame, Illamasqua Box, Mac Amourous. 

For eye shadow I have picked out two favourites which are perfect for Autumn. 

I have tried to keep brushes to a minimum so I only have packed these ones which is probably more than enough anyway. 

As I only have a small plastic bag to put my liquids in I had to be sensibile. I have packed a bottle of shampoo, and then luckily I had collected 3 conditioners out of magazines which are perfect for when you can’t take loads! 

I initially wasn’t going to pack the Lee Stafford  hair oil, but I thought I should as my hairs going to be in the weather and the Blue Lagoon. I have also collected a packet of body oil which I am also taking to use after the Blue Lagoon to make sure my skins hydrated. 

I have had these Sephora Shower Gels for 2 years and finally have a reason to use these! And also a packet of tissues because you never know when your going to need them. 

A handy tip for packing only 100ml is to get a solid deodorant! And also taking a half empty tooth paste! 

I have squirted some face wash into this little bottle from Sephora, and some Toner into the white bottle. For moisturiser I have packed one by Vichy, an eye cream from Caudalie and a mini perfume. A lot of these minis came in beauty boxes, so finally it’s paid off getting them all! 

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram to see what I am up to in Iceland! 

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