The perfect autumnal outfit


It’s autumn!

I can’t believe summer is over already and we’re now well and truly in autumn, the nights are creeping in sooner and the temperatures dropping. But all of that means… being cosy, wearing cosy clothing and having cosy evenings. My first blog post for autumn is all about this perfect autumnal outfit.

Every thing I am wearing for today’s post is from last year apart from the cosiest, cutest cream/jumper from Femme Luxe (Click here to go to their website ).

I was very kindly able to pick out a few items from their site in order to create some really lovely autumnal looks, however the other 2 jumpers I chose do not fit me, but at least one does and that is all that matters!

As soon as I felt this jumper I knew it was a keeper, it is one of the softest jumpers I have in my wardrobe right now and that makes it perfect for autumn and winter. The jumper is also 30% wool which means it’s super warm anyway without having to layer too much on top or underneath.

I love the oversized sleeves and how cropped it is, this makes it so easy to wear with high waisted skirts.

You can purchase the jumper here

I find the fit of this jumper really flattering, it’s the perfect cropped length to wear with skirts and the over sized arms make it super cosy! This is definitely a new staple in my wardrobe and I know I will get a lot of wear out of this over autumn and winter! I’m not normally a white jumper kind of girl (because I normally spill anything and everything down me) but I love the look of this one so much!

A huge thank you to Femme Luxe for sending me it!

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Autumn Boots


Obsessed doesn’t even cover how much I love these boots! So a little back story, this is my second pair. I bought these initially at the beginning of the year for work (yes, I had the best looking boots in the whole school) but I wore them so much, I wore them out. Now fast forward to October and I invested in my second pair, this time I decided to only save them for special occasions. That means so far they’ve only been worn twice, which is a shame because I want to show them off. 

These boots are the cheapest of the the specific style I’ve found in all the shops and websites, these were less than £30 from Amazon. 

As for the quality of the boots I think they are pretty decent, a lot better than Primark standards and they are much comfier than Primark footwear. 

I think these boots just make the perfect autumnal accessory to dress up a casual outfit and add some wow to your look. I will be living in these boots when I go to Geneva at the end of the month so there will ofcourse be lots of photos of them out and about. 

You can check them out Here

Let me know what you think to these boots.

Victoria xx

May: Outfit of the month 


Out of all the outfits I’ve worn in May, this one is by far my favourite. Not only was it a lovely day out with great memories but I love all the photos my friend and I took that day. I love the colour contrast between the brightly coloured shorts and the black lace top. I think this is such a nice summer outfit ( I wear it so much!). 

Top New Look

Shorts Boohoo 

Summer Clothing Haul Part 1 | Maxi Skirts & Shorts


First off all I have to admit I’m am writing this post in January! I get a little carried away when it comes to buying summer clothes, and I love to buy mine in the sale so I can get more for my money! All these items are from Boohoo which is my favourite online store, mainly because they have free returns so if you don’t like something you don’t have to worry about paying to send it back. This haul is all shorts and maxi skirts as last year I went on a bit of a play suit hype and bought loads of them. So this year I’ve decided I’m going to be in shorts and maxi skirts.  

 I have always wanted to have a tie dye skirt but never found one which I really liked. This one is a lovely blue purple shade and has a split either side of the skirt. 

This maxi skirt was only £4 and I chose to get a light washed out blue as I thought it would be a good contract between my tan. It has more of a unique style as it has buttons down the middle but the middle section is actually cut out. 

 I love the pattern of this skirt and it was around £5 which is such a bargain. This one once again has two splits up the side. 

I chose this skirt because I really like the washed out muted colour which can be dressed up or dressed down. It is a cross over skirt and is shorter at the front and longer at the back. 

These lace shorts are so cute and perfect for summer and a bargain at only £5! 

 I didn’t actually realise how bright these were when I put the order in, but I love them. I love lace so that’s even better! And these were only £2!

These shorts reminded me of the Brandy Melville shorts and they feel so soft and light weight. I don’t have any burgundy short so I thought I would branch out. These were £5.

  I love these shorts so much! They are floppy shorts so they look like a skirt when they are on. I absolutely love the pattern! These were £6. 
I can’t wait to be able to style all these and wear these in Greece! 

Birthday Outfit 




  When I was in Barcelona it was my birthday and we spent the whole day out exploring the city so in the evening we dressed up a little and went and had a lovely meal. 

   The skirt I wore is from Boohoo and I love the colour of it, I felt like it was the perfect time to wear it. It had two splits, one up each side which actually made walking a little difficult because it kept flying away. I did however wear some thick black tights underneath so I didn’t flash the whole of Barcelona. 

The top I chose to wear is my go to off the sholder lace top which I literally wear all the time. I love the look of it and the style and it can be worn dressed up or dressed down. 

I decided to wear my black heeled boots were the perfect high so my skirt didn’t touch the floor.