NUXE Huile Prodigieuse 


While I was on holiday my hair became unmanageable, in fact it’s like that all the time. My hair is so thick and long now that it takes so long to brush it and it gets knotty so easily. Luckily I had thought ahead and packed a tiny sample size of the NUXE oil and so I deciddd to use that one day to try and tame my locks, and to my surprise and happiness it worked! I started using the oil every day and after I showered and it made my hit so much easier to brush and looked so much sleeker! 

However, that tiny little sample size wa snot going to last me forever. I found a 50ml for £11 on a website and jumped at the chance to get it! 

This oil is a multi use oil, not just for hair but also for your face and body which makes it a really good investment. I cannot believe I didn’t think about trying an oil before hand as it’s made my hair so much better! Before when my hair dries my ends looked awful and wispy but now they look really healthy!

So if you have thick long hair and need something to tame it then definetely have a go with an oil! 

Victoria xx 

Beauty Haul // New Make Up Monday 


This month I seem to have gone a little skin care crazy but what can I say, I love a good face mask! 

My first skin care purchase this month was this face mask from 7th Heaven, I love face masks in a packet (they are my weakness). And as they are only £1 or less they are such a handy thing to pick up and keep in your drawer. I also picked up a hair mask as my hair has been a little bit worse for wear recently so I got an Andrew Barton SOS hair repair mask for only £1. 

I also picked up one of my favourite facemasks from Simple as I don’t find it as harsh as some others and find it helps my skin and gives it a good clean. I then also picked up a Glyconic Peal from Superdrug, I have used this twice so far and it claims to make your skin glow. I feel like I need to read up a bit more on this, but this was super cheap aswell. 

I also decided this month I would like to try more oil on my skin as I was running out of my night moisturiser. I picked up a Jojoba oil from Amazon and a Vitamin E oil from Superdrug. 

Oh look, more face mask! I have seen these everywhere. And they have been in my basket on Amazon for ages, so finally I decided to hit the buy button! I got 11 facemasks for £10 which isn’t bad I don’t think. And they are all sheet face masks and all do different things for your skin. 

And lastly I picked up some hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works while I was at an airport in duty free. 

Boots No7 Shimmer Body Oil 


I picked up this beautiful shimmer body oil from Boots for £10. It is very similar to the Bodyshop one, which I have yet to purchase but hope to do so! I figured this one would be great for taking on holiday as it was in a plastic bottle rather than a glass bottle like many other oil. I have been wanting to try this out for ages but as it seems we have had all our hot weather I will be saving a proper review until I am in Greece and can use it everyday while I am tanned. 

Above you can see how it comes out of the bottle, it is very golden and very pigmented. But once it is rubbed in it is very subtle but you can see the glow and how radiant your skin has become. I like the fact that as the consistency is quite think it doesn’t just pour out of the bottle and go everywhere. It pretty much stayed put on my arm until I rubbed it in. 

It smells so nice and spa like, this will be perfect for the summer! 

Stay tuned for a full review sometime in August once we have had some sun! 

Pay Day Shopping Haul 


Everyday payday I like to a bit of online shopping, OK, a lot of online shopping. I just find shopping online so much easier than walking around a shop and it gives you the time you need to decided weather or not you really need the item. I only went on 2 sites, Amazon and Boots and I am actually proud of my myself as I didn’t buy that much! 

Rapid Lash I purchased this from Amazon for about £18 which is on the pricey side, but I am hoping it is going to be worth it! I had short lashes and i want long lashes so in theory this should work! I will be doing a blog post after I have used it for a month to see the results. 

Rose Hip Oil I decided to buy this as Shaaanxo uses it for her skin care routine and as it was only £10 from Amazon I thought why not. Oils are supposed to be really good for your skin and help it in so many ways. Once again I will do a blog post on this and my impressions of it. 

No 7 Shimmer Body Oil I have had my eye on one of these body oils for a while now and really wanted to try out the Body Shop one but that is a little bit more expensive. This is a 100ml bottle and was £12 so I am hoping it was worth it. I am mainly waiting to use this when I am on holiday at night on top of my tan. Once again I will do a blog post on this, most probably not till August though. 

Seventeen Instant Glow I have been really into cream bronzers and I found this one for £5 from Boots. I have yet to use it, but so far it looks really nice. One day I will buy the Chanel one, but until then I will make do with drugstore ones! 

Scholl Velvet Smooth As summer is approaching and I want to wear flip flops and sandals more I thought I would invest in them. I picked this up from Amazon for about £20, which so far I am so happy with it! I have only used it for a few days now and it has made such a difference! Can’t wait to see what my feet will be like in a months time!