My favourite nudes | Nudes perfect for work 


If your anything like me then you like to wear make up for work, and a lipstick, ofcourse! Well I have the perfect lipsticks which look great, but look natural and don’t look like your trying to hard. 

These three lipsticks have become my most worn lipsticks since I started my new job back in January. A nude lip is not something I would tend to wear, I love a bright bold red lipstick which stands out. However, for work that’s not always the best idea, so a nude lip it is for work. 

Left to right 

Mac Velvet Teddy This is the lipstick which everyone and their mother knows about, I always forget about this lipstick and forget how beautiful and natural it really is. As it is matte it lasts for a pretty long time so you don’t need to worry about topping it up every 30 minutes. 

Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria This is slightly more brown toned where as Velvet Teddy has more red undertones on my skin. But this makes it such a lovely lipstick to wear as it looks really natural and doesn’t look to over the top. 

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Bear Hug This lipstick from Tanya Burr Cosmetics’s is the lightest of the 3 and a lot more natural. This is great for the days where you accuse little go a little over the top on your face makeup and don’t want to push it by wearing a noticlabe lipstick. 

Top to bottom 

Mac Velvet Teddy Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria Tany Burr Cosmetics Bear Hug 

As you can see from the swatches they are all really creamy and pigmented and so easy to wear! These are also ideal for when your on the go and don’t have a lot of time to work on your application. 

What are your go to nudes? 

Victoria xx 

Max Factor Vox Box from Influenster 


Two days ago I received a mystery parcel in the post, knowing that I hadn’t ordered anything it was rather exciting! I received the first ever Uk Vox Box from Influenster, I had signed up to Influenster a long time ago and briefly remember entering to win a Vox Box. Little did I know I was actually going to receive one. I’m still prettt unsure of what I do with it, I believe I do a review on their site but I thought I would share a little look at the box here first! 

The box contained 3 Max Factor lip products which was rather exciting as I had never really tried Max Factor make up before. There was a lipstick in the shade Pearl Maron, a lipgloss in the shade Honey Nude and a universal lip liner. 

Instantly I knew that the Honey Laquer and Lip Liner would definelty be my sort of product as I love a nude lip, especially for work. I also love a nude lip liner as it is so versatile for any lip colour your wearing! 

However I’m not really sure the lipstick is my shade, I’m very into Matte lips and this one has a sheen to it. That being said my mum has jumped at the opportunity to have it herself so it’s definelty not going to waste!

So there you have it, the first UK Box Box! Did you get one too? Let me know!

Victoria xx 

My Favourite Nudes 


Finally enough I am not a huge nude lipstick girl which is why I don’t have a lot of them. I much prefer a red lip, but for work these lipsticks are perfect. 

(Left to right) 

Clinique Nude Pop Loreal JLos Nude Make Up Revolution The One Kiko 602

Mac Velvet Teddy MUA Totally Nude 

The swatches are also done in the same order as above. As you can see they all have different finishes and apply so differently. 

Today for work I worse Totally Nude by MUA and I was so shocked at how creamy it was, it’s Matte but not drying.  

However, I think my favourite one from the above is the Kiko one. When I apply it to my lips it comes out quite pinky red which I love and it’s also so long wearing! 

What’s your favourite nude lipstick? 

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Forgotten Make Up


I have seen shop my stash posts around and thought I would do one as I always seem to use the same make up day in day out. I went through my drawers and picked out the things which I barely touch in hopes that I will find a love for them and start using them!  

 I love filling in my eye brows and I went through a stage of buying loads of brow products to try out, and this ELF brow kit was on of them. Of course I’m used to my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow but I would like to give this a shot in the near future. I have dyed my brows recently so I know the darker shade is perfect for a bit of natural colour. 

Next up is a Catrice highlighter pen, I picked this up in Prague last year and it gives such good colour. As its getting into spring I want to try and use this in the inner corner of my eye and also under my brows to add definition. 

Next up is more eye products, these are the only 2 Mayeblline Colour Tattoos I own and I have had these for years, so it could be about time I bought some new ones. They both are really nice metallic bases and have a long lasting power. Once again these would be perfect for brightening your eye shadow and creating a good base. 

I then chose a highlighter from Kiko, I domt actually think I have used this because it is so shimmery! But it would be nice for a night out or in the summer to add a golden touch. 


I chose another highlighter which I barely use, and this one is from Rimmel and is in a liquid form. This is a actually a really subtle natural shade which I must start using more! 

I also found 2 palettes which are pretty much untouched. One is the Andy Warhal palette from Nars, this has some really nice bright Spring/summer colours. The thing that puts me off using this palette is when I swatch the colours they have quite large peices of glitter in them, which makes me afraid. The other palette is Meet Matte Nude(s), this actually has such wearable colours but I never reach for it and I don’t know why! 

And the final item I found was by Clinique, a custom repair serum. I don’t have a clue what this is, so I guess I should google it and find out. I ended up getting this free when Debenhams sent me the wrong order. 

Shopping Haul 


How cute is this bag! Primark has some great stuff at the moment and I really had to limit myself because I could of bought so much more. I needed a new bag to take with me to Amsterdam next month as I am only taking hand luggage and needed a bag which could be folded up. So I found this one for £10 and it is so lovely! 

I then also found this cute toiletry bag from Primarok for only £5. I love the way it has the different compartments which makes organising your products so much easier! 

 I am going to be brave one day soon and try out this brow dye. I picked up dark brown, no idea if this will be too dark for me but I guess I can scrub it off hopefully if it is! I will do a blog post when I try this so you can find out how it worked on me! 

I then picked up my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte powder in translucent for only £2.99 from Bodycare.   

  I also picked up this nude lipstick from Makeup Revolution for £1 which is a bargain!  



This palette is gorgeous and will be getting a full review very soon! I have to admit the only reason I really picked it up was because it was mermaid and ocean themed! This was £8 from Makeup Revolution. 

MUA Make Up Haul


Whoops, I did it again! Bought more make up which I definelty did not need. But hey, I couldn’t help it! 

 This liquid lipstick is gorgeous! It is so pigmented and the packaging is so pretty! Plus it also smells really good, like something sweet. It was only £3 and is the peregrine shade for me as I am obsessed about buying red lip products.    

 I bought an eye brow pencil in the shade medium brown but this is a little to dark for me to use so I might use this as an eye liner instead. For a pound it’s not to bad, plus it’s always great to have an extra spooley brush on the end of the pencil.     

I then picked up two lip liners. These were also £1 which is such a good bargain! I got a clear shade which is an anti bleed one so it stops your lip stick from running all over your face. This is also great for when you have a lipstick but don’t have a liner to match. I then picked up the red liner as I have so many red lipsticks. 

Below are the swatches for the ey brow pencil in medium brown and the red lip liner in red drama. 
And it would not be a make up haul without a lipstick of two. These lipsticks were £1 each. 

The pink shade is Flamingo and the nude is Totally Nude. They are both lovely colours. And I really wanted a paler nude rather than the fake ones I have from Mac so it’s more natural for everyday. And the pink was such a lovely fun bright colour for spring I had to get it! 

I then saw this little thing, it’s a solid primer. Instantly I thought it would be perfect for taking on holiday as its solid so you don’t have to worry about it being in your handluggage. It was on the pricer side at £5, but it looks like it will last a while. I will be doing a review on this once I have tried it out. 

 And lastly I bought another highlighter because obviously I didn’t have enough already. This was about £3 and is in the shade pink shimmer even though it looks more golden. 

First Impressions: Maybelline Nudes Palette 

First Impressions

 This palette is very similar to a lot of other palettes I own but I couldn’t resist it as its been talked about so much since it was released. I think the colours are beautiful and it’s so much more compact than other palettes and as its not as expensive as Urban Decay it doesn’t matter to much if it’s gets broken or anything. The colours are really pretty and I will defiantly be turning to this palette when I get ready.