Summer hair & skin must haves


Today I am going to be sharing my summer essentials for my hair & body…


First up in the Evoluderm Monoi a la Follie body lotion, this was sent to me last week as a gift from the company and I have been using it every day since as my evening body moisturiser. It smells amazing and it feels so hydrating on my skin especially after a day (or 2 weeks) in the sun. What I love about this moisturiser is that it glides on like an oil, blends into your skin and doesn’t leave a tacky residue. 

I really wish I had photographed these products in some kind of order, but now were going to the pre moisturising stage, body scrub, My go to scrub which was sent to me by the amazing Zoella Beauty is the Pretty Polished scrub. This has loads of little ‘scrubby bits’ and it is in more of a balm which means it is way more effective that most scrubs. 

A new addition to my mornings (when I remember) is the skinny coffee from Skinny Palm Tree, this was sent to me to try out as I love my morning coffees on the weekends. I do tend to only use it at the weekends when I remember to be all cool and drink coffee (and get up earlier enough). So far I have not noticed results and I doubt I will as I still eat pretty unhealthy the rest of the time, but it’s still the thought that counts, right? 

My newest obsession for taking a shower is the Nivea Love Sunshine shower gel, this is literally your childhood summer in a bottle. It smells divine! It really does take me back to beach in the 90’s!

And now to show my hands a bit of tlc I have been using ‘sweet orange, lemongrass and lime’ solid hand cream bar from The Edinburgh Natural Skincare co. This was really kind sent to me to try and review, however before I had the chance to take photos of the bar it had melted! It arrived during the heatwave we have just had but here is the link to it so you can see what it is meant to look like. The bar smells so fresh and the scents really stand out, I have been using mine every night before bed to moisturise my hands and nails and I have been enjoying being able to smell it as I fall asleep. 

As for my hair care this summer I have been using prescriptive shampoo and conditioner from My Hair Doctor who kindly gifted me their range for dehydrated hair. My initial thoughts were “omg, this smells amazing”! When these products arrived I made everyone sniff them, I even rubbed some on my hand so I could smell it without having to keep opening up the bottles! 

For my summer scents I have been loving the typical summer fragrance, the dupe of Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, Next Summer Sun. This smells identical but is a fraction of the price so I don’t have to use it sparingly. And the second perfume I have been loving is Wanderlust by Michael Kors along with the matching body lotion. I have got into the habit of smothering myself in the lotion every morning before I go to work, it adds loads of moisture, makes my tan stand out and smells great!

What are your summer essentials?

Victoria xx

Summer Ready Bodycare


Happy Summer!

Im sure were all at the point now where we just want a constant bit of sunshine in our lives and I’m getting pretty fed up with trying really hard to get a natural tan and then it fading from the lack of sun!

Today I am sharing my summer body care essentials which I am currently using to keep my body feeling good and sun kissed even in the cloudy British weather.

First up in the shower I have been loving the Nivea Love Sunshine shower gel, this was gifted to me as part of an ad I did for Nivea over on my Instagram, but I loved the smell of it so much I went and bought myself a back up and one for my mum. This really does smell just like summer and suncream and brings back so many memories from summer holidays. 

I have also been fake tanning quite a lot recently so I don’t look like an unhealthy ghost whilst I’m at work in shorts, so in order to get a nice even I have been loving using two scrubs. The first is a Zoella scrub which is really bitty and so exfoliating, I love the fact that this is really solid as it feels like it is getting rid of any dead skin and freshening my skin right up. And the second is a new scrub from What’s in it for me, this literally smells amazing! This one is the opposite of the Zoella one though, it is much more liquidy which makes it more of a wash than an actually scrub in my eyes.

When I get out the shower before I tan I like to add some moisturiser to dry bits like my knees and ankles so I don’t get any dodgy bits when the tan dries. The moisturiser I have been using lately is the Wondrous Whip by Zoella.

Finally for my body, the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Tan, this leaves instant colour but develops to a darker colour over a few hours. I do find that with this one I do need to shower the next day I order to get rid of the excess tan. I made the mistake of not shower the day after applying this and going to a trampoline park and my sweat was orange, luckily no one else noticed!

And finally in order to smell like summer I spritz myself in Summer Sun from Next which smells like summer in a bottle!

What are your go to summer bits?

Thanks for reading xx

How I make my skincare travel friendly


If your a skincare junkie just like me then your going to want to take as much of your normal skincare on holiday with you, so today I am sharing with you my go to travel skincare items…

When your going on holiday you obviously don’t want to pack your whole skincare routine, you want to be able to pick out the products which are going to work the best for you whilst your away. I tend to pick products which are multi purpose or specifically targeted, such as a spot treatment because I know I will get spots whilst I am away.  I also know that because I will be wearing for over 8 hours a day I want to take some products to hydrate my skin and detox it.

I have managed to fit my skincare routine for 4 nights in just one half of this toiletry bag which I am pretty proud off!

Cleansing your skin is most probably the most important part of the whole routine because you need perfectly clean skin in order to proceed. I like to make sure I have a little selection of different cleansers, I can use the wipes and Eve Lom cleanser to remove the excess of my makeup followed by the Sunday Riley and Korres cleansers to clean my skin. I also find that every other night I need to scrub my face just to try and stay on top of spots, so I have a tiny scrub from Suki to use.

Glossier Solution is very well known by now and it is my staple that I use every night, where as I used to take 2 toners with me I now only will be taking Solution. As it is a very large bottle I will be decanting it into a recycled bottle which makes it much more travel friendly.

Ofcourse, it wouldnt be a skincare routine without a mask or three, much like the cleansers I am taking one which have different purposes. The Arkana Snow Fungas mask is hydrating and has load of really great ingredients in to make your skin look good, so I will be using this after the flight on night 1. I know I will need a clay mask at somepoint to help clear my skin up and get rid of the build up of bad stuff so I have packed a little pot of the L’oreal Purifying mask. You can get this mask along with the detox and glow mask in a little set of three from Superdrug. And finally another hydrating mask to add some extra moisture after wearing make up all day.

After using solutionI like to make sure that I hydrate my skin a lot so that it doesn’t dry out, I will either use the Firming Fiji Oil from Monuskin on its own or apply The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid first. If I have managed to get myself some spots on the trip I will be applying the Balance Me Congested Skin Serum to help clear them up. Finally I use a night cream for sensitive skin from Nivea as I find this isn’t as harsh on my skin as some other ones after using all these lotions and potions.

What skincare do you take with you when you go on holiday?

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Victoria xx

Top 10 under £10


NYC Bronzer Sunny 

This was probably one of the first bronzers I ever bought, this is the most perfect bronzing shade its quite a light warm shade which makes it perfect for us pale girls out here.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Contour Stick 

This is a new staple to my collection, I ummed and ahhed about buying it because I’m not a big contour person, but I actually use it as a cream bronzer. The shade I chose was dark/medium because I like my bronzer to be seen. That being said I think the light shade would be too light for me!

Maybelline Colossal Mascara 

The colossal mascara is my newest mascara purchase and I’m obsessed! It creates really black long defined lashes.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer 

If you have not tried this concealer out, then where have you been. I bought this on a whim after seeing Zoella rave about it and boy, is it good! I use this to cover any spots on my face, I use this under my foundation to get extra coverage and it works amazingly!

MUA Burning Embers Eye Shadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette from MUA is a staple for me, it has every colour you could need and  they are really good quality shadows considering the palette was only £8.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation 

This foundation is my dupe for MAC Studio Fix Fluid, I wear this when I am not wearing my make up for long but I still want a flawless matte look. It has a really nice consistency which is mousse like and blends really easy so it doesn’t look cakey.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder 

I think everyone has tried this powder at some point in their life, for me it has been my go to setting powder since I was 15. It just works wonders at keeping your face matte and in place throughout the day!

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipstick Wild Safari 

Tanya Burr Cosmetics has become my favourite drugstore brand over the summer, everything that she releases is just flawless! The lipstick that i was obsessed with the past few months is in the shade Wild Safari, it is a bright orange red matte lipstick in beautiful YSL inspired packaging.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Highlighter Warm Bronze 

I bought this highlighter and when it arrived I thought it was too dark, however while I was on holiday I wore it so much. I didn’t stop wearing it when i got home, it just adds a beautiful bronze glow to your face and doesn’t look to over powering.

Nivea Post Shave Balm 

And finally, the biggest discovery for me to date, the Nivea Post Shave balm as a primer. I was pretty late on the bandwagon, i was really sceptical about how could this be better than the ones i had already. But it was, it works so well at making your foundation last, it doesn’t go patchy throughout the day like some primers do.

What are your favourite make up products under £10, let me know in the comments.

Victoria xx

June Favourites


June has flown by and it’s now July which means only a few more weeks of work for me and then I get 6 weeks off! So here is everything I have been loving for the month of June, I am sure there is more but I cannot think of anything at moment apart from these. 

First up is a new mascara, I have never really tried out Maybelline mascaras before but I had a voucher so I picked up this one. I was pleasantly surprised and I’ve fallen in love with it and use it on a daily basis now! 

Next is a lipstick from Tanya Burr Cosmetics, Bear Hug which is from her new collection which I was kindly gifted. It is a lovely nude shade (see below for swatch). I apply this every morning before work. 

And my biggest obsession this month has to be Benefit Watts Up highlighter, this has been sat in my collection for quite a while now as it’s travel sized. I use this as a base for a powder highlighter and I highlight everywhere! I am obsessed! I am really thinking about buying the full sized version because it truely is that good! 

Off course the Nivea Post Shave Balm has to make it into my favourites as I have been wearing this everyday for the past month. It is the only thing that keeps my make up looking good all day long even in the heat! 

I have then been switching up my brow routine and going for a softer look by using a powder. This little palette is from Makeup Revolution and was only about £3 and once again I love it! 

And lastly for make up is a cream bronzer from Seventeen UK. This creates such a beautiful sunkissed look, I mainly apply this to my forehead so my powder products last all day. 

My pefume/body spray obsession has been Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Shimmer. This has such a lovely fruity scent plus glitter! Unfortunately I am nearly at the end off it so I will defienlty have to pick up another bottle very soon! 

And lastly, the Treseme Split end Remedy has been my go to after washing my hair! This is currently in Body Care for 99p so I stocked up with a few bottles! 

What are your favourites for June? 

Victoria xx 

Five Summer Staples


Today I am sharing my five summer staples that I cannot live without in the summer! 

1. Nivea Post Shave Balm 

This is my go to primer, so far it’s the only primer I’ve found which makes my make up last all day! 

2. Seventeen Cream Bronzer 

This is the perfect bronzer for creating a really natural sunkissed look!

3. Nars Laguna Bronzer 

As you can see mine is looking a little worse for wear as I use it all the time. It’s a really lovely Bronzer shade with the tiniest amount of shimmer it it creating a naturally tanned look. 

4. YSL 201 Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick 

A red lip is always my go to, especially when it looks a pretty as this one! It is the most expensive lip product I own so it’s definetley for special occasions only! 

5. Estée Lauder Bronze Godess Perfume 

If you want to smell like summer and coconuts and everything wonderful about summer then this is the perfume for you! I have barley any left so I use it sparingly! 

What are you staples for the summer? 

Victoria xx 

Nivea Post Shave Balm as a Primer 


I am so late on the band wagon with this, I was really reluctant to try it because I really did not think it would work or would help my make up duration. That being said stole my brothers one as he was never using it and put it to the test! 

Once you can get past the smell, I think you’ll love it. Everyone has said how bad it smells, but then again it is men’s skincare and their products are not exactly made for us to love the smell of all the time. Once the product is on your face you cannot even smell it so all is good, no one will ever know you are wearing it! 

One thing which does annoy me about this product is the packaging! It’s so big, bulky and heavy. You could never take this on holiday with you as it would take up most your weight allowance! 

But, let’s get onto the good stuff! 

It is AMAZING, I have so many primers in my collection and yet this Balm is my go to everyday. I have worn it everyday for the past month and I am obsessed with it! My make up lasts 10x longer than with a normal primer which is amazing considering you can pick up this bottle for £2.33 from Superdrug when it’s on offer! It also lasts such a long time as the bottle is huge and a little really goes a long way. 

As I have nearly used up this bottle I picked up another one as I now cannot bare to be without it. If you have not tried it you should! 

What are your thoughts on it? 

Victoria xx 

Summer Skin Care Routine 


Today I am going to share my skincare routine for the summer. 

To begin with I like to use the Soap & Glory Micellar water to remove the excess bulk of my make up. I then use the Boots Botanics eye make up remover to remove my eye make up, this even removes waterproof mascara! To give my skin a good cleanse I like to apply my face wash, this months is the Nivea Refreshing Face Wash Gel which actually smells really good. I apply this to my Clarisonic and clean my face. I love using my Clarisonic as I know it is giving my skin a deep clean. I don’t use my Clarisonic every day as it is very harsh on your skin, so on the other days I like to the little pink silicone brush which gives a soft clean but still as effective. This was £1 from Primark!

After washing my face I like to use a scrub a couple of times a week. My go to scrubs are from Lush, however I am running really low and need to go and buy some more. I love Dark Angels as its a black charchoal cleanser scrub and removes excess oil and dirt from your skin and leaves your face feeling so soft! I also love Ocean Salt as this just reminds me of being on a beach every time I use it. This one is a bit more harsher on your skin as it has the sea salt in it, but it also has avocado oil so it leaves your skin really soft. 

Ofcourse my skincare routine would not be complete with a face mask or pamper session a couple of times a week. I love using face masks, they are my weakness. My favourites at he minute are the one from Superdrug. I like to use a detoxifying one and also a vitamin e mask. I also love to use the 7th Heaven masks once in a while or while I am travelling as I love these. Once a month I will also use a pore strip on my nose to unclog and pores. 

I then like to switch between using the Antibacterial cleanser and the Simple purifying cleanser to refresh my skin. I then spritz some Vitamim E toning most from Superdrug to hydrate my skin. 

My moisturising routine switches every night. Some night so will use the vitamin e leave on moisture mask from Superdrug which is amazing and is only £2.99 and lasts for ages! Other days I like to use the Vitamim e serum followed by an eye cream and moisturiser. Before I got bed I like to use some rose hip oil which is the newest addiction to my skin care routine. This is supposed to help heal spots, scars, dark spots and so far I think it is working. 

So there you have it my very long skin care routine, I love doing this routine as much as I love doing my make up everyday. Nothing is better than having a little pamper.