My hair care routine


Hair care is not something which I take too seriously, I would much rather spend my money on skincare, than my hair. Luckily for me brands like Percy & Reed and ESalon keep my hair looking good. I am very lucky to be able to say all these products are gifted and sent for me to try out.

I use the Percy & Reed shampoo and conditioner , the packaging is just so luxurious and they smell amazing so it’s always lovely being able to use them. I have very long thick hair, so washing my hair is the least favourite part of my beauty routine, I tend to only wash it about two times a week which is more than enough for me. Having great products make washing my hair so much nicer.

After I have washed and conditioned my hair I bung it up in a towel and leave it dry as much as it can do before attempting to brush it. Before I brush I apply some of the ESalon Leave in Conditioner which helps add some more moisture to my hair and makes it easier to tackle.
The brushing is the worst part, no matter, my hair gets extremely knotty! I use either my Wet Brush or Tangle Teezer to battle the millions of knots.
After I have brushed it out, I like to apply a couple of pumps of the ESalon oil, just to help smooth out the ends and prevent any breakages.

Unless I am going out and need my hair to be styled a certain way I just let my hair dry naturally, although recently I have been loving curling it!

Once my hair is dry, the morning after the wash, I like to add in some of the Percy & Reed Wonder Balm, this acts as another leave in conditioner and helps tame it through the day. If my hair is looking a bit on the dull side, then I LOVE adding the shine & fragrance spray from Percy & Reed, this adds shine and makes it smell amazing, which is also great for when you havn’t washed your hair.

Night Routine


 Today has been a great day for British weather so I have been out in the garden all day sunbathing and so this is my gradual routine from sunbathing to bedtime. 

When I’ve had enough of sunbathing (I love being tanned heir get so bored) I go up to my room and start to get ready to have a shower. After a hot day outside with greasy oil on I like to scrub it all off and have a relaxing shower. I love listening to 101.7 The Beach app on my phone whenever I’m showering or just in my room. Today I also decided I would try lemon juice in my hair to see if it would lighten my roots so my hair needs a good wash to get that out because it doesn’t feel very nice now.  

  • Planet Spa body scrub 
  • Soap and Glory The Greatest Scrub of All
  • Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo 
  • Loreal Elvive triple resist treatment  

After my shower I like to get into my pyjamas straight away and put a face mask on. Recently I’ve been loving the Soap and Glory ones. Once the mask is on I then brush my hair and spray in some leave in conditioner. As I had been sitting in the sun all day I applied some of the Dove Gradual Tan to help my colour along.  

 Today we had already had our main dinner at lunch time so I only had a snack, so I made a sandwich. This is the part of the day when I just want to be by myself and since it has been a lovely day I decided I would sit outside and start Paper Towns by John Green. I also had a teatox. I also decided tonight I would paint my nails outside, instead of spilling it all over my carpet and getting in trouble.  

When the sun had gone down I went back to my room and got into bed, every day I flick through the channels on the TV but rarely find anything to watch so I always end up putting on a chick flick or a horror movie or watching Youtube like tonight. I light about 5 candles in my room so my room is lit up by candle light which makes it more relaxing. I also tried my first ever Pop Tart, however I don’t think I’m a fan unfortunalty.  

 Before I got to bed I constantly go on Instagram and maybe do some online shopping (last night I bought a Polaroid camera!). 

Night Night