Lost in the sunflowers


How is summer pretty much over, the past 6 weeks of my holidays actually seem like the longest 6 weeks ever, I’ve done so much, had so much fun and really enjoyed my summer.

I am lucky enough to live really close to a sunflower field, so I took a visit (well 2 visits) there to get some snaps before summer disappeared.

The field was huge and there were so many sunflowers which meant it was great for plenty of photo opportunities!

My shorts are originally from New Look but I picked these up from a charity shop for only £3! I have been loving buying bargains, either from car boots or charity shops, it makes shopping so much more interesting and satisfying as you have to search to find the hidden gems.

The top is from Shein.com and was less than £10 and I have got so much wear out of it this summer!


Lazy Day Morning Routine


Here is a lazy day get ready with me which is kind of like a morning routine. 

The first thing I do when I wake up is head to the bathroom with my cute little Zoella cup and full it up with water. Over the past few weeks I have been trying to drink a whole cup before I have any breakfast to keep me extra hydrated to see if it helps my skin. 

As today was a miserable day I decided to light a little Primark candle, these are my favourites as there only £1 yet really cute! And I can actually smell it burning away from my bed. 

On days when I’m doing nothing or have a long time to get ready I like to do a quick skincare routine to refresh my skin. 

I have been using the Garnier Rose Water Cleanser to just remove any dirt built up over the night followed by the Boots Botanics All Bright Toner to brighten my skin. 

And then to finish I go in with a brightening serum followed by the Clinique Moisturising Gel to hydrate and get my skin ready for the day. 

Now onto the important bit, breakfast! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day as I love a big bowl of rice crispies. I also love a coffee in the morning, normally in the summer I would turn it into an ice coffee but as it’s not a very nice day it’s just a hot latte. I eat my breakfast whilst watching YouTube catching up on my subscriptions. And gradually drink my coffee while I’m getting ready wsnits way to hot to drink it straight away.

And now, make up time! As I am actually not going anywhere I wanted to test out products which I don’t usually reach for to see if they work for my skin.

Primer Rimmel Fix & Perfect 

Foundation Maybelline Fit Me 

Concealer MUA Cover & Conceal 

Mascara Illamasqua 

Eye Shadow Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave 

Cream Bronze Seventeen 

Brows Benefit Browzing & Gimme Brow

Bronzer Sephora Caledonia 

Blush Nars Orgasm 

Highlighter MAC Soft & Gentle 

Lip Liner Loreal Universal Liner 

Lipstick Barry M Pose

Before I get dressed I like to do the last minute bits, for my hair I like to douse it in dry shampoo. My favourite dry shampoo is from the fresh one from Co Lab, this is also great because if your in a rush you don’t need to worry about the white marks left in your hair, because there isn’t! I then slather on some body lotion to try and maintain the the little tan I do have and then spritz my body in a perfume. 

Top Sandals Sandals Primark Hat Peacocks

And there you have it my lazy day morning routine for when I’m really not doing anything exciting at all! 

Victoria xx 

July Favourites 


How is August already, common it’s not exactly hot and sunny, it feels more like October! This weather needs to hurry up and pull its self together and stop with the rain! Anyway, here are my favourites for the month of July! 

COLAB Dry Shampoo Dry shampoo is a daily essential for me, I just love the look of mine greasy shiny hair especially in my roots plus how good does it smell! I was lucky enough to be sent this really cute mermaid one whic I’m obsessed with, it won’t be long till I’ve run out of this one! 

Nuxe Multi Purpose Oil I bet you can barely even notice this oil asnita so small, but I received it in a subscription box ages and decided to take it on holiday with me and I’m so thankful I did! This worked great at taming and smoothing the ends of my hair out, I still have a tiny bit left which I’m making last until my full size one arrives! Yes, I loved it that much I’ve just bought a whole bottle of it! 

Layering Lab Paradise Body Spray This is the cutest little bottle of body spray from Superdrug, it was only £2.99 and the idea is that you mix it with other scents they have to create your own unique smell. I love the Paradise one as it screams summer, plus it’s small enough to be able to fit in your handbag and carry around on the go with you! 

Passport Holder I purchased this adorable passport holder from Amazon earlier this year as I thought it was a great way to store my passport while travelling! You can get the cover  Here for less than £6! 

Asda sweets When I go on holiday I like to take an abundance of snacks with me just incase, and I can safely say they came in handy last week when I was stuck on an airplane for 10 hours waiting to land! The sweets which became my favourite were little unicorns! The best part is these are in the offer of 5 for £1! 

Now onto to the fun bit, make up! If you’ve read my Summer Holiday Makeup Routine then you will know these make up products were my staples while away! 

MAC Studio Fix fluid This is perfect for hot climates and if you want long lasting make up that still looks good after a day of sight seeing! 

The Body Shop Foundation Drops This little bottle is a lifesaver, for anyone who tans and worries that your face won’t match your body these work a treat! Just add a few drops to your foundation and mix them up to create your own unique shade! 

Benefit Porefessional Primer Once again, another summer staple for long lasting make up that looks great and stays in place all day! 

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer This was my little gem whilst on holiday, I used this in a triangle shape under my eyes to add extra brightness and because of the contrast between the lightness of the concealer and darkness of my foundation it looks perfect! 

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Body Illuminator This is a highlighting body cream, it adds a really subtle shimmer to skin and helps enhance your natural tan! 

Charging Case This charging case is a must for anyone who is on their phone 24/7 and has a panick  about it dying halfway through a day especially when your wanting to take photos. This phone was was under £10 and once it’s fully charged it can charge your phone twice, the only downside is that it’s quite heavy! You can get the same one Here

Hope you enjoyed reading! I’m trying to get 3 blogposts up a week so stay tuned for more! 

Victoria xx 

Spring Lip Picks 


As we are definelty in spring now I thought I would share my favourite spring shades. These range from subtle shades to the obnoxious in your face shades. 

Left to right 
Colour Pop Wednesday Tanya Burr Wild Safari New Look Candy Pink NYX Prague Mac Saint Germain Kiko 05

Left to right 

Kiko 05, New Look Candy Pink, NYX Prague, Mac Saint Germain, Colour Pop Wednesday, Tanya Burr Wild Safari 

What’s your favourite shade to wear in spring? 

Vic xx 

My Top Daytime Lipsticks 


Lipsticks are my guilty pleasure, I can’t seem to go long without buying one. So I’ve decided to sort out my faveouite lipsticks for the daytime, as its summer I’ve stuck with pinks to keep with the theme. Plus I love a good pink lip! 

I have picked 7 lipsticks from my collection that are day time appropriate, I found it quite hard actually as I love bright and bold lips. These are the more subtle pinks that are good for a everyday natural look. There is also a selection of finishes, some matte and some glossy as it depends on what you like. Personally I like matte as I find it stays in place and is longer wearing. Where as if I wear a glossy lip I am always worried about my hair flying around and wiping my lipstick all over my face. 

Maybelline 418 This is a peach shade and is very different from all the other shades I have picked. 

Rimmel 101 This is a matte finish and is very similar Mac Please Me. 

Rimmel 28 This is more of a subtle lip and is more on the transparent glossy side so it adds a nice shine to your lips. 

New Look 71 This is another matte lipstick, like I said their my favourite. I love this lipstick and have been meaning to try out more of New Looks make up. 

Mac Snob Snob is a satin finish but it still looks pretty matte but more creamy. 

Mac Saint Germain This is an amplified lipstick so it’s a little brighter and bolder than the others. I really like this as its the perfect Barbie pink. 

Mac Please Me And the final one is a matte, again. This is one of the more darker pinks. 

What are your go to daytime lipsticks for the summer? 

May: Outfit of the month 


Out of all the outfits I’ve worn in May, this one is by far my favourite. Not only was it a lovely day out with great memories but I love all the photos my friend and I took that day. I love the colour contrast between the brightly coloured shorts and the black lace top. I think this is such a nice summer outfit ( I wear it so much!). 

Top New Look

Shorts Boohoo 

March Favourites 

Beauty, Favourites

I accidentally forgot to post a March favourites but I actually couldn’t really think of anything new that I had been loving. Of course I have my favourite mascara and foundation but that’s the same every month. This month I have found a few new things I am loving. 

Chocolate Chip Shortbread 

I have been obsessed with making chocolate chip shortbread for the past few weeks, I make them late on Thursday night so I can indulge on them Friday and over the weekend. Here is the recipe; 4oz butter, 6oz flour, 2oz sugar and then I add in about 2 bars of dark cholesterol so their really chocolatly.

 While I was in town last month doing my shopping spree I needed hair product, I had been using an oil for a while but I found that used to find its way to my roots and make my hair greasy. So I opted for a leave in conditioner from Treseme and it works a treat. I use it every night after I’ve washed it and it makes my hair so soft and easy to comb through. I also have been loving this shampoo and conditioner from Alberto Balsam which is only £1 in Asda, it smells amazing and is such good value for money. 


I have been even more obsessed with burning my wax burning as I love making my room smell amazing. My every perfume this month has been Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess, I have even been getting compliments at work, it has a summery coconut scent. I have been taking Biotin for a month or two but this month I can say I actually am noticing a difference in my hair which is wonderful! My hands have been getting super dry recently which is unusual but I have finally found a hand cream which is helping heal them from Lanolips which I got in this months Birchbox. 

My make up favorities this month have been Mac Soft and Gentle highlighter which I have worn most days along with Nars Laguna bronzer. On my nails I have mainly had this lovely matte purpley blue colour from New Look. And on my lips this lip balm from Arrow, this came in this months Birchbox also and it is also amazing. It reacts to the PH on your lips and adds really subtle colour. 

This month I started watching Law and Order: SVU and I love it! I have watched 5 seasons over the month. I also watched Fuller House on Netflix and loved it, I have never seen Full House but I still found it pretty funny and entertaining. 

Spring Essentials 


 With the first week of spring a go I decided I would pick out my favourite spring essentials to share with you all. Hope you enjoy, let me know what your essentials are!   
Spring is the transition from the dark berry shades to the bright colours, so I have picked some of my favourite pinks for the spring. Rimmel Apocalips Out Of This World, Clinique Chubby Stick Whoopin’ Watermelon, Rinmel Provocalips Little Minx, Milani Rose Hip, New Look Candy Pink, Rimmel Kate Moss 28 and Mac Saint Germain. 

 For nails I have seem to have picked out a lot of purples, but I find these pastel light colours are perfect for spring.China Glaze in That’s Shore Bright, Ciate Sugar Plum, Barry M Prickly Pear, New Look Purple, Barry M Sugar Apple. 


For skin care I have a scrub for Soap & Glory and the body lotion that goes with it, these of course smell amazing and make your skin so soft. And as we are getting I into the warmer months I like to start tanning, my favourite way to tan is using a gradual moisturiser from Dove which gives a natural glow.  

 I also picked out some candles and a wax as I still love to burn these even in the summer and spring as they make everything smell really good. 

Finally in Spring you can start adding a bit of colour to your eyes, so I have picked out my two favourite palettes for this. The stunning colourful one is Mermaids Forever by Make Up Revolution, this is perfect for adding a fun pop of colour to your lash line or all over your lid. I then also picked Urban Decay Naked 3 as this has lots of pinks and purples for the spring and so many looks can be created from this palette. 

Favourite Pink Lipsticks 


Finding a pink lipstick in my collection is very easy as this seemed to be all I would buy for a while but then I really started getting into brighter and mot rout there colours. However with Spring coming I think a pink lip is a nice addition to your outfit. I have picked out a selection of different brands and shades for all different occasions. 

 From left to right: Mac Snob Mac Please Me New Look Candy Pink Topshop Tease Rimmel Kate Moss 28 

My two favourite shades from above are Mac Snob and Topshop Tease I hair think these two colours are so easy to wear and fun! They will really add something to your make up and make it more girly.    
I then also picked out some other lip products which remind me of Spring. I chose La Girl Lil Glaze in Flirt which is actually more on the peachy side but still really nice for spring. Next up are two lip paints from J.Cat in the shades Underland which is a bright baby pink and then Heartadocious which is more of a deeper bright pink. 

These will all definelty be my go to lips for spring! 

First Impressions: New Look Makeup 

Beauty, First Impressions


 I had never thought about buy make up from New Look until today, clothes shops have recently started really getting into selling their own make up lines and it’s great. I wouldn’t ever but my face products from there but I love there lip products and nail polishes.  

I picked up two nail polishes which were £2.99 which is a good price. I purely pick nail varnishes just if they look pretty and I have a thing for these types of colours. They are in the shades Purple and Blue Pattern. The purple is more of grey purple with darker tones and the blue is subtle glitter pieces.  

 This lipstick is going to be my favourite for a while! I didn’t really swatch it in the shop so I didn’t realise how much I loved it till I got home. The colour is just gorgeous and creamy. This was £3.99 in the shade Candy Pink. 

 Last up is a pink lip liner in the shade which was £.199. I always forget about lining my lips so I believe if I keep buying lip liners and have enough one day I will remember to wear it! 

I can’t wait to go back again and check out more of their lipsticks and get them in all different shades!