My new Caseapp phone cases


I was very lucky to be given a chance to pick out two gorgeous phone cases from Caseapp. I was able to design and personalise my own, or pick out some pre made ones, I chose 2 pre made ones which instantly caught my attention.

Pink & Gold Marble Case

I picked this phone case because I though it was a stunning design, I hadn’t seen a design which was pink and black marble with the gold specs.

Floral Pizza Case 

This phone case is quite possibly my favourite phone case I have owned, it sums up me so well, pizza, flowers and pink! I just think it so cute and this has been the perfect new accessory for my phone.

Caseapp cases are so unique and you can guarantee you can find multiple cases to match your own personal style, Caseapp are offering you 20% off using the code TORITORI20.

Becoming a #skinfluencer for Dermalogica


Today’s blog post is pretty exciting because I can say with all the excitement that I am a #skinfluencer for Dermalogica! This is a pretty big deal, quite possibly one of the biggest companies I’ve ever worked with and they sent me an amazing package of skincare goodies to try out!

I am just obsessed with the packaging, so simple yet so chic and tidy looking. I am so grateful so be adding another 5 products to my skincare/makeup routine over the next few months!

The pre cleanse is such a unique idea to include in a skincare line, a lot of people hair assume because you’ve washed your face once or wiped it with a face wipe it’s clean, but the reality is that it isn’t, in fact there is loads of make up still left on your skin. The pre cleanse is an oil which you massage into your skin and it melts away make up and impurities creating a clean base for cleanser.

The special cleansing gel contains mint and lavender to soothe the skin and other ingredients which foam away toxins and debris, basically creating a squeaky clean face ready for the rest of your skincare routine. I really like the fact that it’s not heavily scented and it that it doesn’t contain soap!

This has to be my favourite product of the bunch, the daily microfoliant. This is a powder made from rice extract which when added to wet hands creates a scrub which gently exfoliates your skin to make it brighter whilst calming it. And the best part is, you can use it every day!

The final skincare product is a daily moisturiser, this is a skin smoothing cream, designed to soothe, hydrate, restore suppleness and tone.

I was also sent one make up product, the skin perfecting primer, this is the only one I have yet to try. It smoothes fine lines, brightens and preps the skin ready for make up. From my initial impressions of trying a small bit on my hand, the smell is amazing, and it comes out skin coloured which reminds me of Porefessional by Benefit, however I can see a glow so I am going to try this out tomorrow because I am so intrigued!

Have you tried any Dermalogica? Let me know in the comments! Xx

Why I’m ditching foundation |Foundation free make up routine


Today’s post is a little bit of a different one, we’re talking about my skin, since I ever started wearing make up back in high school I have always worn foundation, powder and mascara. They were my first ever products I wore, I of course wear loads more now and look a lot more put together. I always felt like I needed to over my skin, my skin has good days and bad days, like everyone’s.

When I was on holiday last week I was tanning, and because I wear sunscreen on my face my face wasn’t matching the rest of my body, this meant it was then having to mix in darkening drops into my foundation in order to match.

Wearing foundation on holiday is just effort, normally it’s so hot you just feel like a melted mess, and why cover up just for a couple of hours in the evening, why not jus the foundation free the whole day.

I am only 6 days into not wearing any foundation, but I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. I am still getting spots, but parts of my face look a lot clearer and the texture looks so much better!

Saying “don’t wear foundation” is easier said than done, you still feel naked with a bare face, that’s where the Isle Of Paradise Tanning Drops come into play. In the evenings I like to mix these with my moisturiser and when I wake up I have a really natural looking tan, there for taking away the main reason I was wearing foundation. I find the drops even put my skin tone and do cover up a lot of old scaring making me more confident.

So now onto the make up I have been wearing and loving for the past week!

I begin with priming my skin because I still want my make up to last a long time and also a lot of primers are smoothing and make your skin look great like this one from Dermalogica.

I still want to add a bit of colour and shape to my face so I use a cream contour stick on my cheeks and on my forehead to add some depth. I love the medium/dark cream contour from Tanya Burr Cosmetics and the Illamasqua Gel Sculpt.

Now onto my favourite discovery, the Arkana I-Tech Glow loose powder, I apply this all over my face to set the the cream bronzer and to create a matte finish. This powder is however not completely matte, it really reminds me of the Hourglass Mineral Veil, it has a slight shimmer to it which gives your face a really natural glow.

I have then been loving using the Sephora bronzer in the shade Caledonia, in the winter this is way to orange for me, but with a tan it works perfectly!

Next up I use a blush, the one I have been using recently is Nars Orgasm as it adds a pop or colour and a glow.

I then finish my face with a sweep of the Pixi Glow on my cheek bones.

I have been keeping my brows pretty natural for a while now and just using L’Oréal Brow Plumper to add a little texture and to keep them in place.

Finally for the eyes I have been using the L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes, this creates really long thick lashes! Lastly I use this gorgeous palette from Memi which has the prettiest warm shades in it perfect for the summer!

Let me know how you feel about not wearing foundation.

Thanks for reading xx

The prettiest lipsticks | Winky Lux


A while ago I was sent some new lipsticks from Winky Lux which is a new brand selling in Boots, these have to be some of the prettiest lipsticks I now own! The packaging alone is gorgeous and the actual product is so unique!

I was lucky enough to be sent a lip gloss, lipstick and a lip balm, I decided I would take these on holiday as I though they would make the perfect holiday lip products and they did.

Disco Kitten Gloss

Have you ever seen something so glittery and pink! This is a major throwback to the 90s lip product, back to your childhood days! Unfortunately this is the one product I have yet to actually wear because I haven’t felt brave enough to rock a glitter lip! It is really pigmented and so glittery!

Lip Velour in the shade Heart

Pretty much all year round red is my go to lip shade, I love a red lip so finding new ones to add to my collection is just great. I think a really unique thing about the Winky Lux products is the size, they are much small and more compact than a tradition lipstick. This makes it so much easier to stick in your handbag and be able to use on the go. I wore this one night on holiday and found the lipstick was really easy to apply, it was really creamy and blended well, I’m sure it would of lasted a long time but I had to take off before I ate or I would of looked like a clown!

Winky Lux Glimmer Balm

I LOVE this balm so much! Basically I fell in love with the packaging, because how can you not, plus how beautiful is it on the inside! This is a colour changing lip balm which I believe changes shades on different people due to the ph levels on your lips. This is so easy to wear and just chuck on if your just spending the day at the pool or beach and want a bit of colour but not a full on lipstick. Even though it looks really glittery I didn’t find it came out to glittery on my lips which is good because I don’t want to look like a disco ball!

Thanks for reading xx

Free & easy instagramable backgrounds


Today I am sharing with you my great idea I had late one night, I used to go and get wallpaper samples and use them for flatlays, but I feel my photography style has changed a lot since then. This time I decided I would use them as backdrops in my room and I am in love with how they look!

If it wasnt for the fact most people know my room has pink walls I think I could get away with pretending I have the most amazing wallpaper. I absolutely love the style of this wallpaper, its so different to the rest of my room and instagram so it really stands out. I really wish I could actually have one wall covered in this print!  

Above my little drawers I have a metal rack from Tiger, instead of blue tacking the paper onto my wall I decided just to pop it underneath so it wouldn’t do any damage. I am very lucky with the fact it actually does look like that could be my real wall as it covers the perfect amount of space.

Here are some mores examples

As you can see when the photo is taken close enough you cannot even tell that it is not part of my room.

I love this look so much, I’m sooo happy that I can switch up my backgrounds, especially for the summer! This has given me so much inspiration for new photos and I’m pretty much all set for content for a long time. 

Let me know if you decide to do the same as me!

Healthier changes to my life


Since I have started working in the PE department at work I took it upon myself to make my lifestyle a lot healthier, being around PE teachers who regullary go to the gy,m, go running and take part in sport has really inspired me to improve myself. I have only been in the PE department for about 8 weeks so far, but I can already see a difference in myself…

10,000 steps at work

Up until 8 weeks ago I was just regular Teaching Assistant in a high school, it involved sitting down most the day in classrooms and not doing a lot of walking. However now, I pride myself on reaching 10,000 steps a day (even sometimes before I have lunch). Being up on my feet all day, only sitting down for break and lunch is working wonders for me. I tried on a pair of shorts I had bought last summer (they were a little tight back then), but now they are actually TOO BIG! To keep track of my steps I use a fitness watch, a little like a FitBit, but this one is only £20 from Amazon. I find having the watch motivational as you can set targets for what you want to achieve and by what time.

No more coffee

I used to be a real breakfast person, I would never leave the house without a big bowl of cereal, now I barely eat in the mornings, I think it’s because I’m too lazy to get up and allow time for the whole process. I got into a really bad habit of drinking a latte every morning before I went to work, this meant adding loads of milk and sugar to it making it really unhealthy! So my new aim is to cut coffee out, or at least only have it once a week as a treat.

Walking Club

Once a week after work my friend and I go out for a walk, Wednesday are known as ‘Walking Wednesday’ (and also Doughnut Wednesdays, but I’ve gone of them so I’m safe from them). We got out for an hour after work walking different routes each week, we don’t walk particularly fast or far but it’s a good way to get out and get some fresh air.


In addition to walking club I also aim to go out on my own hikes either at the weekend or after work, as it is getting lighter in the evenings now that means it is possible to do a 2 hour hike after work. I normally aim for do about 9 miles which takes about 2 and a half hours.

What healthier lifestyle changes have you made this year? I need some more ideas, so let me know in the comments below.

Victoria xx

Glossier Solution First Impressions


I finally convinced myself that it was acceptable to spend £19 on just one bottle of product, this being said it is supposed to be the skincare saviour we have all been waiting for.

Glossier Solution is a chemical exfoliant containing a variety of acids which are designed  to reduce redness, blemishes and pore size when used daily.

I was a little sceptical about how great it was going to be, but after seeing so many before and after photos I decided I would give it ago, after all if it doesn’t work for me then I won’t need to repurchase it. I absolutely love the way it comes packages, it looks so cute and chic and really high end. The bottle itself is so Glossier, pink, shimmer and just over all cuteness made even cuter by the stickers.

I am finding that I am having issues with the push down top applicator, it seems to squirt out not on my cotton round and I end up wasting some near enough every night which makes me sad!

With regards to the solution itself, I did find that after about a week of using it I did notice a difference in my skin. I wouldn’t say my skin looks amazing, but it does look a lot more smoother, glowier and healthier. I still get quite a lot of spots, which I am hoping will start to decrease over time using Solution and I am hoping that my scars will start to fade. I can definitely see a difference on my nose, I suffer quite bad with blackheads there and I have been trying to get rid of them for a while using other toners, but I can clearly see that they have reduced now after using Solution for a few weeks.

I have also noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin when it comes to applying foundation, my foundation applies so much easier and sits a lot better on my skin.

I use Solution every evening after cleansing, I apply a few pumps on a cotton round and swipe it over my face making sure to focus on my nose and cheeks where I have spots and blackheads. Once Solution has soaked in and done it’s work my face feels really tacky and dry so I always follow up with an oil to make my skin soft and hydrated again.

I am still really holding out hope for Solution, I hope that in a months time I wont recognise my skin and I’ll be able to go out with no foundation on but until then, I keep pursuing my routine.

Have you tried out Solution? Let me know what you think.

Victoria xx

Styled with Adexe | My new piece of arm candy


Last month the lovely Marie at Adexe Watches got in contact with me saying that they love my Instagram and would love to send me a watch to promote on there. This is my first ever watch collaboration so I was rather excited as I see lots of big bloggers promoting watches all the time.
I had the whole pick of the website, all their watches are so beautiful and if I could I would of chosen loads of them, but instead I went for a style of watch which I have been lusting after for a long time. I chose the Sistine Petite in Rose Gold, could this watch be anymore perfect and instagramable?

Before receiving this watch I was never a big watch person, but now this watch is an everyday accessory me. It’s so cute and girly but still chic at the same time making it the perfect staple for every outfit. I was originally going to go for one of the larger watches but changed my mind last minute to go for the Petite, I am so glad i made this choice as anything bigger would of looked silly on me as my arms are quite short.

The quality of the watch is amazing, I have a feeling this watch is going to last me a very long time. It is is waterproof for up to 30m so that means you could actually wear it all the time.

The watch retails for £109 and you can get your own one here.

I want to say a huge thank you to Adexe for sending me this beautiful watch, make sure to head over to my Instagram to see it featuring in many photos!

Victoria xx

Friday Faves | 2


I’m back with another Friday Faves post this week, I’ve gathered up a small selection of things I’ve been loving over the past couple of weeks.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

For the past 3 months this has been my go to palette, I just love the shades and don’t seem to be picking up any other palette!

Glossier Haloscope Quartz

This highlighter is a god send, I’m so over using powder highlighters, cream highlighters look so much more natural and create the glowing from within effect. This highlighter looks better and better as the day goes on and creates he perfect glow!

Glossier Balmdotcom Rose

I recently just went a little crazy and bought 4 of these, I decided to try rose and coconut as I hadn’t had them before. Rose has more flavour and smell to it that coconut, but that does mean that I do find I lick my lips loads just so I can taste it! These balms last for such a long on your lips!

Lush Aqua Marina

I decided to pick up a new cleanser from Lush recently and opted for one which I had not heard a lot about. Initially I think the smell can be a little off putting as it’s very strong and smells like seaweed, but the it feels refreshing especially when you use it in the mornings to wash your face.

Glossier Solution

Ofcourse this bad boy has to make it into a favourites post, I have only been using it a week so far but I can already notice a difference! I will be doing a whole post on this shortly if you want to read more about it then come back soon!

Adexe Petite Sistine Rose Gold Watch

This is my favourite accessory at the moment, everytime I get dressed up this watch gets a day out too! I absolutely love the style and the colour, it makes it the perfect chic accessory which goes with any outfit!

Illamasqua Sculpting Gel

I’ve had this in my makeup collection for a over a year but only just tried it out using a brush to blend it and OMG, it is amazing! It creates the perfect, natural contour shade!

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Selfie Sculpt

I’m a huge fan of Tanya Burr Cosmetics and this brow pencil is one of my favourite products from her, I love how it creates really simple soft looking brows but create a natural define looked without looking like I’ve filled them in. Plus as it comes with a spooley brush which is always a plus so you don’t have to rummage through your make up bag trying to find one!

Forgotten beauty bits…


I have recently just shuffled my room around (again) and had a little tidy and sort through ALL my make up, I find this so satisfying and relaxing especially when you find products that you’ve forgotten about (much like clothes in my wardrobe).
So here are some beauty bits I’ve pulled aside from the main bulk of my collection and kept in acrylic drawers next to my bed so I can’t forget about them… 

I keep all my everyday essesntials in my make up bag, everything I use for work mainly, then if I want a different look that day thats when I’ll head over to my large acrylic drawers where the main bulk of my collection is kept. I have had a look through then and picked out some products which have not had a lot of love recently and need to be used.

Drawer 1

Loreal Infalliable foundation was my absolute favourite until I discovered MAC Studio Sculpt, pretty much all the foundations I own have taken a back seat since I discovered MAC. This foundation is very full coverage and that is not something that I desire anymore, I have accepted the fact I get spots and that sometimes trying to hide them looks a lot worse! ALthough, I love using Pixi Glow Booster with heavier coverage foundations to make them a bit more sheer and glowy so these two together would work a treat! Deffo a combo to try out!

Next I have pretty expensive primer from Figs & Rouge, don’t worry I didn’t buy this one, it was sent to me in a Cohorted Subscription Box. This primer is for brightening skin and illuminating the base, when you apply it you look like Edward Cullen, all shimmery.

Bourjois concealers are my favourite, the only reason I haven’t been reaching for this one is because I have been loving the Healthy Mix concealer as I find it a little lighter and more brightening.

As for lip products, I have been neglecting everyone of them apart from a select few. So I have picked out a few nude shades which I can start wearing on an everyday basis, as I work mainly in the PE department I tend to lean more towards lipbalm rather than colour. I have picked Tanya Burr Cosmetics in Pink Cocoa, Tarte Tartiest Glossy Lip Paint in Obvi and Barry M Matte Me Up in Pose.

Drawer 2

This drawer is basically full of highlighters, can you guess which highlighter I have been using a daily basis instead of these?… Glossier Haloscope, if you have seen, heard of or tried this highlighter then you must, it’s been a real game changer. I have picked out three highlighters which used to be my favourites and I guess in some way they still are when I want an extra glow. First up is Peonies Please by Tanya Burr Cosmetics, this is a really subtle pink glow which can be used as a blush or on your cheek bones to add a warm girly look to your makeup. Next is another pinky shade, Soft & Gentle from MAC, literally just swatching that on my hand left me saying OMG. I really must wear this more! And lastly, Mary Lou-Manizer by The Balm, this is a really intense gold shade.

The one brow product I have picked out to use more of is from Becca Cosmetics, this was also in a Cohorted Box, however this one is a little to dark for so I tend not to reach for it. Although if I can spend a bit of time on my brows I can get this to work for me and when it is applied precisely it does look really good as the pigment and consistency makes it really easy to apply.

Another foundation which has been neglected is by The Ordinary, I bought this on a whim and I have to say I am not overly impressed with it. I find it rather drying, so Pixi Glow Booster comes into play here aswell!

And finally in drawer number 2 is Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer, this has taken a bit of a back seat because I have been less worried about covering up spots and embracing my skin more. This however, is one of the best concealers I have tried, so I would definitely reccomend it!

Drawer 3

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette has been with me now for 2 years and it’s safe to say I do not use it enough, in my opinion this is more a special occassion palette (and well, there are not enough special occasions to wear it), so I am going to try reaching for this more often on a daily basis.

Another product for glowy skin is the Make Up Revolution Liquid Highlighter in the shade Luminous Gold, this is exactly what it says, liquid gold. This creates a really intense gold glow, although I do find you have to work fast blending it as it dries pretty quickly.

Finally, the Urban Decay Naked Flushed is fairly new to my collection so I need to remember that I actually own it now and use it!

So, there you have it, my poor neglected make up items which will hopefully be seeing some action in the coming weeks!

What make up have you just realised you’ve forgotten about?

Victoria xx

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette


Hello and welcome back, today’s post is all the about the beauty that is the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette!
I finally received this for Christmas after wanting it since it was released and I have been obsessed with it ever since and it is easy to see why.

Just looking at this palette makes me smile, it has every shade you could ever want and need for the perfect eye look. These shades are personally my favourites as they really compliment my skin tone. I also love that you can create multitudes of looks just from one palette and it is easy to use it for simple day time looks and more intense evening looks.

The packaging is super sleek and really does give off the same vibes as the shades inside which is great.

As with every Urban Decay palette you really are paying for the quality of the shadows, they blend really easily, have a ton of pigment just from one swipe and they last a long time.

My favourite shade to use in my crease is Low Blow as this is the perfect warm brown along with Scorched on my lid to add a pop of shimmer.

Even though this palette contains very autumnal shades, I will 100% be wearing the shades all year round as I can’t get enough of the fiery red tones. I also own Naked 2 and Naked 3, but Heat has to be my favourite one quite simply because of the warm tones and how versatile it is when it comes to creating many different looks

Urban Decay is definitely one of my favourite eye shadow brands, for £39.50 they are on the more expensive side, but I truly do believe you are investing in a quality product which is going to last you a long time. The best time to buy these palettes is when Debenhams has 15/20% off which can save you around £5!

What do you think of the Naked Heat palette? Are you still lusting after it?

Victoria xx

What’s in the box? January Cohorted Box


The lovely company Cohorted have sent me a third box to test out and review which is super nice them! I love receiving these boxes as I always know it will be amazing quality and this month has to be my favourite so far! This post is a little late going up as I had no time to take any photos since it arrived as I was away on holiday for two weekends! But now I’m back for a weekend I can finally get cracking with the photos…

I love skincare products, more than make up products I think so this box is a great one this month! It contains mainly facial products, a few body products and one make up product.

Skin Chemist Anti Ageing Charcoal Pore Peeling Mask

First up is my favourite one in the box, it’s the Skin Chemist Anti Ageing Charcoal Pore Peeling Mask. This is exactly what it says on the box, I have used this so much since receiving it, I like to use it every other night to give my skin a little boost. It also feels so good when you feel it off and it feels like it is giving your skin a really good clean as you peel.

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser

When I saw that this was Sunday Riley product I got a little excited! I’ve seen and heard so many good things about this brand but have never gone out and bought anything myself. I’m really looking forward to trying this out, but as it’s only 30ml I will save this for a holiday as it’s the perfect travel size!

Lancôme Renergie Multi Lift

Next is an anti aging day cream from Lancôme, these are handy little moisturises for travelling or keeping in your handbag just in case you need some extra moisture when your out and about.

Wish Formula The Mask With Centella Honey Fermented Serum

This is a Korean face mask so automatically you know it’s gonna be a good one! The mask is designed to moisture and repair your skin. These type of masks are one of my favourites as they are really easy to apply and they feel really refreshing on your skin.

Marc Jacobs Re(cover) Setting Mist

This little beauty is also a very exciting product as I have never tied anything from Marc Jacobs before! This is the Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist which revives your glow and sets your make up. It hydrates your skin as well as keeping your make up in place all day!

Urban Veda Body Products

And lastly we have three body products from Urban Veda, a body wash, body lotion and body scrub whichall contain a lot of natural ingredients and smell amazing! I can’t wait to use these as they hydrate your skin, help with skin repair, soothe and boost circulation.

If you like the look of this box and want to subscribe head over to their website to check them out Here

Thanks for reading

Victoria xx