Trying out Natural Collection Makeup


I think we can all fall into the hype of only using certain brands, or brands which we see all over the internet, but recently I’ve started lowering the price point of my makeup, and seeing if the cheaper versions are as good as the more expensive. So today I will be sharing my opinions on Natural Collection which can be bought at Boots, everything in their line is super affordable and everything is under £3. I decided to try out a waterproof mascara, and two highlighters.

I picked up this mascara as it was waterproof and I needed a new waterproof one for work, I think the packaging is super cute and I love the design. I wasn’t expecting a lot from it as it’s really cheap and I initially was not very impressed with the brush, I like a more rounder fluffy brush. But I am happy to say that this brush applied the mascara so well, it was really easy to build up and create volume and length without it going clumpy! 

Next up, I saw these highlighter sticks, I LOVE the Glossier Haloscope, so I was hoping I would be able to find a cheap dupe and be happy. This is in the shade Coral Glow, the colour instantly reminds me of Nars Orgasm which is great! I feel like this is much more of a blush shade, rather than a highlighter, but I will experiment more with it as a highlighter in the summer once I have more of a tan. 
The product blends really easy and it’s really easy to build up to create a more vibrant shade. As a highlighter, not really my thing, but as a blush, it’s perfect. 

The second highlighter I picked up was in the shade Rose Glow, this is much more a icy cooler tone, which does remind me of Haloscope! It is much more like a highlighter than the pinky shade, it blends really well and has an amazing sheen to it!

I would say Natural Collection Makeup is worth the money, it’s worth trying to see what products you can switch out and how to save a little bit of money! 

Summer Clothing Haul Part 1 | Maxi Skirts & Shorts


First off all I have to admit I’m am writing this post in January! I get a little carried away when it comes to buying summer clothes, and I love to buy mine in the sale so I can get more for my money! All these items are from Boohoo which is my favourite online store, mainly because they have free returns so if you don’t like something you don’t have to worry about paying to send it back. This haul is all shorts and maxi skirts as last year I went on a bit of a play suit hype and bought loads of them. So this year I’ve decided I’m going to be in shorts and maxi skirts.  

 I have always wanted to have a tie dye skirt but never found one which I really liked. This one is a lovely blue purple shade and has a split either side of the skirt. 

This maxi skirt was only £4 and I chose to get a light washed out blue as I thought it would be a good contract between my tan. It has more of a unique style as it has buttons down the middle but the middle section is actually cut out. 

 I love the pattern of this skirt and it was around £5 which is such a bargain. This one once again has two splits up the side. 

I chose this skirt because I really like the washed out muted colour which can be dressed up or dressed down. It is a cross over skirt and is shorter at the front and longer at the back. 

These lace shorts are so cute and perfect for summer and a bargain at only £5! 

 I didn’t actually realise how bright these were when I put the order in, but I love them. I love lace so that’s even better! And these were only £2!

These shorts reminded me of the Brandy Melville shorts and they feel so soft and light weight. I don’t have any burgundy short so I thought I would branch out. These were £5.

  I love these shorts so much! They are floppy shorts so they look like a skirt when they are on. I absolutely love the pattern! These were £6. 
I can’t wait to be able to style all these and wear these in Greece!