Ways to combat that Sunday night feeling


Over the past few months, the typical Sunday night thought of “it’s Monday tomorrow” has been looming over me. I have developed my own coping tactics on Sunday afternoon/evening to help distract me and get me ready for the week ahead.

To start with, I have made Sunday my ‘Pamper Day’. I have a full on pamper, multiple face masks, foot masks, gel nails hair masks and just anything else which I could pamper myself with. As a few of these things are quite practical, I find it quite helpful as it keeps me busy and prevents my mind from wandering.

I like to get everything ready for the morning, I get my lunch ready, my bag ready and get out my outfit so it is ready and I’m not left faffing around when it gets to 8am.

I also find that having a clean room is also great, I tidy up, pack everything away and make sure everything is organised. I find organising very therapeutic so this is great when I am feeling on the stressed/anxious side of things.

I also like to make sure I’ve got something good to watch to wind down at the end of the afternoon evening. I am a Youtube addict so that can keep me occupied for hours, but I also find watching a series can be pretty good. I do find it hard to get fully invested in shows, so when I find one I like it do tend to binge watch, my go to show at the moment is The Purge!

Positive changes to help with mental wellbeing


Todays post is all about those little positive changes we all need to make in order to feel better about the day ahead.

Getting up earlier

From now until the Easter holidays I am challenging myself to get up earlier, to have more time to relax before starting my day, to be able to wash my face and have a good breakfast.

Fresh Flowers

I have decided that starting from February payday, I shall buy myself a bunch of flowers each week. I think this will help add a pop of colour to my room, and brighten up my day, and they also look cute in photos.

Grow some plants

Now that spring and summer are approaching, I want to start a little herb potted garden. I plan to buy some basil, mint and anything else Asda stocks and create a little garden, in my garden to grow these plants. These will also be a great addition to drinks and food so that’s an added bonus.

Find a new hobby

I struggle a lot in the winter, but as summer starts approaching I do get a more positive outlook on life, that being said I do find it very tedious finishing work at the same time everyday and then having the whole evening free. I have decided to start baking, my aim was to bake once every weekend, but I also want to bake one night a week too to keep me occupied.

Pamper time

Of course no me time is complete without a pamper session. My aim is to have a full head to toe pamper once a week, more than likely on a Sunday afternoon to get myself ready for work again. Im talking, hair mask, face mask, gel nails and fake tan, the lot.