My Top 10 Makeup Picks for 2017


Happy New Year!

I can’t believe we’ve already had one week of 2018, I am really looking forward to this next year and seeing what it brings, but for now I thought I would share my top ten makeup products for last year…

One favourite for me which I have repurchased over and over again is The Ordinary Silicone Primer, this is one of the best primers I have used and one of the cheapest. It is less that £5 which is a bargain considering I compare it to Benefit Porefessional, it feels exactly the same on the skin and lasts just as long!

A very new favourite in my collection, just over a week is the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette, I had been lusting over this palette since it was released and used all my will power to not buy it! I received it as a present and have used it every day since! The shades are just so beautiful and perfect!

Another eye shadow palette which is on the less expensive side is the Burning Embers Palette by MUA Cosmetics. This contains a huge collection of beautiful shades which are very similar to the Naked Heat Palette. I used this non stop in the summer and pretty much all year!

My statement lip colour for the year has to be MAC Fashion Legacy, this is the most lovely red liquid lipstick. I tend to wear this whenever I need my lipstick to last a long time, either when out for food or on a day trip. This formula isn’t too drying on your lips and it is easy to keep it looking fresh.

A fairly new mascara discovery, is the Bourjois Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara. This mascara is AMAZING, I thought I had found my favourite mascara by L’Oréal but this one takes first place. It is so easy to build up loads of volume and length creating really intense dark lashes!

My top foundation is MAC Studio Fix, this foundation has been my go to for long lasting coverage which doesn’t go cakey or disintegrate on your face throughout the day. This foundation combined with The Ordinary Primer is wonderful!

A foundation that comes in second place is Radiance Reveal by Bourjois, this has become my everyday work foundation as it is pretty much identical to the Studio Sculpt, but half the price. It lasts just as long and makes your complexion look really healthy and gives you coverage.

A blusher which has blown me away the past year was Galifornia by Benefit, this blush is a gorgeous coral shade, but it also smells amazing! Sometimes I just open up the box and sniff it because it really does smell that good!

Another cheek product I have been loving is the Contour Stick by Tanya Burr Cosmetics, I chose the shade dark and it gives a really intense shade to your face but it is really easy to blend out to look natural.

And my final favourite product of the year is Glossier Boy Brow, this has been a go to brow staple since they released in the UK. It is such an easy product to use on your brows and it is really easy to build up on its own or set a powder/pomade.

What are your top make up items for last year?

Victoria xx

November Favourites



Blogmas day 1 is here! I am going to publishing a blogpost daily between now and the big day, today’s blogpost is about everything I have been loving in November…

Essence Candle

First up is this huge candle by Essence, picked this up from B&M Bargains for only £3.99 which is super cheap for a candle that big, it really reminds me of the Bath and Body Works ones, which I can’t get a hold off! It actually smells really strong which you wouldn’t expect for a candle that cheap, it makes my room smell so autumnal!

What’s In It For Me?

This scrub has to make it into my favourites purely because of the smell, if you read my blogpost last month about it then you’ll will already know how much I love this!

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

At first I was a little unsure about this Cleanser, but my skin has been so good recently and I think it could be down to this Cleanser! It just feels so refreshing and gentle on my skin yet it can remove all my make up! I like to do a double cleanse with it just to make sure all my make up is off. I will definitely be repurchasing another bottle of this!

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Nail Polish glitters & gold

This is such a beautiful golden glitter perfect for the festive season, I have been wearing it none stop over the past month on top of burgundy, nude and multiple other colours.

Bourjois Push Up Mascara

I have only just received this mascara in my Bourjois Influenster Box but I have been wearing it constantly! It makes my lashes so dark and Voluminous and makes my lash line really defined!

Glossier Haloscope in Quartz

This was another Glossier item I was a little unsure off when it first arrived but OMG I cannot go a day without it! I apply this on top of all my other make up and it literally makes up face so glowy! I am obsessed!

Glossier Boy Brow

This has been non stop on my eye brows, I initially tried it on its own and it looks great and really makes your brows look full but natural. But I also like applying it to set my brow pencil.

My Makeup Brush Set

I was lucky enough to be sent a whole set of oval make up brushes to test out. So far I have only used the foundation and concealer brush as I was a little unsure about using the others with powder products. The foundation brush is really soft and does a great job at apply foundation without making it look cakey.

Co Lab Dry Shampoo

I’m back to to my old favourite, Co Lab dry shampoo in the scent Tropical. I love these dry shampoos as they don’t leave white marks in your hair, I always used to forget that I had sprayed them in and walk out with grey hair, but that doesn’t happen with these ones!

Did you see any of your favourites here?

Victoria xx

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Express Your Selfie range 


Hello lovelies! 

I was really lucky to be sent the new #expressyourselfie range from Tanya Burr Cosmetics! This is the second time they have sent me a new collection and it literally makes my day, week and even months! This new range by Tanya Burr is sooo beautiful! She always gets it right with the products and packaging!

The new collection consists of three brand new eye products! A mascara, eye liner and Brow pencil to create the perfect selfie.

So, the packaging as always is gorgeous, anything good and shiny is a huge hit with pretty much everyone these days so it’s definitely perfect! Also the names of the products are really creative and printed on in a beautiful italic print which makes it look like a really high end product. 

Selfie Lash Mascara £7.99

I feel like the star of the collection is the mascara as this seems to be the most talked about. So far I have only tried it once, but have no fear it’s in my make up bag ready to be used all this week for work! But my first impressions of it are that it really does build up drama and it doesn’t clump your lashes together. It’s supposed to be able to be layered and layered to build up as much drama as you want, so I’m sur with will be testing that out over the next week! 

Selfie Sculpt Brow Pencil £6.49

Next up is a brow pencil, I don’t think I’ve seen a prettier brow pencil ever! The product has an angled pencil on one end and then the other end has a spooley brush which makes doing your brows so much easier and faster. I found the product dry which I personally liked because I liked that I had control over how much I applied. I’ve not used a brow pencil before because I’ve been worried about it coming out really heavy, but this pencil works just like a pomade. I was sent the shade medium, I’m not sure if this is too dark for me as I have yet to see how light the fair one is. 

Selfie Flick Liquid Eye Liner £4.49

Now, I am not an eye liner girl, I’ve never really got the hang of it, but before these products arrived I’d told myself I was going to give it ago and practice with it. I tried out the liner on just one eye (yes I looked crazy later on when I had to go and move my car) and first of all I have no idea how to do a winged line so I attempted it and at first I was unsure but then it totally grew on me by the end of the day! And I am in love with liner! It applies really black and doesn’t smudge but it comes of easily with a cleanser and water. 

Did you buy anything from the #expressyourselfie range? Let me know what you got.

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Victoria xx 

What’s in my travel make up bag | 1 night in Geneva 


In October half term I am heading to Geneva for 1 night to see the sites and explore, so I thought I would share with you what I’m planning on packing in my make up bag. 

For my base I am taking Benefit Porefessional Primer as I know this works amazingly well with the Mac Studio Fix foundation. These two together are really long lasting and still look exactly the same at the end of the day. Concealer wise I am taking the Bourjois Radiance Reveal because this gives great coverage and is also really brightening. Then too add some definition to my face I will be using the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Contour Stick in the shade dark as this gives a really natural contoured look. 

To bronze my face I will be using Hoola by Benefit follows by a Nip + Fab blush and the shade Champagne Sorbet from Tanya Burr Cosmetics to highlight. 

My absolute go to mascara at the minute is Loreal Paradise Exactic, it’s so quick and easy to use and build up volume and length that it makes it perfect to use when your short on time. For my eye shadow I wanted to create a really autumnal look so I’ve picked out an eye shadow from MUA Cosmetics in the shade Copper, this is a really pigmented copper shade and I will be using this over my lid. In my crease I will using the shade Soft Truffle from Tanya Burr Cosmetics palette Birthday Suit to build up the intensity. 

And finally for my brows I have chosen the brow kit from ElF, I have really been loving using powders so this one is perfect. And then to set my brows I will be using Loreal Brow Sculpt. 

And ofcourse no makeup bag is complete without lipstick, or many lipsticks! I may only be going away 2 days but I do like to have options! To keep my lips soft and hydrated I’m taking the Tanya Burr Cosmetics lip balm in Blackberry Coulis. As this has a tint aswell it’s really easy to just add on the go and not worry about the application. I then have packed two Mac lipsticks, the first shade is Amourous and the second is Russian Red. And the beautiful deep berry lipstick from Nars is in the shade Charlotte, this is the lipstick I plan on wearing the most! And then when I don’t want a dark or bright lip I have packed Tanya Burr Cosmetics Martha Moo liquid lipstick which is a nudey pink shade and is really long lansting. 

Fall Makeup Routine 


Today’s post is all about my fall makeup routine that I have been doing for the past couple of weeks. 

My fall makeup routine starts off with my favourite primer from The Ordinary, I just love the way this feels on my skin and how long it makes my make up last! For my foundation I have gone a shade lighter so I’m now in the shade NC15 which is a perfect match. I then conceal under my eyes using the Rimmel Wale Me Up Concealer. This is brightening and so it’s perfect for those dull autumn days. And then to add a bit of colour into my face and some shape I use the cream bronzer from Seventeen. I use this on my forehead and on my cheeks. 

On my cheeks I have been using Nars Laguna Bronzer which adds the slightest bit of shimmer to brighten your face up followed by the blush Dolce Vita which is a deeper toned blush perfect for autumn days. Finally on my cheeks I have been using a dusting of the Peonies Please from Tanya Burr Cosmetics. This is super pigmented and so you only need one swipe along your cheek bones. 

On my eye lashes I have been using Loreal Lash Superstar which is a double ended Mascara so you can build up loads of volume and length. 

As for the eyes, I wanted something really autumnal and bold so I picked the red shimmer shade from the MUA Cosmetics palette. It’s really pigmented, long lasting and looks great on! I then used a Colour Pop shadow in the shade Cornelius in the outer corner to blend it all together. 

And for my brows I have been loving using the powder from the Elf Brow kit, it’s the perfect shade for me (medium) and it’s really easy to work with to create natural look brows. Then of course I set using Loreal Brow Plumper. 

Finally, lips! To add a little bit of colour I like to use the Blackberry Coulis lip balm from Tanya Burr Cosmetics. And then to add even more colour the shade Amourous by Mac is a great shade for autumn! 

What’s your go to make up for autumn? 


Everyday Make Up with Only 10 Items 


As I’m now back in the swing of work properly after being on holiday for six weeks, I’ve been really struggling with getting up in the morning. Although I really don’t mind doing my makeup, basically know that I look better with it rather than without it, so not doing my make up is not an option. In order to have an extra 10 minutes in bed, I have picked out only 10 items of make up (one is a palette) in order to reduce the amount of time messing around and finding products and wasting time by not knowing what I want to use. So here are my 10 item everyday make up picks… 

1. Prime Before I even look in the mirror which is inside my make up bag, I apply The Ordinary High-Adherance Silicone Primer which makes my skin feel super soft and makes it look better than what it is. 

2.Mascara While my primer sinks in I apply my mascara, my go to at the minute along with half of he blogging community is Loreal Paradise Exactic. This makes my lashes look long and full of volume which is what everyone wants obviously!

3.Foundation Now my primer is set and lashes are looking on ‘fleek’ it’s time to get some even skin, my go to foundation at the minute is Mac Studio Fix. It is a little dark, but I’m trying to use it up so I can buy a lighter shade. This creates a pretty flawless matte base and already I’m looking so much better. 

4. Under Eye Concealer I have finally found my perfect under eye concealer in the form of Bourjois Radiance Reveal. This is really righting, hydrating and doesn’t go cakey!

5. Cream Contour I have recently (in the past 6 months) become obsessed with cream contour, I use it as a base for my powder bronzer. I find it lasts much longer and looks more natural. I have been loving the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Contour Stick in the shade dark to contour my cheeks and then I apply it on my forehead to add some shadow. 

6. I then set under my eyes with Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, and then I set the rest of my face.

7. Next is my little cheat product, in order to make this a 10 piece make up look I chose to use a palette which contains bronzer, blush and high light. The chosen one for today is the Rosy Flush palette by Tanya Burr Cosmetics. 

8. For my brows I have been using a pomade by MUA Cosmetics, I really like the look this particular pomade creates and it’s really easy to use and not go to over the top. 

9. To finish my brows I set them using a brow mascara from Loreal. 

10. And finally I complete my look with a nude lipstick, the shade I’ve chosen for today is Pink Cocoa by Tanya Burr Cosmetics. 

Let me know what your 10 staple products are.


City Break Make Up Bag


Today I am sharing what is in my make up bag for my city break to Milan! I actually go tomorrow, which is crazy! I have wanted to visit the cathedral for the longest time and now I get too! If you wanna see photos check out my Instagram @toriiitoriii I also insta story excessively! 

For a base I have chosen my trusty Benefit Porefessional, this is a great long lasting primer which I know helps my make up last all day. As for a foundation I have chosen MAC Studio Fix Fluid, although this is kind of heavy and big it’s a must! I will sacrifice washing my hair in order to have good foundation for 2 days! But seriously, this is such a good foundation! To conceal under my eyes I am taking Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer which really hydrating and brightening. To add some extra colour to my face I’m going to be using the Tanya Burr Contour Stick in the shade medium/dark, I use this as a cream bronzer along my forehead. And then just incase, I’m taking the Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer just incase any spots pop up while I’m away! 

For mascara I like to make sure my lashes are bold and stand out as I never wear eye liner, the best mascara I have found is the Superstar double ended mascara from Loreal. This creates long thick volumous lashes! And for my eye shadow I’m going to be keeping it fairly simple, I always over pack when it comes to eyes shadows so for Milan I am taking the Tanya Burr Cosmetics palette in Birthday suit and a Colour Pop shadow in the shade Game Face which is a really nice metallic coppery shade. For my brows I’m going to rely on my trusty Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow as I’ve been neglecting it recently and then the Loreal Brow Plumper to set them. 

To set my foundation and Concealer I will be relying on the Rimmel Stay Matte which is my number 1 favourite! To bronze I will be using Hoola Bronzer from Benefit as this is he perfect shade for me with a tan! As I have a tan I want a highlighter which will enhance it so I have picked Warm Bronze by Tanya Burr Cosmetics. For my blusher I will be using Benefit Galifornia which is a beautiful coral shade (and it smells amazing). And lastly for my lips, I’m going to keep it very simple and go for a red lip! MAC Fashion Legacy is a staple for me when I’m out and about as I know it’s long lasting and doesn’t budge. And Charlotte Tilburg Red Carpet Red just needs a little bit of love, it always ends up getting left behind so it’s coming to Milan! 

And there you have it! These are my staples for my trip, asking as I don’t end up cramming anything in last minute this could be the lightest I’ve travelled! 

Victoria xx 

If I could only own 5 mascaras…


Mascara is the one staple that you need to love 100%, you don’t want clumpy lashes or spidery lashes, you want perfect lashes with volume & length. I have picked 5 mascaras from my collection which I couldn’t like without (yet I will because one is about to run out and I’m not buying it again). 

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes 

This is a sample size of the gorgeous mascara from CT, my best friend got me a lipstick for my birthday and this came with it along with a liner. I love the brush as it’s really fluffy and packs on the perfect amount of product to coat your lashes. If I wasn’t stingy I would purchase a full size one of these, but I think some drugstore mascaras are just as good and half the price. 

So Susan Feather Lash 

This mascara has been sat in my drawer for nearly a year! It came in a subscription box and I’ve just never got around to trying it, I have so many mascaras on the go (even more now). I opened this when I took a photo of my collection and then decided I would try it out. To my surprise it is amazing! I was totally shocked at how well it coated my lashes and it built up volume and length. It also keeps my lashes curled all day long! Another great thing about this mascara is because it’s fibres it doesn’t melt of your eyes when it gets wet, instead it just breaks of in little feathers leaving you without panda eyes. 

Loreal False Lash Architect Waterproof

This has been my go to waterproof mascara for years, it creates long luscious lashes and doesn’t create panda eyes. When I get out the pool My lashes are still in place and I have to actually take them off with a cleanser. If your looking for a drugstore waterproof mascara then this is the one! 

Too Faced Better Than Sex 

Unfortunately this is the mascara that is about to run out, I’ve had it for a year and a half so it’s well past it’s prime. But I just love it so much, I love the packaging the best out of all the mascaras as it’s so girly and pretty. The brush is very much like the CT One above as it has soft fluffy bristles. It is really easy to build up without the fear of clumping. 

Loreal False Lash Superstar 

This is the newest mascara to my collection and one of my most used. I’ve never really been a fan of the double ended mascaras but this has changed my mind. The first side coats your lashes and adds volume whilst the second side adds on the length to the tip of the lashes. 

What’s your favourite mascara? 

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Vic xx 

Illamasqua First Impressions 


This is a rather exciting post! Last month in my Feel Unique subscription box I received a card saying I had won a box full of Illamasqua make up worth over £110! 

Ok so as you can see I received some really good products and they are all full size which is the best part. I love the packaging as it’s shiny black where as a lot of other brands tend to use matte black, so this makes a change. I also like how minimal the packaging is and the logo on each item. 

Hydra Veil This is a primer, and it’s also a hydrator. So this is perfect to apply before you make up to make sure your skin is hydrated and refreshed before apply foundation. I can’t wait to start using this, but I feel as it’s quite high end I may save this for special occasions and holidays. This retails at £32. 

Gel Sculpt When I opened this up I had no idea what it was, because it’s so so dark! But it’s actually a contour stick. It’s the shade Silhouette which is a really dark black brown. This is perfect for contouring your cheek bones and it blends out lovely. This retails at £22. 

Gleam Highlighter I also received a cream highlighter in the shade Aurora which is a golden pink. This gives a really strong but subtle glow to your cheek bones and is so creamy and easy to blend. This could so easily become one of my favourite highlighters. This retails at £22. 

Lipstick As soon as I saw there was a lipstick in this box I really hoped that it was a red one as they are my go to, and it was! This lipstick is in the shade Box, and is a really pigmented crimson red. I will get a lot of wear out of this shade. This lipstick retails for £19.50.

Mascara And the final product is a mascara in the shade Raven. I don’t tend to try out different mascaras as I have my favourite, however I am intrigued to try this one out as it looks like it had a nice big brush and the reviews all day it is amazing.  This retails at £18. 

Overall I am so impressed with Illamasqua make up and I am so happy I got to try all this for free. I will ofcourse be incorporating these products into my every day make up routine and will be able to do a review once I have tried them out a bit more. 

Mini Nars Haul


A few weeks ago Nars contacted me on Instagram and asked for my address so they could send me something, so ofcourse I replied back. As I didn’t hear back from them I didn’t think they were actually sending something but…

This little package arrived at my door last week, I had no idea what it was or who it was from. When I realised I obviously got super excited! 

It is such an amazing oft from Nars, and they first lot of products I have ever received from a company for free! It came with a cute little note thanking me for being a Narsassist, which ofcourse I am as I love all their products.  

I received a lipstick from the collaboration with Steven Klein which is in the shade No Shame, as you can see from the swatch below it is an amazing bright deep pink shade which looks gorgeous. This is so my colour, I cannot wait to wear this out. Next was an eye shadow, this is the first eye show I have from Nars in the shade Mortal and it’s just so cute! It’s such small packaging but still bigger than other brands individual eye shadows. It’s definelty the perfect highlight shade for the inner corner of your eye or brow bone. And the last product is a mascara from their Audacious line in Black Moon. I love the packaging of the mascara it looks such good quality and beautiful! 

I am so happy with everything they sent me and I really need to try out more products 


Mini Haul // Wax Box


The first item in this haul is Wax Box, this is a monthly subscription box full of waxes and the odd candle. It’s about £10 plus p+p which is really good value for the amount of products you get. The theme of this one is spring and everything smells amazing!  

 Yes, they are more waxes! I bought these off Amazon fro about £2 each and I will be gifting these to my mum as part of her Easter present. I also bought Loreal Volume Lashes mascara off amazon as well for £5. I really want to try out new mascaras so I have more options and as I love Loreal ones I thought this would be perfect.  

 And lastly I bought these cute make up brushes of Amazon for £6 for the set. I bought them because they look like the Real Techniques brushes but are a fraction of the price. But mainly I bought them because they are so pretty! I can’t wait to use them! 

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review 

First Impressions

This mascara has been floating around the beauty world for a while now and finally I got this for Christmas. I ended up buying it from Sephora and getting it shipped over which was cheaper than buying it over here. 

The packaging is so pretty and looks really high end, which it is. This is the first product from Too Faced I have tried and so far I am impressed. I love the colour of the tube and the texture of it as its metal. When you are using the wand the handal is heavier than my normal mascara and this makes it a little harder to use. 

The brush is very big, in comparison to why I normally use it is a lot wider. And because the brush is the same length along the whole of the brush it makes it a lot harder to get the outer corner eye lashes. 

The first time I tried this mascara I applie for straight to the lash and it took a while to build up the volume and length that I like. The second time I applied an eye lash primer and this was a lot better. The mascara definetly adds a lot more volume to your lashes but building up length is harder. 

Over all I really like the product and I will wear it on special occasions so I don’t waste it.