My fave brunch spot in Manchester | Infamous Diner


Hey guys, today’s blog post is all about a cute little diner which I found last year when I was in Manchester for the day. I recently visited Manchester again and our first food spot was this incredible diner again because we just could not resist it!

The diner is called Infamous Diner, for anybody who is missing hanging out in America and all its diners then you should go and check it out for yourself. The decor is to die for, the bar area especially is beyond cute! It is all shiny and pretty and perfect for the Instagram snap! There is also a pretty awesome back wall which is covered in American License Plates which makes for a great backdrop for photos which you will see in a minute.

Even the menu is super cute! When I find something I like I tend to only have that and I don’t try anything new. So for the second time I had pancakes and candy bacon, these are proper American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup! They taste heavenly of course, but I always struggle to eat them all! There is even a challenge, order 21 pancakes and if you eat them all in 30 minutes their on the house! I could never imagine eating that many as three is definitely plenty!

My best fiend and I opted for a mocktail, a non alcoholic cocktail. I’ve really taken a fancy to these because they look just as cute as a cocktail but they taste better and are half the price! As you can see the cute wall is the perfect background, when taking this photo I though “people are going to stare, their going to judge” but you know what, they didn’t, how great is that! Being able to get a photo for the gram without being worried what you look like!

So if your ever in Manchester and feel like adventuring to a cool little hangout the I would definitely recommend this little hangout!

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Basil Chambers, 3-5 Basil Chambers Nicolas Croft, Manchester, M4 1EY

Coronation Street Tour


 Today I headed up to Manchester for the day, as its my nans 80th birthday tomorrow my mum and I decided to take her to the Coronation Street Tour as she has been watching it from the beginning. I have to admit I’m not a fan and I haven’t watched a full episode, I just catch parts of it when my mums watching it. But I overall it was a pretty good day. We got a taxi from Manchester Arndale which was around ¬£4 and was dropped of right outside the Grenada Studios. We had a bit of a wait till it was our time to go in so by that time my legs were aching. But then we got given our backstage passes.  
 The first part of the tour is led by a tour guide in a group of about 25 it takes you in the green room, to hair, make up and costumes and then into a few of the sets of houses on the street. Of course you get to go and sit in the Rovers, I sat on a bar stool and it’s a lot different to what you would expect. At this part of the tour there is no photography allowed which is disappointing because there were so many things to take photos off.  

 At the end of the tour guide part you head out onto the cobble street as they play the theme tune. Luckily all the tours are staggered so there’s not to many people walking around the street so you can get some good photos.  

 Walking on the famous cobble street. 


Even though I am not a fan of Coronation Street I still really enjoyed walking around and seeing behind the scenes as it is a huge part of TV history. If you have the chance to go, do. It’s not going to be here for much longer and is worth a trip to see.  



Last weekend I went to Manchester to see my best friend Meg and S Club 7. We had arranged this back in January so there was a big build up to it and lots of planning.

I arrived in Manchester the night before the concert so we had the whole of the next day to get ready! That night we had a lot of catching up to do and then put our onesies on and chilled in bed whilst chatting.

The next day we went into town and I managed to spend money and buy some new bits. When we got back to the house we started getting ready! Yes, it took that around 4 hours!

When we were nearly ready we took some adorable photos in our onesies. And then proceeded on taking what seemed like a million and one selfies.

When we arrived in the city we looked around a few more shops whilst waiting for the doors to open of the arena.

As you can see we were very early! We were row F! That is the closet I have ever been and they were amazing seats! After a long wait S Club 7 finally came on stage! It was such a great night. Meg and I had both seen them previously back when they toured around 10 years ago so I was great to hear the old songs.

The only down side would be the fact that Hannah mimed and this was obvious as she missed the first word of her song which was such a disappointment.

     After the concert we went to the Hard Rock Cafe which has become a tradition of ours after a concert.