Everyday makeup routine


I feel like I am pretty set in my ways when it comes to my everyday makeup routine, I tend to use the same set of products and do it all in a certain order and never really switch it up. So here is is my daily make up for work, it generally takes me about 20-25 minutes to slowly apply it all and be ready.

The first thing I do is prime my face, I have been using the Makeup Revolution Pore Blur recently, this has a very silicone feel to it and it makes my skin feel really smooth and soft afterwards.

Once my base is done, I then go and apply my mascara, I have to do this before I do any more of my face make up because I make such a mess no matter what. I have been using the Natural Collection waterproof mascara as I picked it up on a whim, decided to try it out, and low and behold it’s actually really good.

After I have cleaned up all the mascara which is on my face, I apply my foundation. I have just ran out of my favourite one, so I am going to give the Revlon Colourstay* a go for a while and see how I get on with it. To conceal under my eyes I have been using the Thin Lizzy concealer* as this is pretty full coverage. 

To set my make up in place I use the MUA Cosmetics loose translucent powder. I then bronze my face using a bronzer from MUA Cosmetics which was only £1, such a bargain. Followed by the Zoella x Colourpop blush which is super pretty.

To add some highlight to my face I have been using a highlighter stick from Natural Collection which is very similar to Glossier Haloscope Quartz, so I am super happy to have found a dupe for it!

Finally for my brows I use the HD brow pencil from Sainsburys to define my brows and Loreal Brow Plumper to set them in place.


Holiday Make Up Routine 


Each night I have used different eye shadows but I thought I would share my two Faves. The first is Meet Matte Nude by The Balm which has lovely warm matte shades perfect for a simple look. I have also been loving the MUA LUXE palette as this has a primer, and the shades are so shimmery but not over the top. My go to mascara this week has been by Illamasqua as I have found this really holds a curl all night.  

My favourite primer is the Mac Prep+Prime so I have used this every night. As my tan has been getting darker each day, I obviously didn’t want to bring loads of shades. Instead I bought foundation drops from Loreal which you can add to your do satin to make the perfect shade for that day. I have also been loving using an under eye brightening concelor by Loreal.

Recently I had been finding my under eye area creasing so I decided to try ‘baking’ but didn’t want to buy an expensive powder so I picked up this powder from Natural Collection for only £1.99 and it works! I apply this using my make up sponge from Real Techniques and apply a liberal amount and leave it a while then go back and dust it off and apply Rimmel Stay Matte everywhere else. 

As I want a more natural look on holiday I didn’t contour I just used Nars Laguna bronzer to bronze and The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer to highlight.

Finally to do my brows I have been loving this new brow product from MUA LUXE collection. It is a brow pomade and has a brush built in the top as it comes apart. I then set my brows with the new Gimme Brow from Benefit. 

Wearable Blue Eye Liner Look


A huge trend at the moment is coloured mascara and eye liner and my favorite looks is using blue! I picked up 2 blue eyeliners from MUA Cosmetics and a blue mascara from Collection and have created two looks using my Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever palette.

For this first look I have kept it fairly neutral gone for a brown smokey eye with a shimmery coppery gold on my lid. I have used the blue liner from Make Up Revolution to line my bottom lash line and waterline. I then set the liner using a blue shadow from the palette. I used the blue mascara from Collection on my bottom lashes and a Nars mascara on my top lashes. 

For the second look I have chosen to do more of a golden smokey eye keeping it very subtle but shimmery. I used reds to create a sunset look. I used a MUA liner in turquoise to line my lower lash line and then went over it with a shimmery sea foam green to give us more a mermaid look. Once again I used the blue mascara from Collection.

My favourite look is the right, I love how the bottom lash line looks holographic and is so shimmery. This really reminds me of the ocean. 

Spring/Summer Make Up Routine 


In the heat of the summer I still like to wear make up to work but I also like to sit in the garden as long as I can before I do my make up. So I tend to take my make up outside with me and do it in the sunshine. Because I don’t want to be faffing around with it I tend to keep it pretty simple

When I do my make up the first thing I like to do is my mascara because I am so good at getting it all over my eyelids. So by doing it first that’s means I can remove it before I do my face. 

On this day I used Loreal Miss Manga, a lot of people rave about this but I’m not a fan. I’ve been using it recently to just try and use it up. Once my mascara is on I then apply my foundation, as I am starting to be more tanned and need a warmer foundation I have started using Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid. I wore this for the whole day at the weekend and it lasted so well and didn’t go patchy like some other foundations do if you wear them a long time. I really like the coverage of this as it seems to cover everything. 

Next I like to set my face using Rimmel Stay Matte Powder which is my go to for any make up look. I then decided I would try out one of my new contour kits from ELF Cosmetics in the shade Fiji which is matte. I used the contour shade to bronze my face and contour and then I used the dark pink for blush. I am really impressed with it so far as it looks really natural and I love he fact it doesn’t have shimmer in it. For highlight I used my new ElF highlighter in blush gems which gave me a really natural glow. 

And to finish up I kept my brows really simple this day and just used a brow mascara from Loreal in medium brown.