Zoella x Colourpop Makeup Collection


When I saw the launch of this collaboration, I was going to buy anything, but as the day went on I decided I NEEDED just a few things from it, so I went ahead and ordered it as it was free shipping to the UK.

I really only picked up things I knew I would use, I really loved the look of the palette, but it was nothing different to other palettes I already owned, so I refrained, along with the red lipstick (which I massively regret not buying).

I chose the blush, as I don’t own a lot of blushes, a liquid eyeshadow as I don’y own any! and finally a liquid matte lipstick as I wanted to try the formula out. My total came to $25 which I don’t think is a bad price for three really good quality products. 

I have had the liquid matte lipsticks a few years ago, and I wasn’t that impressed with them, I found them to be really drying and they peeled off my lips. But as Zoe always raves about them, and she has created her own shade I figured they had changed the formula, and they have. I chose the shade @me, this is a pinky nude, pretty much my perfect everyday lip. 

The blush is absolutely beautiful, the packaging is really cute and its such a nice big size. The shade is also a really good match for me for my everyday makeup.   

Trying out Natural Collection Makeup


I think we can all fall into the hype of only using certain brands, or brands which we see all over the internet, but recently I’ve started lowering the price point of my makeup, and seeing if the cheaper versions are as good as the more expensive. So today I will be sharing my opinions on Natural Collection which can be bought at Boots, everything in their line is super affordable and everything is under £3. I decided to try out a waterproof mascara, and two highlighters.

I picked up this mascara as it was waterproof and I needed a new waterproof one for work, I think the packaging is super cute and I love the design. I wasn’t expecting a lot from it as it’s really cheap and I initially was not very impressed with the brush, I like a more rounder fluffy brush. But I am happy to say that this brush applied the mascara so well, it was really easy to build up and create volume and length without it going clumpy! 

Next up, I saw these highlighter sticks, I LOVE the Glossier Haloscope, so I was hoping I would be able to find a cheap dupe and be happy. This is in the shade Coral Glow, the colour instantly reminds me of Nars Orgasm which is great! I feel like this is much more of a blush shade, rather than a highlighter, but I will experiment more with it as a highlighter in the summer once I have more of a tan. 
The product blends really easy and it’s really easy to build up to create a more vibrant shade. As a highlighter, not really my thing, but as a blush, it’s perfect. 

The second highlighter I picked up was in the shade Rose Glow, this is much more a icy cooler tone, which does remind me of Haloscope! It is much more like a highlighter than the pinky shade, it blends really well and has an amazing sheen to it!

I would say Natural Collection Makeup is worth the money, it’s worth trying to see what products you can switch out and how to save a little bit of money! 

My Blush & Highlight Collection 




I love collecting highlighters as I believe that they are eject going to run out and it’s good to have a lot of options. I like to have a variety for different looks as some are more of an intense glitter than others. Personally I do prefer the more subtle look but on occasion I do like some good ol shimmer. The Sleek palette is probably my favorite as the colours are perfect and they are so subtle and natural. Working my way round clockwise to the top is Beauty Uk baked blush (highlighter), I have had this for a few years now so it’s probably past its best date. But it is actually a really nice shade and reminds me of soft & gentle by Mac. Next up are some liquid and stick highlighters, the Rimmel Good To Glow is very nice but I don’t use this that much as I always forget about it. Next are two Collection stick highlighters which I love, I ended up re purchasing a new one even though I am no way near to finishing the first one I bought. But it’s good to stock up. And the last stick is by Kiko, I’m not a fan of this at the moment because it is very pigmented and a bit to bright for me, but maybe in the summer with a tan on holiday I will like it. And the last liquid highlighter is by Benefit in Moon Beam which is very much like the Rimmel one. Once again I don’t remember to use this! Next is Glow All Out by Soap & Glory which I really like for when I want a natural look as it does not have any shimmer to it. And below that is one of my faves, Mac Soft and Gentle, I love this, it’s such a lovely shade and gives the perfect highlight to your cheeks. The next on is by MUA, this is another cheap one at only £3 but it does job. This does have a lot of glitter/pigment in it so you definelty can see when your wearing this. I then have two blush/bronzer blocks from Collection, I believe these are meant to be very similar to the Bobbie Brown Shimmer Bricks. I will be doing a review on these two very soon! And the final one going round the circle is by Makeup Revolution, this is very similar to the MUA with regards to the product type. It is very pigmented and glittery and has a tough texture. Now going through the middle of the circle is an Urban Decay highlighter in the shade Brown Sugar, mine looks horrible because it melted once so it’s a funny texture. It has a lovely golden shimmer which is nice with a tan. And the last one is The Balm Mary LouManizer which is a perfect highlighter for any occasion! 




To start of my blush collection there is Milani Luminoso which is a very popular shade as its a very nice peachy pink shade with a hint of shimmer. To the left is a blush by Emite which I got in a subscription box, it is a very dark terracotta shade so you really don’t need much at all. Next is a Sleek blush in the shade Flmaingo which is a bright hot pink, I have not actually ever used this because I am too scared to! Above that is a liquid blush from Rimmel in the shade Sun Kissed Cherry, this is one of my all time favorites as its really blendable and buildable. Next is a another hot pink from Make Up Revolution in Wow, this is a really nice shade for the summer to add a pop of colour. Below that is a mosaic blush from MUA in English Rose. Below is my newest addition from Sephora in the shade so shy, this is the perfect matte shade for adding really natural colour to your cheeks. And below that is a very similar one from Kiko in 109 which is near enough an exact match to the Sephora one. To the left is another Kiko blush but in a cream formular, I really like cream blushes as they look more natural and can be blended easily. Above that one is orgasm by Nars, this is ofcourse a very popular one so ofcourse I needed this one in my collection. Then I have another cream blush from Make Up Revolution in The One, once again this is another really natural blush easy to blend and build. Above is a MUA blush which I barely use in the shade Sugar. And the final one is a cream blush from Jelly Pong Pong which is also a lip paint aswell so it’s perfect for traveling as its a dual use product. 


The final item that falls into this category is this gorgeous palette by Hourglass, this is the Ambient Lighting Edit which has 3 highlighters and 3 blushed. I have to say I do prefer the blushes more than the highlighters as I don’t think the highlighters are as good as others I have used. But I do love this palette anyway!