Friday Faves | 2


I’m back with another Friday Faves post this week, I’ve gathered up a small selection of things I’ve been loving over the past couple of weeks.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

For the past 3 months this has been my go to palette, I just love the shades and don’t seem to be picking up any other palette!

Glossier Haloscope Quartz

This highlighter is a god send, I’m so over using powder highlighters, cream highlighters look so much more natural and create the glowing from within effect. This highlighter looks better and better as the day goes on and creates he perfect glow!

Glossier Balmdotcom Rose

I recently just went a little crazy and bought 4 of these, I decided to try rose and coconut as I hadn’t had them before. Rose has more flavour and smell to it that coconut, but that does mean that I do find I lick my lips loads just so I can taste it! These balms last for such a long on your lips!

Lush Aqua Marina

I decided to pick up a new cleanser from Lush recently and opted for one which I had not heard a lot about. Initially I think the smell can be a little off putting as it’s very strong and smells like seaweed, but the it feels refreshing especially when you use it in the mornings to wash your face.

Glossier Solution

Ofcourse this bad boy has to make it into a favourites post, I have only been using it a week so far but I can already notice a difference! I will be doing a whole post on this shortly if you want to read more about it then come back soon!

Adexe Petite Sistine Rose Gold Watch

This is my favourite accessory at the moment, everytime I get dressed up this watch gets a day out too! I absolutely love the style and the colour, it makes it the perfect chic accessory which goes with any outfit!

Illamasqua Sculpting Gel

I’ve had this in my makeup collection for a over a year but only just tried it out using a brush to blend it and OMG, it is amazing! It creates the perfect, natural contour shade!

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Selfie Sculpt

I’m a huge fan of Tanya Burr Cosmetics and this brow pencil is one of my favourite products from her, I love how it creates really simple soft looking brows but create a natural define looked without looking like I’ve filled them in. Plus as it comes with a spooley brush which is always a plus so you don’t have to rummage through your make up bag trying to find one!

Mini Christmas Lush Haul


Welcome back again! I’m on a roll with blogging and am loving it again! I finally got around to paying Lush a visit and picking up two Christmas goodies!

Lush is always one of my favourite shops to visit, shopping online just doesn’t to it justice! I love that you can smell it before you see it and that instantly drawers you in and makes you spend spend spend.

Going into Lush can be quite over whelming so it’s best to do your research and figure out what you want before you go. I had been going onto their website weekly trying to make my mind up about what I needed.

I ended up buying the very traditional Snow Fairy shower gel which I get every year, this is the best smelling shower gel in the world! It’s a really mouthwatering smell, and it makes you want to actually just lick the bottle when your using it.

As I love the smell of Snow Fairy so much I knew that I had to buy the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb, this smells exactly the same! My room also now smells amazing because the smell is so strong it travels! I have never had this bomb before so I’m really looking forward to using on my Christmas Eve pamper night!

What are your favourite things to pick up from Lush?


Full body pamper routine 


Today I am sharing my favourite pamper products and what I like to do to treat myself. I tend to only do a full on pamper routine like this before a special occasion like a holiday so this doesn’t happen every week! 


For my face I have just picked out 3 essentials, I do a pretty intense skincare routine daily and there will be a post on that shortly. But for now here are the products I’ve picked for anpamper rouitne. The Philosophy Microdelivery exfoliating face wash is such a pamper product in my eyes, it’s so soft and gentle and leaves my skin feeling great! 

Of course a pamper routine isn’t a really a pamper routine unless there is a face mask involved. I have picked the Soap and Glory De-Clog mask out of my collection as it is really fun to use and really does feel like it’s pulling all the dirt out of your skin! 

And then add loads of hydration back into my skin I like to do a hydrating sheet mask, my favourites are the Garnier masks as I know I can always rely on them! 


No pamper routine is complete without a shower (or a bath), I love using the Whats in it for me Body cleanser which was kindly gifted to me. This smells so fresh and invigorating and adds a pop of summer into my autumnal routine. It also contains so many good ingredients that keep your skin in tip top condition.

Next up, a body scrub! I have been wanting to try out a coffee scrub for the longest time so when this one from Bean Body arrived in the #lfbeautybox I was so happy! As of yet I have not used it, but I will Post a mini review over on my Instagram when I use it! @toriiitoriii

And to finish up treating my body I have been loving using the Zoella Beauty Body Pudding. What I love most about this moisturiser is the little little beads which pop and add even more goodness into your skin! 


Carbon Coco is the newest addition to my pamper routine as I was kindly gifted this! I still have yet to use it, but I’m sure it will be great as I’ve seen so many good reviews on it! Let me know if you want me to document my results! 

Hands & Hair 

For en extra little treat, especially in the colder months it’s good to take care of your hands as they are normally the body part which is out in the horrible weather. I have picked out the Skimono hand mask to use followed by Soap and Glory Hand Food to make my hands extra soft. 

And to finish, a hair oil from Forest & Shore! A hair oil has been a staple for me since the summer and so I use this one from Forest & Shore after every wash. It smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling so soft and managable! 

What products do you use for your pamper routine? 

Victoria xx 

Spring Skincare Routine 


Hello and welcome back to a blog post 3 days in a row! I’m hopefully getting back into the swing of things and getting some motivation to start writing again so there should be plenty more. Today I am going to be sharing my current skincare routine. Recently (last month) I decided to invest in my skincare and get products which I have always wanted to try but the price put me off. I have stepped up my skincare and I can 100% say my skin is looking so much better than before, I have less breakouts and my make up looks good when I apply it and lasts so much longer. 

To begin with I always like to remove the majority of my make up using a wipe, I find this gets rid of the main layer and breaks it down for the cleanser. For face wash I have been loving the new Clay range from Loreal, I opted to try the Detox one first as I thought it would be the perfect match for my skin. It’s a gel to foam consistency and I can really feel it cleaning my skin deep down and drawing out the impurities. 

Every other day I like to use a scrub to get rid of any dead skin cells and to really feel like my skin has had a good refresh. My two favourites at the moment are of course Lush Ocean Salt which is full of fresh ingredients and goodness. Next I have discovered a scrub from the Botanics range at Boots, this has much finer beads and feels great on the skin. 

Just like with the scrub, I like to use a face mask every other day. I have found that by doing this my skin stays clear and heals much quicker. My two favourite masks at the moment are new purchases aswell one being a more affordable one and the other a little more expensive. This is my second tub of the Lorel Pure Clay mask and as I loved it the first time I thought I would purchase it again. This mask smells great and comes of really easily just my rinsing your face with water and scrubbing the mask into your skin for some extra exfoliation. The next mask is the Himalayan Charcoal mask from The Body Shop, this had been on my list for ages and I never could bring myself to splurge £15 on a mask! But I did, and I’m really glad I did. Just like the Loreal mask it smells amazing, really fresh and spa like. However I find this mask so much harder to remove as the little bits stay stuck to my skin. 

More Body Body products! When I bought the fave mask I couldn’t resist trying the toners as they were only £7.50 which personally for a brand like this I think is great. I use these on alternate days and dependant on how my skin is. If my skin if clear I will use the Seaweed one as this mattifies my skin. But if I have breakouts I will use the Tea Tree one to help combat the spots. 

I have a bit of a toner obsession and like to use a ridiculous amount every night! After The Body Shop toner I like to use the Pixi Glow Tonic. I am just about to start my second bottle, I don’t know if it’s working wonders on my skin but the toners is supposed to do great things so I just figure it’s working. This is a little more on the pricey side at £18 for the bottle, however my lay bottle did last me 4 months so I guess I’m the long run it isn’t bad. And hen finally to ca my skin and brighten it I use another Boots Botanic product, the All Bright Toner. 

After all the toners I like to spritz my face with some Thermal Water from Avene, this has lots of minerals and good things in it to help your skin calm down. Once that is dry I go in with a serum from Boots Botanics range again to brighten my skin and add some hydration. 

And lastly moisturiser, a couple of times a week I like to use a Vitamin E mask from Superdrug. This tube is only £2.99 and it is a leave on mask, I find it really nourishing and hydrating. On the other days I like to use yet another product from the Boots Botanics range to moisturise. 

Let me know your favourite skincare products in the comments and what your loving right now! 


Christmas Gift Guide for Her 🎅🏼 what I’ve bought 


Here is my second gift guide and I found this one much easier to do as I  had more people to buy for and it was much like shopping for myself. I had to wait until my best friend had opened her presents before I could upload this so these are pretty quick and easy to get hold of presents. 

For my best friend I picked up this palette from Sleek as I loved how festive it looked and I loved that it had a combination of eye and cheek colours. I also picked her up the Rimmel Kate Moss Contour palette as I think it looks really cute and would be handy to take on holiday. Then keeping with the make up theme, I picked up these gorgeous brushes from Amazon! 

For my other friend I went more down the cosy routine, I bought her this lovely textures blanket from Primark along with some fluffy socks which I know she’ll love. 

I then decided to buy a candle for everyone as everyone loves a candle and especially as Christmas. 

I then picked up some shower gel and bubble bath for my mum and nan. 

And ofcourse chocolate and sweets to go in everyone’s bag, plus how cute is the chocolate make up kit from the Co-Op! 

I chose some nail polish and a lip stick for my mum, and I accidentally bought two of the lipstick so my nan is having that one. 

I love toiletries so I picked these up for everyone, plus they make great stocking fillers. 

I bought my mum a necklace and earring duo along with a watch from Amazon for a really cheap price! They both look so lovely in person and I know she will love them. I then picked my friend up a pair of rose gold studs from Primark which are perfect for over Christmas. 

I bought this travel wallet for my mum as when we go on holiday she carries a plastic wallet which looks awful. So I thought with this she can put in everything she needs and it can be cute. And then for my nan I bought a cute pink travel card holder which she keeps her bank cards in I think. 

And it’s not Christmas without Lush, so I have three of these for my best friend and one of the butterbears for my nan. 

These are perfect little stocking fillers or little extras to add to presents to have a pamper of the holiday season.

My mum and I booked to go to Berlin for my birthday and she always struggles with toiletries and fitting everything she wants in. So I decided to buy her some bits to take with her and a little travel bottle set from Primark which I think I need aswell! 

And finally for my best friend I picked up a Starbucks voucher for her and also one for myself so we could go together. 

And last for my mum I have paid to have Morning Coffee at a Luton Hoo which is a posh big house just before Christmas. And lastly I got us tickets to Mamma Mia in London the day before NYE. 

So there you go, pretty much everything I have bought. I will probally end up buying a few more bits when I think of them!


6 things to get you in the mood for Christmas…


Today I am sharing with you 6 things to get you in the middle for Christmas! I love Christmas and as soon as it hits December 1st then it’s time for everything festive! 

Warm Cosy Pyjamas 
Who doesn’t love warm cosy pyjamas, weather these are really cute Christmassy ones or cheap and tacky ones from Primark. My favourite ones to wear this one of year and my plaid ones I got last year from Primark along with my leopard print onesie. 


Candles are my jam, I love them and if I am in my room I will always have a couple burning. I also love to burn waxes in my wax burner as I find they give a stronger smell. 

Hot Chocolate

I’m pretty sure December is the only month that it’s acceptable to have a hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream on a daily basis. It’s just so yummy and warm! 

Festive Lips 

Ofcourse a festive lip to me means a red lip and they are my favourite type of lip. I have so many red lispticks that I like to rotate them daily so I get a chance to use them all. 

Festive Nails 

Nothing says Christmas like red, glittery nails! I like to rock a glittery nail for the whole of December and even November! I love pairing red and silver glitter together. Although you could go for a more subtle Christmas nails and use a nude shade with a glitter on top which looks equally as festive! 

Festive Body Wash 

Christmas can be everywhere, even in your shower. In December I love using Snow Fairy from Lush as it smells amazing and so Christmasy. This is actually still my bottle from last year as I never got around to finishing it up. I bet you can even buy a Christmas body lotion aswell! 

Let me know what gets you in the mood for Christmas! 


Lush Haul 


This month I decided I should pick up some of the Halloween products and a couple of face masks. 

I picked up Catastrophe Cosmetic which is designed to help your skin when it breaking out. It contains blueberries and camomile to help your skin recover. I then picked up Cosmetic Warrior which is also to tackle spots, but this one doesn’t smell as nice as contains garlic. I love Lush face masks! 

I have been wanting to try a massage bar for ages and this seemed to be the most popular one so I chose this. The smell is really unusual but I love it, it smells really relaxing and spa like. 

Omg! How adorable is he! This little ghost is a bath melt and I couldn’t help but buy him! 

This is my second sparkly pumpkin and I can’t wait to use it closer to Halloween! It is covered in glitter and you get covered in glitter every time you touch it. But it’s so pretty! 

Product Empties #6


Skin Care

In my empties this month are a lot of my favourite items, first of all my favorite face mask from Lush, Don’t Look At Me. I recieved this face mask free when I took back 5 empty pots. And it’s bright blue and amazing! I mainly like it because of the colour, but it also smells really fresh and a really exfoliating when you take it off. Really need to purchase another one of these! Another face mask is Brazened Honey, this was a less popular one for me. I wasn’t a fan of it but I used it anyway. So I wouldn’t buy this one again. No7 Over Night Eye Serum, this was in a box of other No7 products from my best friend for Christmas and I’ve finally used it up. I found this really hydrating and cooling on my under eyes. Superdrug Vitamin E Mask is my favorite skin care product at the moment and I’m about to finding up my second run of it. It’s £2.99 and it’s wonderful, it leaves my skin feeling great and full of moisture. Superdrug Vitamin E Toner is another great product from Superdrug and it’s so cheap! I like to spray this on before the mask so I get loads of Vitamim e. Clean and Clear Balckhead Cleanser, I used this every night to get rid of the black heads on my nose and it worked great. And it lasts a really long time as a little goes a long way. 

I am never allowed a bath at home but on the rare occasions I am I like to use bubble bath which smells amazing, and the Sanctuary one does! I also tried this dry shampoo from Insette, I have never been one to buy Batiste dry shampoo as I find ones for £1 work just as good. If my hair is feeling a little brittle and dry I like to use a conditioner treatment, and this one from Andrew Barton worked wonders! I really need to go and buy more of this as my hairs needs some love. If my hair is feeling dry after washing then I add a bit of Aragon oil to help add moisture. To protect my hair I have been using the Treseme Heat Defence for what seems like forever as it’s such a big bottle. 

And lastly I have finished 2 candles from Primark, any candle lovers out there must give Primark a go. Their candles are so inexpensive and smells amazing! 

Empties #5


I have used up so many products and had been collecting them in a bag and as I had so many I thought I would do another post about them. First off all let’s talk about about the pink hair mask above, this was in a Glossy Box and I would never buy this myself. I really did not like the smell of this, it was just a funny smell that I couldn’t get accustomed too even though I have used it all up. Next is some dry shampoo from Asda, when I bought this dry shampoo I bought two and the first one I used was awful, it did nothing. By then I tired this bottle and it worked, so I obviously had a dud one. Over all for one pound I think it does a good job. Next is another hair mask from Naobay which was also in a Glossy Box, and I did like this one. I used this for more special occasions when I wanted to pamper my hair, so the night before going on holiday. Next I have two deodorant, the first is Nivea and I really like this one and the second is the ladies Lynx which I got in a set for Christmas. I wouldn’t actually buy this again as I wasn’t found of the smell but it did last long and stopped me from smelling which is always good, haha. 

This is a bit more of a random category, I have an empty tub of multi vitamins from Asda which were only a pound and I have re-purchased these. And the I have 2 nail art pens which I would buy again as I find them really hard to use. And lastly is a Barry M glitter nail varnish, I love all Barry M nail varnishes so I would buy this again. 

And the last category is skin care. I have a Garnier moisturiser [green tub] which was good but I wouldn’t buy it again as I like to use stronger moisturisers. Underneath is the Soap & Glory hot cloth cleanser which I found broke me out, even though I always used a real face wash afterwards. So i wouldn’t buy this again, it was good to try and find out what all the hype is about. And below that is one of my favorite face masks from Lush, Done Look At Me. This is a bright blue face mask which has a lovely smell and always made my skin feel clean and fresh afterwards. To the side of the that is my all time favorite Rimmel Stay Matte powder which I already have 2 new ones off, this is wonderful at keeping your face matte throughout the day. Above is the Garnier micelles water which I got while it was on offer. I have to say I would much rather use a face wipe and then wash my face which cleanser rather than using the water to remove my make up. I then have a few bits I got in a subscription box which were really easy to use, I feel like you don’t get enough product though to find out if you actually like it. I also have a Sex Wax lip balm which I purchased about 4 years when I was in Santa Cruz, CA. I haven used it up but I figured I’ve had it for so long it can’t be good anymore!

And that concludes my empties, and I already have a stash of more empty products ready for my next post! 

Product Empties #4 


Once again I have used up a lot of things so I thought is oils share my opinions on them and weather or not I would buy them again. 

Simple Toner I bought this about a month ago and hadn’t used Simple in years. I really liked this toner and I would buy this again as I felt it helped my skin. 

Lush Dream Cream I’m not a huge fan of body moisturising so I wouldn’t actually buy this again. I really did enjoy using it and it lasted for over 6 months and smells amazing. 

Loreal Triple Active Day Cream This is my favourite moisturiser, I find it really helps repair my skin after a having a couple of spots and gives it a really good moisturise. This is sometimes sold for £4 at Asda which is a really good deal. 

Garner Moisture Matte Cream I liked this moisturiser for when I didn’t have time to do my foundation but didn’t want a shiny face from my normal moisturiser. It worked really well so I would buy this again. 

Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream I got this in a Glossy Box so I’m not sure how much this actually retails for. But I wouldn’t buy it myself. I found that it was a bit to greasy and hydrating for the day time, especially when trying to apply foundation over the top. 

Balance Youth Serum I decided to start using a serum to just add a little bit more hydration to my skin at night and give it a boost. I did really enjoy using this. 

Classics Nail Polsih Remover This nail polish remover is only a pound from the pound shop and works a treat and lasts a really long time because it’s a huge bottle. 

Beauty Protector Leave in Conditioner I also got this in a Glossy Box I believe and it was really god I to use are after washing my hair. Plus it smells amazing! 

I had a sort through my nail polish and these are ones I found that were dried up and not enough left to use. 

Skincare Routine // Collab 


This is my first ever collab and its with my best friend Nicola from We have decided to share our evening shower and face routine. Head over to Nicolas post to see what she loves to use. 


So start with I like to try and get as much make up off my face as possible without using a face wash. I like to use this oil from Loreal which you massage into your skin and then make up melts away. After that I like to use the Boots Botanics eye make up remover which is the only remover which can take off my waterproof mascara. I then go in with a face wash, at the minute I am loving this one by Simple which helps with breakouts and is really good for your skin. Once a week I like to exfoliate so I use Ocean Salt by Lush which gives a deep clean and leaves your face feeling really soft. A few times a week I like to do a face mask, I am loving the Don’t Look At Me face mask from Lush at the moment because it is such an awesome colour! 



In the shower I like to use a scrub and a gel. At the minute I have been loving the body scrub from Soap & Glory which smells amazing. I have then been using this plum body wash from Dove all over. 

Tone & Moisturise 


Next on my face I use the blackhead clearing cleanser mainly for my nose, I wipe this over my face on a cotton pad. Once that it soaked in I then spritz the Vitamin E toner over my skin and wait for that to dry. I then use a serum to add extra moisture and help my skin repair. Followed by my favourite moisturiser from Loreal. I then also use a eye cream from No7. A few times a week I also like to use castor oil, I massage it into my eyebrows and eyelashes as this helps them grow. 



Recently I have been loving this body lotion from Victoria’s Secret. It smells amazing and is really hydrating! 

Lush Empties & Free Face Mask 



These are all the Lush products that I have ever owned and used up. Lush is one of my favourite skin care brands and I especially love their face masks because they feel so good on your skin and really help it.  

 I was not a huge fan of Mask of Magnaminty because it was mint and I don’t particularly like it that much. So I actually wouldn’t buy this again. The Cranberry face mask was a Christmas Special and I really like the smell and texture of this. And finally Cosmetic Warrior smells awful by is so good for your skin, especially if your prone to breakouts. I’m about to buy a new one of these because my skins been really bad recently.  

 I bought Buche De Noel last Christmas (2014) and wasn’t a huge fan. I didn’t like consistency of it and found it quite clumpy even when mixing with water. Ocean Salt however is a real favourite of mine, I love the smell and afterward it leaves your skin feeling so soft because of the avocado butter. I already have 2 of these and will keep buying them!  

 This Dream Cream lasted me over 6 months and smells amazing like lavender. I wouldn’t buy this again because it is expensive for what it is, I’m quite happy using a £1 moisturiser. 

Free Face Mask 


 Lush have an amazing policy that if bring back 5 empty black pots you get a free face mask! I walked into the shop and told the lady that I had the empty pots, she told me to pick a face mask and that was it. So quick and easy! I’m already picking out new face masks to buy so I can collect more black pots. It’s such a good idea, so I got this face mask for free when it was actually £6.95! Bargain!