Another Instagramable place in London


On the same day I went to Peggy Porschen’s for the third time I also found this cute little bakery literally a 30 second walk down the road, this meant I went from eating cake to getting this watermelon pretty much instantly, but oh well.

We were walking past the bakery ‘Dominique Ansel Bakery’ when a girl walked out with a watermelon with ice cream inside, I didn’t have to think twice about the fact that I NEEDED that in my life! It’s so hard these days to find really unique cool places to eat that are not all over social media so I was rather excited about the fact I’d never seen the watermelon on my Instagram feed before. 

The watermelon itself is a grand total of £6.50 which is pretty impressive considering you don’t get a lot of actual food but I guess I got my moneys worth of photos. As soon as I had it in my hands the mini photoshoot outside the shop commenced and I am obsessed with the photos! 

The bakery also does some other really cool instagramable food and has the cutest flower wall on the inside ready for so many more cute photos!

You can take a look at their website here .

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Peggy Porchens…again


Hello again, it has been quite a while it seems but today I thought I would share some photos from my third time at Peggy Porchens from May half term. 
Initially Peggy’s wasn’t on the list of places to go that day, Elan Cafe was, but we went, sat down and I just really didn’t like it in there. So we got up left and walked to Peggy’s. 
Luckily there was no queue so we only had to wait about 10 minutes in order to get a seat outside. 

The longest was waiting for our order as they seemed to had forgotten about us and left us sat there for half an hour before we finally got out food. By food I of-course mean cake, cake and more cake. 

As it was my third time I thought I should switch up my order from the red velvet cupcake and I tried the cookies and cream cupcake, this was a good decision! I can safely say it tasted better than the red velvet, plus it had an oreo inside the cake. I also decided to have an iced coffee. 

I was also super excited to go to Peggy’s to see the new summer display, this display is definitely my favourite one so far with all the pretty hanging flowers and I just love the way my photos have turned out this time!

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The cutest cake shop | Peggy Porschen


Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and enjoyed the time relaxing with family and friends and eating your way into a food coma. Today I thought I would share some photos of the gorgeous cake shop that is Peggy Porschen in London.

While I was in London last week with my best friend we went along to Peggy’s as she had never been before and I love the place! It was so cute and festive with all the pink and white decorations (which go great with my instagram feed) and ofcourse all the yummy cakes they make!

As this was a little Christmas treat we both decided to get a cake and a hot drink, I opted for the Red Velvet Cupcake (which I had last time) and Nicola opted for the Caramel Layer Cake. Ofcourse both were delicious and finished off within minutes, after the mini photo shoot!

Peggy Porschen’s is truely a lovely well run little business which definitely deserves loads of love, so next time your in London head along and try it! And don’t be put of by the queue either, surprisingly it goes down fairly quickly!

And finally, if you visit on a cold winters day don’t let that put you off sitting outside, they give you a blanket to keep warm which is super sweet!

116 Ebury Street, Belgravia,

London SW1W 9QQ

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The cutest cake shop: Peggy Porshen Cupcakes 


A few weeks ago during the summer I made it my mission to get to the infamous Peggy Porshen Cupcake shop! This place has been on my hit list for the longest time and finally I went! 

This place is an Instagramers paradise and you can see why! When we arrived there was luckily only one person having a photo shoot outside, I’d seen lots of people saying that it would be really busy so I didn’t think I would even get a decent photo of the building itself. But luckily, going early in the morning means you beat the queues. 

I totally planned my outfit to match the aesthetics of the shop! Just kidding, but it did look like I did! 

Even though it was a lot less busier than anticipated, we still had a wait to get a table outside. The lovely lady who worked in the shop could see we were waiting so she came over and had a chat and told us about the owners which was really nice. After half an hour, and me constantly saying let’s just go, we won’t get a table, we finally got one! And it was right next to the big flower display. 

Even the menus were cute! 

Going to eat here is defienlty a one off, it’s a treat, a long awaited treat so no matter how much a cupcake is I was having one! 

The best sign EVER! 

I didn’t even feel embarrassed about being in the middle of the street having a photo shoot with my red velvet cupcake! 

So the cake, I chose red velvet and I’m so glad I did. This was without a doubt the best red velvet cake I’ve ever tasted so definitely worth nearly £5! 

This place is just wonderful! There are no other words to describe it other than pink cake heaven! I definitely do want to go again, maybe in winter on a nice cold brisk morning! 

It’s definitely an experience worth checking out! 

Victoria xx 

A day in London 


Yesterday I surprised my best friend with tickets to see Wicked the musical for her birthday. We got the train into London (after Starbucks off course). I tried the Strawberries & Cream Frappe for the first time, I don’t know if I would have it again but it was really nice and refreshing (I prefer the Java Chip). 

When we arrived in London we made a b-line to Covent Garden to get some lunch. 

Covent Garden is such a pretty place! Every time I go they’ve added more cute things such as all the flowers. Also not how blue the sky is (because it wasn’t blue for long). 

For lunch we chose Maxwells, I had sweet potato fries and a smoothie which were delicious. After a quick snack we got up to leave and noticed that it was chucking it down! I had never seen rain like this in London before (mainly because we also look at the weather before going and try to avoid the rain, but when you have tickets there’s not much you can do). Everyone outside was getting soaked while we seemed refuge inside Maxwells until it stopped. Luckily we only had to wait 5 minutes till it cleared up! 

After the rain we hurried over to Victoria, where Wicked is performed at the Appolo Victoria Theatre. This was my 9th time seeing the show (yes I’m obsessed, I havnt been in atleast 2-3 years & I justify it by saying it’s just like watching your favourite movie). If you have seen this show then you will know what I’m on about, if you have not seen the show then you need to! 

After the theatre the plan was to have dinner in Hard Rock Cafe but when we arrived the queue was ridiculous so we headed back to Covent Garden to find some food around that area. On the way we walked though St James’s park and saw Buckingham Palace and some more pretty houses. By this point the weather was perfect and you would not have even known it had poured earlier. 

Another first for me yesterday was Five Guys, I had heard so much about it and seen it everywhere that I wanted to try it out. At first I didn’t think there would be anything I would eat as I don’t eat beef burgers, but luckily I saw they had grilled cheese on the menu! While I was in America I lived off grilled cheese so I knew I had to get it, it was o good I ended up having two as you can see!

Literally a few steps down the road was Amornio which does the cute flower icecreams. 

With our icecreams we walked down towards he Thames and then went on Waterloo bridge where we got amazing views of the city. It looked so pretty and it’s hard to believe that this is London! 

We then walked all the way down to Westminster along the Thames. And from here we headed back to St Pancras and home. Just like  that the day was over.


Some selfies from the day 

Christmas Gift Guide for Her 🎅🏼 what I’ve bought 


Here is my second gift guide and I found this one much easier to do as I  had more people to buy for and it was much like shopping for myself. I had to wait until my best friend had opened her presents before I could upload this so these are pretty quick and easy to get hold of presents. 

For my best friend I picked up this palette from Sleek as I loved how festive it looked and I loved that it had a combination of eye and cheek colours. I also picked her up the Rimmel Kate Moss Contour palette as I think it looks really cute and would be handy to take on holiday. Then keeping with the make up theme, I picked up these gorgeous brushes from Amazon! 

For my other friend I went more down the cosy routine, I bought her this lovely textures blanket from Primark along with some fluffy socks which I know she’ll love. 

I then decided to buy a candle for everyone as everyone loves a candle and especially as Christmas. 

I then picked up some shower gel and bubble bath for my mum and nan. 

And ofcourse chocolate and sweets to go in everyone’s bag, plus how cute is the chocolate make up kit from the Co-Op! 

I chose some nail polish and a lip stick for my mum, and I accidentally bought two of the lipstick so my nan is having that one. 

I love toiletries so I picked these up for everyone, plus they make great stocking fillers. 

I bought my mum a necklace and earring duo along with a watch from Amazon for a really cheap price! They both look so lovely in person and I know she will love them. I then picked my friend up a pair of rose gold studs from Primark which are perfect for over Christmas. 

I bought this travel wallet for my mum as when we go on holiday she carries a plastic wallet which looks awful. So I thought with this she can put in everything she needs and it can be cute. And then for my nan I bought a cute pink travel card holder which she keeps her bank cards in I think. 

And it’s not Christmas without Lush, so I have three of these for my best friend and one of the butterbears for my nan. 

These are perfect little stocking fillers or little extras to add to presents to have a pamper of the holiday season.

My mum and I booked to go to Berlin for my birthday and she always struggles with toiletries and fitting everything she wants in. So I decided to buy her some bits to take with her and a little travel bottle set from Primark which I think I need aswell! 

And finally for my best friend I picked up a Starbucks voucher for her and also one for myself so we could go together. 

And last for my mum I have paid to have Morning Coffee at a Luton Hoo which is a posh big house just before Christmas. And lastly I got us tickets to Mamma Mia in London the day before NYE. 

So there you go, pretty much everything I have bought. I will probally end up buying a few more bits when I think of them!


Instagramable Places in London // Travel Tuesday 



If you follow some of the really successful bloggers you will have probably heard of this place, it is the the place with the really cool pod toilets and pink restaurant. But as we were going there for breakfast we are in the parlour, which was also really cute and had a real vintage vibe to it as you can see from the photos. 

But I have To admit my favourite part was the toilets! How embarrassing, but these toilets were pretty cool! They were all glass and lit up and then when you walk in there was glass beads hanging and inside the actual toilet stalls they were black with deads creating a spider outline. Sketch is definelty worth a check out just for the toilets, but also the pan o’chocolat was also good. 


I had seen tons of people post this photo on Instagram and this is of the shop front of Fenwicks Of Bond Street.

The Attendant 

Not many people may know about this place, and I didn’t until my mum told me so ofcourse we had to go and check it out. Some really old toilets have been turned into a little cafe under the streets of London and they have kept the urinals to make it really unique. We didn’t really stop here long as you can see if was quite small and very busy. 

Neil’s Yard 

I have been to London hundreds of times and to Covent Garden but had never heard of Neils Yard. Somehow I found a photo on Pinterest and then decided I needed to go and take my own photos. It’s quite small, and really busy but worth checking out for the pretty buildings and colours. 

Portebello Road 

And in all my tears of going to London I had never been to Portebello road! I can’t believe it! It’s so pretty there but also so busy. I really wanted to get a cute photo infront of a house but there was loads of cars which did not look cute. But now I know where it is I will be going back for sure! 

Sky Garden 

And the final place is the Sky Garden up the top of the Walkie Talkie. It’s free to go up, you just need to book in advance. From the top you see across the top of London and have a drink or some food from the restaurant. And I can confirm I will be going back there because it is an experience worth doing! 

Spring Essentials 


 With the first week of spring a go I decided I would pick out my favourite spring essentials to share with you all. Hope you enjoy, let me know what your essentials are!   
Spring is the transition from the dark berry shades to the bright colours, so I have picked some of my favourite pinks for the spring. Rimmel Apocalips Out Of This World, Clinique Chubby Stick Whoopin’ Watermelon, Rinmel Provocalips Little Minx, Milani Rose Hip, New Look Candy Pink, Rimmel Kate Moss 28 and Mac Saint Germain. 

 For nails I have seem to have picked out a lot of purples, but I find these pastel light colours are perfect for spring.China Glaze in That’s Shore Bright, Ciate Sugar Plum, Barry M Prickly Pear, New Look Purple, Barry M Sugar Apple. 


For skin care I have a scrub for Soap & Glory and the body lotion that goes with it, these of course smell amazing and make your skin so soft. And as we are getting I into the warmer months I like to start tanning, my favourite way to tan is using a gradual moisturiser from Dove which gives a natural glow.  

 I also picked out some candles and a wax as I still love to burn these even in the summer and spring as they make everything smell really good. 

Finally in Spring you can start adding a bit of colour to your eyes, so I have picked out my two favourite palettes for this. The stunning colourful one is Mermaids Forever by Make Up Revolution, this is perfect for adding a fun pop of colour to your lash line or all over your lid. I then also picked Urban Decay Naked 3 as this has lots of pinks and purples for the spring and so many looks can be created from this palette. 

M.A.C Red Lipstick 


 When I went to London I knew I wanted to get a Mac Lipstick but I hadn’t decided on a colour. I wanted something red, and originally I was going to get Russian Red but then I decided on M.A.C Red and I am so happy with the decision. I already have Ruby Woo but it really dries my lips out and makes them a funny texture so I definetly didn’t want another Matte lipstick. M.A.C Red is a satin lipstick and is so glossy. I wore this for a whole day in Londom and it didn’t make my lips so funny and didn’t end up all over my face. I always find that if it’s windy my hair ends up on my lisp and the lipstick goes everywhere, but with this one it didn’t!