Another Instagramable place in London


On the same day I went to Peggy Porschen’s for the third time I also found this cute little bakery literally a 30 second walk down the road, this meant I went from eating cake to getting this watermelon pretty much instantly, but oh well.

We were walking past the bakery ‘Dominique Ansel Bakery’ when a girl walked out with a watermelon with ice cream inside, I didn’t have to think twice about the fact that I NEEDED that in my life! It’s so hard these days to find really unique cool places to eat that are not all over social media so I was rather excited about the fact I’d never seen the watermelon on my Instagram feed before. 

The watermelon itself is a grand total of £6.50 which is pretty impressive considering you don’t get a lot of actual food but I guess I got my moneys worth of photos. As soon as I had it in my hands the mini photoshoot outside the shop commenced and I am obsessed with the photos! 

The bakery also does some other really cool instagramable food and has the cutest flower wall on the inside ready for so many more cute photos!

You can take a look at their website here .

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Thanks for reading xx

A day in my life: Sunday 14th June 


Today I went to a Car Show so I thought I would share some of my pictures, I’m not a huge car person but if it looks pretty and it’s pink then I will like it. 

11:00 I woke up pretty late today, 11am but I have been up late catching up on Nashville so I need the sleep. Every morning I like to watch some YouTube videos in bed to catch up on my subscriptions. 

11:30 After watching enough and realising that I need to start getting ready, I make my bed and get the make up I want to wear. 

12:30 I always struggle deciding what to wear and my room ends up looking like a bomb site! Today I opted for a playsuit from Boohoo and a denim jacket from Select and my new Missguided sandals.  


13:30 We headed to the Car Show, and I ended up walking around with my mum and my nan, grandad and brother walked around together.   


We spent about 2 hours walking around and of course I had to have an ice cream.  


And got some cute little bracelets and beads.  

16:00 Recently I have been trying to reduce the amount of time I have make up on my face, so as soon as I got home I took all my make up off and put a face mask on.  

17:00 My recent obsession has been sweet potato fries so I made these for my dinner, I love making them as it feels more rewarding knowing I’ve prepared them and cooked them. 


1830 After dinner, I decided to paint my nails and watch more of Nashville and will do this until I fall asleep.