What’s in my travel makeup bag | ft The Flat Lay Co {gifted}


Todays post is all about the make up I am taking with me to Genoa, featuring the beautiful Flat Lay Co makeup bag*. This was sent to me a little while ago and I have been waiting patiently to be able to use it, and I figured this short trip would be perfect. I was a bit sceptical about whether all my make up would fit, but it actually did. This is my second Flat Lay Co bag, they are so handy when it comes to travelling as it’s so easy to lay all your make up out and not worry about getting it on the white hotel bed sheets. 

You can check out their website here or on Asos.

I decided for this trip that I would try and pack light and only take what I am going to use, so I think I have in the main part done so. 

I have picked the Dermalogica Primer* as this is my favourite primer that own right now, it is very similar to Benefit Porefessional, but contains SPF making it perfect for holidays. 

As for foundation I decided to stick with Mac Studio Fix as I know this lasts a long time and also contains SPF making it ideal for sunny weather. A newer concealer I am taking is from Thin Lizzy*, this was sent to me a while back and I was obsessed with thier foudnation, so I’m hoping I will feel the same about the concealer. This concealer is also good for under the eyes and on areas which need more coverage. 

The cream bronzer I am packing is from Primark, it was only £2.50 and I needed a new one as I had run out of my favourite one. Although this one is a little bit too dark for me on a daily basis, I’m hoping that once I’ve tanned it will match my body pretty well. 

To set my face I will be using the MUA Cosmetics loose powder in translucent, I use this on a daily basis and keeps my face looking pretty matte all day long. To bronze I will be using Hoola Bronzer from Benefit as this is my go to holiday bronzer as it’s on the more intense darker side. 

To add some colour to my cheeks I have packed the Zoella x Colourpop brush as this is a really pretty pink shade. And then to finish off my face make up I have chosen Glossier Haloscope in Quartz as my highlighter as this gives a lovely dewy finish. 

For mascara I have chosen to take the Natural Collection waterproof mascara, I chose to go with a waterproof one just so it will last longer in the heat and not sweat off. For my eye shadow I have opted for the Urban Decay Aphrodisiac palette and a Zoella x Colourpop liquid shadow in OG.

To define my brows I have packed my new eye brow hd pencil from Sainsbury’s which I am pretty obsessed with, and Loreal Brow Plumper to set them in place.

Finally, for my lips I have packed YSL 201, MAC Viva Glam 2 and MAC Fashion Legacy as I like to go for a very bold bright lip on holiday.

A Postcard from Positano


When I booked my holiday to Naples I had no idea that going to visit Positano would even be possible, that being said it was a little bit out the way but well worth the visit! The photos I got here were some of my favourites from the whole trip!

Positano is such a pretty place and much like what you see plastered all over Instagram.

We arrived early afternoon, we were dropped off at the top of the hill by a bus and started the walk down. We had no idea where we were actually going but decided to just wing it and see where we ended up. Walking down the little alley ways was rather painful and in my mind I was dreading the walk back up at the end of the day.

When we made it down to the beach, we headed straight for food which consisted of pizza followed by ice cream. Then the photo taking commences and continued until we left.

It is such a quaint little town, I can’t imagine how busy it gets in the summer, it must be absolutely packed full of tourists!

Positano is such a photogenic place regardless of the weather.

There is not a lot to do there unless you literally just want to lay on the rocky beach all day and eat ice cream (which doesn’t sound half bad), so we decided to we would get a boat round to Sorrento so we got to tick another place off the list. Also this meant I didn’t have to walk back up all those stairs which was a result.

Victoria xx

3 Days in Rome // Colosseum Vatican Trevi Fountain


Day 1   

  Our day began with a free walking tour around a few areas of Rome which your wouldn’t generally find yourself unless you knew they were there. The tour was just under 3 hours long so we covered quite a bit of ground and saw lots of places. At the halfway point we stopped and got gelato, ofcourse I got chocolate and was lucky enough to get it on two comes because the lady broke the first one. From here we headed down to the Pantheon and went inside their to see the massive hole in the ceiling. It was act sully such a was day with temperatures around 25degrees so it was really nice going in marble buildings and in the small streets out of direct sunlight.   

  Ofcourse I can’t actually tell you exactly what we saw because I wasn’t exactly paying attention, I was just there to take photos. The tour finished up just outside the Varican as you can see in the middle photo behind the bridge. 
After the tour we walked all the back to the main area, which felt like it took forever as my legs were aching so much at this point. Having an iPhone and being able to use it abroad is such a handy thing, we literally would not be able to find our way around if we didn’t have it. We took some back streets and eventually found Hard Rock Cafe where we decided to go for lunch, and I also have a cheeky cocktail. My favorit me is the Big-Kabluna, if you like Malibu and Pina Colado then you must try it, plus it’s blue!   


After lunch we headed to the Trevi Fountain. This was my second time in Rome so I had seen most of what we were seeing again, but it’s still amazing. It was so busy here, and it’s so hard to get a photo with no body else in it.  

  After the Trevi Fountain we walked to the Palazzo Venezia which is a palace. Here we paid €7 to go up in a lift to the top, which is the highest point in Rome to see across the city. From here you can see the Colleseum and all the ruins. 

Our final call of the day was the Spanish Steps, but they were under construction and all boarded off so they weren’t as nice as why they were last time I came. While my mum walked to the top of the steps I went into Sephora and did a little bit of shopping, when in Rome! 

For dinner we found an amazing McDonald’s just round the corner of the Spanish Steps, it was set right back into the building and was the biggest McDonalds I’ve ever seen. 

We then caught a taxi back to the hotel and I had a relaxing hot bath for my tired legs. 

(If your going to Rome and don’t want to pay for a tour then definelty check out Romes Ultimate tour, you reserve a space online and are given a meeting place. A guide takes you round some places which arnt heavily populated by tourists and then some popular places. It last for just under three hours and it is optional to give a tip at the end. )

Day 2 
Our second day began by hopping on the sightseeing bus which stops off near the major attractions. Our first stop was the Vatican as we wanted to go inside, but when we got there we realised there was a special mass on (which we think the Pope was delivering) and there was so much security going into St Peters Square. This day was super hot, 25degrees which is pretty much like being on a summer holiday, but as we were planning on going inside I was wearing tights under my playsuit which was horrible! We sat down for a little bit and had gelato and then decided to go to the Colosseum so we didn’t waste a day.  

 We got back on the bus and got off at the Colleseum, there was a huge queue to get in. As we also didn’t realise the first Sunday of every month all the museums and places are free. We somehow managed to find a tour guide who charges €15 euros for a guided tour and you get to skip the line. So that was worth it just to queue, unfortunately we needed to go to the toilet so we ended up loosing the tour guide so we just walked around on our own which I think is better as moving in huge groups in crowded places is so hard.   


After looking round the Colleseum we went to Palatine hill which is over the road, this was also free so it meant it was really busy. It had loads of Roman ruins and temples which are really cool!  

There is also loads of drinking water running through the city coming out of fountains which never stop running which means it’s safe to drink. I filled up my bottle so many times as it was such a hot day in the sun! 

Day 3


This was the day we finally made it into the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. When we arrived the queues were massive already, so we headed over to a tourist info place and bought some tickets. Even though St Peters Basillica is free entry we paid €15 to skip the line as we were on a time limit this day due to flying home. We then also paid €32 for a skip the line pass and entry into the Vatican Museums which was good as we walked straight pass the line and headed into the museums. There is so much to see here so you definelty need a day to take it all in. Once again it was such a hot day, but I opted for leggings this day as I figured I would be a lot cooler with them on rather than tights. Once we had been in the Sistene Chapel I changed into my shorts to cool off. 

We were actually done earlier that we thought, mainly because our feet hurt so much so we couldn’t bare to walk anymore. We sat out in the square where we had sat the day before and had some more gelato. We got a taxi back to the hotel and found a little place to sit with sun loungers, even though there was a tree in the way of the sun. 

We then headed to the airport in a taxi which felt like it took forever as it was rush hour traffic when we left. 

Over all it was a really nice trip, and it was great to see everything again and take more photos. 

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