Lazy Day Morning Routine


Here is a lazy day get ready with me which is kind of like a morning routine. 

The first thing I do when I wake up is head to the bathroom with my cute little Zoella cup and full it up with water. Over the past few weeks I have been trying to drink a whole cup before I have any breakfast to keep me extra hydrated to see if it helps my skin. 

As today was a miserable day I decided to light a little Primark candle, these are my favourites as there only £1 yet really cute! And I can actually smell it burning away from my bed. 

On days when I’m doing nothing or have a long time to get ready I like to do a quick skincare routine to refresh my skin. 

I have been using the Garnier Rose Water Cleanser to just remove any dirt built up over the night followed by the Boots Botanics All Bright Toner to brighten my skin. 

And then to finish I go in with a brightening serum followed by the Clinique Moisturising Gel to hydrate and get my skin ready for the day. 

Now onto the important bit, breakfast! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day as I love a big bowl of rice crispies. I also love a coffee in the morning, normally in the summer I would turn it into an ice coffee but as it’s not a very nice day it’s just a hot latte. I eat my breakfast whilst watching YouTube catching up on my subscriptions. And gradually drink my coffee while I’m getting ready wsnits way to hot to drink it straight away.

And now, make up time! As I am actually not going anywhere I wanted to test out products which I don’t usually reach for to see if they work for my skin.

Primer Rimmel Fix & Perfect 

Foundation Maybelline Fit Me 

Concealer MUA Cover & Conceal 

Mascara Illamasqua 

Eye Shadow Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave 

Cream Bronze Seventeen 

Brows Benefit Browzing & Gimme Brow

Bronzer Sephora Caledonia 

Blush Nars Orgasm 

Highlighter MAC Soft & Gentle 

Lip Liner Loreal Universal Liner 

Lipstick Barry M Pose

Before I get dressed I like to do the last minute bits, for my hair I like to douse it in dry shampoo. My favourite dry shampoo is from the fresh one from Co Lab, this is also great because if your in a rush you don’t need to worry about the white marks left in your hair, because there isn’t! I then slather on some body lotion to try and maintain the the little tan I do have and then spritz my body in a perfume. 

Top Sandals Sandals Primark Hat Peacocks

And there you have it my lazy day morning routine for when I’m really not doing anything exciting at all! 

Victoria xx 

A day in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland 


I actually cannot believe I am about to write a blog post about the fact I’ve been to the Blue Lagoon. I have seen hundreds of photos, videos and blog posts all about this and finally I can write one myself so it’s kind of surreal. 

I still don’t really understand the concept of the Blue Lagoon apart from that it is geo thermal and that is why it is so hot. Initially you think that it is not going to be that hot, but because of the outside air temperature it is so hot! 

So, my best friend and I booked the trip before we left for Iceland, we paid €50 for the spa and another €30 for a transfer to and from the lagoon. If you are going then I would definelty recommend paying for the transfer as it is really well planned and organised. We arrived an hour before our time slot which gave us time to wonder around the outside and take some photos and eat our Subway for lunch. 

Once it was time to go in we went and got our wristbands from reception which work as a credit card type thing. You can open and close your locker with them and buy drinks at the bar along with an extra face mask. 

So once we had got changed we went down and took an abundance of photos before getting in completely. Before we got in completely we went and applied a mass amount of conditioner which was supplied by the lagoon in the shower area which was perfect because I read that the water makes your hair really difficult to manage once it was wet because of the build up silica. 

There are two bar areas, one that sells drinks and one that sells face masks. Within the standard package you get a free silica face mask, I ended up applying this 3 times as I really wanted to give my skin a good cleanse. The mask is in a huge container where you can help yourself to it. If you want to do the algae mask it’s an extra €3 which is fairly cheap! 

For drinks I had heard it was expensive, so I was a bit reluctant to get one. But as we had been in the lagoon for a few hours I felt I needed something so I had a slush which was so refreshing. 

As I had my phone in a waterproof case we were able to take hundreds of photos and really capture our whole experience before taking my phone back to the locker so we could enjoy it a bit more without worrying about my phone. 

With the standard package you have to provide your own towel and flip flops, which when you are only allowed to take handluggage it does become difficult to say the least. I would say one disadvantage is your towel gets wet so easily because you want to wrap yourself up to stay warm whilst you walk back up to the changing area so by the time your ready to get changed it’s soaked and no longer any use. 

The shuttle bus back to Reykjavik leaves every hour on quarter past. It takes about 50 minutes to get to and from. 

Golden Circle Tour, Iceland 


Our first stop on the Golden Circle Tour was Thingveller National Park. It was supper windy here as everything was so exposed. It looked out over plains of green mossy area and little lakes. Here is where the Eurasian and American plates are pulling apart. 

Our second stop was Geyser where water bursts up through pools of water every couple of minutes. This was such an amazing this to see, every one would be waiting in complete silence with their cameras ready until it exploded out and then you heard everyone’s amazement. 

Above is Gullfoss waterfall which is probably the thing I was most excited about seeing and how can you not be! It looks stunning, even in the miserable weather we had it looked amazing! 

And the final stop of the tour is to a crater called Kerio. This place was super windy and we were literally there 3 minutes before running back to the bus! 

Everyday make up for Iceland // MOTD 


Today I am going to be sharing the make up look I chose to create everyday while I was on holiday in Iceland. As I could only take a small amount of make up I had to use the same products everyday I was there. 

I chose to try out a primer which I never use because I keep in with my travel make up because it’s a sample size so finally I had a chance to use Porefessional by Benefit. This actually worked great and my make up still looked just as good after a day out in the rain and wind. For foundation I also tried out the Barry M Flawless Matte Finish and had to hope that I would be good for my skin, and it was. To conceal under my eyes and on a huge spot I got I while I was there I used Collection Lasting Perfection Concealor. 

For highlighter I used a mini version of Benefit Watts Up which I have fallen in love with and this has made it onto my wish list for a full size version. To set under my eyes I used the Natural Translucent Powder and filled my brows in with MUA LUXE Power Brow. 

To set my brows I used another mini from Benefit, Brow Zings. I then set the rest of my face with Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. For eyeshadow I used the top right hand shimmery colour on my lids and the bottom left brown shade on my outer corner from the Tarte Amazonian Clay Eye Shadow Quad. 

I used the Nars Audacious mascara on my eye lashes as this adds volume and length. For bronzer I used Laguna by Nars and then Rockateur by Benefit as blush. 

A Day In Reykjavik, Iceland 


In October my best friend and I visited Iceland as this had been on our bucket list for quite a while now, I will be doing another blog post on my critical review and how I felt about as a trip. Lets just say I wasn’t as impressed as I should of been but some of it was good.We began our journey at 7:35 departing from our local airport and arrived in Iceland 3 hours later. When we arrived we had the hard part of finding our transfer, as we had booked through Groupon we really needed to make sure we read the small print otherwise we would have had loads of things go wrong. We eventually found our transfer and began our journey to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we had to wait in a little area while our room was being cleaned ready for us. The view from the hotel was pretty nice, views of mountains and typical Iceland. The hotel room was pretty basic, but we managed. After layering up we set out to find the town centre.
We had been given directions to the bus stop, however we did not find any busses so we ended up walking the entire way which took around 40 minutes. On the way we did stop for lunch as we had not eaten since breakfast at the airport. We stopped at a pizza place and ate there. Thank God for iPhones and GPS or we would not have gotten anywhere! We then navigated our way to the big church called Hallgrimskirkja which is the tallest church in Iceland. Before going up the top to look out over the city we decided to go on the city site seeing bus which was a huge mistake. Not only did we wait over 40 minutes for it because it didn’t show up on time, but we were only allowed to stay on for an hour because it finished early so we couldn’t get of at any stops.
Once we arrived back at the bus stop opposite the Hallsgrimkirkja we quickly made our way up to the lookout point which once again we only had half an hour before it closed. But to be honest that was way longer than we needed because as you can imagine it was so cold up there!
As we were on a day trip the next day which had an early pick up we needed to get some breakfast and lunch for it, so we went to a shop called Bonus which is a local supermarket. The best thing that I bought from there was by far jaffa cakes! Luckily we chose to do our food shopping before we ate dinner as the shops also shut early.
For dinner that night we went to what seemed like an American style diner and then got a taxi back to the hotel.

Is Iceland over rated? 


Iceland had been on my bucket list for ages, and I was super excited about going. I had a feeling that I would definelty want to to go back again because I thought it was going to be amazing. However I don’t feel that way now that I’ve been. 

I am super happy and grateful that I have been, and it’s another place crossed off the map. However I think it is so over rated. But then I guess it depends on your expectations before you go, obviously seeing loads of photos and watching loads of videos really influenced my opinion about going and I thought it was going to exactly like that. Even though it wasn’t what I thought we still had a great time. 

I just feel that it’s a place that once you’ve seen one you don’t need to see I again anytime soon. However I think my opinion would be different if it was snowing, when we went it was about 9 degrees warmer than it should of been for October. 

With regards to the Golden Circle Tour I can’t fault that, it is so well planned and the bus drivers are so nice. What I really loved about this tour was the fact that we were on a mini bus, instead of a coach which made everything a lot quicker and easier. This also meant that there wasn’t beards of tourist at each location which meant better photos. 

I guess a major part which made me really disappointed was the fact we didn’t get to see the northern lights. Our tour got cancelled twice because of the weather. But it’s purely pot luck whether you see them and they say it doesn’t matter what time of year, just depends on Mother Nature. We booked through Reykjavik Excursions and I would totally recommend them, they have wonderful customer service! 

Now onto the Blue Lagoon, I was so excited for this because of all the photos I had seen so I was looking forward to recreating them myself. What I loved was the fact that bear enough everyone had their phones/cameras in the water taking selfies so it didn’t feel awkward having little photo shoots. Even though this is one of the most popular places it didn’t seem that busy, you could always find a secluded place in the water to get photos. The face mask they provide for free is the best face mask ever, it made my skin look great! However looking at the airport this face mask is £55 for a little tube of it, which means it must be good! 

The City Sightseeing Red Bus was not worth the money what so ever, we waited for 40 minutes and it didn’t follow the timetable. After we had paid for a ticket which was £25 we found out that we could only spend an hour on it before it shut, so we couldn’t get off anywhere an explore which was really disappointing. 

A must do in the centre is the Hallsgrimkirkja the tallest church in Iceland. It costs 600krona to go up, and it’s actually really quiet compared to other city view points I’ve been too in other countries. So this is definelty worth the money. 

As for the money side of it, yes it is expensive! I find every country I visit if very different with how much stuff costs but Iceland was just so expensive! We paid the equivalent on £20 for a 3 minute taxi ride! My friend paid the equivalent of £7 for one slice of cake! So Iceland is not the place to do if you want to stick to a budget! 

Barry M Flawless Matte Finish Review // Friday’s Favourite 


I have been so eager to try this foundation out but I have so many on the go so I resisted. However when I was packing my make up bag for Iceland I decided to take it with me. 

A few things influenced my decision, the first being the fact it was a light plastic bottle where as a lot of my other foundations are in heavy glass bottles. So practically it’s really good for traveling as it won’t smash. The second reason is what the foundation claims to do for you skin. 

An oil free formulation, containing soothing moisturisers with healing properties, for a flawless Matte finish.

Instantly I knew this one would be perfect for being outside in the wind and rain! I really like that it feels more like a moisturiser when applied and that it has a matte finish as that is my favourite finish.

The fact that it keeps your skin moisturiser throughout the day means that your skin doesn’t get dry or flakey and I felt it lasted a lot longer than my normal foundation. 

Another great reason to buy this foundation is the price, it is only £5.99 and is definelty worth the money. 

What’s in my travel makeup/ toiletry bag for Iceland 


When you are reading this I should be in Iceland! If you want to see what I am up to there go and check out my Instagram @toritalks and @toriiitravels for hopefully some amazing photos!

As we are only going to Iceland for 3 nights we only have hand luggage allowance, which when your a make up addict like me it’s hard! I have managed to make everything fit perfectly and have no room left for any extras. 

I have managed to pack everything apart from my liquids in my toiletry bag from Primark. My liquids are in clear plastic bag in a accessible place to get to when going through security. 

I have chosen to pack two primers, I love the MAC one as I know this really helps my make up last. But I also wanted to try out the Benefit Porefessional primer as I thought this may make my skin look smoother. For foundation I have chosen one by Barry M, I chose this because helps repair and moisten your skin while wearing it and I thought being out in the cold, wind and rain it would help a lot. I have picked one concealor, as we are probably going to be really busy I thought a really thick heavy duty concealor would be best to make my skin more awake. 

For powders I have stuck to my typical two which I know work well and keep me shine free all day. 

I have picked to favourites for my brows, the MUA LUXE Brow power creates more put together brows where as the Maybelline Brow Drama creates a messier look. To set both of these I am bringing Benefit Gimme Brow. 

My sample sizes are finally coming in handy! I have picked my Nars Audascious mascara which is a great mascara and creates really black defined lashes. And for more volume lashes I have picked a mascara from Clinique. 

I have picked the Collection highlight and sculpt duo, I love the contour shade! I have then also packed an ELF duo in the shade Fiji as it’s a great bronze shade and finally a mini Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer.

For highlight I have packed a variety of colours, MAC Soft and Gentle which is more of a pinky shimmer shade. And then I also picked two mini highlighters from Benefit, I used Watts Up for the first time the other day and fell in love! Definelty need to get a full size version soon! 

I’m not a huge blush person so I’ve managed to save loads of space my adding these little ones from Too Faced and Benefit. Once again these are different shades so I can pick which one I want to wear each day. 

By saving room on blush have meant I have more room for lipsticks! Of course lipsticks are my weakness so I have to pick one in every shade. (Left to right) Milani Fearless, Kiko, Nars No Shame, Illamasqua Box, Mac Amourous. 

For eye shadow I have picked out two favourites which are perfect for Autumn. 

I have tried to keep brushes to a minimum so I only have packed these ones which is probably more than enough anyway. 

As I only have a small plastic bag to put my liquids in I had to be sensibile. I have packed a bottle of shampoo, and then luckily I had collected 3 conditioners out of magazines which are perfect for when you can’t take loads! 

I initially wasn’t going to pack the Lee Stafford  hair oil, but I thought I should as my hairs going to be in the weather and the Blue Lagoon. I have also collected a packet of body oil which I am also taking to use after the Blue Lagoon to make sure my skins hydrated. 

I have had these Sephora Shower Gels for 2 years and finally have a reason to use these! And also a packet of tissues because you never know when your going to need them. 

A handy tip for packing only 100ml is to get a solid deodorant! And also taking a half empty tooth paste! 

I have squirted some face wash into this little bottle from Sephora, and some Toner into the white bottle. For moisturiser I have packed one by Vichy, an eye cream from Caudalie and a mini perfume. A lot of these minis came in beauty boxes, so finally it’s paid off getting them all! 

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram to see what I am up to in Iceland! 

@toritalks  @toriiitravels