Goals for October 


October is in full swing now and I have decided to do my first ever monthly goals post and set myself some goals to achieve for the next 31 days! To be honest I don’t really have a clue what my goals should be, but here goes…

  • Publish a blog post daily for the whole month of October
  • Plan & create blogposts for November and sort out a publishing schedule for the rest of the year
  • Think of ideas for December blog posts
  • Aim to go on one walk a week 
  • Walk to work atleast 3 times a week 
  • Reach 4000 followers on Instagram by the end of the month

And that is it, I’m mainly focusing around my blog this month as I really need to motivate myself to post more and ofcourse walking is healthy!

What are your goals for the month? 

Victoria xx

Exploring Spinalonga 


While I was in Crete, Greece I also visited another Island called Spinalonga. My mum had been on about going here because she had read the book ‘The Island’ which is all about the island what happened on the Island. I have to admit I did listen for the first part of the toe but being in the boiling hot sun I soon got fed up, but I got the gist. That night I did go and Google it and did my own research which I found really interesting. The island was basically a place for Lepurs to go back about 50 years, it was an island where people with Leperacy were sent to live so they didn’t infect the rest of the population. It was really interesting visiting and seeing where they lived and learning about their lives. If you have no idea about anything I’ve said, google it, It really is quite interesting. So here are my photos from visiting the island. 

Santorini, Greece 


While I was in Crete I was lucky enough to go to Santorini.It was a very early start, and a 2 hour boat ride followed by a scary coach ride up the edge of the cliffs. We visited Oia first and spent an hour and a half there and then was taken to Fira where we spent 3 hours. 


As we only had an hour and a half in Oia it went so quick, but to be honest it was probably enough. It was so hot and so busy! There was just piles of people wandering through the little streets and everyone stopping to take photos and you can see why! 

We walked right along the path to the edge and up some stairs where we met a donkey, and looked out over the island. It definelty was just like all the photos I’ve seen but better! 

We even manages to find Lolitas which I have seen all over Instagram so as soon as I saw it I ran in for an icecream. We then made our way back to the coach and started our journey to Fira. While in Fira we had a choice of activities to but we chose to stay in the town and do some souvenir shopping.


Fira wasn’t exactly what I expected, it was a lot more open and just like any other town you go to. So if you want the white wash houses on the edge of the cliff then Oia is for you! 

We ended up spending about 2 and a half hours hear due to traffic. When we arrived we went straight for some lunch and then did some souvenir shopping. 

Overall Santorini is a lovely island and Oia is definelty the place to see. 

Head over to my Instagram @juliettetalks to see more photos from my holiday.

A week in Crete // The Island Hotel 


Over the summer I went on my summer holiday to Crete, Greece. I stayed in the most amazing hotel for a week in Gouves. The hotel was called the Island and I definelty recommend it! When we arrived we had a long walk to the room and thought, oh no this is going to be a repeat of last year (we had to change rooms three times!) but low and behold it wasn’t! When the porter showed us into the room we were shocked! What we were looking at was the downstairs, and there was a spiralling stair case going upstairs! That wasn’t even the best part, the best was that our room opened up on the pool and we had our own private decking to sit out on! The amazing this is that we never paid for this room, we had only paid for a basic room so we couldn’t believe it! This was the cheapest holiday we’ve had at £700 each yet it was the most amazing hotel and room! As we arrived really late at night it was pretty much straight to bed. 

As you can see this hotel was picturesque,everything about it was perfect and totally instagramable. 

The dining area was huge and there was loads of seats. They had 4 different areas to sit depending on where you wanted to be, inside or out, undercover or out in the sun. So this is perfect, obviously we had to sit he furthest away which meant walking a long was to where the food was set out. 

There were 4 pools in the hotel, yet I only swam in 2. Even around the pools and in the pools it wasn’t busy, it always seemed like people were coming and going and the hotel was never full which was really nice. 

In the reception area they also have FREE flavoured water! I have never had this at any hotel before, so it was great being able to call into reception and get a glass of lemon water to hydrate. 

When booking this hotel we thought it was cheap because of the area it was in, normally Thomsons hotels are in the middle of nowhere and have nothing close. But out the back of this hotel was a few little touristy shops and restaurants and out to the left of the hotel was even more shops! The area was perfect! 

Even the sunset from dinner was perfect! 

I definelty recommend this hotel 100% and I wouldn’t go back for sure! 

Holiday Make Up Routine 


Each night I have used different eye shadows but I thought I would share my two Faves. The first is Meet Matte Nude by The Balm which has lovely warm matte shades perfect for a simple look. I have also been loving the MUA LUXE palette as this has a primer, and the shades are so shimmery but not over the top. My go to mascara this week has been by Illamasqua as I have found this really holds a curl all night.  

My favourite primer is the Mac Prep+Prime so I have used this every night. As my tan has been getting darker each day, I obviously didn’t want to bring loads of shades. Instead I bought foundation drops from Loreal which you can add to your do satin to make the perfect shade for that day. I have also been loving using an under eye brightening concelor by Loreal.

Recently I had been finding my under eye area creasing so I decided to try ‘baking’ but didn’t want to buy an expensive powder so I picked up this powder from Natural Collection for only £1.99 and it works! I apply this using my make up sponge from Real Techniques and apply a liberal amount and leave it a while then go back and dust it off and apply Rimmel Stay Matte everywhere else. 

As I want a more natural look on holiday I didn’t contour I just used Nars Laguna bronzer to bronze and The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer to highlight.

Finally to do my brows I have been loving this new brow product from MUA LUXE collection. It is a brow pomade and has a brush built in the top as it comes apart. I then set my brows with the new Gimme Brow from Benefit. 

What’s in my travel toiletry bag / Crete 


I am well known for not travelling light, last year I had to pay extra as my bag was over weight! But this year I think I have it down to a t, I have been collecting sample sizes and travel sizes of loads of products from beauty boxes so I am mainly taking them! Even though these products don’t all fit in my toiletry bag but hey, can’t have everything! 

This is my skin cleansing section, I am taking a pack of wipes which I can use at night to remove a large amount of make up so that I don’t waste my face wash. Since taking this photo I have actually down sized my face wash to one that’s nearly empty and also a travel sized container from Sephora. I am taking my little pink brush as I find this helps exfoliate my skin. I am also taking the Eve Lom cleanser to try out one night. In the small white bottle that is some Clean & Clear blackhead toner along with some cottonwool.

This is the in shower section and is fairly small so I am very proud! I am taking this razor which I recieved in a beauty box and have been saving it especially for this holiday. I also have 2 shower gels from Korres which are perfect for travelling. And lastly I thought I would try out the St Tropez in shower tan to give me a bit of a boost on the first few days. 

This is probably the biggest section as its a lot of minis and packets of samples. I am taking a small shampoo and conditioner, the conditioner will run out quickly on my hair so I am taking some moisture masks for my hair and repairing ones. I also have packed a heat protectant, a sea salt spray and a leave in conditioner.

This is probably the most amount of face masks any one has taken on holiday but they are my weakness! I have 3 face masks and will probably spilt the 2 bigger ones over 2 days each as they have a lot of product in them. I then have a sheet face mask from Sephora and some eye masks and lip masks. As my skin is our in the sun for a whole week I really want to give it a good pamper. 

I like to make sure I have a good moisturiser every night, and as I will end up washing my face twice a night (before dinner and after dinner) I want to make sure I have a light weight moisturiser to wear aswell. All of these are samples and more pricey brands so I feel like I’m posher on holiday. I have the IOMA moisturiser capsules, Vichy and Naobay moisturiser. In the clear bottle is a vitamin e spray and then finally a Caudalie eye cream.

Now onto my body skin care, as I will be tanning I want to make sure I keep it moisturiser at night to maintain my tan. I have an after sun from Malibu and a body lotion from Soap & Glory. I then have been dying to try this shimmer body oil from No7 for the longest time so of course I am taking that! And then I have a gradual self tanner just Incase I miss some bits when I’m tanning. 

And now to smell good, a deodorant of course. And a mini body spray from Victoria’s Secret along with some minis from some of my favourite perfumes. 

And finally my choices for sun protection. I like to use oil but I also like have a proper cream just Incase I want a bit extra protection. I also have a spf 30 for my face and a spf lip balm so my lips don’t burn and they stay hydrated. 

What’s In My Travel Make Up Bag / Crete 


In a couple of days I will be on my way to Crete,Greece and I am beyond excited! I cannot wait to be back on a beautiful island getting a tan all day long and taking amazing photos. So today’s post is all about what make up I take with me, ofcourse I want to be able to travel light but that never happens. 


Mac Prep + Prim is my go to primer for special occasions as I know it keeps my make place and keeps it looking good. And as these are sample sizes they are perfect to take on holiday to keep the weight down, and more than likely I will end up using these up. 

For foundation I like to take matte ones, as it is very hot and humid I find that a normal foundation would just melt of my face. My choices are Loreal Infalliable 24-hour matte and Maybelline Stay Matte. I have also picked these as they are the darkest foundations I have in my drawers. But my next item is going to be a life saver, it is the Loreal Foundation Drops. These darken your foundation, which is perfect for when you need darker foundation day by day on holiday. 

Next I have chosen to take an under eye brightening concelor as I figure this will help add some depth to my face. I have chosen the Mayeblline Dream Lumi Touch concelor in a light shade. 

And finally to set my face I am using my all time favorite Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. 

Eye Shadow

For eyeshadow you may think I have gone a little crazy but I have picked a matte palette from The Balm and a shimmery palette from Make Up Revolution (Mermaids Forever). Both of these palettes really compliment each other and have a good variety of colours from bright and bold to soft neutral. I then have also packed my Loreal Infalliable single eyeshadow in gold to add that extra bit of shimmer if needed. And to prime my eye lids I have chosen Mac Paintery Paint Pot as this gives full coverage of your eye lids and gives a good base for any colours going on top. 


Eye lash curlers are a must for me at the minute, as my lashes have grown and look so much fuller they really hold a curl now. I have then picked two of my favourite mascaras, Too Faced Better Than Sex and one from Illamasqua. I have then also really been into using a blue mascara on my bottom lash line along with a blue a liner. The mascara is from Collection and the liners are from MUA. For inner corner highlight I am taking my highlight pen from Catrice. 


This section of my make up was hardest to decide on as I wanted to take so much. I h w chosen a cream bronzer from Seventeen which I want to try our while I’m away. I then have picked my Nars x Steven Klein palette which has a contour shade, bronzer,setting powder and 4 blushes. Another palette I am taking is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit which has 2 blushes, a bronzer, and three highlighters. By taking two palettes I really do have a lot of options but they are more compact. I then have picked my favourite highlighters, Mac Soft and Gentle and The Balm Marylou-manizer.


I LOVE a bright bold lip in the summer! 

I am taking one lip liner in a red shade from MUA as this will pretty much work for most of the lipsticks. But I need to find my anti bleed lip liner aswell before I go as I love that to stop it bleeding. 

Revlon Amour/Love Mac Charlotte Olympia Starlet Scarlet Mac Impassioned Mac Mily Cyrus Viva Glam 2 Mac R.E.D Mac Flat Out Fabulous

Summer Essentials 


Pamper Products In the summer it’s great to still have a pamper, a good face mask, hair mask and foot scrub! This will get you ready for your holiday! Also a couple of whitening strips to make your teeth stand out! 

Shower Essentials A good smelling and cute shower gel is a must! This one is by Korres and is the scent Santorini, which I think is very fitting as I am going to a Greek Island. 

Travel Sized Skincare This is when all those beauty boxes I had been receiving start to pay off as they are perfect sizes for taking away with you! 

After Sun Skincare After a day of tanning in the sun you need a good moisturiser so I have picked the Soap & Glory one, and also a after sun from Malibu. To enhance your tan you can use a shimmer body oil, this one from Boots is perfect as its in a plastic bottle and is fairly light compared to some glass bottles out there. 

Cute Phone Cases These are a must all year round but in the summer I like to have summer themed ones! The left pineapple one is from EBay and the cute sea shell one is from Skinny Dip. 

The Essentials Sunscreen is obviously a must, no doubt about that so I make sure I have medium protection. Then ofcourse you need a. Decent deodorant, one that will last a long time and one that won’t get all over your cute summer clothes and leave marks! Next is a lip balm with spf as you don’t want to burn your lips. Mine is from Malibu. And then to add beachhead my waves to your hair a sea salt spray, once again this is a travel sized one from Parlour so it’s perfect for chucking in your beach bag and spraying on your hair. 

Flash Tattoos These are the perfect cute summer accessory especially when it’s to hot to wear actual jewellery! 

Polaroid My Polaroid gets one trio a year and that is on my summer holiday as I love to capture pretty picture on it and hang them in my room when I get home. There’s just something so nice about having a actual photo print out instantly.

Primark Summer Accessory Haul 


I went to Primark (in January) and went a little crazy for their summer stuff! I did manage to restrain myself from buying sandals but I couldn’t help myself when it came to these little bits. Plus on this day I had just book my summer holiday to Greece so it was very appropriate. 

I love Primark earrings, they are so cheap and pretty. They don’t last that long before they start going funny in my ears but I like to switch out my earrings all the time any way. I picked up these for my piercings in my cartilage which I always loose. 

 I love slippers like this as they are so comfy and these ones have a really thick sole. Plus the colour is just amazing for the summer especially if you have a tan. 

I picked up these sunglasses for £2 and they are a rose gold/coppery colour which I love. I have a pair like this already by the frames are wonky so they don’t fit properly. 

 These are my go to hair ties as they don’t damage your hair or leave any kinks. I chose to go for more neutral colours for the summer so they are more subtle.   
I am obsessed with shoes like these! I already ha done pair but I couldn’t resist buying another pair as they were only £8. I really wish I also picked up the tan pair as well because they are so cute!   

I also picked up a boho style head band which is elasticated at the back. I think this will look really cute in the evenings with a maxi skirt and lace top. I then picked up a rose gold ring which I thought was very Greek, as I am going to a Greek island. 

Ofcourse I can’t go into Primark without buying some candles as they are so cheap! These were only £2 each and they burn for 30 hours. They have so many scents out for the summer which smell really good. 

 I decided I would like to try and wear a chicken this year, as o think they look pretty cute and are a less dressy option for the day time. 

Kefalonia Day 2


 Today was my first day experiencing the full Greek heat! The highest it reached today was 35degree which is very hot compared to England and the humidity was at 55% so that made it feel even hotter. 

We started the day by heading down to breakfast, of course this was a trek as our room was far away from the hotel. Breakfast was a lot better than what e had for dinner, much more variety and they had the windows open along the side of the restaurant. 

After breakfast we had a bit of a wait till the pool opened at 9am and then we picked our sunbed. We then had our welcome meeting from Thomsons  and booked a trip which we are going on tomorrow. One of the places we are going to looks amazing and I have seen photos of it on Pinterest so I can’t wait to take a million and one photos of that. 

  We then spent most the day in the sun. I am the kind of person who wants to be tanned but doesn’t like the heat. I have never before used the umbrella as shade before on holiday and I had to use it quite a lot today, but I still think I got pretty tanned. As we are half board we took some snacks to eat for lunch and then as I knew we were going on a walk I knew I need food in me before that or I would be grumpy the whole way. So I had a pizza and a chocolate milkshake. The milkshake was heavenly and I will definatly be having another one.  


This afternoon we changed rooms and moved into the the actual hotel, it is a lot nice and easier to get to but we are changing again tomorrow to a high floor. We must seem like the most problematic customers ever but for one week a year why not make the most of it.

  Before dinner we went on a walk with the Thomsosn rep to nearest town and had a drink and a wonder around. And this is the highlight of my day, turtles! I saw a sea turtle! It was literally a metre away from me just eatting its dinner! Hopefully we will see a lot more wildlife over the next few days. 

 My Instagram has been taken over by photos of the sunset tonight, but it is beautiful. I keep snapping away and then it sets even further and gets even prettier. 

At this very moment I am sipping on a Fanta and Malibu watching the sunset and listening to the waves crashing on the shore below. Over all this has been a pretty good day and I can’t wait till tomorrow! 


First Impression: Kefalonia

First Impressions, Travel

Greece has been on my list to go for ages! But it always seems when you really look forward going somewhere it’s not as good as you had imagined. Ofcourse the views are gorgeous so here are a few photos from my first night in Kefalonia. 



To start with the flight was really good (a little bumpy) but a lot quicker than we had been told. When we arrived at airport we departed the plane with 5 minutes of landing, and walked straight to security which was one man. And that again took around 2 minutes. Our bags arriving at luggage claim took the longest part of arrival but as soon as we got them we were directed straight to our coach. 

So, our holiday was booked through Thomsons (TUI Travel) and this has been my third year booking through them and I have to say each year has not lived up to the standards that we were told my the rep in the shop when we booked. In my opinion their not really bothered about what they are selling as long as they sell it. When we went to Tenerife 3 years ago we were told it had golden sands and the brochure shows golden sands, however the it was actually black sand. 

To continue with this holiday, we normally book a adults only holiday to avoid having children in the hotel as we work with them the rest of the year and the Thomsons reps assured us that even thought this was not an adults only holiday, it would have no children there because of its location and the fact they wouldn’t sell it as a family holiday. So far after a few hours of exploring the hotel I have seen 5 families, which fair enough the children might be better behaved than some of the adults, but the fact that we were told there would be none is not on. 

We were also told that there were a lot of shops nearby, the shops from our hotel room take about half an hour to walk. And there is not even a path for some of it so you end up walking on a dark bendy road. 

Our room is the main issue, as you may be aware islands are pretty hilly and hotels seem to be spread out. And of course our room has to be one of the furthest away from the main centre. We were told we would have a pool or sea view, and we can see the sea but there a dirt track and loads of bushes directly inform of us. So hopefully tomorrow we shall we packing up everything and moving closer to the main hotel and enjoying the holiday a bit more. 

Tonight we managed to make it in time for dinner after arriving, and we were really disappointed with the food aswell. There wasn’t a huge variety and not much quantity. Compared to other hotels we have stayed in the dinner was poor, and I will have to wait and see what breakfast is like tomorrow. 

I feel like I should be enjoying myself on holiday and relaxing but so far it hasn’t lived up to my expectations. And it’s not the hotels fault they only have what is provided, companies shouldn’t be selling false information which isn’t correct which then causes a lot of any customers. 

 I just feel I’ve payed so much money for this and have been working a lot to afford an expensive holiday and I don’t feel like it’s worth it yet. So hopefully tomorrow we will have a great day and my rant will be over!