The cutest phone cases from CaseApp | gifted


Caseapp got in contact and asked if I wanted to try out two of their phone cases, since having my new phone I’ve only bought cases from Ebay, and their just not that great.
I picked two new cases from Caseapp which I absolutely love, they have a huge collection to choose from and they even allow you to customise your case either with your initials or your own photos.

There are two different case styles to choose from, slim and tough. I chose the tough case as I thought my phone could do with a little bit more protection.

The cases are such good quality and last a really long time. I chose to get mine in matte as I preferred the way that looked over the gloss.

They are a wonderful unique gift for anyone who loves their phone, and lets face it who doesn’t.

Check them out here

*contains gifted products*

The perfect Father’s Day gift…


Today I am sharing with you a wonderful Father’s Day gift, this was very kindly gifted to me by Michael Buble fragrances.

A safe bet for any present is generally toiletries for anyone, everyone loves a good smelly, a lot of the time of it’s a treat as you don’t always buy them for yourself.

Until I was sent this, I didn’t even realise Michael Buble had perfumes and aftershaves, but I am very pleasantly surprised by the smell! I do not normally like the smell of men’s after shave, but this one is HEAVENLY! In fact I wish I would keep this bottle, but it is already wrapped and ready for my Grandad on Sunday.

The bottle is very chic but manly and I’m sure my Grandad will love it.

Thanks for reading xx

Mini Nars Haul


A few weeks ago Nars contacted me on Instagram and asked for my address so they could send me something, so ofcourse I replied back. As I didn’t hear back from them I didn’t think they were actually sending something but…

This little package arrived at my door last week, I had no idea what it was or who it was from. When I realised I obviously got super excited! 

It is such an amazing oft from Nars, and they first lot of products I have ever received from a company for free! It came with a cute little note thanking me for being a Narsassist, which ofcourse I am as I love all their products.  

I received a lipstick from the collaboration with Steven Klein which is in the shade No Shame, as you can see from the swatch below it is an amazing bright deep pink shade which looks gorgeous. This is so my colour, I cannot wait to wear this out. Next was an eye shadow, this is the first eye show I have from Nars in the shade Mortal and it’s just so cute! It’s such small packaging but still bigger than other brands individual eye shadows. It’s definelty the perfect highlight shade for the inner corner of your eye or brow bone. And the last product is a mascara from their Audacious line in Black Moon. I love the packaging of the mascara it looks such good quality and beautiful! 

I am so happy with everything they sent me and I really need to try out more products