My favourite face masks



Garnier Skin Active 3 in 1 Blackhead Control 

This mask has been a god send, I feel like it arrived just in time to help calm and control my skin. What I love about this is that it is multi purpose, a mask, wash and scrub. As I have plenty of washes I do tend to save this just to use as a mask. Before I was the mask off I like to use the scrub and massage it in just to revitalise my skin. The only down side of this mask is that it is black, that means if your messy like me then you end up covered in black and so does the bathroom!

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Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb

Sheet masks are my absolute fave thing to do, I love how hydrating these Garnier ones are. I tend to use these once every couple of weeks as they are quite pricey, keep your eye out when they are discounted down to £2. I find these are perfect after a long day in the sun, a day where you’ve worn a lot of make up or after a day travelling as they add so much hydration back into the skin. Garnier now do so many different types of mask for different skin types, besides from the hydration ones I really like the detox ones which are a black sheet mask. 

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Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask

I was really lucky to be sent this mask to try out, I feel like it is the mask that is taking over the world at the moment as I always see it advertised on social media. The mask contains Australian Pink Clay and is ideal for detoxifying and brightening your skin, perfect for summer and the no makeup days! I love the smell of this mask and always enjoy using it! You can use the code ‘toriiitoriii’ for a 15% discount on their site. 

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Skin + Earth Black Clay + Liquorice Mask

I really like this mask when I’m having a bad skin week, this mask is really refreshing and cleansing. It contains little beads which when rubbed into your face pop and go black. I love the fact that this mask doesn’t dry hard, this makes it so much easier to wash off and feels less constricting on your face. 

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Arkana Crystal Peel

Arkana are a new(ish) company I have had the luxury of trying out, I have tried out a variety of their products now but nothing beats this mask. This mask is  designed to be used before your use a mask, as it is a peel it removes the dead skin making your mask more effective. When I first started using this mask it would leave my skin red afterwards but now my skin has adjusted to it and loves it! 

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The Ordinary AHA Mask

This mask may look a little scary whilst it’s in the bottle and to be fair, it’s pretty scary when it’s on your face! It literally looks like your have a tonne of blood layered on your face. The mask is a resurfacing treatment which is designed to exfoliate your skin. As this product is really strong I tend to only use this once every 2 -3 weeks, but as it is pretty similar to the Arkana Crystal Peel I would not use them both close together. 

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Garnier Skin Active Botanic Aloe Mask

The Garnier Botanic Aloe mask is a leave on over night moisturiser, you can just use it as a normal moisturiser but I like to apply one layer, let it sink in, then apply a really thick layer and leave it to soak in over night. I have especially been loving aloe after spending time in the sun as it is super hydrating and my skin is loving it. I also love the fact it has near enough all natural ingredients.

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Garnier Skin Active Matcha Detox

Everyone is raving about matcha these days, so I thought why not try a mask which contains it, this mask is designed to absorb pollution residue and unclogs pores. I also feel this mask is really light on the skin and doesn’t feel overly drying considering it is a clay mask.

Purchase yours here

Beauty Kitchen 5 Minute Miracle Mask

I was sent this mask a while ago and have been fascinated by it ever since, it contains so many good skin ingredients and is really great for skin and the smell is divine! The mask cleanses, stimulates, firms and plumps your skin. 

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Quick and simple morning skincare routine


Good morning,
today I thought I would share my morning skincare routine as I have been getting really into recently, that being said, I cannot for the life of me bring myself to wash my face before I go to work, so this tends to just happen at the weekend and during half terms. 

To start I like to use my new Garnier Wash Scrub and Mask which is specifically designed for blackheads and targeting spots. I like to wash my face with it first, dry my face, then apply it as a mask and leave it on until it dries.

As my skin has been fairly bad recently I have been using the Tea Tree toner from The Body Shop as this is antibacterial and I feel like this is helping to calm my skin. 

I then spritz my face with the Arkana Day Detox spray, this has loads of really good properties to help protect your skin throughout the day.

Finally I use the Arkana Hydrospheric Light Cream as my day moisturiser, this is really thick, creamy and hydrating so it makes it perfect to keep your make up looking pristine. 

What’s your morning skin routine like? 

Thanks for reading xx

Garnier sent me a package full of goodies…


Last week I had a bit of a surreal moment, I received an email from a Garnier employee asking if they could have my address so they could add me to their mailing list for future launches, they also asked if there was anything I really wanted to try! As a face mask addict I ofcourse just said “I love facemasks”.

A week went by and a pretty heavy box landed on my door step, when I opened it and saw it was Garnier I actually felt like crying, it felt so amazing to have a brand that I love and use actually acknowledge me and send me a box full of their products.

As you can see from the photos above they really did treat me and I am beyond thank you for everything they have sent!

The main product that I use by Garnier is their sheet masks, the fact that I have now been sent another five to add to my collection is wonderful, I am especially looking forward to using the ‘after sun mask’ when I go on holiday as this just seems perfect for treating your skin after a week in the sun.

Apart from the sheet masks every thing else is new to me so I am really excited to try it ALL!

A big thank you once again to Garnier and I’m sure you will be seeing these in my upcoming skincare routine!

Thanks for reading xx

My Winter Skincare Routine


Today I am sharing my current skincare routine and the products I have been loving keeping me hydrated this winter.

Night Routine

To remove the excess of my make up I like to go in with a Cleanser first, the Soap & Glory Cleanser is really soft on your skin but also great at removing face and eye make up. I then go in with a second cleaner to clean my skin and make sure all my the make up and dirt from the day of gone. My favourite at the minute is the Milky Jelly Cleanser by Glossier, I find this so soft on my skin also.

After cleansing (and masking) my go to toners are The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid toner and the Garnier rose toner. I love the Hyaluronic toner because it is a really gentle exfoliator and is great for getting rid of spots. The Garnier Skin Active Rose toner contains Salicylic Acid which is also great to battle spots, but what I love most about this one is that it is soothing.

A couple of times a week I like to use a mask, I like to use a variety of masks which do different things so my skin doesn’t get to overwhelmed and start to react badly. For moisture I love the Sukin Moisture Clay mask, this is applied on damp skin and add hydration without drying your skin out. Another moisture mask is by Garnier, I love their Moisture Bomb tissue mask, especially when my skin needs a boost!

I have also been loving the Aloe Pore Strips from Primark, for £1 you get 4 strips, I don’t always feel that the cheap strips are as effective but these ones truly are!

For when my skin needs an extra glow and a good scrub I pick the L’Oréal Pure Clay Mask Glow, this feels so lovely on my skin and when you wash it off it feels so great!

And finally is the AHA Peeling Solution from The Ordinary, this one is probably the scariest. It looks like blood when you apply it to your skin, and it tingles, you really need to be careful how long you need it on fr because it is quite intense.

As for serums and treatments I like to switch these up daily so they are not to harsh on my skin. Once a week I will use the Lactic Acid and Alpha Lipoic Acid from The Ordinary, these are quite strong so I tend to use these spread out. These are great at removing dead skin cells and renewing your skin making it glow from below. The other serum I use other 5 days is Hyaluronic Acid as this add lots of hydration and plumps the skin.

And finally for moisturiser, my current go to eye cream is the Revita Lift by L’Oréal followed my the Hyaluronic Acid Overnight Gel Mask by The Creme Shop.

Morning routine

In the mornings I like to keep it much more simpler by only using the basic products but still getting good results. I use the Philosophy Cleanser which has tiny scrubby beads to get rid of dead skin cells. I find this really handy in the mornings because it can rid of any treatments from the night before.

I then use the Botanical All Bright Brightening Toner which helps tighten pores and brighten skin so this is perfect for day time when you are not going to be wearing any make up buy want glowy skin.

A serum I like to use in the mornings is from Generation Skincare and it is a vitamin c serum but also contains Hyaluronic Acid which is really good for hydrating skin. It also smells of oranges which is really nice!

Lastly I finish with the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel. These has really helped my skin and is the perfect base for make up.

What are you favourite skincare products for the winter months?

Victoria xx

How I look after my skin on holiday | 1 night away with hand luggage only 


Good morning!

Today’s blogpost is going to be all about how I still look after my skin on holiday and still use 90% of the same products abroad as I would t home. This post is specifically for 1 night away with hand luggage on a flight, so as your aware everything has to fit into one of those small clear plastic bags. I am huge skincare addict so it’s very important to me that I still take care of my skin on holiday!

To begin with I like to make sure I’ve packed something which is going to be able to remove all my make up so my skin is 100% clean before doing anything else. I’ve heard great things about the Eve Lom cleanser so I’ve packed that to remove everything. Next I have an old Sephora face wash tube, this is refillable, at the moment it contains a small amount of the Loreal Clay Detox wash which was left over from my last trip. After washing I like to go in with a scrub to really freshen my skin up and give it a boost. I have chosen the Lancer Face Polish as it is a really good size and the product seems to be really good aswell. This one came in my #lfbeautybox this month. And finally for the cleansing part is a face mask from The Body Shop. This is the rose plumping mask so I thought this would be ideal for tired skin, as I normally end up waking up ridiculously early and not going to bed till really late on holiday I figured it would be perfect.

Next we’re on to toners, now ofcourse I can take the big bottles I use at home, so I transfer enough for one night into a little bottle. I picked these little bottles up which I was stuck in Tenerife in the summer and they are the perfect size for liquids! I have chosen to take the Tea Tree Toner from The Body Shop just incase I have any breakouts and the Glycolic Acid Toner from The Ordinary as I use this every night anyway so I don’t want to detour away from it.

Ofcourse it’s not a real good skincare routine unless I’m suing multiple masks. So I have decided to pack one of the new Soap and Glory sheet masks, this one is to add moisture back in your skin which is perfect after a flight as your skin gets really dehydrated. And to finish of the masks I have packed the Sunflower Under Eye Patches to just add a bit more hydration there. 

And now onto the final leg of the skincare, I like to use an oil almost every night so I have packed a firming face oil from Monu Skin which also came in the #lfbeautybox this month followed my an eye cream from Superdrug. And to finish up moisturiser, to save even more space on one night trips I like to use sample sized moisturisers. I have packed theee just incase one isn’t enough, but I will be using the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream initially and then I will decide if I need more moisture. The samples are the perfect size for sliding in between everything else and take up barely any room! 

What are your staples in your skincare routine when your on holiday? Let me know in the comments.

Victoria xx 

New Skincare on Trial 


Happy Saturday! 

Today’s post is all about new skin care products I’ve picked up recently and a little bit of a review about them.

This little selection I picked up from TK Maxx, I’ve never really had much luck in my local store, but on this day I found some bargains! 

The Cream Shop This is an overnight gel mask containing hyaluranic acid. First of all, how cute is the packaging, totally cute and really looks worth the money. This costed a total of £5.99 which I think is a real bargain. I really like the whole concept of overnight masks, as their constantly giving your skin the hydration it needs to be plump and look great in the morning. So far I love this! 

Philosophy This is my first item from Philosophy and I’m so impressed with it. The thing that kind off made me love even more was the price, this was only £7.99. Now this is cheap, I went in Boots afterwards and they sell it for £18! I also really liked the whole concept of this wash as it’s a scrub aswell, it has really fine particles so it feels really gentle on your skin but it also feels like it is doing good. Apparently regularly use helps buffer out fine lines and evens out the skin tone, so let’s put it to the test!

Sukin I have seen Sukin in quite a few places now so when I saw this hydration mask for £4.99 I figured now was as good as time as any to pick it up! Although I am not keen on the smell I do like the product itself! 

Garnier Garnier skincare is a staple in my routine, especially the face washes. So when I saw they had a wash which was essentially micellar water I thought it would be great. This acts as a make up remover, it’s very similar to their other Skin Active washes but removes way more make up! 

The Ordinary After seeing the AHA Peeling Solution appear in so many people skincare routines I decided to give it ago myself. Now this is really cool! I am going to do a whole blogpost on this as I think it’s really interesting to use. 

Generation Skincare Generation Skincare were kind enough to send me one of their new serums to try out over the next few weeks. So far I have only used it a few time, but I really like it. It smells of oranges, so this makes it really pleasant to use. I also love be fact it contains so much good stuff just in one bottle which can help with hydration and clear skin! 

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these!

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Victoria xx

Pamper Skincare Routine 


I feel like normal people would only do a pamper routine like this maybe once a month, yet here I am doing this pretty much weekly. I really like to look after my skin and try and treat it as much as I can. So here are my favourite products for a pamper night. My pamper night tends to always fall on a Saturday night which is perfect because I can really relax and take my time on my skincare allowing everything to sink in and work it’s magic.

My first step is to cleanse my face, and I am that boring person who tends to stay in on a Saturday as I’m normally so tired from work all week I need to wind down. I use a Garnier SkinActive  cleanser, I really love the Skin Active range as it’s pretty much all natural products apart from a little salicylic acid which is great for preventing spots. After cleansing I like to do a scrub to get rid of any dead skin and this one from Boots Botanics is great because it is a brightening one. 

And then onto the best part, a face mask. I’m obsessed with fave mask and love trying out new ones, however this Loreal Clay mask is one of my favourites. The red clay one is a glow mask and I love how when it dries you can splash some water on and then massage it into your face like a scrub. This mask leave my skin feeling so soft and amazing. 

Next up is toners, I will use a glycolic Acid Toner which is an exfoliating brightening toner and the one I have chosen is from The Ordinary. I will then follow with the Seaweed Toner from The Body Shop which helps balance your skin and stop the build up of oil. 

I will then use any treatments and serums. My chosen ones for today are from The Ordinary. I am using the Zinc serum which helps with spots and the Hylaronic Acid which helps add moisture. 

I then use a second face mask, but this time it is a sheet mask which is for adding extra hydration. The Garnier Moisture Bomb masks are my all time favourites so I love to buy all the different varieties they have. I leave this on for 15 minutes and then massage the excess into my skin and down my neck. 

My final two steps are an oil and leave on moisture mask. As you can see I love to make sure that my skin has enough moisture and hydration. The oil I like to use is from the Vitamin E range at Superdrug, I love this because it is an antioxidant and you really feel like it’s doing good. And finally before I go to sleep I apply a generous amount of the Superdrug Vitamin E moisture mask which I leave on all night so it sinks in. 

So there you have it, the most intense Skincare Routine in the world! 

What are you favourite pamper products? 

Victoria xx 

Lazy Day Morning Routine


Here is a lazy day get ready with me which is kind of like a morning routine. 

The first thing I do when I wake up is head to the bathroom with my cute little Zoella cup and full it up with water. Over the past few weeks I have been trying to drink a whole cup before I have any breakfast to keep me extra hydrated to see if it helps my skin. 

As today was a miserable day I decided to light a little Primark candle, these are my favourites as there only £1 yet really cute! And I can actually smell it burning away from my bed. 

On days when I’m doing nothing or have a long time to get ready I like to do a quick skincare routine to refresh my skin. 

I have been using the Garnier Rose Water Cleanser to just remove any dirt built up over the night followed by the Boots Botanics All Bright Toner to brighten my skin. 

And then to finish I go in with a brightening serum followed by the Clinique Moisturising Gel to hydrate and get my skin ready for the day. 

Now onto the important bit, breakfast! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day as I love a big bowl of rice crispies. I also love a coffee in the morning, normally in the summer I would turn it into an ice coffee but as it’s not a very nice day it’s just a hot latte. I eat my breakfast whilst watching YouTube catching up on my subscriptions. And gradually drink my coffee while I’m getting ready wsnits way to hot to drink it straight away.

And now, make up time! As I am actually not going anywhere I wanted to test out products which I don’t usually reach for to see if they work for my skin.

Primer Rimmel Fix & Perfect 

Foundation Maybelline Fit Me 

Concealer MUA Cover & Conceal 

Mascara Illamasqua 

Eye Shadow Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave 

Cream Bronze Seventeen 

Brows Benefit Browzing & Gimme Brow

Bronzer Sephora Caledonia 

Blush Nars Orgasm 

Highlighter MAC Soft & Gentle 

Lip Liner Loreal Universal Liner 

Lipstick Barry M Pose

Before I get dressed I like to do the last minute bits, for my hair I like to douse it in dry shampoo. My favourite dry shampoo is from the fresh one from Co Lab, this is also great because if your in a rush you don’t need to worry about the white marks left in your hair, because there isn’t! I then slather on some body lotion to try and maintain the the little tan I do have and then spritz my body in a perfume. 

Top Sandals Sandals Primark Hat Peacocks

And there you have it my lazy day morning routine for when I’m really not doing anything exciting at all! 

Victoria xx 

Evening Skincare Routine 


Welcome back, so today I am sharing my evening skincare routine which is a little bit more intense than my morning one. 

I’ve actually missed out the first step which was removing my make up, to do this I tend to just use a wipe and then I go in and double cleanse with one of the above cleaners. I have been loving Garnier so much recently and seem to have stocked up with all their products! I am really loving the Oil Balancing face wash from Superdrug aswell! 

Face mask time! Twice a week, normally on Saturday night and Wednesday night I like to do a face mask. These three are my go to at the minute. 

Next up is toner, I have a bit of an obsession with toners and I should probally research into how many is too many to use in one go. Each night I alternate between them. I alternate between the Nuetrogena Black Head Eliminating and The Body Shop Tea Tree as I find they are both great for helping with spots and keeping my skin clean. 

I then rotate daily between Pixi Glow Tonic and The Ordinary Glycolic Acid, as the The Ordinary Toner is stronger than Pixi I like to switch out so it’s not to harsh on my skin. These are great for gently exfoliating your skin and string a glow. 

I then pick one of the above to finish up toning, these are much more kinda and less harsh and soothing on my skin. If I am having a dry skin day then the Glycerin and Rose Water Toner is great for adding that extra bit of hydration. What is great about the Garnier Toners is that they contain a tiny amount of Salicylic Acid so that helps combat spots! 

Every night I use The Ordinary Argireline Solution on my eye area and forehead to reduce lines and really hydrate those areas. On a Saturday and Wednesday (the same as a face mask) I use The Ordinary Alpha Lipoic Acid which brightens and targets the signs of ageing. I really love the way this makes my skin feel, it really does feel like it is working! 

I then finish up with an oil to add extra hydration, this one from Intense Formulas was kindly sent to me and contains about 14 different types of oils to help and maintain your skin! 

And lastly before I go to bed I apply a normal moisturiser or a moisture mask. The one above is a vitamin e mask from Superdrug, it is totally worth checking out as it really makes my skin soft and hydrated and make up sits lovely on top of it the next day! 

What are your go to skin care products? 

Victoria xx 

Morning Skincare Routine 


Hello lovelies, today I am sharing my morning skincare routine. I don’t do this every morning, just on the weekends when I have more time to get ready.

In the mornings I like to keep it fairly simple and easy on my skin as I might be applying make up that day, so I dont want any heavy products which will make my make up sit badly.

To cleanse my fave I have just started using the Garnier Rose Water cleansing milk to remove any products from the night before and just really refresh mySkin. 

I then go in with the Boots Botanics Toner, this cleanses and refreshers aswell and brightens the skin. After a toner I spray my face with the Avene Thermal Water and let that sink in, this is really good in the summer as it adds a little something extra to my routine and really hydrates my skin. 

Next I use a light weight Serum which is from the same range as a the toner from Boots. This glides on and hydrates my skin without leaving a residue. 

And lastly I finish with the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel which is perfect for applying make up on top off. This makes my skin feel really fresh and clean ready for the day ahead! 

What are your go to products in the morning? 

Victoria xx 

October Favourites 


I very nearly forgot about my monthly favourites, however I just remembered so I thought I would write it down now even though it’s 10pm at night and this may not even make sense when it’s published. But here goes… 


At the beginning of the month I was lucky enough to go to Iceland with my best friend. We had such a good time and saw everything we wanted to apart from the Northern Lights as it was cloudy. My favourite place by far was Gullfoss waterfall as it was so spectacular. 

My favourite and most worn palette this month is Birthday Suit by Tanya Burr, it’s just lovely warm shimmery shades perfect for an everyday look. I have also been loving the Rimmel Brow This Way which is a wax and powder, I only use the wax and I really like this when I want softer looking brows as it doesn’t have a huge amount of colour pay off. For brows I have also been loving the brow brush by Real Techniques, I used this once before I realised it was a brow brush and thought how good it was! So now I use it all the time! 

My top foundation this month is from Barry M, I have been using this since I went to Iceland and I love it! It contains loads of good things for your skin and helps keep it moisturised throughout the day. 

And my last favourite is this conditioner from Garnier. I wash my hair near enough everyday because of being in the pool, and I only ever bought a cheap conditioner. But this month I decided to buy a better one and so I got this one. As soon as I washed it out I knew my hair already felt so much softer, it was so easy to manage and I didn’t get any knots!

What have you been loving this month? 


Boots Haul //


My monthly make up/beauty haul is here and this month it’s from Boots! 

Recently I saw someone on Snapchat use one of these new Garnier Moisture Bomb face masks and so I wanted to it. They are on offer for only £1 so ofcourse I got 4. 

I then picked up 2 more of these Olay moisturisers as they were still only £2.50 which is a real bargain! 

I then picked up a cleansing lotion to help stop spots. And I have been wanting a big bottle of Micellar Water from Garnier for ages and this huge bottle was only £3.33.

I decided to pick up a few powders to last me a long time. I have been wanting to try the Rimmel Clear Complexion for a while so I picked that one up along with the normal one I used. I also picked up another loose setting powder for under my eyes. 

I then went a little concelor crazy as I have been loving using it under my eyes. I picked up the Seventeen Skin Wow concelor which looks very similar to the YSL one. I also got Rimmel Wake Me Up and Collection Long Lasting Perfection as everyone raves about this one. 

I will do reviews on all these products very soon!