A magical day in Disney Land Paris


Every year for my birthday my best friend and I like to take a little trip, this year’s trip was to Paris and more importantly Disney Land! I had not been to Paris in about 7 and the last time I had been to Disney was in LA in 2011 so it was a long awaited trip!

We flew out to Paris on Friday night straight after work and headed to the hotel which was one stop away from Disney. The next morning we headed to park, much to my disappointment the weather was horrible! I was really looking forward to being about to get amazing photos of the castle with a lovely blue sky, but no, we could barely see the castle when we arrived!

That being said, the photos did look pretty awesome with the castle faded in the background.

Our first ride was Space Mountain, somehow we ended up with the front seats, I was very glad that this ride was mainly in the dark so I couldn’t see! We actually only ended up going on 5 rides which doesn’t seem like a lot but when each queue is roughly an hour it makes sense. Even though it was a weekend in January the park was still so busy!

We went on Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Buzz Lightyear, Tea Cups and Rockin Rollercoaster.

Jumper: Primark Leggings: New Look Hat: Primark

At 5pm the parade down Main Street commenced and it was so magical! I don’t think it matters how old you are, but you just can’t hell get emotional when you hear all the Disney songs and see all the character dancing along.

After the parade we quickly headed to the second park, the studios. We only spent about an hour in this park as we had to queue for the Aerosmith ride, so by the time we finished that ride it was too late to queue for another.

At 7pm we left the park and went to find some dinner, we initially tried to go to Planet Hollywood to eat but the queue was nearly 49 minutes! Instead, we went opposite to a Annette’s Diner which only had a short queue.

After dinner we headed back to the main park ready to watch the fireworks at 9pm.

This was another magical part of the day, the atmosphere is amazing, the effects are brilliant and it’s just an amazing experience that can’t be missed!

So there you have it, 12 hours in Disney Land Paris!

Some tips:

  • Dress for the weather! I did not dress appropriately for January and froze the whole day! Standing in queue is a cold process and you will not warm up!
  • Take snacks for the queues.
  • Print your tickets as soon as you book them!
  • Plan what you want to do/where to go

Thanks for reading

Victoria xx

A day in Nice, France 


I love going on day trips, and to be honest it’s probally a lot cheaper and less hassle going on a day trip abroad. So a few Sundays ago my mum and I went to Nice, France and spent the day there. Your probally thinking, ooo the south of France, I bet the weather was lovely! Well, it wasn’t, at the moment it seems like the rain and clouds follow me everywhere! It rained, and it poured! 

Ofcourse places like this are still really pretty in the rain, but it’s not the best weather to be walking around in. In fact I think England had better weather that day which is a bit of a shocker. 

We arrived in Nice and caught the bus down the promonade and got off where we thought the tourist train was, however we did not find this. We walked around for a bit and tried to decide where to go first. On the walk to the castle we stumbled around the flower market. 

I totally wish I could have bought loads from this market as it was just so cheap! If only I could have bought all the cactis back on the plane. However I did buy one of those mini pumpkins as they were so adorable! 

After walking through the flower market we decided to try and find the view point up in the grounds of the castle. As we can never do anything right the first time we ended up walking miles up a hill in the wrong direction and the sign posts definelty didn’t help us. We then ventured all the way down again and found a free lift on the opposite up to the top. From here you can see over Nice and look out over the sea. 

Even in the rain it still looked stunning! 

By the time we came back down the hill we were starving and in desperate need of a snack so we found an American diner by the flower market and had some toast and a Fanta. At the point it absolute chucked it down so we were glad we were under cover. 

After the snack we went to try and find the tourist train again, we ended up walking through a huge park and then eventually found the train. But ofcourse, I was shutting up shop early because of the weather. 

That’s when I noticed a man peddling a tuc-tuc (no idea how you spell it) but it was a little bike with a seating area behind. We decided to do this instead, and for €30 for 2 people it wasn’t bad for a 30 minute tour. Plus you got to see the city from a different mode of transport which is always nice. 

After the tour we went and sat on the stony beach for a while before heading of down the promonade to find the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. 

Nice is the ideal location for visiting lots of other places near by. Cannes and Monaco are around an hour away by bus and can easily be done in a day trip aswell which I think is amazing. So they will definelty be on my list…