My All Time Favourite Foundations


Finding a foundation which works well for your skin, lasts a long time and doesn’t cost a bomb can take time and a lot of effort experimenting with different brands in order to find your one true love. After many years of buying a multitude on foundations and testing them out I can finally say I have found my two favourites…

MAC Studio Fix

MAC Studio Fix Foundation  has been in my collection for just over a year now, I have no idea what I did before it because this has been a game changer. I always used to think that the likes of Loreal and Rimmel were just as good so I was reluctant to pay nearly £25 for a bottle of foundation which wouldn’t last that long. I eventually caved and bought my first bottle as a treat to myself, and love and behold I fell in love with it!

It blends really well into your skin, it gives great coverage, it doesn’t look cakey and it last for pretty long time! What else could you want from a foundation? I am now on my second bottle (the first bottle I bought was more of a summer skin shade so I went a shade lighter for the winter months). This foundation is my special occasion foundation, whenever I’m going out and need my base to look good and last for a long time.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation is my dupe for Mac Studio Fix, it works in exactly the same way, but is less than half the price! I was lucky enough to receive this from Influenster to try out, this foundation necessarily wouldn’t have been one I would have picked up myself but I am so glad I got to try it out! I find this one more hydrating on my skin and gives a much fresher glowy base. Coverage wise I would say they are both fairly similar along with the longevity of the formula.

This is my every day foundation, of course I was reluctant to test it out for a whole day at work, but it worked great for my skin!

Even though I have found the two foundations that work for me, I still have quite a few in my collection which I can’t seem to throw away (just yet). I think it is still good to experiment with different foundations on days where you can deal with a make up disaster as your skin might have changed and a little switch up could be good for it.

What are you go to foundations?

Victoria xx

Real Techniques Sponge // Friday’s Favourite 


These sponges from Real Techniques have changed my life! I bought these on a wim at the beginning of the year and have not looked back. Of course at the time I was a bit reluctant to spend £8 on them but they are totally worth it and as you can see they are well loved! I use them everyday to apply my foundation, I only used to use my fingers to apply my foundation but after using a sponge it changes everything! 

I like to soak my sponge and then squeeze it out and then squeeze it in a flannel to dry it even more. I then applying my foundation to my face and then blend in using the sponge. Just my dabbing the foundation in you Crete a flawless even coverage which looks really natural. 

I am really bad about washing these sponges as I always forget, but I do try my best to remember. I have found that coconut oil and soap works really well at cleaning the sponges and getting rid of all the left over foundation. 

I definelty recommend these sponges as a cheaper alternative to a Beauty Blender. 

Barry M Flawless Matte Finish Review // Friday’s Favourite 


I have been so eager to try this foundation out but I have so many on the go so I resisted. However when I was packing my make up bag for Iceland I decided to take it with me. 

A few things influenced my decision, the first being the fact it was a light plastic bottle where as a lot of my other foundations are in heavy glass bottles. So practically it’s really good for traveling as it won’t smash. The second reason is what the foundation claims to do for you skin. 

An oil free formulation, containing soothing moisturisers with healing properties, for a flawless Matte finish.

Instantly I knew this one would be perfect for being outside in the wind and rain! I really like that it feels more like a moisturiser when applied and that it has a matte finish as that is my favourite finish.

The fact that it keeps your skin moisturiser throughout the day means that your skin doesn’t get dry or flakey and I felt it lasted a lot longer than my normal foundation. 

Another great reason to buy this foundation is the price, it is only £5.99 and is definelty worth the money. 

Make Up Sponge Review

First Impressions


 I was watching some videos on YouTube and somehow I managed to end up on Kylie Jenners channel watching her make up routine. Her four action was applied using a beauty blender and I remembered I had a make up sponge which I hadn’t used yet. So I thought I would give it a go. 
I soaked the sponge in water and then squeezed it out. I put my foundation on my hand and then dabbed the sponge in it and then dabbed it onto my face. I was so surprised with how well it worked! I have always used my fingers to apply my foundation and thought that using a sponge wouldn’t work. Using the sponge made it ten times easier to apply and I didn’t need to rub it in to blend it. It blended all on its own and looked really natural. The only down side is the point end is still really big and hard to get precision for the under eye area. 

I think I would like to try buying a Beauty Blender or the Real Techniques sponge to test them all out. I won’t be going back to using my fingers, from now on I will be using a sponge to apply my foundation and concealor.