The cutest shop in Amsterdam


Before I go on holiday I always like to check out Instagram and find the “most instagramable” places to go to, to get the best photos. I came across Polaberry and thought it looked so cute and knew I had to visit it whilst I was in Amsterdam.

Inside the shop they had a hanging flower backdrop and a lovely wicker chair, the whole shop was set up so lovely!

This is pretty much Amsterdams answer to Peggy Porshens, however I much preferred it here, because it was less busy. There was no huge queue, no crowds of people trying to take photos which meant to battling for the angles.

I ordered a unicorn cakesickle and a hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was (I’m pretty sure) just melted chocolate so it tasted heavenly.

I cant get over how adorable and how perfect these cake pops are! Polaberry definitely lived up to expectations and beyond!

Pricing wise I thought it was fairly reasonable, the cake and the drink were €4 each which I don’t mind paying knowing I’m getting Instagram content.

I carried the cake around all day and still have not ate it because I am still wanting to get more photos with it, so fingers crossed it makes it home!

Another Instagramable place in London


On the same day I went to Peggy Porschen’s for the third time I also found this cute little bakery literally a 30 second walk down the road, this meant I went from eating cake to getting this watermelon pretty much instantly, but oh well.

We were walking past the bakery ‘Dominique Ansel Bakery’ when a girl walked out with a watermelon with ice cream inside, I didn’t have to think twice about the fact that I NEEDED that in my life! It’s so hard these days to find really unique cool places to eat that are not all over social media so I was rather excited about the fact I’d never seen the watermelon on my Instagram feed before. 

The watermelon itself is a grand total of £6.50 which is pretty impressive considering you don’t get a lot of actual food but I guess I got my moneys worth of photos. As soon as I had it in my hands the mini photoshoot outside the shop commenced and I am obsessed with the photos! 

The bakery also does some other really cool instagramable food and has the cutest flower wall on the inside ready for so many more cute photos!

You can take a look at their website here .

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Peggy Porchens…again


Hello again, it has been quite a while it seems but today I thought I would share some photos from my third time at Peggy Porchens from May half term. 
Initially Peggy’s wasn’t on the list of places to go that day, Elan Cafe was, but we went, sat down and I just really didn’t like it in there. So we got up left and walked to Peggy’s. 
Luckily there was no queue so we only had to wait about 10 minutes in order to get a seat outside. 

The longest was waiting for our order as they seemed to had forgotten about us and left us sat there for half an hour before we finally got out food. By food I of-course mean cake, cake and more cake. 

As it was my third time I thought I should switch up my order from the red velvet cupcake and I tried the cookies and cream cupcake, this was a good decision! I can safely say it tasted better than the red velvet, plus it had an oreo inside the cake. I also decided to have an iced coffee. 

I was also super excited to go to Peggy’s to see the new summer display, this display is definitely my favourite one so far with all the pretty hanging flowers and I just love the way my photos have turned out this time!

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My fave brunch spot in Manchester | Infamous Diner


Hey guys, today’s blog post is all about a cute little diner which I found last year when I was in Manchester for the day. I recently visited Manchester again and our first food spot was this incredible diner again because we just could not resist it!

The diner is called Infamous Diner, for anybody who is missing hanging out in America and all its diners then you should go and check it out for yourself. The decor is to die for, the bar area especially is beyond cute! It is all shiny and pretty and perfect for the Instagram snap! There is also a pretty awesome back wall which is covered in American License Plates which makes for a great backdrop for photos which you will see in a minute.

Even the menu is super cute! When I find something I like I tend to only have that and I don’t try anything new. So for the second time I had pancakes and candy bacon, these are proper American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup! They taste heavenly of course, but I always struggle to eat them all! There is even a challenge, order 21 pancakes and if you eat them all in 30 minutes their on the house! I could never imagine eating that many as three is definitely plenty!

My best fiend and I opted for a mocktail, a non alcoholic cocktail. I’ve really taken a fancy to these because they look just as cute as a cocktail but they taste better and are half the price! As you can see the cute wall is the perfect background, when taking this photo I though “people are going to stare, their going to judge” but you know what, they didn’t, how great is that! Being able to get a photo for the gram without being worried what you look like!

So if your ever in Manchester and feel like adventuring to a cool little hangout the I would definitely recommend this little hangout!

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Basil Chambers, 3-5 Basil Chambers Nicolas Croft, Manchester, M4 1EY

The cutest cake shop | Peggy Porschen


Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and enjoyed the time relaxing with family and friends and eating your way into a food coma. Today I thought I would share some photos of the gorgeous cake shop that is Peggy Porschen in London.

While I was in London last week with my best friend we went along to Peggy’s as she had never been before and I love the place! It was so cute and festive with all the pink and white decorations (which go great with my instagram feed) and ofcourse all the yummy cakes they make!

As this was a little Christmas treat we both decided to get a cake and a hot drink, I opted for the Red Velvet Cupcake (which I had last time) and Nicola opted for the Caramel Layer Cake. Ofcourse both were delicious and finished off within minutes, after the mini photo shoot!

Peggy Porschen’s is truely a lovely well run little business which definitely deserves loads of love, so next time your in London head along and try it! And don’t be put of by the queue either, surprisingly it goes down fairly quickly!

And finally, if you visit on a cold winters day don’t let that put you off sitting outside, they give you a blanket to keep warm which is super sweet!

116 Ebury Street, Belgravia,

London SW1W 9QQ

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March Favourites 

Beauty, Favourites

I accidentally forgot to post a March favourites but I actually couldn’t really think of anything new that I had been loving. Of course I have my favourite mascara and foundation but that’s the same every month. This month I have found a few new things I am loving. 

Chocolate Chip Shortbread 

I have been obsessed with making chocolate chip shortbread for the past few weeks, I make them late on Thursday night so I can indulge on them Friday and over the weekend. Here is the recipe; 4oz butter, 6oz flour, 2oz sugar and then I add in about 2 bars of dark cholesterol so their really chocolatly.

 While I was in town last month doing my shopping spree I needed hair product, I had been using an oil for a while but I found that used to find its way to my roots and make my hair greasy. So I opted for a leave in conditioner from Treseme and it works a treat. I use it every night after I’ve washed it and it makes my hair so soft and easy to comb through. I also have been loving this shampoo and conditioner from Alberto Balsam which is only £1 in Asda, it smells amazing and is such good value for money. 


I have been even more obsessed with burning my wax burning as I love making my room smell amazing. My every perfume this month has been Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess, I have even been getting compliments at work, it has a summery coconut scent. I have been taking Biotin for a month or two but this month I can say I actually am noticing a difference in my hair which is wonderful! My hands have been getting super dry recently which is unusual but I have finally found a hand cream which is helping heal them from Lanolips which I got in this months Birchbox. 

My make up favorities this month have been Mac Soft and Gentle highlighter which I have worn most days along with Nars Laguna bronzer. On my nails I have mainly had this lovely matte purpley blue colour from New Look. And on my lips this lip balm from Arrow, this came in this months Birchbox also and it is also amazing. It reacts to the PH on your lips and adds really subtle colour. 

This month I started watching Law and Order: SVU and I love it! I have watched 5 seasons over the month. I also watched Fuller House on Netflix and loved it, I have never seen Full House but I still found it pretty funny and entertaining. 

Everyday Perfumes


Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

Georgia Armani Si

Pink Sugar 

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess

Here are my favourite every day perfumes to wear, they are all very different and unique. I actually got all these for Christmas and they have quickly become my favourites. Bombshell is more of a floral smell, Si is a more sophisticated evening smell but I wear it during the day for work and it still is nice and subtle. Pink Sugar is sweet sugary smell and is so strong, and Brinze Goddess is the typical coconut smelling perfume perfect for summer. 

Lazy Sunday 


This was all the make up I used to get ready the past Sunday. I just went for a very natural make up look as I was going to be watching films all day. 

Face I used Revlon Colour Stay foundation and applied this using a beauty sponge which are amazing! I then used the Tarte Contour stick to contour and highlight. I then set my face using Rimmel Stay Matte Poweder. To add more dimension to my face I used the Soap & Glory Bronzer, The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer highlighter and Nars Orgasm Blush. 

Eye Brows I did my every day brow routine using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip brow followed by Loreal Brow Plumper to set them. 

Eyes I first curled my lashes then applied an eyelash primer from Manna Kadar followed by Thick and Fast mascara by Soap & Glory. 

My friend had invited me round to her house to watch some movies but her Internet was down so I suggested we watch Pretty Little Liars. She is only at the beginning of Season 2 and I am up to date so it’s so hard not being able to tell her who A is! Although I accidentally let it slip that Ali was alive.  

   When I arrived she offered to make me sweet potato fries and they were amazing! We cooked them in a Dutch pot I think which fries them and makes them crispy.
 How amazing does this look?! She has a projector in her room which connects to her xBox so everything can be absolutely huge! Most the time I watch PLL on my laptop so it was amazing seeing it this big. 

 A few episodes in we decided to drive to a petrol station to get some popcorn. After about 4 or 5 episodes I decided it was time to drive home as my phone battery was dying and I still needed to use the maps to get me home. 

Barcelona Day 2 // My Birthday 


Day 2 in Barcelona was my Birthday, and it was a little weird spending it somewhere where it was sunny and hot! Back at home it was snowing! I bought the majority of my cards with me to open here as they had some euros in for spending here. I also picked up this Mac Lipstick from the airport on the way out using some money my Nan gave me.  

The first place we went to today was Parc Guell which is my favourite place here as I had been a few years ago. It was such lovely weather and clear skies making photos look amazing! 

We payed €8 to go into the Park and go to the famous wall and take some photos. We then walked down and took some more photos from the bottom. 

Our next stop of the day was Montjuic and the Cable Cars, we payed €12 for a round trip. We could see for miles over the city and out to sea. 

From the cable cars we walked down the the Magic Fountain where we were the day before and walked back down to the shopping centre to grab some lunch.  


We went to a place called Boka, I had a bacon pizza which was really nice and then tried my first crepe which was pretty good too. The only downside is that on a Sunday about 90% of the shops were shut. 

We got a train back to the Ramblas and walked up and down looking in all the touristy shops. Nicola and I both got matching I Love Barcelona tops and I picked up a cup as well. We also had to do the typical Starbucks stop as well.   



We then went back to the hotel and for ready dinner. Once again we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and had food and a cocktail.   


  After dinner we went to Amornino which makes flower ice creams, there a a few of these all of the place (even on in London). We are these back in the hotel room as it was a little chilly outside.  

For my bath tonight I used the Unicorn Horn bubble bar from Lush. It made so many bubbles and I will definitely miss having a bath when I go home!