Freshly Cosmetics last big launch of the year | gifted


One brand that I have been supporting over the past year is Freshly Cosmetics, I have been lucky enough to try out a lot of their products and I am always beyond impressed with them. Their last big launch of the year are three beautiful face masks which I have the pleasure of trying out over the next few weeks.

There is nothing I love more than a face mask, I can talk about my love of them for days, if not months. So when they said they were sending me the set of masks I was pretty excited to see what they were like.

There are three masks which make it ideal for any skin type, I feel like they really do cater for everyone and their skin needs. I really like the sound of all of them and will be using all of them over time.

The smell of each mask is really unique, the smells all really match the names. The energy mask smells like oranges and is very fresh, and the relaxing mask reminds me off eating sweets.

Each mask has a different texture, the relaxing mask and energy mask have a very jelly like thin texture, where as the purifying mask has much more a solid clay texture.

I cant wait to test these all out, head over to my Instagram @toriiitoriii for updates when I use them.

*contains gifted products*

Pixi Skin treats {gifted}


Last week I received this wonderful parcel from Pixi Beauty, again! I still cannot believe I have made it onto their PR list and now receive amazing this like this so often!

Skin care is my absolute favourite thing to try out, especially masks, so the fact that this came with loads of different masks to try out is brilliant.

I have never tried any of the Pixi masks before, but it’s safe to say that on the day I received them, I did some multi masking and tested out a few.

I use their Glow Tonic every night, so I was really happy to see that they do matching sheet masks! And, also really love that I now have 30 pairs of eye masks!

The Peel & Polish will be a new staple in my skincare routine as I can see this helping my skin out, by sorting out the texture along with the Glow Mud Mask.

I cannot wait to test all of these out and start including them in my skincare routine!

Thank you so much Pixi for sending me all of this to try out!

My favourite face masks



Garnier Skin Active 3 in 1 Blackhead Control 

This mask has been a god send, I feel like it arrived just in time to help calm and control my skin. What I love about this is that it is multi purpose, a mask, wash and scrub. As I have plenty of washes I do tend to save this just to use as a mask. Before I was the mask off I like to use the scrub and massage it in just to revitalise my skin. The only down side of this mask is that it is black, that means if your messy like me then you end up covered in black and so does the bathroom!

Purchase yours here

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb

Sheet masks are my absolute fave thing to do, I love how hydrating these Garnier ones are. I tend to use these once every couple of weeks as they are quite pricey, keep your eye out when they are discounted down to £2. I find these are perfect after a long day in the sun, a day where you’ve worn a lot of make up or after a day travelling as they add so much hydration back into the skin. Garnier now do so many different types of mask for different skin types, besides from the hydration ones I really like the detox ones which are a black sheet mask. 

Purchase yours here

Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask

I was really lucky to be sent this mask to try out, I feel like it is the mask that is taking over the world at the moment as I always see it advertised on social media. The mask contains Australian Pink Clay and is ideal for detoxifying and brightening your skin, perfect for summer and the no makeup days! I love the smell of this mask and always enjoy using it! You can use the code ‘toriiitoriii’ for a 15% discount on their site. 

Purchase yours here

Skin + Earth Black Clay + Liquorice Mask

I really like this mask when I’m having a bad skin week, this mask is really refreshing and cleansing. It contains little beads which when rubbed into your face pop and go black. I love the fact that this mask doesn’t dry hard, this makes it so much easier to wash off and feels less constricting on your face. 

Purchase yours here

Arkana Crystal Peel

Arkana are a new(ish) company I have had the luxury of trying out, I have tried out a variety of their products now but nothing beats this mask. This mask is  designed to be used before your use a mask, as it is a peel it removes the dead skin making your mask more effective. When I first started using this mask it would leave my skin red afterwards but now my skin has adjusted to it and loves it! 

Purchase yours here

The Ordinary AHA Mask

This mask may look a little scary whilst it’s in the bottle and to be fair, it’s pretty scary when it’s on your face! It literally looks like your have a tonne of blood layered on your face. The mask is a resurfacing treatment which is designed to exfoliate your skin. As this product is really strong I tend to only use this once every 2 -3 weeks, but as it is pretty similar to the Arkana Crystal Peel I would not use them both close together. 

Purchase yours here

Garnier Skin Active Botanic Aloe Mask

The Garnier Botanic Aloe mask is a leave on over night moisturiser, you can just use it as a normal moisturiser but I like to apply one layer, let it sink in, then apply a really thick layer and leave it to soak in over night. I have especially been loving aloe after spending time in the sun as it is super hydrating and my skin is loving it. I also love the fact it has near enough all natural ingredients.

Purchase yours here

Garnier Skin Active Matcha Detox

Everyone is raving about matcha these days, so I thought why not try a mask which contains it, this mask is designed to absorb pollution residue and unclogs pores. I also feel this mask is really light on the skin and doesn’t feel overly drying considering it is a clay mask.

Purchase yours here

Beauty Kitchen 5 Minute Miracle Mask

I was sent this mask a while ago and have been fascinated by it ever since, it contains so many good skin ingredients and is really great for skin and the smell is divine! The mask cleanses, stimulates, firms and plumps your skin. 

Purchase yours here

Lush Haul 


This month I decided I should pick up some of the Halloween products and a couple of face masks. 

I picked up Catastrophe Cosmetic which is designed to help your skin when it breaking out. It contains blueberries and camomile to help your skin recover. I then picked up Cosmetic Warrior which is also to tackle spots, but this one doesn’t smell as nice as contains garlic. I love Lush face masks! 

I have been wanting to try a massage bar for ages and this seemed to be the most popular one so I chose this. The smell is really unusual but I love it, it smells really relaxing and spa like. 

Omg! How adorable is he! This little ghost is a bath melt and I couldn’t help but buy him! 

This is my second sparkly pumpkin and I can’t wait to use it closer to Halloween! It is covered in glitter and you get covered in glitter every time you touch it. But it’s so pretty! 

Lush Empties & Free Face Mask 



These are all the Lush products that I have ever owned and used up. Lush is one of my favourite skin care brands and I especially love their face masks because they feel so good on your skin and really help it.  

 I was not a huge fan of Mask of Magnaminty because it was mint and I don’t particularly like it that much. So I actually wouldn’t buy this again. The Cranberry face mask was a Christmas Special and I really like the smell and texture of this. And finally Cosmetic Warrior smells awful by is so good for your skin, especially if your prone to breakouts. I’m about to buy a new one of these because my skins been really bad recently.  

 I bought Buche De Noel last Christmas (2014) and wasn’t a huge fan. I didn’t like consistency of it and found it quite clumpy even when mixing with water. Ocean Salt however is a real favourite of mine, I love the smell and afterward it leaves your skin feeling so soft because of the avocado butter. I already have 2 of these and will keep buying them!  

 This Dream Cream lasted me over 6 months and smells amazing like lavender. I wouldn’t buy this again because it is expensive for what it is, I’m quite happy using a £1 moisturiser. 

Free Face Mask 


 Lush have an amazing policy that if bring back 5 empty black pots you get a free face mask! I walked into the shop and told the lady that I had the empty pots, she told me to pick a face mask and that was it. So quick and easy! I’m already picking out new face masks to buy so I can collect more black pots. It’s such a good idea, so I got this face mask for free when it was actually £6.95! Bargain!