The perfect summer perfume & a dupe


I think we can all safely say that when we think of a perfume fit for summer we think of Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, hands down it is summer in a bottle. As soon as it is spritzed onto your bare skin your transported back to sun, summer and all things holiday related. The smell of coconut and the sheer look of summer in a bottle. However, if your anything like me I have to use it sparingly, I can’t afford to keep buying a new bottle of it every month after dowsing myself in it daily as soon as a the sun rolls around. So I found a dupe for it…

A few weeks back I was in Next and noticed a bottle of perfume called Summer Sun, whenever I see anything which looks like it might smell similar to Bronze Goddess I have to sniff it to find out. To my absolute surprise it smelt identical! For a fraction of the price, at only £14 you can smell like summer all year round. 

So next time your out shopping head into your local Next and have a sniff for yourself, they sell it in so many different sized bottles including a tiny spray for your handbag making it perfect to pack for your holiday. 

You can buy yours here online. 

Thanks for reading xx


My Current Favourite Perfumes


Today I thought I would share my favourite scents at the minute, to be honest I feel like these are my favourite scents all year long. I went through a stage of buying loads of perfume but I didn’t really find the ones I truely loved until I found these 3. 

Ester Lauder Bronze Godess 

This is my pick me up perfume, when I feel like I need a little bit of summer in my life I spritz this on and instantly I smell like a summer. For years I hated the smell of coconut (because I didn’t like the taste) but now I cant get enough of it. If anything smells like coconut and summer then I have to buy it. This is a really light weight perfume and it’s not too over powering, it’s a really fresh scent with fruitiness. I only have a quarter of the bottle left now so I am waiting for the true summer days to start covering myself in it. 

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

This is actually my 3rd VS perfume, the other two have quite a musky smell where as this is much more fruity and fresh. This is a bit more stronger than Bronze Godess but I love to wear these together as they compliment each other so well. 

Elie Saab 

This is my most recent perfume, I had bene eyeing it up for ages and had smelt a sample of it in a magazine and knew I wanted it. My mum bought it for me for Christmas (finally) knowing it had been on my wish list for ages! This is much stronger than the other two and I wear this on more special occasions when I want a more intense scent. 

Let me know what your favourite perfumes are because I’m definitely in need of trying out a few more! 

Vic xx 

March Favourites 

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I accidentally forgot to post a March favourites but I actually couldn’t really think of anything new that I had been loving. Of course I have my favourite mascara and foundation but that’s the same every month. This month I have found a few new things I am loving. 

Chocolate Chip Shortbread 

I have been obsessed with making chocolate chip shortbread for the past few weeks, I make them late on Thursday night so I can indulge on them Friday and over the weekend. Here is the recipe; 4oz butter, 6oz flour, 2oz sugar and then I add in about 2 bars of dark cholesterol so their really chocolatly.

 While I was in town last month doing my shopping spree I needed hair product, I had been using an oil for a while but I found that used to find its way to my roots and make my hair greasy. So I opted for a leave in conditioner from Treseme and it works a treat. I use it every night after I’ve washed it and it makes my hair so soft and easy to comb through. I also have been loving this shampoo and conditioner from Alberto Balsam which is only £1 in Asda, it smells amazing and is such good value for money. 


I have been even more obsessed with burning my wax burning as I love making my room smell amazing. My every perfume this month has been Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess, I have even been getting compliments at work, it has a summery coconut scent. I have been taking Biotin for a month or two but this month I can say I actually am noticing a difference in my hair which is wonderful! My hands have been getting super dry recently which is unusual but I have finally found a hand cream which is helping heal them from Lanolips which I got in this months Birchbox. 

My make up favorities this month have been Mac Soft and Gentle highlighter which I have worn most days along with Nars Laguna bronzer. On my nails I have mainly had this lovely matte purpley blue colour from New Look. And on my lips this lip balm from Arrow, this came in this months Birchbox also and it is also amazing. It reacts to the PH on your lips and adds really subtle colour. 

This month I started watching Law and Order: SVU and I love it! I have watched 5 seasons over the month. I also watched Fuller House on Netflix and loved it, I have never seen Full House but I still found it pretty funny and entertaining. 

Everyday Perfumes


Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

Georgia Armani Si

Pink Sugar 

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess

Here are my favourite every day perfumes to wear, they are all very different and unique. I actually got all these for Christmas and they have quickly become my favourites. Bombshell is more of a floral smell, Si is a more sophisticated evening smell but I wear it during the day for work and it still is nice and subtle. Pink Sugar is sweet sugary smell and is so strong, and Brinze Goddess is the typical coconut smelling perfume perfect for summer.