Coronation Street Tour


 Today I headed up to Manchester for the day, as its my nans 80th birthday tomorrow my mum and I decided to take her to the Coronation Street Tour as she has been watching it from the beginning. I have to admit I’m not a fan and I haven’t watched a full episode, I just catch parts of it when my mums watching it. But I overall it was a pretty good day. We got a taxi from Manchester Arndale which was around £4 and was dropped of right outside the Grenada Studios. We had a bit of a wait till it was our time to go in so by that time my legs were aching. But then we got given our backstage passes.  
 The first part of the tour is led by a tour guide in a group of about 25 it takes you in the green room, to hair, make up and costumes and then into a few of the sets of houses on the street. Of course you get to go and sit in the Rovers, I sat on a bar stool and it’s a lot different to what you would expect. At this part of the tour there is no photography allowed which is disappointing because there were so many things to take photos off.  

 At the end of the tour guide part you head out onto the cobble street as they play the theme tune. Luckily all the tours are staggered so there’s not to many people walking around the street so you can get some good photos.  

 Walking on the famous cobble street. 


Even though I am not a fan of Coronation Street I still really enjoyed walking around and seeing behind the scenes as it is a huge part of TV history. If you have the chance to go, do. It’s not going to be here for much longer and is worth a trip to see.  

Wallings Ice Cream Farm 


 If anyone is up in the Lancaster area make sure you check out Wallings Ice Cream Farm. It’s about a 20 minute drive from Lancaster down some country roads and I believe it sells and makes the best ice cream found up in this area. I was taken here by a friend as she knows I like to have ice cream, especially when I’m on holiday. They have so many choices of ice cream and of course it got to my turn to pick and I didn’t even know, I had seen someone with a bright pink ice cream but didn’t know what flavour so I just told the man I wanted the pink one.   This pink one turned out to be bubblegum, which was actually pretty good considering I normally go for chocolate. So this ice cream farm is definatly worth the trek to get there so go check it out if your in the area! 

My weekend so far…



Saturday Part One

This weekend I am visiting my best friend Meg in Heysham which is a beach village in the North of England.  I had never been here until today, it’s not at all what I expected. As I grew up in a town I am used to having easy access to shops and anything I wanted at my finger tips. But here there is not much of anything. There are 3 pubs, a couple of cafes and a hair dressers. Although it is all totally cute! And I have already taken hundreds of photos so far.






Exploring the countryside


   On Tuesday I decided I would go to the gym, but after thinking about it I realised that I get bored at the gym so I decided to go for a walk. Where I work, there is a huge field behind the building so I decided to go and explore. I had already done this walk one but decided to go further. I find being outside and going for a walk much more beneficial for me, as I can take photos and enjoy the scenery. I have decided that I am going to try and walk once a week especially as it is getting nice and sunny now!  
Going down these steps brings you to the top of the hill which over looks the of the town. 

 I wore my old Nike trainers so I didn’t ruin my Roshes if it was muddy, but it wasn’t muddy at all.  

On the way down the hill there were little openings which went into a woodland area so I went in to explore. 


 I love this photo of the crops in the fields it really made me feel like I was in the countryside even though I was in a built up area.