The perfect summer perfume & a dupe


I think we can all safely say that when we think of a perfume fit for summer we think of Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, hands down it is summer in a bottle. As soon as it is spritzed onto your bare skin your transported back to sun, summer and all things holiday related. The smell of coconut and the sheer look of summer in a bottle. However, if your anything like me I have to use it sparingly, I can’t afford to keep buying a new bottle of it every month after dowsing myself in it daily as soon as a the sun rolls around. So I found a dupe for it…

A few weeks back I was in Next and noticed a bottle of perfume called Summer Sun, whenever I see anything which looks like it might smell similar to Bronze Goddess I have to sniff it to find out. To my absolute surprise it smelt identical! For a fraction of the price, at only £14 you can smell like summer all year round. 

So next time your out shopping head into your local Next and have a sniff for yourself, they sell it in so many different sized bottles including a tiny spray for your handbag making it perfect to pack for your holiday. 

You can buy yours here online. 

Thanks for reading xx


Loreal Paradise Exactic Review 


This beautiful mascara must be one of the most talked about mascaras in a long time, and I can definitely see why! It is AMAZING. 

First off all, the packaging. I think this appeals to every blogger and lover of all things rose gold so it gets a 10 out of 10 for first impressions and presentation skills. This is without a doubt one of the prettiest mascaras I own, it’s on par with Too Faced Better Than Sex. 

The brush, its pretty much perfect. It applied the perfect amount of product, it doesn’t go clumpy and it creates so much volume and length. It really is all round a great product. 

It is also so easy to apply and easy to work with. I don’t think I’ve ever had a time where it hasn’t done what I wanted it too (i.e. Gone clumpy or looked awful). The first time I wore this one of my colleagues asked if I was wearing a new mascara because my lashes looked like they were lash extensions! What a compliment. 

I truely feel like I have found my perfect mascara and I don’t feel like I need to even bother buying any new ones as I can just keep repurchasing this one over and over… 

Have you tried this mascara out? Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below. 

Victoria xx

Real Techniques Brush Dupes // New Make Up Monday 


Your probably thinking wow, you spent a lot on brushes! But… These wet less than £10 for the lot, I fact I think they were about £7 including postage! 

These little gems are pretty much an exact dupe for the Real Techniques Bold Metal Collection Brushes (even though I have never seen them in person). This is actually my second lot of these brushes and would not even go back to any other kind because I love them! 

Ofcourse the main reason for buying these is because of what they look like, pretty silver brushes! Who doesn’t want that! And they also work really well too, I have a few Real Techniques brushes and I don’t even notice a difference between the dupes and the real ones. 

I could apply all my make up using just these brushes. I use the large on to set my make up, the smaller rounder one to apply bronzer, the more square one to contour and the angled one for highlight. I then use the other two extra small fluffy brushes for my eye shadow and the tiny brush for my eye brows. 

These brushes are such a bargain and well worth the money! I will definelty be buying another lot of these brushes in the future! 

Urban Decay Naked 3 Dupes


As sat down to do my make up I was going to use the Maybelline blushed nudes palette and I had an idea that maybe this was quite similar to Naked 3. I haven’t actually read any other posts to suggest that is but low and behold I did find some shades which were near enough identical to each other.

In the Maybelline palette about half the shades are nearly identical to the Naked 3 palette which is great if you want a cheaper alternative. I would even say the quality of the palettes is pretty similar aswell and the pigmentation of each shadow is nearly identical. 

On my Naked 3 palette the names were really faded so it was hard to take a decent photo. But I think even from the photos you can tell instantly which ones match up. 

As you can see some of the colours are near enough exact where as some other colours have a slight difference. I still think that the Maybelline palette is near enough a good dupe for the Naked 3 palette at a fraction of the cost. So if your unsure about the colours and whether or not you would wear them, try out the Mayeblline palette first!