Starting to scrapbook


When I was growing up I always loved to scrapbook and make photo albums of ALL my photos, but along the way I stopped, I stopped being creative and I stopped printing my photos off as I pretty much only needed photos online digitally. This being said I figured towards the end of 2018 I wanted to start scrapbooking and having a place where I could see my photos other than on facebook or instagram.

For Christmas I asked for the HP Sprocket which is a phone printer. It prints out really tiny cute photos which remind me of polaroids. I figured this would be a different way to have my photos displayed, although the paper does work out a little on the expensive side. I also decided to get some photos printed in different sizes from Boots.

I found some really nice scrapbooks from Wilkinsons for only £1.50, so I bought 7 of them! I really love the colours of the front and the size of them are pretty perfect, plenty of room to fit in all my photos.

I then did a bit of Pinterest research and found some other cute scrapbook ideas, I found people using watercolours to make cute colourful backgrounds, so I bought my own from Amazon.

I also liked the idea of using pastel coloured highlighters to add a pop of colour and then write headings over the top.

To add a bit more colour to the pages I found a book full of different patterned paper to create some borders.

Let me know if there are any other cute ways to decorate a scrapbook xx

Ditching fake nails and embracing my natural nails | Featuring Laguna Moon Gel Polish


I have been wearing fake nails for well over a year, I got into the habit of having my nails look good, always wanting to look put together, but whilst I was on holiday a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to go back to natural nails. I am (was) a nail biter, I can still be, but it’s been about 3 months without any biting so I’m going strong! I am also a picker, if there is nail polish to pick off I will pick it, that generally the reason why I wore false nails. 

I was contacted my a new brand called Laguna Moon who asked if I wanted to try out one of their gel nail kits. I chose ‘The Bridesmaids” set as it had pinks and greys and I thought they looked the prettiest colours for me. They arrived really quickly and in such cute packaging! 

The packaging makes it really easy for storing and I think it is a really unique way of sending them. 

The set comes with three shades of grey, one pastel pink, one pink glitter and one pink shimmer. I can’t wait to have a proper play around with these colours, you’ll have to keep an eye on my instagram @toriiitoriii for when I switch them up!

Over all doing gel nails is a really fun satisfying little job,  a treat for yourself, time to relax and pamper and take the well deserved time you need!

Thanks for reading xx

Here is a list of everything I bought from Ebay & Amazon:

Gel top & base coats

Finishing Wipes

UV Lamp

Free & easy instagramable backgrounds


Today I am sharing with you my great idea I had late one night, I used to go and get wallpaper samples and use them for flatlays, but I feel my photography style has changed a lot since then. This time I decided I would use them as backdrops in my room and I am in love with how they look!

If it wasnt for the fact most people know my room has pink walls I think I could get away with pretending I have the most amazing wallpaper. I absolutely love the style of this wallpaper, its so different to the rest of my room and instagram so it really stands out. I really wish I could actually have one wall covered in this print!  

Above my little drawers I have a metal rack from Tiger, instead of blue tacking the paper onto my wall I decided just to pop it underneath so it wouldn’t do any damage. I am very lucky with the fact it actually does look like that could be my real wall as it covers the perfect amount of space.

Here are some mores examples

As you can see when the photo is taken close enough you cannot even tell that it is not part of my room.

I love this look so much, I’m sooo happy that I can switch up my backgrounds, especially for the summer! This has given me so much inspiration for new photos and I’m pretty much all set for content for a long time. 

Let me know if you decide to do the same as me!

How I get ready for summer…


Today I am flying to Crete for my summer holiday, and here is everything I have down to get myself ready for a week in the sun. 


I like to scrub everything, my body especially so I get a even tan. I love this Soap & Glory body scrub as it smells amazing! I then also like to use a hand scrub, the one I have is from Rituals and smells just like a spa! I then like o Apple a good hand dean to add the moisture back in and this one is by Cowshed, this doesn’t smell that good to be honest but I’m still using it. I then like to scrub my lips using my Jeffrey Star lipscrub and then coat my lips in Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. 

DIY Pedicure

To start my pedicure I like to use the battery operated pedi by Scholl as this gets rid of dry skin and smoothed it down. I then used a food scrub from Superdrug followed by a cream from Soap & Glory. And the hardest part is picking which colour to paint your nails! 


I shave my legs in summer, but on the tops of my legs (above my knees) I like to epilate as I find this lasts longer so I only have to shave the bottoms part of my legs. Although this is pretty painful it is worth it as it keeps my skin smoothe for a few weeks so it will last while I’m on holiday. I then apply my favourite moisture me as the minute from Victoria’s Secret. 


My favourite thing to do every weekend is a face mask, so this is no different to any other weekend. I love the packet masks from 7th Heaven and I chose this one as it is deep cleansing. I then applied a nose pore strip to get rid of some blackheads on my nose as I won’t be wearing make up during the day and want my skin to look as good as I can be. I recently started using these lip masks which I got from Amazon. They feel really moisturising and hydrating. I then tried out this Sephora sleep mask to help brighten my skin. 

Eye brows

As I won’t be wearing make up during the day I still want my brows to look out together so I tinted them using a dark brown dye from Colorsport.


As for nails I like to do them myself, I tend to use just stick on nails as I find them so handy and easy to use. I then paint them any colour I want, and can change them when ever I want. Plus this is so much easier than paying for acrylics, and I get so many compliments all the time. 

Teeth Whitening 

And finally 3 days before I fly I like to use some whitening strips to just make my teeth sparkle that little bit more. Ofcourse having a tan makes them look whiter anyway but this just gives them that little bit extra. 

Dying my Eyebrows


This post is dedicated to my eyebrows as I feel like my brow game has become pretty strong. I never used to think I could do anything to make my brows look good without applying any make up, but recently i found that I could. My secret weapon to having a strong brow game is brow dye!

  A while ago I bought some brow dye from Coloursport which is available in Bodycare for under £3, bargain. When I bought this I was a little sceptical as I had not done much research into it, it was more of a spur of the moment purchase. I also was very unsure about the colour, and the only colour they had was dark brown. I have blonde hair so I was terrified that I would end up with huge dark brown eye brows which looked out of place.

The application is very easy and there are simple instructions to follow, once you’ve done it once you pretty much know what to do so its quite straight forward. When I was actually doing it I did take before and after photos but at that time I didn’t think that I could notice a difference (but that was only because of the bright lights). About a day after I had done them is when I noticed the real difference, they were bold and dark but still looked natural.

The dye is supposed to last 30 days, so I tend to top up about every 2 – 3 weeks because I’m in water everyday for over 3 hours.

I am so impressed with how this has worked and its made me feel really proud of my brows, I even find myself staring at them in the mirror when I’m in my car. By having more defined brows it has helped me feel more comfortable when not wearing make up as they really do frame your face. I also find that I can get away with not filling them in with anything, I could just use some brow mascara to set them.

I have already used the dye 3 times and have loads of product left, so for £3 you really are getting a good deal. I will definitely be re-purchasing this in the future as I love it!