What’s in my make up bag | week 1


Starting this week I have decided to do a blogpost dedicated to my make up that I’ve worn the week before hand and share my thoughts on the products.


My go to primer for many weeks has been from The Ordinary. I love The Ordinary products so I was intrigued to see how this Primer works compared to my other go to’s. As you can see I am nearly at the end of this tube, but have no fear, I have two more back ups! I love the way this Primer feels, it really reminds me of the Benefit Porefessional but way cheaper! 

I have not switched up my foundation in ages, and to be honest I don’t really want to! I’ve found a good primer and foundation and they work well for me, so why change? I use the shade NC15 in Mac Studio Fix Fluid during the winter months when I’m not tanned and it’s the perfect match! 

As for under eye concealer my go to the past week has been Rimmel Wake Me Up. This is really hydrating and brightening and I need waking up as we still have another week to go until October half term! 

Cream Contour has been my go to favourite thing to do, I just love adding extra colour and shoe back into my face. My go to the past week has been from Seventeen, you can see it’s well loved (I have a back up, don’t worry!). 


I always set my face using Rimmel Stay Matte but I never include that in my routines as it’s not very interesting. For my bronzer and blush I have been using the Steven Klein Palette from Nars. The bronzer is in the shade Laguna and the blush is in the shade Dolce Vita. These are really warm shades and perfect for fall. And for highlight I’ve been using Champagne Sorbet by Tanya Burr Cosmetics as it gives a really natural golden glow. 

Eyes & Brows

For mascara I have been using the one and only Loreal Paradise Exatic Mascara which is the best mascara I own! It is so easy to use and build up volume and length without going clumpy! 

And finally for my brows I really love using powders as I find them much easier to work with and they create a more natural look. My chosen one for last week was from the ELF Brow kit in the shade medium. I then set my brows with Loreal Brow Plumper, I’ve used a few brows over the past few weeks but this is the only one which actually keeps my brows groomed!

Come back next week for the second part of what’s I my make up bag! 

Victoria xx  

What’s in my travel make up bag | 1 night in Geneva 


In October half term I am heading to Geneva for 1 night to see the sites and explore, so I thought I would share with you what I’m planning on packing in my make up bag. 

For my base I am taking Benefit Porefessional Primer as I know this works amazingly well with the Mac Studio Fix foundation. These two together are really long lasting and still look exactly the same at the end of the day. Concealer wise I am taking the Bourjois Radiance Reveal because this gives great coverage and is also really brightening. Then too add some definition to my face I will be using the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Contour Stick in the shade dark as this gives a really natural contoured look. 

To bronze my face I will be using Hoola by Benefit follows by a Nip + Fab blush and the shade Champagne Sorbet from Tanya Burr Cosmetics to highlight. 

My absolute go to mascara at the minute is Loreal Paradise Exactic, it’s so quick and easy to use and build up volume and length that it makes it perfect to use when your short on time. For my eye shadow I wanted to create a really autumnal look so I’ve picked out an eye shadow from MUA Cosmetics in the shade Copper, this is a really pigmented copper shade and I will be using this over my lid. In my crease I will using the shade Soft Truffle from Tanya Burr Cosmetics palette Birthday Suit to build up the intensity. 

And finally for my brows I have chosen the brow kit from ElF, I have really been loving using powders so this one is perfect. And then to set my brows I will be using Loreal Brow Sculpt. 

And ofcourse no makeup bag is complete without lipstick, or many lipsticks! I may only be going away 2 days but I do like to have options! To keep my lips soft and hydrated I’m taking the Tanya Burr Cosmetics lip balm in Blackberry Coulis. As this has a tint aswell it’s really easy to just add on the go and not worry about the application. I then have packed two Mac lipsticks, the first shade is Amourous and the second is Russian Red. And the beautiful deep berry lipstick from Nars is in the shade Charlotte, this is the lipstick I plan on wearing the most! And then when I don’t want a dark or bright lip I have packed Tanya Burr Cosmetics Martha Moo liquid lipstick which is a nudey pink shade and is really long lansting. 

Fall Makeup Routine 


Today’s post is all about my fall makeup routine that I have been doing for the past couple of weeks. 

My fall makeup routine starts off with my favourite primer from The Ordinary, I just love the way this feels on my skin and how long it makes my make up last! For my foundation I have gone a shade lighter so I’m now in the shade NC15 which is a perfect match. I then conceal under my eyes using the Rimmel Wale Me Up Concealer. This is brightening and so it’s perfect for those dull autumn days. And then to add a bit of colour into my face and some shape I use the cream bronzer from Seventeen. I use this on my forehead and on my cheeks. 

On my cheeks I have been using Nars Laguna Bronzer which adds the slightest bit of shimmer to brighten your face up followed by the blush Dolce Vita which is a deeper toned blush perfect for autumn days. Finally on my cheeks I have been using a dusting of the Peonies Please from Tanya Burr Cosmetics. This is super pigmented and so you only need one swipe along your cheek bones. 

On my eye lashes I have been using Loreal Lash Superstar which is a double ended Mascara so you can build up loads of volume and length. 

As for the eyes, I wanted something really autumnal and bold so I picked the red shimmer shade from the MUA Cosmetics palette. It’s really pigmented, long lasting and looks great on! I then used a Colour Pop shadow in the shade Cornelius in the outer corner to blend it all together. 

And for my brows I have been loving using the powder from the Elf Brow kit, it’s the perfect shade for me (medium) and it’s really easy to work with to create natural look brows. Then of course I set using Loreal Brow Plumper. 

Finally, lips! To add a little bit of colour I like to use the Blackberry Coulis lip balm from Tanya Burr Cosmetics. And then to add even more colour the shade Amourous by Mac is a great shade for autumn! 

What’s your go to make up for autumn? 


Goals for October 


October is in full swing now and I have decided to do my first ever monthly goals post and set myself some goals to achieve for the next 31 days! To be honest I don’t really have a clue what my goals should be, but here goes…

  • Publish a blog post daily for the whole month of October
  • Plan & create blogposts for November and sort out a publishing schedule for the rest of the year
  • Think of ideas for December blog posts
  • Aim to go on one walk a week 
  • Walk to work atleast 3 times a week 
  • Reach 4000 followers on Instagram by the end of the month

And that is it, I’m mainly focusing around my blog this month as I really need to motivate myself to post more and ofcourse walking is healthy!

What are your goals for the month? 

Victoria xx

Everyday Make Up with Only 10 Items 


As I’m now back in the swing of work properly after being on holiday for six weeks, I’ve been really struggling with getting up in the morning. Although I really don’t mind doing my makeup, basically know that I look better with it rather than without it, so not doing my make up is not an option. In order to have an extra 10 minutes in bed, I have picked out only 10 items of make up (one is a palette) in order to reduce the amount of time messing around and finding products and wasting time by not knowing what I want to use. So here are my 10 item everyday make up picks… 

1. Prime Before I even look in the mirror which is inside my make up bag, I apply The Ordinary High-Adherance Silicone Primer which makes my skin feel super soft and makes it look better than what it is. 

2.Mascara While my primer sinks in I apply my mascara, my go to at the minute along with half of he blogging community is Loreal Paradise Exactic. This makes my lashes look long and full of volume which is what everyone wants obviously!

3.Foundation Now my primer is set and lashes are looking on ‘fleek’ it’s time to get some even skin, my go to foundation at the minute is Mac Studio Fix. It is a little dark, but I’m trying to use it up so I can buy a lighter shade. This creates a pretty flawless matte base and already I’m looking so much better. 

4. Under Eye Concealer I have finally found my perfect under eye concealer in the form of Bourjois Radiance Reveal. This is really righting, hydrating and doesn’t go cakey!

5. Cream Contour I have recently (in the past 6 months) become obsessed with cream contour, I use it as a base for my powder bronzer. I find it lasts much longer and looks more natural. I have been loving the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Contour Stick in the shade dark to contour my cheeks and then I apply it on my forehead to add some shadow. 

6. I then set under my eyes with Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, and then I set the rest of my face.

7. Next is my little cheat product, in order to make this a 10 piece make up look I chose to use a palette which contains bronzer, blush and high light. The chosen one for today is the Rosy Flush palette by Tanya Burr Cosmetics. 

8. For my brows I have been using a pomade by MUA Cosmetics, I really like the look this particular pomade creates and it’s really easy to use and not go to over the top. 

9. To finish my brows I set them using a brow mascara from Loreal. 

10. And finally I complete my look with a nude lipstick, the shade I’ve chosen for today is Pink Cocoa by Tanya Burr Cosmetics. 

Let me know what your 10 staple products are.


Tanya Burr Cosmetics Contour Stick 


The new Tanya Bure collection has been out for a while now, and initially when it came out I bought the 3 highlighter powders as I didn’t think I would like the contour stick. However when I saw it in action I knew that this would replace my old cream bronzer which I have hit pan on. 

Obviously it’s the gold sleek packaging which sold me aswell, which is why I have a huge TB collection! But the quality is always really good!

I chose the shade medium/dark as I have just got back from my holiday so I though for the next month I would get more use out of this one. However, I think this one would work for me all year round as it blends really well and as you can see from the swatch it isn’t over dark and pigmented. 

The only downside of the contour stick is, you really don’t get much product. If your like me and like to contour your forehead everyday then your going to through this quite quick. But that being said it was only £6.99 so realistically your getting what you paid for! 

Over all I think it is a beautiful product which will definelty be photographed a lot for my Instagram and used daily! 

Have you tried it? What are your opinions? 

Victoria xx  

New in: Beauty / Superdrug Haul


Superdrug is my go to website for buying all my make up, it’s even better when it’s 3 for 2 making everything you bought justifiable, right? With the summer quickly drawing to the end I was decided I would pick up some every autumnal inspired bits, and now I’m so ready for autumn!

I finally got around to buying one of the new Tanya Burr Cosmetics lip balms, I opted for the shade Blackberry Coulis simply because it screamed autumn! Plus this smells amazing too! 

I thought I would try this little conceal and correct palette from the Insta Rimmel Range as I loved the look of it and heard so many good things out it. The Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer is my go to so I’m hoping these will be just as good. 

I then picked up some autumnal eye shadows, 2 were individual shades from MUA in the shades copper and bronze and I also bought the Rusted Wonders palette from MUA as it looks so beautiful. 

I picked up two Miss Sport nail polishes in the shades I have no idea because there are no shades actually on them! The pink one is a dusty rose, and the other one is a blue toned grey. I then also picked up a Barry M Molten Metal in the shade Copper Mine, this one is my favourite and I think this will totally be perfect for autumn and winter! 

I then picked up the brand new liquid highlighter from Makeup Revolution in the shade Luminous Gold. 

And finally the most talked about mascara of the summer, Paradise Exactic from Loreal! 

So there you have it, a few more bits added to my collection! 

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or if their on your wish list.

Victoria xx 

Lazy Day Morning Routine


Here is a lazy day get ready with me which is kind of like a morning routine. 

The first thing I do when I wake up is head to the bathroom with my cute little Zoella cup and full it up with water. Over the past few weeks I have been trying to drink a whole cup before I have any breakfast to keep me extra hydrated to see if it helps my skin. 

As today was a miserable day I decided to light a little Primark candle, these are my favourites as there only £1 yet really cute! And I can actually smell it burning away from my bed. 

On days when I’m doing nothing or have a long time to get ready I like to do a quick skincare routine to refresh my skin. 

I have been using the Garnier Rose Water Cleanser to just remove any dirt built up over the night followed by the Boots Botanics All Bright Toner to brighten my skin. 

And then to finish I go in with a brightening serum followed by the Clinique Moisturising Gel to hydrate and get my skin ready for the day. 

Now onto the important bit, breakfast! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day as I love a big bowl of rice crispies. I also love a coffee in the morning, normally in the summer I would turn it into an ice coffee but as it’s not a very nice day it’s just a hot latte. I eat my breakfast whilst watching YouTube catching up on my subscriptions. And gradually drink my coffee while I’m getting ready wsnits way to hot to drink it straight away.

And now, make up time! As I am actually not going anywhere I wanted to test out products which I don’t usually reach for to see if they work for my skin.

Primer Rimmel Fix & Perfect 

Foundation Maybelline Fit Me 

Concealer MUA Cover & Conceal 

Mascara Illamasqua 

Eye Shadow Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave 

Cream Bronze Seventeen 

Brows Benefit Browzing & Gimme Brow

Bronzer Sephora Caledonia 

Blush Nars Orgasm 

Highlighter MAC Soft & Gentle 

Lip Liner Loreal Universal Liner 

Lipstick Barry M Pose

Before I get dressed I like to do the last minute bits, for my hair I like to douse it in dry shampoo. My favourite dry shampoo is from the fresh one from Co Lab, this is also great because if your in a rush you don’t need to worry about the white marks left in your hair, because there isn’t! I then slather on some body lotion to try and maintain the the little tan I do have and then spritz my body in a perfume. 

Top Sandals Sandals Primark Hat Peacocks

And there you have it my lazy day morning routine for when I’m really not doing anything exciting at all! 

Victoria xx 

Summer Holiday Make Up Routine 


Hey! So I’ve just got back from my nightmare holiday (there will be a blogpost going up about it, but I feel like I need hours to sit down and write it!). While I was away I got into a really good routine with my make up and pretty much stuck to the same products everyday as I wanted a really glowy bronzed look. So here is what I used and what I came up with…

To prime my skin I used Benefit Porefessional which I am really loving at the moment! For my foundation I used Mac Studio Fix Fluid which is absolutly perfect for hot climates and if you want a long lasting base. But as I was tanning I needed to darken my foundation daily so it matched, in order to do this I used the foundation drops from The Body Shop. These were perfect for adding a little extra colour each day and it was really easy to add the right amount. 

Although my base was getting darker I decided I would keep my under eye concealer really bright so I used the lightest shade of the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer. This was super hydrating and didn’t dry out my under eye area. I’ve actually forgotten to add the Rimmel Stay Matte powder in the photo, but I used that everyday to set everything in place. 

To add some colour and definition into my face I used Benefit Hoola Bronzer to bronze on my forehead and cheek bones and under my jaw. I then used Benefit Galifornia for blusher, this was the perfect shade for the summer as it’s a really pretty coral shade (and it smells amazing!). 

And lastly to add that extra glow, I used a new highlighter from Tanya Burr Cosmetics in the shade Warm Bronze. I really hesitant at first because I didn’t think I would ever be able to wear it, but with a tan it looked amazing! 

I took two eye shadows with me but pretty much ended up only using Burning Embers from MUA Cosmetics. This had the perfect warm shades for a summers evening, and I could create a different look every night if I wanted. 

On my lashes I used the Loreal False Lash Superstar which is a double ended mascara perfect for building up bold long defined lashes. 

And finally on my brows I have been loving this powder from Freedom, I have been mixing the light and dark shade and this gives a much more natural effect than a pomade. And then to set my brows I used Loreal Brow Plumper in blonde. 

Ofcourse I applied a lipstick every night, but it was a different one every night as I took enough for one per day. Although I’m heartbroken as on the last night I lost Candy K somewhere around the hotel! 

So here are a few selfies from the week! (Excuse the wet hair & flower crown)

Let me know what your go to make up products are on holiday.

Victoria xx 

July Favourites 


How is August already, common it’s not exactly hot and sunny, it feels more like October! This weather needs to hurry up and pull its self together and stop with the rain! Anyway, here are my favourites for the month of July! 

COLAB Dry Shampoo Dry shampoo is a daily essential for me, I just love the look of mine greasy shiny hair especially in my roots plus how good does it smell! I was lucky enough to be sent this really cute mermaid one whic I’m obsessed with, it won’t be long till I’ve run out of this one! 

Nuxe Multi Purpose Oil I bet you can barely even notice this oil asnita so small, but I received it in a subscription box ages and decided to take it on holiday with me and I’m so thankful I did! This worked great at taming and smoothing the ends of my hair out, I still have a tiny bit left which I’m making last until my full size one arrives! Yes, I loved it that much I’ve just bought a whole bottle of it! 

Layering Lab Paradise Body Spray This is the cutest little bottle of body spray from Superdrug, it was only £2.99 and the idea is that you mix it with other scents they have to create your own unique smell. I love the Paradise one as it screams summer, plus it’s small enough to be able to fit in your handbag and carry around on the go with you! 

Passport Holder I purchased this adorable passport holder from Amazon earlier this year as I thought it was a great way to store my passport while travelling! You can get the cover  Here for less than £6! 

Asda sweets When I go on holiday I like to take an abundance of snacks with me just incase, and I can safely say they came in handy last week when I was stuck on an airplane for 10 hours waiting to land! The sweets which became my favourite were little unicorns! The best part is these are in the offer of 5 for £1! 

Now onto to the fun bit, make up! If you’ve read my Summer Holiday Makeup Routine then you will know these make up products were my staples while away! 

MAC Studio Fix fluid This is perfect for hot climates and if you want long lasting make up that still looks good after a day of sight seeing! 

The Body Shop Foundation Drops This little bottle is a lifesaver, for anyone who tans and worries that your face won’t match your body these work a treat! Just add a few drops to your foundation and mix them up to create your own unique shade! 

Benefit Porefessional Primer Once again, another summer staple for long lasting make up that looks great and stays in place all day! 

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer This was my little gem whilst on holiday, I used this in a triangle shape under my eyes to add extra brightness and because of the contrast between the lightness of the concealer and darkness of my foundation it looks perfect! 

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Body Illuminator This is a highlighting body cream, it adds a really subtle shimmer to skin and helps enhance your natural tan! 

Charging Case This charging case is a must for anyone who is on their phone 24/7 and has a panick  about it dying halfway through a day especially when your wanting to take photos. This phone was was under £10 and once it’s fully charged it can charge your phone twice, the only downside is that it’s quite heavy! You can get the same one Here

Hope you enjoyed reading! I’m trying to get 3 blogposts up a week so stay tuned for more! 

Victoria xx 

Nip + Fab Make Up First Impressions 


Nip+Fab make up seems like the most hyped make up product at the moment with everyone owning it! But you can see why, it does looks really good! 

I picked up 3 palettes as they were on 3 for 2 offer at Superdrug. 

The first one I knew I had to purchase was the highlight palette, I chose this over the contour palette as I thought the shades were more wearable and I would get more use of them. As you can see it swatches are super pigmented. Why I love about these palettes is that the names are on the back of the palette for each shade which makes life so much easier. For the moment I will mainly be using the top row as they are more of my everyday colours I like to wear, but in the summer with a tan I can see myself wearing the bottom row to get more of a sunkissed glow! 

The next palette I wanted was the blush palette, I have a servere lack of blushes in my collection so I thought this would be the perfect way to boost them. They are all super pigmented but not to over powering, they can be built up easily and blend out really nicely. 

The travel palette was calling my name, it has the most perfect shades for me! As you can see it comes with a bronzer blush and highlight. This is the perfect all in one palette if you need to travel light! 

To be honest probally all of these palettes will be coming with me on my summer holiday because I pack way to much make up every year! 

I really do want to try a foundation from Nip+Fab but I have no idea what the shades are so I’ll have to purchase that in store. 

Have you tried any of their products? What are your thoughts on them? 


Make Up of the Day // Prom 


My best friend came up with the idea to do a prom inspired make up look, so I thought I would share some of my faveouite make up items which would be perfect for prom. My prom was 9 years ago! And that seems totally crazy! Back then I wasn’t into make up so I probably didn’t even wear that much, but if I was going to one now this is what I would opt for. 

Prom make up has to be long lasting, so you want to choose a foundation that you know will last and won’t sweat off while your dancing. My two favourites at the moment are Loreal Infallible 24 hour matte, and this is perfect for keeping a matte finish and lasts such a long time. My next foundation choice is Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid, this leaves your skin looking pore less and amazing. What I tend to do is mix these two together so I have a middle of the road foundation and it’s not too oily and not too matte so that my skin looks dry. Before I apply foundation I like to use a primer, any one you have will do but for this look I chose Rimmel Stay Matte so it helps mattify your skin even before you apply your foundation. To apply he foundation I have opted for a Real Techniques sponge as this will help you apply it evenly, also it stops you applying too much so you don’t get that cakes look. I don’t really use concelor that much, but to add some light under the eyes I use Maybeline Dream Lumi which is a highlighting concelor for under the eyes. Another good concelor is from Maybelline and is good for covering up dark circles and adding a bit extra coverage. 

The next step is adding some colour to your face, depending on what you prefer you could go for a cream contour it a powder contour. For cream contour I really like the contour and highlight stick from Tarte. And for a powder contour I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, I like to use the middle brown shade to contour my cheek bones. After cream contour and before powder contour I like to set my make up using the Rimmel Stay Matte powder which is my go too. If you use this your make up will pretty much be matte the whole night. I also find applying a powder all over helps the blending of all the other face products. 

After contour I then like to add some bronzer to add some more depth to the face, my go to is Laguna bronzer by Nars as this has a subtle shimmer and is very natural on the cheeks. For blush, I like a natural light pink shade as I find this adds the perfect amount of colour and doesn’t draw to much attention from your eyes or lips. Now onto highlighting, obviously everyone has their faveouite highlighters and mine are Mac Soft and Gentle if you want a pink shimmer and The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer is you want a golden glow. 

At the moment my go to brow product has been the Maybelline Brow Drama pomade crayon. This gives such a natural look. I then set my brows using Loreal Brow Plumper which adds a bit more dimension. 

For eye lashes most girls wear false eyelashes but if you don’t want to wear them, Loreal False  Lash Architect mascara is great for building up long black lashes. I also like to prime my lashes first, I find this helps make my mascara work better and give extra length. 

In order for your eye shadow to look popping it’s important to prime your eye lids. My go to primers are Mac Paint Pot in Painterly which is a soft nude colour. And then Urban Decay original Primer Potion. 

Deciding on a eye shadow colour is hard, this all depends on the colour of your dress and what lip colour you want to do. My personal favourite is a golden brown smokey eye. But I also really like a soft pink/purple smokey eye. There are so many options to do. A matte eye or a shimmery eye. The world is your oyster. Above are some of my faveouite palettes for natural and less natural looks. 

Out of all my lip products these are the ones I picked that I would wear to prom. Choosing a lip colour depends on the colour of lip and what suits you. Different skin tones suit different colours. And remember to pick one your comfortable in. I never used to like wearing a red lip, but now I wear it all the time because it really suits my pale skin. If your wanting a long lasting lip colour that you don’t have to touch up much during he night I would definelty choose a matte one as these last longer. 

This lip liner from MUA is my go for any colour lip, especially if it’s a red lip. This lip liner is an anti bleed one, meaning that it lines your lips and stops the colour of your lipstick bleeding onto your skin and spreading. It’s only £1 from Superdrug and so worth it!