Top 10 under £10


NYC Bronzer Sunny 

This was probably one of the first bronzers I ever bought, this is the most perfect bronzing shade its quite a light warm shade which makes it perfect for us pale girls out here.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Contour Stick 

This is a new staple to my collection, I ummed and ahhed about buying it because I’m not a big contour person, but I actually use it as a cream bronzer. The shade I chose was dark/medium because I like my bronzer to be seen. That being said I think the light shade would be too light for me!

Maybelline Colossal Mascara 

The colossal mascara is my newest mascara purchase and I’m obsessed! It creates really black long defined lashes.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer 

If you have not tried this concealer out, then where have you been. I bought this on a whim after seeing Zoella rave about it and boy, is it good! I use this to cover any spots on my face, I use this under my foundation to get extra coverage and it works amazingly!

MUA Burning Embers Eye Shadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette from MUA is a staple for me, it has every colour you could need and  they are really good quality shadows considering the palette was only £8.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation 

This foundation is my dupe for MAC Studio Fix Fluid, I wear this when I am not wearing my make up for long but I still want a flawless matte look. It has a really nice consistency which is mousse like and blends really easy so it doesn’t look cakey.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder 

I think everyone has tried this powder at some point in their life, for me it has been my go to setting powder since I was 15. It just works wonders at keeping your face matte and in place throughout the day!

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipstick Wild Safari 

Tanya Burr Cosmetics has become my favourite drugstore brand over the summer, everything that she releases is just flawless! The lipstick that i was obsessed with the past few months is in the shade Wild Safari, it is a bright orange red matte lipstick in beautiful YSL inspired packaging.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Highlighter Warm Bronze 

I bought this highlighter and when it arrived I thought it was too dark, however while I was on holiday I wore it so much. I didn’t stop wearing it when i got home, it just adds a beautiful bronze glow to your face and doesn’t look to over powering.

Nivea Post Shave Balm 

And finally, the biggest discovery for me to date, the Nivea Post Shave balm as a primer. I was pretty late on the bandwagon, i was really sceptical about how could this be better than the ones i had already. But it was, it works so well at making your foundation last, it doesn’t go patchy throughout the day like some primers do.

What are your favourite make up products under £10, let me know in the comments.

Victoria xx

Lazy Day Morning Routine


Here is a lazy day get ready with me which is kind of like a morning routine. 

The first thing I do when I wake up is head to the bathroom with my cute little Zoella cup and full it up with water. Over the past few weeks I have been trying to drink a whole cup before I have any breakfast to keep me extra hydrated to see if it helps my skin. 

As today was a miserable day I decided to light a little Primark candle, these are my favourites as there only £1 yet really cute! And I can actually smell it burning away from my bed. 

On days when I’m doing nothing or have a long time to get ready I like to do a quick skincare routine to refresh my skin. 

I have been using the Garnier Rose Water Cleanser to just remove any dirt built up over the night followed by the Boots Botanics All Bright Toner to brighten my skin. 

And then to finish I go in with a brightening serum followed by the Clinique Moisturising Gel to hydrate and get my skin ready for the day. 

Now onto the important bit, breakfast! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day as I love a big bowl of rice crispies. I also love a coffee in the morning, normally in the summer I would turn it into an ice coffee but as it’s not a very nice day it’s just a hot latte. I eat my breakfast whilst watching YouTube catching up on my subscriptions. And gradually drink my coffee while I’m getting ready wsnits way to hot to drink it straight away.

And now, make up time! As I am actually not going anywhere I wanted to test out products which I don’t usually reach for to see if they work for my skin.

Primer Rimmel Fix & Perfect 

Foundation Maybelline Fit Me 

Concealer MUA Cover & Conceal 

Mascara Illamasqua 

Eye Shadow Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave 

Cream Bronze Seventeen 

Brows Benefit Browzing & Gimme Brow

Bronzer Sephora Caledonia 

Blush Nars Orgasm 

Highlighter MAC Soft & Gentle 

Lip Liner Loreal Universal Liner 

Lipstick Barry M Pose

Before I get dressed I like to do the last minute bits, for my hair I like to douse it in dry shampoo. My favourite dry shampoo is from the fresh one from Co Lab, this is also great because if your in a rush you don’t need to worry about the white marks left in your hair, because there isn’t! I then slather on some body lotion to try and maintain the the little tan I do have and then spritz my body in a perfume. 

Top Sandals Sandals Primark Hat Peacocks

And there you have it my lazy day morning routine for when I’m really not doing anything exciting at all! 

Victoria xx 

My Camp America Experience: part 5


Session Breaks and Time Off 


In between each of the five sessions we got 2 – 5 days off so this meant we could travel and see some more places. 

After Camp…


 Everyone who does Camp America has the option to fly from New York to London for free or pay to fly from a differnt location. Every year I flew from New York but only visited the city in 2009 and 2012.  I’ve spent a total of ten days in NYC so I’ve been to every landmark and experienced what it has to offer. So it is definatly worth visiting after camp, plus both times I have gone it has been hotter in NYC than it was at my camp so I got to top up my tan.  


Yosemite National Park

 The years I havnt made a stop in NYC I have stayed with friends and gone to places close by. One of my favourite trips was to Yosemite in 2011. This was so picturesque and perfect and I want to go back again!  


Golden Gate Bridge/ San Francisco 

 How cool is it to say I been to San Francisco about 20 times, I think it is atleast! I have been so many different times and explored a lot of the city but there’s still loads more to do. My favourite place is the Golden Gate Bridge, I just love bridges and this is my favourite of all! 

My Camp America Experience: part 4


What I don’t miss… 


  1. The wildlife! The spiders, raccoons, snakes and mountain lions! 
  2. The BIFFY (bathroom in the forest for you), some were ok but some were not and I did not enjoy using them! 
  3. The cold! It was freezing at night and I would have to wrap up in loads of layers and hope I stayed warm all night! 
  4. The fog, the fog set in mainly in the morning and made morning really miserable but then in the afternoon it was a lot clearer. 
  5. The food! I am fussy eater and they served a lot Mexican food so I lived on ham and cheese sandwiches. 
  6. Not showering, my main reason for not wanting to shower at camp was because they wernt looked after and I hate hair so automatically that was a no and I used a spigget instead. 
  7. Being woken up in the middle of the night by a homesick camper. 
  8. The early mornings and late nights. 

Luckily this list is a lot shorter than my last post and none of these things would really impact my decision on going back to camp. Maybe one day I will after all it doesn’t feel like home!  


My Camp America Experience: part 3


 What I miss…

  1. Waking up and knowing I am in Californai, not everyone can do that and it feels great! 
  2. Sleeping in a tent, I have not slept in tent I a few years and I actually miss it.
  3. Being in a forest, even though it was scary at night (mainly because I watch horror films) it was a magical place among the Redwoods. 
  4. Being able to make a one match fire, I was the queen of fire making. 
  5. That brings me onto the smell of camp fires, we would constantly smell of it and everytime I smell fire now I love it! 
  6. People thinking your American until you speak and they are that shocked they didn’t actually understand what you were saying. 
  7. Get freebies because they like your accent. 
  8. Learning about nature and knowing more than the locals. 
  9. Going to a real American family house, they are huge and so welcoming. 
  10. Singing camp songs, when I’m sat at work on my own I still sit there singing songs which I’m surprised I still know the words to. 
  11. Not worry why you look like I camp, wearing pyjamas is acceptable all day! 
  12. Face painting! 
  13. Complains about being cold one minute and then having a heat wave the next! 
  14. The smells from the beach hike! There is just something the smell of the mountains on the way to the beach. 
  15. Grilled cheese and tomato soup! This was the best day of each session! 
  16. The day the campers leave, yes it was fun having them there but nothing beats the feeling of freedom for 3 days and not having to worry about anything. 
  17. Being woke up because the hot sun is gleaming through the tent. 
  18. Not showering for as many days as possible! 
  19. Spigget showers. 
  20. The friends I made!  


    My Camp Experience: Photo Album part 1


    First trip to San Francisco in 2009


    Sitting on the shower house roof watching a meteor shower


    Santa Cruz Pier


    Kiantis Restaurent in Santa Cruz


    Santa Cruz Pier


    Staff Training in 2009


    Seeing Wicked in San Francisco with Rocky



    View from Inspiration Point in Camp


    Eatting smores with Coco


    At Point Lobos in 2012  


    Bixby Bridge in Bug Sur


    Big Sur


    Coco, Dory and I at Big Sur

    Big Sur  

    Big Sur


    Hearst Castle in 2011

    Hearst Castle in 2012  

    Hearst Castle  


    Hearst Castle

    Camping in Monterey 

    Dory and I playing with the radios   


    Point Lobos

    Climbing a tree in Monterey  


    This raccoon stole one of my Toms Shoes 


    Sunset on Moonstone beach in 2011


    Bubblegum alley in San Louis Obispo


    The Redwoods in Camp


    Fern Grove at Camp


    Staff training in 2012

    Seals at Point Lobos


    Point Lobos


    View from Inspiration point at camp 


    Staff training with Flash and Turlte


    We attempted a 6am swim, it didn’t happen 


    Staff Training in 2012


    The dining hall


    Playing Dress up 


    Roller Skating in 2012


    Skits at camp fire 


    Point Lobos 


    My fire 


    Painting Dorys hair with Wildflower 


    Driving along Highway 1


    Driving down Highway 1


    In the Pacific Ocean in 2012


    Sea Kayaking 


    At Point Montara Lighthouse

    Wrapped up to go to bed   



    My Camp America Experience: part 2 


    A huge reason for doing Camp America is to travel, first of all you pay like £600 and get paid to be there and then you have a month to travel afterwards. I never really did the travelling bit afterwards because I got to see so much of California during the time I was at camp. 

    A lot of places I went multiple times so I became a regular and felt like a local and knew my way around. At one point I could find my way round Santa Cruz easier than I could at home so that was a good feeling. So here are he places that I got paid to go to and have fun! 

    Monterey Bay Aquarium  


    This has to be one of my favourite places over the four years I went 6 times! I absolutely love it there, I love all the exhibitions and the wildlife. Plus walking along the famous Cannery Row can’t be bad and looking in all the touristy shops buying gifts.  

     Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk  


    We went to the boardwalk more times I can remember and it’s just amazing! It’s right on the beach so you can nip across into the sea, ride the rides and look in the shops. My favourite ride is the one where this photo is taken, it looks down on the boardwalk and across some of Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is definatly my favourite town. We went there every night off and most breaks so we became locals again and the real locals would be fascinated by our British accents. My top places to eat are Kiantis, Pizza my Heart, Pacific Pizza and Grill and Pacific Cookie Company! 

    Morro Bay  


    When I went here with camp I had already been because a friend owned a beach house there and we spent the weekend of July 4th there. There’s not much at Morro Bay just a few shops, restaurants and waterspout activities. But there is a little sea lion shelter which you pay a few dollars for and get to feed them.

    Big Sur 

    Big Sur had been on my to do list for a while so when my camp started running a road trip programme which went to Big Sur I was pretty excited. It is absolutely beautiful there, we only spent a couple of hours here which is a shame but it was so hot.  


    Hearst Castle  


    This is another one of my favourite places, I have been lucky enough to go twice! It is a bit of a trek to get to but well worth checking it out! The pools are just beautiful! 


    Point Lobo 

    Basically I think it’s fair to say everywhere I went in California was my favourite place. I have been to Point Lobos tons of times and took differnt trails to explore more parts of it!  


    Sea Kayaking 


    I went sea kayaking many times in 2 different locations, Santa Cruz and Monterey. We saw loads of wildlife, dolphins, sea lions, seals, sea otters, jelly fish and crabs. Plus you get a pretty awesome tan out on the sea. 

    I was so very lucky to be able to go to all these places and be paid for and I am so glad I was able to experience all of this.



    My Camp America Experience: part 1


      Not many people know, but I did Camp America and I did it for four summers and they were the best summers of my life and it’s pretty hard to top it. 

    I don’t really know where to start, four years is a lot of memories and experiences so I think I will start with what I got out of Camp America. Plus the last time I went was in 2012 so it was quite a while ago to remember everything. 

    My camp was in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Northern California so it’s fair to say California is my all time favourite place. Below is a view from one of the highest places in camp called ‘Inspiration Point’ and as you can see it looks amazing.


    I have always been a shy person and find it hard to open up to people so I prefer being with one or two other people not massive groups. When I was college I always remember one of my teachers saying that I would never cope doing Camp America because of that reason. Well he was wrong, as soon as I got over there everyone was so welcoming and friendly. 

      My camp was a Girl Scout camp which meant we were in tents, so we were assigned tents and I became pretty close friends with a girl and we hung out loads during our breaks. Being an international member of staff meant on our breaks we could either stay at camp and do day trips to the closest town or go home with an American. In fact I made so many close friends, but as always you loose touch with them. But hopefully I might see one this summer when they visit London which will be exciting.  

     Within my four years at camp I had three job roles, my first and second year I was a unit counsellor which meant I just did a variety of programs. My third year I became the Adventure Counselor which meant I was going on all the ‘out trips’ such as kayaking, surfing, road trips and so much more. And my final year I was the Adventure Leader which meant I lead the trips and had a group of counsellors to help me. 

    Our camp had 5 sessions every summer and these were split into A and B and each time you got new campers. Some campers returned a lot throughout the summer so you got to know them aswell. 

    Anyone thinking about doing Camp America, do it! You won’t regret it, I am so happy I went and got to have all these amazing experiences and meet amazing people.