What’s in it for me? Body Scrub Review


Hello and welcome back, I am totally slacking on the November content as I am just so ready for blogmas and Christmas now! But today’s post is about a little brand called What’s in it for me?

They have kindly sent me another product to try out this month, last time I received the Body Cleanser and this time it’s the scrub. All of their products are packaged perfectly to look amazing in your shower but also hard wearing (the words on the bottle/tub don’t rub off). I also like how simple the packaging is, it really makes you focus more on what is inside rather than how it looks on the outside.

As for the product, as soon as you take the lid off the smell hits you and your mouth will start watering! It literally is that good, I have been raving about it over on Instagram @toriiitoriii every time I use it! To me, it smells like a fruit salad sweet, I’m pretty sure you could eat this (well, maybe not) but it certainly smells good enough to eat.

I use this Body Scrub once a week, mainly on Saturday nights when I do my full face and body pamper routine. I scoop out a small hand full and massage it into wet skin and it gets a slight lather, you can feel the sea salts massaging your skin and making you skin feel fresher and alive. Of course, the whole time I’m using it my mouth is salivating from the smell!

The scrubs itself is to exfoliate, warm, detoxify and enhance circulation, these benefits are wonderful especially in the colder months.

After using the product you don’t even feel like you’ve been harsh on your skin, it’s not left sore or dry, and in some cases when in a little bit lazy (and it’s freezing cold in my room) I ditch putting on moisturiser!

Overall the What’s in it for me Products are becoming a staple to my shower routine! You can purchase your own from Harvey Nichols and Fragrance Direct.

Victoria xx

Full body pamper routine 


Today I am sharing my favourite pamper products and what I like to do to treat myself. I tend to only do a full on pamper routine like this before a special occasion like a holiday so this doesn’t happen every week! 


For my face I have just picked out 3 essentials, I do a pretty intense skincare routine daily and there will be a post on that shortly. But for now here are the products I’ve picked for anpamper rouitne. The Philosophy Microdelivery exfoliating face wash is such a pamper product in my eyes, it’s so soft and gentle and leaves my skin feeling great! 

Of course a pamper routine isn’t a really a pamper routine unless there is a face mask involved. I have picked the Soap and Glory De-Clog mask out of my collection as it is really fun to use and really does feel like it’s pulling all the dirt out of your skin! 

And then add loads of hydration back into my skin I like to do a hydrating sheet mask, my favourites are the Garnier masks as I know I can always rely on them! 


No pamper routine is complete without a shower (or a bath), I love using the Whats in it for me Body cleanser which was kindly gifted to me. This smells so fresh and invigorating and adds a pop of summer into my autumnal routine. It also contains so many good ingredients that keep your skin in tip top condition.

Next up, a body scrub! I have been wanting to try out a coffee scrub for the longest time so when this one from Bean Body arrived in the #lfbeautybox I was so happy! As of yet I have not used it, but I will Post a mini review over on my Instagram when I use it! @toriiitoriii

And to finish up treating my body I have been loving using the Zoella Beauty Body Pudding. What I love most about this moisturiser is the little little beads which pop and add even more goodness into your skin! 


Carbon Coco is the newest addition to my pamper routine as I was kindly gifted this! I still have yet to use it, but I’m sure it will be great as I’ve seen so many good reviews on it! Let me know if you want me to document my results! 

Hands & Hair 

For en extra little treat, especially in the colder months it’s good to take care of your hands as they are normally the body part which is out in the horrible weather. I have picked out the Skimono hand mask to use followed by Soap and Glory Hand Food to make my hands extra soft. 

And to finish, a hair oil from Forest & Shore! A hair oil has been a staple for me since the summer and so I use this one from Forest & Shore after every wash. It smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling so soft and managable! 

What products do you use for your pamper routine? 

Victoria xx 

What’s in the box? Look Fantastic Indulge Me Box 


A new Look Fantastic Beauty Box arrived this week and this weeks theme of indulgence couldn’t be any more perfect for me! 

This months box is super sleek and beautiful with the hint of rose gold edges making it perfect for everyone that is obsessed with rose gold. I always find beauty boxes a little hot or miss, you can never really love everything they put in them, can you? Well, this month I think is pretty near perfect for me as it’s pamper products.

Box Contents

  • Bean Body Body Scrub
  • Model Co Concealer
  • Monu Skin Toning Facial Oil 
  • Skimono Hand Mask
  • Ciate Mascara 
  • Lancer Face Polish 


I am really intrigued to try out the coffee scrub from Bean Body, however I feel like it’s a bit of a waste using it in winter when I don’t really have any skin out. But we will see, maybe on a pamper night it will be a staple for me. 

The Lancer Face Polish will be coming with me on my next trip as it is the perfect size for hang luggage so I’m sure we’ll be seeing a bit of that soon! 

Also, the Monu Skin toning facial oil will be coming on my next trip as it’s the smallest oil I have so it will be great for squeezing in my little plastic bag for he air plane! 

Did you get a #lfbeautybox as well? What did you think to the products inside? 

Victoria xx 

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream / Friday’s Favoruite 


If you own this cream then you already know how good it is! I’ve had this tube for about a year and I still have loads left, I bought this because everyone on YouTube was raving about it and I can definelty see why. 

I used to only use this when I was at home as I thought the packaging was a little too big to carry around in my hand bag. But recently I’ve been taking it everywhere with me. I used it on everything and anything. Originally I only used it on my lips but now I use it on my hands. The last time I was away I kept getting dry hands from washing them loads and my mum gave me her hand cream but that did t help, they still felt dry. So then I started using this cream and it made all the difference. It is a little bit greasy to use on your hands but I really didn’t mind. I just don’t like dry hands so this was better for me. 

Even though this is quite an expensive product you can keep an eye out on Amazon as they often have it on sale for around £12 which is how much I paid. 

I’m that person who even likes the smell (and taste of it) I’ve gotten so used to t that I enjoy it! Next time it goes on offer I will be picking up another tube. 

I can’t recommend this product enough if you have dry lips of hands or anywhere on your body. 


What’s in my travel toiletry bag / Crete 


I am well known for not travelling light, last year I had to pay extra as my bag was over weight! But this year I think I have it down to a t, I have been collecting sample sizes and travel sizes of loads of products from beauty boxes so I am mainly taking them! Even though these products don’t all fit in my toiletry bag but hey, can’t have everything! 

This is my skin cleansing section, I am taking a pack of wipes which I can use at night to remove a large amount of make up so that I don’t waste my face wash. Since taking this photo I have actually down sized my face wash to one that’s nearly empty and also a travel sized container from Sephora. I am taking my little pink brush as I find this helps exfoliate my skin. I am also taking the Eve Lom cleanser to try out one night. In the small white bottle that is some Clean & Clear blackhead toner along with some cottonwool.

This is the in shower section and is fairly small so I am very proud! I am taking this razor which I recieved in a beauty box and have been saving it especially for this holiday. I also have 2 shower gels from Korres which are perfect for travelling. And lastly I thought I would try out the St Tropez in shower tan to give me a bit of a boost on the first few days. 

This is probably the biggest section as its a lot of minis and packets of samples. I am taking a small shampoo and conditioner, the conditioner will run out quickly on my hair so I am taking some moisture masks for my hair and repairing ones. I also have packed a heat protectant, a sea salt spray and a leave in conditioner.

This is probably the most amount of face masks any one has taken on holiday but they are my weakness! I have 3 face masks and will probably spilt the 2 bigger ones over 2 days each as they have a lot of product in them. I then have a sheet face mask from Sephora and some eye masks and lip masks. As my skin is our in the sun for a whole week I really want to give it a good pamper. 

I like to make sure I have a good moisturiser every night, and as I will end up washing my face twice a night (before dinner and after dinner) I want to make sure I have a light weight moisturiser to wear aswell. All of these are samples and more pricey brands so I feel like I’m posher on holiday. I have the IOMA moisturiser capsules, Vichy and Naobay moisturiser. In the clear bottle is a vitamin e spray and then finally a Caudalie eye cream.

Now onto my body skin care, as I will be tanning I want to make sure I keep it moisturiser at night to maintain my tan. I have an after sun from Malibu and a body lotion from Soap & Glory. I then have been dying to try this shimmer body oil from No7 for the longest time so of course I am taking that! And then I have a gradual self tanner just Incase I miss some bits when I’m tanning. 

And now to smell good, a deodorant of course. And a mini body spray from Victoria’s Secret along with some minis from some of my favourite perfumes. 

And finally my choices for sun protection. I like to use oil but I also like have a proper cream just Incase I want a bit extra protection. I also have a spf 30 for my face and a spf lip balm so my lips don’t burn and they stay hydrated. 

Favourite Body Moisturisers 


During the summer I like to take care of my skin a bit more and to do so I like to use rich moisturising lotions. Here are my favourites… 

Vaseline Spray and Go I really like this one because it is in a spray form so it’s easy to apply and I feel spray it makes it so much quicker. Ofcourse you still have to run it in but it’s much easier because it’s a thinner consistency. This one is also the aloe one which is great for sunburn in the summer as it soothes it, this has worked great for me so far! 

Victoria’s Secret Ultra Moisturising Hand and Body Cream These have to be in my favourites ofcourse because they are so cute! The packaging is totally me, and they smell amazing. Victoria’s Secret has so many different lotions but I picked these because they are ultra moisturising. 

Olive Oil & Aloe Body Cream I have no idea what brand this is because the rest of the bottle is in Greek. I purchased this last year at the airport because our flight had been delayed and I had been sat in the sun with no sun cream on and felt like I was burning. I applied this on and my skin didn’t peal at  all which is a plus because I didn’t want to loose my tan. 

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter This smells amazing! If you have not had a sniff of this go and do so! I love this purely for the smell and I find it so moisturising. Plus how cute is the packaging. 

What are you favourite moisturisers? 

Feel Unique June Beauty Box 


This months beauty box from Feel Unique is themed around jet setting, which is perfect for me! I love to travel and I love cute travel sized products. I love the fact that a lot of the products received in boxes are on the high end scale, so when you take them with you on holiday you feel like you are more pampered and looking after yourself more. 

Caudalie Eye Cream As soon as I saw this I got excited, I love a good eye cream and this one looks pretty awesome! I love the gold packaging and the benefits of using it. I always find that after travelling and staying up late and then having to get up early the next day on holiday my eyes look worse than ever. So this eye cream is supposed to get rid of any dark circles and lift them. 

Naobay Moisturiser This is another exciting product as this means I don’t have to buy a new moisturiser to take with me on holiday. Last year I made the mistake of taking on in a glass packaging so that meant it was really heavy. Where as this one is so cute and is he perfect size for a week away. As it is oxygenating it’s great to help your skin repair after a day in the sun. 

Korres Shower Gel This is a hydrating shower gel which contains aloe Vera which is perfect if you got a little sun burnt that day. These little bottles are perfect for taking on holiday and feeling pampered. 

Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips Once again a pretty exciting product! And these are perfect for taking on holiday or using before you go to get nice white teeth. These don’t damage your teeth or your gums so that makes hem even better in my book!

Cowshed Hand Cream Recently I have become a bit of a hand cream hoarder as I just seem to be collecting them. This is the first product from Cow Shed I have tried and so far I am impressed. I really like how fresh and spa like it smells. 

Dead Sea Spa Magik BB Cream I swatched this bb cream and it’s a perfect match to my skin! I will most probably try and wear this while at home because it won’t be dalk enough while I am on holiday. It contains loads of food ingredients to help your skin and keep it hydrated through the day. 

Tan Organic Tanning Oil And the final product is a tanning oil which I am not sure about. It’s a clear looking oil which you apply and wait for it to develop. 

Look Fantastic Beauty Box 


I have signed up for 3 months of the Look Fantastic Beauty Box purely because I love the design on this box! The box is what drew me in, I have already tried Glossy Box, Birchbox and another one I can’t remember. But I have a feeling this is going to be my favourite. 

I love these boxes, I love the surprise of what your getting. And as I travel a fair bit the contents of these boxes are perfect!  

 This box is around £10 and you get 6 travel sized products, but they are quite luxurious brands. The one that steels my attention is the Rituals hand scrub, it just looks so pretty, and I can’t wait to use this as it smells so good! The next one I am drawn to is the Elemis hand cream, I have never tried anything from Elemis but I have always wanted to. Once again this smells amazing, it’s like being at a spa. 

There is also a hair mask from Briogeo which are always handy to take on holiday after being in the pool and sea. I swear everything in this box smells amazing! 

Next there is a body wash from Bloom and Blossom and a body polish from Balance Me. And now  I am going to take back the fact that everything smells amazing because the body wash does not smell as its fragrance free which is a bit disappointing. The body polish however does smell pretty good, like a spa again. 

And the final product is a tan maximiser, I’m not to sure if this is fake tan or you apply it after you are tanned. I will have to google this to find out before I do use it. But you’ll be glad to know this does smell good. 

So overall 5 out of the 6 products smell amazing and I am so pleased with everything I received. They are perfect sizes to take on holiday with me and they are all so luxurious.